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S i r H U G H L U T T E R E L L

Lutterell Coat of ArmsSir Andrew Lutterell
Sir Andrew Lutterell Lu19 of Chilton, co. Devon, England; married 1359 to Elizabeth Courtenay (Co19), daughter of Hugh de Courtenay (Co20) and Margaret de Bohun (Bo20), d. 7 Aug 1395.

Sir Andrew Lutterell was granted a Coat-of-Arms described as:

or, a bend between six martlets sable
This seems to be the second figure, not the first found in the Internet
Andrew Lutterell & Elizabeth Courtenay Co19 had a son:

Sir Hugh Lutterell (Lu18)
Sir Hugh Lutterell Lu18, son of Andrew Lutterell Lu19 and Elizabeth de Courtenay Co19, oF Dunster, co. Somerset, England;
born ca. 1364;
married ca. 1385 to Catherine de Beaumont (Be18), daughter of Sir John Beaumont (Be19), (Knight, died 28 Aug 1435; buried Dunster Church, co. Somerset).
d. 24 Mar 1428;
buried: Dunster Church, Somerset Co., England;Lutterell Coat of Arms

Sir Hugh Lutterell was granted a Coat-of-Arms described as :

Or, a bend between six martlets sable a bordure engrailed of the second.
Hugh Lutterell Lu18 and Catherine de Beaumont (Be18) had three sons and a daughter:

Lu17-1 Margaret Lutterell
Lu17-2 Robert Luttrell of Luttrellstown (d 1436-7)

Lu17-3 Andrew Luttrell

Lu17 Elizabeth Lutterell
Lu17-4 Anne Lutterell
Lu17-5 Joan Lutterell;
Lu17-6 Sir John Luttrell of Dunster Castle (died 30 June 1430)

Lu17-7 William Lutterell
The pedigree below does not show all of these, presumably because some died young and without issue.

Lu17 Elizabeth Lutterell
Elizabeth Lutterell Lu17, daughter of Hugh Lutterell Lu18, & Catherine de Beaumont (Be18) d. post 4 Oct 1438; bur. St. Dionis, Backchurch, London; m 1st (unknown); m 2nd after 1423 to John Stratton, Esq., St17, b. ca. 1390; d. post 1448.

John Stratton, Esq. was the Lord of Tyes-Hall, Lons and Aldenhams, Lord of Weston, co. Norfolk in 1430.

John Stratton and Elizabeth Lutterell had a daughter:

Elizabeth Stratton (St16).

Data from Gazetter Home Page / Lincolnshire
IRNHAM 5023 3267. 1334 Subsidy £62.53. Maurice Gant died c.1230 and was succeeded by Andrew Lutterel (I.J. Sanders, English Baronies: a study of their origin and descent, 1086�1327 (Oxford, 1960), p. 55).
M (Charter) Wed; gr 24 Aug 1214, by K John to Maurice de Gant. To be held at the manor (RCh, p. 200b). On 2 Jun 1252, K Hen III granted Andrew Luterel a weekly market on Wed at the manor, where formerly there was a market on that day (CChR, 1226�57, p. 392).
F (Charter) Wed in Whit week+3 (Easter dep); gr 2 Jun 1252, by K Hen III to Andrew Luterel (CChR, 1226�57, p. 392). To be held at the manor.

Data from Gazetter Home Page / Yorkshire
HOOTON PAGNELL 4485 4080. 1334 Subsidy £34.50.
M (Charter) Thurs; mercatum, gr 24 Aug 1254, by K Hen III to Geoffrey Luterell (Roles Gascons, 1242-54, no. 3982; CPR, 1247-58, p. 324). To be held at the manor.
F (Charter) vfm, Laurence (10 Aug); feria, gr 24 Aug 1254, by K Hen III to Geoffrey Luterell (Roles Gascons, 1242-54, no. 3982; CPR, 1247-58, p. 324). To be held at the manor.

