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Ja11 Keziah Arroyah

Ja11 Keziah Arroyah was the daughter of (Ja12) Wahanganoche and possibly an unnamed daughter of Ka-Okee d c 1638 and granddaughter of Kocoum k in Battle with Susquehanna tribe and Pocahontas
-2 Nicketti b 1625 VA d aft 1720 VA m John Hughes
Keziah Arroyah, b about 1635

Married: Richard or Thomas Bryant/Brian

The connection between Bryant, Keziah Arroyah and Elinor Gallop who married Robert Duncan and had Elinor, Mary and Anne Duncan is established by two deeds. There are other records establishing the basic relationships of different lines descending from Keziah Arroyah. There was also another daughter Phylis Gallop who married Thomas Monteith b 1694 in Linlithgow Scotland.
Richard Bryant and Keziah Arroyah had issue:
Br10-1 Dr. Richard Bryan b c 1650 m Ann Meese/Amees, dau of Henry Meese b 1625 of Overwharton Oxford England d 1682 London and Mary ARROYAH b 1639 Stafford, VA (dau of Chief WAHANGANOCHE and MARY)
Br10-1-1 Dr. Joseph Richard Bryan b. ?1687. Dr. Richard Bryan is an ancestor of Bryan Reddick, PhD., Bryan or Sheila Reddick []. d 1749 King George, Va.
Br10-2 Thomas Bryant b c 1652 m Elinor his Indian Servant
Br10-3 Martha Bryant b c 1654 d after 1690) m1 Thomas Foley and had 5 children, m2 William Burton.
Br10 Silent/?Robert Bryant b c 1655 m Lucy Doniphan
Br9 Elinor Bryant dau. married 1st Robert Gallup m2 John I Owens Ow8-1 and had issue
Br10-5 Nathaniel Bryant b c 1657 p Mary Amees, b/d in Stafford Co Va,
Br10-6 Elizabeth Bryan, b/d in Stafford Co Va,
Special thanks to the great Potawomack historian, William Deyo PhD, for much of the information on the early generations of this Pedigree and especially for the information on their social structures which is the basis of the educated guesses as to the maternal lines, which will hopefully be born out by the results of mitochondrial and autosomal DNA testing.
An examination of the Powatan and Patawomack pedigrees shown below, which are based more on suppositions made on the Indian ideas of matriarchical inheritance of chiefdom and the polygamous rights of chiefs shows that there was strong inbreeding. Which characteristics were deemed decisive for selecting the original matriarch of the succession or choosing the order of succession among her daughters is not exactlly known, but doubtless brains and beauty and the ability to bear strong braves were all important factors. Brains in the sense of being very observant as a botanist and homeopath as well as a natural psychologist in raising children to be good, brave and diligent and advise their spouses well in tribal affairs would certainly all have been considered important. A chief had to be the son of a matriarch and would choose his favorite wife (the one he kept having children by) from the highest ranking princesses, who might be his maternal cousins or even sisters, his other wives often had only one child by him. Only the chief of the Powatan federation could have several wifes and the chiefs of the member tribes could have two wives. The chief of the federation appointed the chiefs of the member tribes, often from among his brothers, nephews or uncles.
The inbreeding had the advantage of 1) developing specific tribal characteristics, 2) weeding out the sickly genes quickly, and 3) if a strong and healthy chief was chosen the chances of him having numerous strong and healthy children was rather high. As the weaker braves fell in battle the number of women in the tribe was generally higher except for their losses from childbirth. So the women were likely to have had a lot to say about tribal affairs at least behind the scenes. A wise matriarch would have to recognize that the strength of the tribe and hence the continuance of their existence depended on all women of child bearing age having children. And so the great defender of the tribe also became the prize of all its women, and the favorite wife probably had the decision on which other wife he went to bed with when. A wise man always takes advice from his favorite wife, who probably could count the days of the month very well and kept a tally on their periods: only as much hanky-panky as was good for the tribe would seem to have been the rule. Earlier tribes elsewhere in the world and particularly in Skandinavia did not differ that much in social structure, where the matriarchical tendencies did result in a woman's right to divorce. For this reason it seems possible that the appearance of the Germanic peoples was a continuation from the Amazons who disappeared from history between 1500 and 1100 BC. The legendary prowess, strength and probably size of these women warriors may have been the genetic source of Viking size and aggressiveness. The Nordic patriarch usually led the religious festivities and fertility rites when events took on the character of an orgy and so "honored" young maidens.

