My10 Robert Minn

    Possible father of above Robert Mynn born about 1660:
    There was a Robert Mynn in a Jury at the Old Bailey in London 1690:
    Middlesex Jury comprised of, Thomas Harris, Ralph Hutchinson, Richard Kempion, Robert Churchill, Thomas Pattle, John Howlet, William Thompson, Henry Jones, Robert Mynn, Bennet Giles, Thomas Hollins, Richard Awbrey,

    George Mynne coat of arms
    Possible Parents of Robert Mynne? Joseph Means b 1653 pERTH sCOTLAND d 1700 Belfast IRE son of Hugh Means b 1616 Cork IRE d 1708 Coleraine Londonderry IRE and Josiah Means b 1630 Enniskillen Fermanagh IRE d 1725
    m Marie Mansfield b 1655 IRE
    John Means b 1678 d 1739
    Hugh Means b 1683 d 1745
    Samuel Means b 1687 d 1746
    Robert Mynne, b c 1690 VA
    d c 1718 VA (his name is also shown as Means with a second marriage to Jean Armstrong but this seems to be a confusion of Roberts of similar family names, as the DOB for the ch of this marriage are befor the death of Sarah Cary)
    m Sarah Carey Ca10 dau of James Carey Ca11
    Child of Robert Minn and Sarah Carey:
    My9 Sarah Mynn
    m1 27 Apr 1715 William Dalton,
    m2 Herbert Haynes before 1737
    m3 Colonel John Thruston Th9

    Source: records

    This name is so unusual that a connection with the Mynne family of which the Anne Mynne who married George Calvert is likely to have been closely related, although the exact connection has yet to be established..
    Robert Mynn as a member of the Ancient Society of College Youths in 1679
    The family name seems to be derived from the town in France of the same name.