Data from Gazetter Home Page / Suffolk
DEBENHAM 6174 2632. 1334 Subsidy £82.62. In 1488 a charter was enrolled whereby Sir Hugh Luttrell, great-grandson and heir of Sir Hugh Luttrell granted his right in the �markets and fairs of Debenham� to Sir Henry Wentworth and others (H.J.T. Wood, �Pedigrees from the De Banco Rolls, temp. Henry VII�, The Genealogist n.s. 22 (1906), pp. 175-87, no. 90). Market town c.1600 (Everitt, p. 475).
M (Letter Close) Mon; mercatum, gr 9 May 1221, by King Henry III to Robert Aguillon. To be held at the manor until the king came of age (RLC, i, p. 456). On 17 Mar 1227, Robert Aguillun was granted markets on Mon and Fri by King Henry III (CChR, 1226�57, p. 23). Order to sh of Norfolk and Suffolk regarding the markets, 18 Mar 1227 (RLC, ii, p. 176b). The market in the manor of Debenham was recorded at Easter 1294 (Abb. Plac., p. 233). This could relate to the Mon market, or to the Fri market, below.
M (Letter Close) Fri; mercatum, gr 10 Jun 1222, by K Hen III to Robert Aguillon. To be held until the king came of age (RLC, i, p. 499). On 17 Mar 1227, Robert Aguillun was granted markets on Mon and Fri by K Hen III (CChR, 1226�57, p. 23). Order to sh of Norfolk and Suffolk regarding the markets, 18 Mar 1227 (RLC, ii, p. 176b). The market in the manor of Debenham was recorded at Easter 1294 (Abb. Plac., p. 233). This could relate to the Fri market, or to the Mon market, above.
F (Letter Close) vf, Nativity of John the Baptist (24 Jun); feria gr 10 Jun 1222, by K Hen III to Robert de Aguillun. To be held at the manor until the king came of age (RLC, i, p. 499). On 17 Mar 1227, Robert de Aguillun was granted a fair on vfm John the Baptist by K Hen III (CChR, 1226�57, p. 23). Order to sh of Norfolk and Suffolk regarding the fair, 18 Mar 1227 (RLC, ii, p. 176b).

DUNSTER 2990 1435. Borough 1197 (BF, p. 155). 1334 Subsidy £31.17. Market town c.1600 (Everitt, p. 471).
M (Prescriptive: borough) mercatum, recorded 28 Dec 1222 (RLC, i, p. 527b). Market was allegedly being damaged by that at Watchet, Somerset (q.v.).
M (Charter) Mon; gr 6 May 1253, by K Hen III to Reginald de Mohun (CChR, 1226-57, p. 431). To be held at the manor. Note by charter: �Vacated. This charter ... fortieth year, fifth day�.