The Powhatan matriarchy was, however, most similar to the Pictish heritage, which was rather singular in Western European societies and probably arose from their origin in the Iran/Iraq area around 4000 BC and migration to Egypt, North Africa and Iberia before moving north and crossing over to Britain in pre-Roman times, as well as Tuscany (Etrusca).

Powhatan Pedigree

The following Powhatan Pedigree is based in part upon known history recorded in colonial Virginia and in part on assumptions from the known laws of Powatan Royal succession, which was a matriarchically inherited right of succession of eldest sons preceeding and daughters following the sons in succession. The matriarchical law of succession had probably been established for several generations. A comparison with other native American tribes might help to guess when this began, so if it were common in all the Americas it would go back to the time of their ancestors crossing the Berings Straits. If it was only peculiar to the tribes of Virginia and the Carolinas it might support the Mormon legend that the ten lost tribes of Israel crossed the Atlantic to America, if any similarities in DNA could be found between native Americans and Jews, since Hebrew nationality is inherited maternally. The pedigree has been color coded to indicate possible bearors of native American X chromosomes and native Americn mitochondrial DNA.

However, there is a theory that some descendants of Viking settlers in Greenland may have ventured forth to mainland North American and been assimilated with native Americans and migrated South along the East Coast. There are indeed cases of maternal line Cherokee descent since time out of mind evidencing mitochondrial haplogroup H. If such assimilation is the explanation for such evidence the adoption of matrilineal succession might be due to it being a Viking woman having been assimilated by the natives. Her descendants would have been taller and stronger than full-blood natives and hence the males chosen as chiefs.

This portrait is believed to be of Pochohontas and John Rolfe

Po16. possibly Nemattanon alias Don Luis de Velasco, Chief Powatan, taken by the Spanish when he was young and returned many years later. b about 1545 c 1590. He had 3 brothers Opitchapan, Opechancanough (who married Cleopatra, sister of Pocahontas), and Catataugh
m1 unknown, Princess who was probably either a sister or more likely the daughter of a maternal aunt or granddaughter of a maternal great aunt and daughter of one of the chiefs of a tribe of the realm. The as yet unnamed matriarch of this dynasty would have been born about 1550 had 4 sons as follows and succeeded in Reign as Chief Powatan, leaving a a realm of six tribes.
Po15 Wahunsenacawh, Sachem, Chief Powatan b about 1570. Powhatan was both the name of a single tribe and their chief, he inherited a realm of six tribes and form a confederation of a total of 30 between 1597 and 1607. b about 1575, d 1618. He made his first capital at Werowomocomo. He made his next capital at Orapakes, located about 50 miles (80 km) west in a swamp at the head of the Chickahominy River, near the modern-day interchange of Interstate 64 and Interstate 295. Sometime between 1611 and 1614, he moved further north to Matchut, in present-day King William County on the north bank of the Pamunkey River, near where his younger brother Opechancanough ruled at Youghtanund. By the time Smith left Virginia in 1609, the fragile peace was already beginning to fray. Soon conflict led to the First Anglo-Powhatan War, and further English expansion beyond Jamestown and into Powhatan's territory. Two of his subtribes, the Kecoughtan and the Paspahegh, were effectively destroyed at the beginning of this war. Powhatan sent the cackarous Nemattanew to operate against the English on the upper James River, though they held out at Henricus. With the capture of Pocahontas in 1613, Powhatan sued for peace. It came about after her alliance in marriage in 1614 to John Rolfe, a leading tobacco planter.
Po14-1 a son b about 1588. possibly Necotowance
Po14-2 a son b about 1590. possibly
Po14-3 Matachanna b about 1592, went to England with Pocahontas to take care of the son of Pocahontas and John Rolfe.
m2 Winganuske, Princess eldest of the two sisters of Chief Powatan, sister of Machumps.
Po14-4 Cleopatra b c 1594
m uncle Opechancanough b c 1545 d 1644
?-1 Cockacoeske Pamunky b about 1740 d about 1686 m1 Lt Col John West Jr of New Kent b 6 Jun 1632 Chiskask Bellfield Plantation York River Va d 1689 West Pont Va + 1 ch m2 Thomas West "Totopotomoi West" + 1 ch -1-1 Capt John West Pamunky
-1-2 x West
-2-1 Mary Elizabeth Hughes b 1654 Jamestown James City VA d 19.09.1740 Christ Church Lancaster Co VA m Nathaniel Ambrose Davis b 17.04.1655 Devon England d 1743 Hanover Co VA son of Barnabus Davis b 1610 Charlestown Middlesex Co MA d 27.11.1685 Charlestown Middlesex Co MA, Immigrate JUN 1639 Charlestown MA from England and Patience James b 20.10.1603 d 15.11.1690 Charlestown Middlesex Co MA
-2-2 Ann Hughes b c 1662 Louis VA d c 1760 Goochland VA m Stephen Pollard
-2-3 Edward Hughes
-2-4 Robert Hughes
-2-5 Jesse Hughes
-2-6 John Hughes
-2-7 Rees Hughes
-2-8 Nathaniel Hughes

