Ba11-2-6 Martha Bacon



    Ba11-2-6 Martha Bacon was the daughter of James Bacon (Ba11-2) and Martha Honeywood, born on 12 Jun 1597 in London, Middlesex, England.
    Born: about 1634 in Of, Burgate, Suffolk, England. 
    Married: before 1656 Anthony SMITH in Carters Creek, Gloucester, Va., who was born about 1630 in Colchester, Essex, England. He died in 1662/1667 in Virginia. 
    buried at 
     They had the following children: 

    (Ba11-2-1) Abigail Smith was born on 11 Mar 1656. She died on 12 Nov 1693. 
       M ii George SMITH was born in 1652 in Of Colchester, Essex, England. 
       F iii Elizabeth SMITH was born in 1654 in Of Colchester, Essex, England.