Lutterell Pedigree

Lu3. Ludgson Lutro b about 787 Norway d about 845
Lu Arnod Lutro b about 840 Norway
Lu Robert Lutro b about 877 Normandy
Lu Hugh Lutre b 906
Lu30 Hugh II de Lutre b about 945
Lu29 Hugh de Lutre b about 989 d about 1060
Lu28 Symon de Lutre b about 1012
Lu27 Anston de Luterel b about 1041 Normandy d about 1102 Bakewell Derbys or Tideswell Yorks fought at Hastings with the Conqueror
Lu26 Henry de Luterel b about 1070 Derbys d about 1140
Lu25 Alfred de Luterel
Lu24 Sir Geoffrey de Luterel of Gamston and Bridgeford b ? Nottinghams d 1216/7 possibly son of the above Alfred
m. (before 26.02.1203/4) Frethesant (Pa24) daughter of William Paynel of Irnham)
Lu26 =27 =28 Sir Andrew de Luterel of Irnham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1265)
m. Pernel (probably daughter of Philip Mark or de la Mere)
Lu25 =26 =27 Sir Geoffrey de Luterel of Irnham and Hooton Paganell or Paynell b by 1235, d c12.1269)
m. _ de Grey (a 1275, dau of Sir William de Grey, Sheriff of Lincoln)
Lu24 Sir Robert Luttrell of Irnham, 1st Lord (d by 06.1297)
m. Joan (a 06.1320)
TCP reports that none of the successive 'Lords' were called to Parliament.
Lu23 Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of Irnham, '2nd Lord' b 1276, d 23.05.1345
m Agnes de Sutton d 12.06.1340, dau of Sir Richard de Sutton of Warsop/Worksop and Sutton b 29 Sep 1266, Warsop, Nottingham and Isabel Patrick (dau of William Patrick m Feb 1284 Bernice de Malpas)
Lu22-1 Robert Luttrell (dvp 1320)
Lu22-2 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Irnham and Hooton Paganel, '3rd Lord' (b c1313, d 06.09.1390)
m. Beatrice Scrope (d 10.04.1414, daughter of Sir Geoffrey Scrope of Masham)
Lu22-2-1 Sir Andrew Luttrell , '4th Lord' (b c1364, d 31.12.1397)
BE1883 identifies 3 generations of successive Lord Andrews but TCP, which we follow, shows just 2. BE1883 shows the 2nd Andrew as having died in 1397 (the 3rd as having died in 1400) and reports his (Andrew 2nd)'s wife as Hawisia, daughter of John le Despenser, but TCP shows her as ...
m. (by 1379) Joan Taillebois (daughter of Henry Taillebois or Tailboys)
Lu22-2-1-1 Sir Geoffrey Luttrell , '5th Lord' (b c1385, dsp 03.01.1418/9)
m. Mary Green (a 1422, dau of Sir Henry Green)
Lu22-2-1-2 Hawise Luttrell (d 24.03.1421/2)
Lu22-2-1-2-1 Sir Thomas Belesby
Lu22-2-1-2-1-1 Thomas Belesby (b c1411, dsp 25.11.1429)
Lu22-2-1-2-2 Sir Godfrey Hilton (d 05.08.1459)
Lu22-2-1-2-2-1 Geoffrey Hilton (b 09.11.1419, d 18.05.1472)
m. Margery (d 14.11.1495)
Lu22-2-1-2-2-1-1 Godfrey Hilton (dsp 12.09.1476)
Lu22-2-1-2-2-3 Elizabeth Hilton
m. Richard Thimelby or Irnham
Lu22-2-1-2-2-4 Hawise Hilton
m. Lawrence Breuern
Lu22-3 Sir Geoffrey Lutrell
m Constance Scrope dau of Sir Geoffrey Scrope of Masham
Lu22-3-1 Elizabeth Lutrell
m Walter Gloucester (son of Sir Walter)
Lu22-3-2 Isabel Lutrell , a nun
Lu22-4 Robert Lutrell b 1309/17
Lu22-5 Jane LUTTRELL bc 1310 Irnham d by 23 May 1345 Wiverton m Thomas Chaworth
Lu22 probably of this generation and branch was:
Isabella? Lutterell b c 1319
m Sir Richard de Hebden b c 1315 d 1373 fought at Crecy 1346
-1 Sir Richard De Hebden b 1355 m Joan Waleby she m2 Sir John Chammond m3 William Newson
-2 Elizabeth de Hebden
-3 Sir Nicholas Hebden b c 1360
-1-1 John Domicellus of Last Lord of Hebden d 1460 m Anastasia
-1-2 Thomas d 1435 Dean of Auckland 1431
-3-1 William Hebden dsp
-3-2 Grace Hebden m Sir Piers Tempest
-3-3 Elizabeth Hebden b 1380 d 1453 m Sir Thomas Dymoke Dy20 of Scrivelsby b c 1375 d 1422
Lu25 =26 Johanna Luttrell b c 1260
m Thomas Chaworth d 1370/1