-2-1-1 Robert Davis b 1676 New Kent Co VA d 5 Sep 1771 Natches LA m1 Grace x + 3 ch m2 Abadiah/Abadieh Lewis b c 1680 d by 1753 GA + ch
-2-1-2 Martha Davis m Abraham Venable
-2-1-3 Abadiah/Abigail Davis m William Floyd
-2-1-4 Mary Davis m Samuel Burks
-2-1-5 1243. i. Nathaniel "Robert" Davis b 1676, VA d 05.09.1771, Adams Co MS
-2-1-6 1244. ii. Mary Elizabeth Daviss b 16.05.1685 Albemarle Co VA d 12.02.1756 Albemarle Co VA
-2-2-1 Joseph Stephen Pollard Jr
-2-2-2 Ann Pollard b 1684 Hanover Co VA d 20 Feb 1735 Goochland VA m1 Constanitne Perkins m2 John Belcher
-2-2-3 Robert Pollard b 1686 Henrico Co VA

-2-1-1-1 Martha Davis b 14 Jul 1702 Amherst Co VA d 16 Feb 1765 Louisa Co VA m Abraham Venable
-2-1-1-2 James Davis b 1705 d 1767
-2-1-1-3 Isham Davis b 1705 Amherst Co VA
-2-1-1-4 Evan Davis b 1708 Amherst Co VA
-2-1-1-5 John Davis b 1709 Amherst Co VA
-2-1-1-6 Elizabeth Davis b c 1715 m Sexton
-2-1-1-7 Sarah Davis b c 1718
-2-1-1-8 Nathaniel Davis
-2-1-1-9 John G. Davis
-2-1-1-10 Abadiah Davis b m Floyd
-2-1-1-11 Lewis Davis b c 1753 Amherst Co VA m Martha Foley
-2-1-1-12 Landon Davis b c 1754
-2-1-1-13 Hugh Davis b c 1756
-2-2-2-1 Sarah Perkins b 15 Dec 1699 Baltimore MD
-2-2-2-2 Martha Perkins b 31 Mar 1701 Baltimore d y
-2-2-2-3 Stephen Perkins b 1717 Goochland VA d 25 Jul 1772 m Mary Hughes b 1717 Goochland dau of Benjamin Hughes and Mary Tarleton Napier
-2-2-2-4 Nicholas Perkins
-2-2-2-5 Constantine Perkins
-2-2-2-6 May Perkins m Atkinson
-2-2-2-7 Joseph Perkins
-2-2-2-8 Hardin Perkins
-2-2-2-9 Elizabeth Perkins m Ellis

-2-1-1-?-1 Samuel Emory Davis m Jane Cook
-2-1-1-4-1 William Venable
-2-1-1-4-2 Abraham Venable
-2-1-1-4-3 Hugh Lewis Venable
-2-1-1-4-4 Charles Venable
-2-1-1-4-5 Nathaniel Venable
-2-1-1-4-6 Martha Venable
-2-1-1-4-7 James Venable
-2-1-1-4-8 Anne Venable m King
-2-1-1-4-9 Elizabeth Venable m Morton
-2-1-1-4-10 Mary Venable m Moorman
-2-1-1-4-11 Capt John Venable
-2-1-1-5-1 Joseph Davis b 4 Aug 1745 Augusta Co VA d 6 Sep 1795 Mercer Co 'K'Y m jeanette
-2-2-2-3-1 Benjamin Hughes Perkins b 1736 Goochland d 1 Dec 1815 Garrad KY m Mary A Curd b 22 Apr 1744 Culpeper Co VA
-2-2-2-3-2 Joseph Perkins
-2-2-2-3-3 Stephen Perkins
-2-2-2-3-4 Betsy Perkins m Letcher
-2-2-2-3-5 Hannah Perkins m Bowles

-2-1-1-?-1-1 Joseph Emory Davis (10 December 1784 – 18 September 1870
-2-1-1-?-1-10 Pres Jefferson Davis b 3 Jun 1808 Fairview KY m2 1844 Varina Banks Howell

-2-1-1-?-1-10-4 Margaret Howell Davis b 25 Feb 1855 m Joel Addison Hayes Jr (1848–1919)
-2-1-1-?-1-10-5 Jefferson Davis Jr b 1857 d 16 Oct 1878
-2-1-1-?-1-10-6 Joseph Evan Davis b April 18, 1859, d y
Po14 Matoaka "Pocahontas", Princess (Rebecca) b about 1595 d 21 March 1617. Pocahontas, which means "Little Wanton," a playful, frolicsome little girl. There is additional information obtained from the sacred oral history of the Mattaponi Tribe. See her biography.
m1 1610 Ja13 Kocoum younger Patawomack chief, d about ?1612 (As some DNA matches between his descendants and those of Peregrine Smith, son of Capt John Smith are beginning to indicate, this may be the Indian name of Capt John Smith, who seems to have been adopted into the tribe as a consequence of the rescue ceremony with Pocahontas.)
Po13 Ka-Okee b about 1609/10 d c 1638. Her existence was probably kept secret by the Patawomecks for the safety of the child. Some of the families who carry the traditional descent from Pocahontas and Kocoum are: Martin, Threlkeld, Porch, Sullivan, Fugate, Roberson, Curtis, Limbrick, Newton, Green, Butler, Courtney, Humphries, Brown, Jett, Peyton/Payton, Chilton, Burton, Hudson, Jones, Cox, Grigsby, Bates, Berry, Kitchen, Fines, Chinn, McGuire, Payne, Rollow, and many others.
Pre-Publication Notice of this sensational forthcoming work:

Thomas Petyous of Norwich, England, and His Pettus Descendants in England and Virginia, Volume II

by William W. Pettus IV, 3405 Albion Court, Fairfax, VA 22031, U.S.A.