Lu22 =25 =26 Alexander de Luterel of East Quantoxhead b c 1230 d 1272 1272 Acre Hazafon Kgdm of Jerusalem 5th Crusade
m Margery FitzWilliam of Sprotborough b c 1233 Emley Yorks d 1278 she m2 Sir Giles Fishbourne
+1 Thomas FitzWilliam of Sprotborough b c 1210
m Agnes Bertram
+2 William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough b c 1185
m Adela/Ela de Warenne
Lu21 =24 =25 Sir Andrew Luttrell of East Quantoxhead b c 1250
m 1270 Elizabeth de Raleigh b c 1265 dau of->
+1 Sir Warin de Raleigh ?= b 1255
m Joanne Boteler b c 1255 Wem Shropshire d 1301 Nettlecombe
Lu20-1 Alexander Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
Lu20-1-1 Thomas Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
Lu20-1-1-1 Sir John Luttrell of East Quantoxhead dspl
Lu20 =23 =24 Sir John Luttrell of Chilton b c 1310 d c 1360
m Joan Mohun
Lu19 =22 =23 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton b c 1340
m 1359 Elizabeth Courtenay Co19 b c 1340 d 07.08.1395, dau of Hugh Courtenay Co21, 2nd Earl of Devon
Lu18-1 John Luttrell (died 1398)
Lu18-2 Elizabeth Luttrell (died 1378)
Lu18 =21 =22 Sir Hugh Luttrell of Chilton, East Quantoxhead and Dunster Castle (b about1360 d 24.03.1428, Seneschal of Nomandy)
m Catherine Beaumont Be18 (b about1360 died 28.08.1435, dau of Sir John Beaumont of Sherwell)
Lu17-1 Sir John Luttrell of Dunster Castle (b about1390 died 30.06.1430)
m. Margaret Touchet (dau of John Tuchet, 4th Lord Audley)
Lu17-1-1 Sir James Luttrell of Dunster Castle (b about1420 d St. Albans 17.02.1461 ? more likely at the Battle of Towton with the Lancastrians)
m. Elizabeth Courtenay (d 1493, dau of Sir Philip Courtenay)
Lu17-1-1-1 Sir Hugh Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset (d 01.02.1521)
m1. Margaret Hill (dau of Robert Hill of Houndston)
>Lu17-1-1-1-1 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset
m. Margaret Wyndham d 1580, dau of Sir Thomas Wyndham of Felbrigg
Lu17-1-1-1-2 John Luttrell ancestor of Luttrells of Kentsbury and Spaxton
m2. Walthcan Yard of Exeter
Lu17-1-1-2 Joan Luttrell probably of this generation
m. George Stewkley of Marsh
Lu20 =21 Robert Luttrell of Luttrellstown (d 1436-7)
m x Ashbourne (dau of Sir Elias de Ashbourne of Devon)
Lu19 =20 Christopher Luttrell of Luttrellstown
Lu18 =19 Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown (d 04.1455)
m. Catharine Rochfort (dau of Thomas Rochfort of Kilbride)
Lu17-1 Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown (dsp)
m. Ellen Bellew (dau of Philip Bellew)
Lu17 =18 Richard Luttrell of Luttrellstown (a 1540)
m Margaret FitzLeons dau of Patrick FitzLeons of Dublin
Lu16 =17 Sir Thomas Luttrell b c 1490 m1 Anne Aylmer, dau of Bartholomew Aylmer sis of Sir Gerald Aylmer m2 Elizabeth Bathe, dau/co-heiress of Sir William Bathe of Rathfeigh Co Meath
Lu15 =16 Richard Luttrell b c 1520, dvp
Lu15-2 Anne Luttrell m Thomas Dillon
Lu15-3 Christopher Luttrell dsp
Lu15-4 Margaret Luttrell
m Luke Netterville b c 1510: their descendants held the title Viscount Netterville
-1? John Netterville of Castletown -1-1 Alison Netterville m Sir William Talbot, 1st Baronet of Carton or Cartown b about 1560 d 16.03.1633/4
Lu15-5 Sir James Luttrell, High Sheriff of County Dublin, who inherited Luttrellstown from Christopher m Jenet Sarsfield no surv issue
Lu15-6 Simon Luttrell
Lu15-7 Robert Luttrell
Lu15-8 John Luttrell
Lu15-9 Walter Luttrell
Lu15-?-1 Probably of one of the above branches was:
y Luttrell of Luttrellstown b c 1550
-1 y Luttrell of Luttrellstown b c 1575
-1-1 Thomas Luttrell b c 1590 Luttrelltown Dublin