m1 Col. Thomas Pettus, who had a sister named “Christian” and owned land that adjoined that of Chief Wahanganoche which was the later home of Ka-Okee’s daughter, Christian. He was a brother of ?Theodore Pettus/Pettis. Col. Thomas Pettus did have a brother, Theodore, who came to Virginia in 1623 and was still in Virginia near the end of 1626, when he made a testimony in court. It is important to note that the famous Matoaka portrait of Pocahontas was found in England in a Pettus home! Col. Thomas Pettus’ uncle, William Pettus, married Elizabeth Rolfe, the daughter of John Rolfe’s own granduncle, Henry Rolfe! Until recently William W Pettus IV had presumed his direct ancestor, Theodore Pettus, who had married Ka-Okee. But after considering that the latter's brother, Col Thomas Pettus, owned the land adjoining that of Wahanganoche and that land was later transferred by him to Col Henry Meese, husband of a daughter of Wahanganoche, the relationship as now set out here seems more likely. His new work also considers some other autosomal DNA matches as supporting evidence.
Po12-1 Christian Pettus b 1636, known to have had much Indian blood. Multiple ancestress of the Sullivan family, known to have had much Indian blood but who did not know the name of their Indian ancestor. The Pamunkey nation are one of eleven Virginia Indian tribes recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The historical tribe was part of the Powhatan paramountcy, made up of Algonquian-speaking tribes. The Powhatan paramount chiefdom was made up over 30 tribes, estimated to total about 10,000-15,000 people at the time the English arrived in 1607. The Pamunkey tribe made up approximately one-tenth to one-fifteenth of the total, as they numbered about 1,000 persons in 1607. When the English arrived, the Pamunkey were one of the most powerful groups of the Powhatan chiefdom. They inhabited the coastal tidewater of Virginia on the north side of the James River near Chesapeake Bay. The Pamunkey is one of only two tribes that still retain reservation lands assigned by the 1646 and 1677 treaties with the English colonial government. The Pamunkey reservation is located on some of its ancestral land on the Pamunkey River adjacent to present-day King William County, Va. The Mattaponi reservation, the only other in the state, is nearby on the Mattaponi River. The Pamunkey tribe has successfully adapted for continuation through the centuries.
The traditional Pamunkey way of life was subsistence living. They lived through a combination of fishing, trapping, hunting, and farming. The latter was developed in the Late Woodland Period of culture, roughly 900 CE - 1600 CE. The peoples used the Pamunkey River as a main mode of transportation and food source. It also provided access to hunting grounds, and other tribes. Access to the river was crucial because Pamunkey villages were not seldom permanent settlements. Because the people did not use fertilizer, they moved their fields and homes about every ten years to allow land to lie fallow and recover from cultivation. The Pamunkey, and all Virginia tribes, had an intimate, balanced relationship with the animals, plants, and geography of their homeland. Like other native tribes, they had techniques, such as controlled burning, to clear land for cultivation or hunting. The land belonged in common to the group as a whole. The chief and council would allot a parcel of cleared ground to a family head for life. Upon his death, the parcel would generally go back to the tribe to be reallotted. Differing concepts of land ownership and use caused many conflicts between the Virginia tribes and English colonists. For the Virginia Indians the land was "owned" only as long as it was farmed; after that, it was available for "public" use. The English did not think the same way. They had a concept of private property and believed the land theirs once the Indians sold it to them. As a result, when the English allowed land to be fallow, the Indians assumed they were free to use it for hunting and gathering, just as they always had. Many English were outraged by what they saw as encroachment on their private property, and conflicts arose.[
Pamunkey homes, called yihakans (or yehakins), were long and narrow; they were described as “longhouses” by English colonists. They were structures made from bent saplings that were lashed together at the top to make a barrel shape. Indians covered the saplings with woven mats or bark. The 17th-century historian William Strachey thought that bark was harder to acquire, as he noticed that only higher-status families owned bark-covered houses. In summer, when the heat and humidity increased, the mats could be rolled up or removed to allow more air circulation.[7] Inside the house, they built bedsteads along both walls. They were made of posts put in the ground, about a foot high or more, with small poles attached. The framework was about four feet wide, over which reeds were put. One or more mats was placed on top for bedding; more mats or skins served as blankets and a rolled mat for a pillow. The bedding was rolled up and stored during the day to make the space available for other functions
m John/?Theodore Martin b 1641 VA d 1715?45 Old Rappahannock/Kg Geo Co VA +1 John Martin b 1585 Bristol d 1628 Kg Wm Co VA
m Suzan Hemertin b 1585 Scotland d 10 Sep 1623 Dover Middlesex Co NH
+2 Thomas martin b 1562 d 1617
m Mary Garrad b 1570 d 1618
Po12-1-1 Christian (Pettus) Martin, b about 1638, known to have had much Indian blood. Multiple ancestress of the Sullivan family, known to have had much Indian blood but who did not know the name of their Indian ancestor.
m1 Evan Williams b about 1630 and was the ancestor by Williams .
Po12-1-1-1+ descendants in the Families of Elkins, Grigsby, Redman, and Peyton.
?m2 Rev. John Waugh b 1630 d 1706. Rev. Waugh’s descendants by his first wife carry the strong tradition of Indian blood. He settled in Stafford Co Via soon after it became a county in 1662. He was the first minister in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Va. Apparently he served in this area from approximately 1665 to 1700, about thirty five years. During the Reign of James II, Virginia like England was much agitated with rumors of popish plots, and John WAUGH greatly inflamed the people by his harangues against the Catholics. In 1669 he was elected to the general assembly, but declared ineligible as minister. He died in 1706, leaving a wife Christian, and sons Joseph, John, Alexander and David. (It is also claimed that he was b in Tyrone Ireland and m Frances Meese b c 1638 On 11 Oct 1688 John West acknowledged having "...sold unto John WAUGH of Stafford County for valuable consideration in hand reced a parcel & dividend of land lying & being on the head of Potomack Creek being the Moiety of 850 acres of land ...."
Po12-1-1-3 Joseph WAUGH b c 1660 in Va d 1 Apr 1726 in Stafford Co Va
m1 Rachel GOWRY only dau of John Gowry of Belle Plain)
Po12-1-1-3-1 Joseph WAUGH b c 1712 in Va. d 4 Sep 1747 Stafford Co Va, see Will Book page 335 Stafford County, Va
m Million TRAVERS.
-1-1 Gowry WAUGH was b about 1734 in Va d about 1783 in Va
m Lettitia TURBERVILLE b 1736 at Hickory Hill, Westmorland Co Va. dau of George TURBERVILLE and Martha LEE
-1-2 Joseph WAUGH II b c 1736 in Va d in 1763
m Mary BRONOUGH Jan 1758.
-1-3 Travers WAUGH b 24 Jan 1743 in Va d in 1765 in Va unm
Po12-1-1-3-2 Elizabeth WAUGH b c 1714
m John GREGG 16 Oct 1737 in Spotsylvania Co Va.
m2 c 1716 Mary CROSBY b 28 Jun 1676 in Stafford Co Va d 14 Dec 1756 in Stafford Co. She m1 Peter MAUZY m2 Edward MOUNTJOY about 1709 George Crosby of Stafford Co Va
Po12-1-1-3-3 Mary WAUGH b c 1720 Stafford Va. d c 1785 in Stafford Co Va. lived near Belle Plaine, on the Potomac Creek.
m 17 Jun 1740 in Overwharton Parish Alexander DONIPHAN b c 1717 Stafford Co VA d 1768 son of Mothram "Mott" Doniphan b c 1694 d c 1776 and Rosanna Anderson b c 1700 d by 1776 Va.
-1 Elizabeth DONIPHAN b 12 APR 1744 Stafford VA d 15 JAN 1809 m William Smith b 5 Feb 1741/2 d 22 Jan 1803
-2 Alexander DONIPHAN b c 1749 Stafford VA d c 1817 m Mary Davis
-3 Joseph DONIPHAN b 1757 Overwharton Parish Stafford VA d 1813 m Anne Fowke Smith
-1-1 Mary Waugh Smith b 1775 Fauquier Co m Caleb Smith b 1761 Kg Geo Co d 1814 son of Thomas Smith b c 1739 d 29 Nov 1801 and Mary Elizabeth Keith b c 1745
-1-2 William Rowley Smith b 12 FEB 1781 9 JUN 1857 VA, Fauquier Co Lucy Blackwell
-1-1-1 William Smith b 6 SEP 1797 Marengo King George Co d 18 MAY 1887 m Elizabeth Hansbrough Bell
-1-1-2 Mary Frances Smith b 27 JAN 1802 King George Co d 13 OCT 1861 m Alexander Keech
-1-1-1-1 William Henry Smith b 5 NOV 1822 d SEP 1850
-1-1-1-2 James Caleb Smith b 24 JUN 1824 d 2 MAY 1856
-1-1-1-3 Austin E Smith b 1829 d 27 JUN 1862
-1-1-1-4 Thomas Smith b AUG 1836 Culpeper Co VA d JUN 1918 m Elizabeth Fairfax Gaines