-1-1-1 Simon Luttrell b c 1615 Luttrelltown Dublin IRE k 1650 Battle of Lindon in French Army m Mary Preston dau of ?Jerico Preston d 14 Mar 1630

-1-1-1-1 Thomas Luttrell b c 1640 d Aug 1674 Dublin IRE
m Barbara Seagrave b Finglas Parish IRE d 27 May 1663 IRE had issue
-1-1-?-1 Robert Luttrell b c 1650 m Annie x

-1-1-?-1-1 Simon Luttrell b c 1690

-1-1-?-1-1-1 John Luttrell b 1718 m Frances Patience Sanford b c 1720

-1-1-?-1-1-1-1 John Luttrell b c 1745 m Sarah Churchwell dau of James Churchwel and Martha Armstrong

-1-1-?-1-1-1-1-1 John Luttrell b c 1770 m Annie Jackson

-1-1-?-1-1-1-1-1-1 Selah Luttrell b c 1 m Richard N Leake and had John R Leake m Margerie Florence Dickey and had Flora Kate Pickle
Lu178-3 Sir Robert Luttrell
Lu17-4 Ellen Luttrell
m Nicholas Travers of Corthagh
Lu19-2 Anne Luttrell
m Simon Fleming, Lord Slane
Lu17-3 Andrew Luttrell
Lu17 Elizabeth Luttrell
m John Stratton b c 1390 d aft 1425 son of Walter Stratton of Kirkton b c 1350
St16 Elizabeth Stratton b c 1420 m 1439 Longville Norfolk John Andrews An16 b c 1420 son of James Andrews An17and Alice Weyland We17
An15-1 Ann Andrews (1442 - 25 July 1520)
m1 Sir Thomas Bourgher about 1464 in Baylham, Suffolk
m2 Sir John Sulyard, son of John Sulyard and Elizabeth Sulliard
-1 Andrew Sulyard of Haughley dsp bur 21.10.1544 m1 Margaret Lyston d 01.04.1521, dau of Robert not John Lyston of Badingham Hall m2 Mary d before 01.02.1546/7, wid of Sir John Timperley of Hintlesham
-2 John Sulyard of Wetherden b about 1470 bur 08.03.1538/9 m Margaret Baker d 31.08.1521, dau of Robert Baker of Wetherden
-3 Anne Sulyard m Roger Appleton of Dartford d 26.02.1557
-4 Alice Sulyard m Sir William Rous<
-5 Elizabeth Sulliard m c1505 Sir Edward Bainton of Bromham b 1480, d 27.11.1544
An15 Elizabeth Andrews m Thomas de Windsor, Lord Stanwell.
-1 Elizabeth Windsor
-2 Anne Windsor
-3 Andrew de Windsor, 1st Baron de Windsor of Bradenham m Elizabeth Blount Bl14, sister and co-heir of Edward, Lord Mountjoy, and daughter of William Blount
-4 William Windsor
-5 John Windsor
-6 Thomas Windsor
-7 Alice Windsor
-8 Miles Windsor
-9 Anthony Windsor
-10 Bridget Windsor
-11 Margaret Windsor (Prioress of Syon Abbey)

-3-1 Elizabeth Windsor, ?m George Paulet
-3-2 George Windsor
-3-3 Eleanor Windsor m1 Ralph le Scrope 9th Lord Scrope of Masham m2 Sir Edward Neville.
-3-4 William Windsor (2nd Baron Windsor of Bradenham)
-3-5 Andrew Windsor (b. ABT 1492)
-3-6 Edmund Windsor (b. ABT 1494 - d. AFT Jan 1553)
-3-7 Anne Windsor
-3-8 Edith Windsor m George Ludlow Lu13, Sheriff of Wiltshire son of William Ludlow Lu14 and Jane of Moore.
-3-9 Thomas Windsor
Lu12-1 Sir Edmund Ludlow m1 Bridget Coker, dau. of Henry Coker of Maypowder, Dorset. Bur. Sep 1587, Hill Deverhill, Wilts. m2 Margaret Manning, dau of Henry Manning and Katherine Kirkener, Viscountess Howard of Binden, Wid of Thomas Howard Viscount Binden,
Lu12 Thomas Ludlow b c 1555 m Jane Pyle
Lu12-3 Anne Ludlow, m Thomas Hall of London, son of Roger Hall and Margaret, and had a daughter, Helen Hall.
Lu12-4 Margaret Ludlow, m Robert Vaux of Odiham, Hants
Lu12-5 Jane Ludlow, m. Nicholas Bassett son of William Bassett and Cecily Gore
Lu12-6 Mary Ludlow m Hugh Ryley
Lu12-7 Ursula Ludlow, m. 1st Rev. William Earth,
Lu12-8 Philippa Ludlow, m Thomas Zouch, son of Sir John Zouch
Lu11-1 George Ludlow, bap 7 Sep 1583 at Dinton, d by 1596
Lu11 Gabriell Ludlow, bap 10 Feb. 1587 at Dinton m c 1625 Phylis Wakelyn Wa11 n b 1605/7 d on 18 Dec 1657. shows her to be b about 1599 in Dinton, Bucks d after 1653 and the dau of Alban Wakelyn and Anne Amy Washington
Lu11-3 Roger Ludlow, bap 1590 at Dinton, admitted to the Inner Temple 28 Jan. 1613,
Lu11-4 Anne Ludlow, bap 1591 at Dinton, bur 8 July 1613 at Dinton.
Lu11-5 Thomas Ludlow bap 3 Mar 1593 at Baverstock Wilts m 1624 at Warminster Wilts Jane Bennett, dau of John Bennett d 1646 at Warminster Wilts, resided at Warminster, Wilts His inventory taken 16 Jun 1646. According to he had a son, Gabriel Ludlow b about 1634 in England d about 1690 and grandson b about 1634 emigrated to NY and d there in 1736.
Lu11-6 George Ludlow, bap 1596 at Dinton, acquired 1/16th share of the Mayflower, emigrated to Virginia.
Lu10-1 Gabriel Ludlow, bapt at Warminster 13 Aug. 1622, admitted to the Inner Temple 13 June 1638, killed at the Battle of Newbury in 1644 Lu10-2 Lt. Col. Thomas Ludlow bap 1 Nov. 1624 (? mentioned in Jane Ludlow's (Wa11) Will proved 6 July 1650). Thomas apparently died in Virginia before 1661. Lu10-3 Francis Ludlow, bap Warminster 10 Sept. 1626, living at Maiden Bradley in 1666, issue. Lu10-4 Anne Ludlow, bap at Warminster 4 Dec. 1628 Lu10-5 Elizabeth Ludlow, bap 18 Oct. 1632 at Maiden Bradley Lu10-6 John Ludlow, b. c 1634 mentioned in Jane Pyle Ludlow's Py11 Will proved 6 July 1650. Lived in Virginia, d before 15 Sept. 1664. Lu10 Sarah Ludlow b c 1635 m c 1656 Col John Carter of Lancaster Co VA , mentioned in Jane Pyle Ludlow's Py11 Will proved 6 July 1650 Ct9-4 Sarah Carter
Ct9-5 Charles Carter
Ct9 Robert Carter (1663 - 1732)
An15-3 Alice Andrews, b 1451
m Sir Hugh Wyche in Baylham, Suffolk
Lu20-3 Andrew Luttrell (rector of East Quantoxhead)
Lu22-3 Annora de Luttrell b c 1256 East Quantoxhead Somerset d 1320
m Ralph/Reginald FitzUrse b c 1255 Great Fulford Devon d 1322 son of Sir Reginald FitzUrse and Margaret
-1 Ralph Reginald Fitzurse b c 1295 Devon d 1350 m Annora de Luttrell b c 1294 Somerset d 1320 dau of Andrew de Luttrell, 1st Baron of Irnham und Pernel de la Mare she m2 Sir Hugh Boby -1-1 Alice FitzUrse b c 1320 Fulford Devon m John de Fulford b c 1310 Fulford, Devon d in Fulford son of William de Fulford -1-1-1 Henry de Fulford b c 1340 Great Fulford d in Great Fulford m Catherine ?Fulford b c 1342 d 10 Jan 1402 Dunsford Devon -1-1-1-1 Henry de Fulford Jr b 1390 Fulford, Devon d April 1420 in Fulford m Wilhelma de Langdon b c 1375 Williton Somerset d 1417 in Great Fulford dau of John Langdon and Johanna -1-1-1-1 Sir Baldwin Fulford b c 1415 Great Fulford d 9 Sep 1461 Great Fulford m Elizabeth/Jennett Bosom b c 1420 Bosom Zeal Devon dau of Sir John Bossam and Joan she m2 Sir William Huddesfield and had issue
-1-1-1-2 Alice Fulford
-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Coode
-1-1-1-4 William Fulfford
-1-1-1-5 xy Fulford
-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Fulford, Esq.
-1-1-1-1-2 John Fulford, Archdeacon of Exeter
-1-1-1-1-3 Thomasine Fulford m y Wise
-1-1-1-1-4 Alice Fulford m Cary
-1-1-1-1-5 Sir Baldwin Fulford, Knight & Sh...
Lu22-4 Robert de Luterel (d 1315, rector of Irnham, canon of Salisbury)
Lu23-2 Margaret Luttrell d 1278
m Sir John Foljambe
Lu23-2-1 Sir Thomas Foljambe b about 1208 Yorks d 1283
m Margaret de Gernon dau of William de Gernon b about 1187 d about 1258 and Beatrix de Theydon
Sir Thomas Foljambe
Lu23-3 Robert de Luttrell