Alfred Wilson Waugh
Po12-1-1-4 John William "Poison" Waugh b 1661 - 1716
m Martha Vandegasteel/?Mothershead
Po12-1-1-4-1 John Waugh b about 1703 in Stafford Co Va. d 17 Nov 1742 in Va He left a testament providing for 3 ch by Elizabeth MONK. -1 John MONK
-2 Thomas MONK
-3 Prissilla MONK
Po12-1-1-4-2 Captain James WAUGH was born about 1705 in Stafford Co Va d 9 May 1750
m 22 Aug 1740 Betty Brittingham FRENCH.
-1 John WAUGH b 20 Oct 1741 d in 1772 in Va - received land in Stafford Co Va
m Jane MASSEY 22 Apr 1761.
-2 Sarah WAUGH b 27 May 1744 in Stafford Co Va
-3 Betty WAUGH b 26 Sep 1748 in Stafford Co Va
Po12-1-1-4-3 Thomas WAUGH b about 1707 in Va. d before 1733.
Po12-1-1-4-4 William Waugh b 1710 Overwharton Parish d 1748 Prince William Co Va
m 10 Sep 1738 Overwharton Parish Margaret TYLER b 1720 dau of John Tyler b c 1722 - AFT 1770 and Margaret Pratt grandau of Charles Tyler Sr b c 1660 ?MD d 26 Feb 1722 Westmoreland Co VA and Jane
-1 John Tyler Waugh b 29 Feb 1739 d after 25 Aug 1773 m1 23 Aug 1773? Fauquier Co Margaret Mauzey + 1 ch m2 23 Aug 1773? Fauquier Co Mary Crump.
-2 Priscilla Waugh b. 22 Oct 1741 Overwharton Parish VA, m 15 May 1763 Overwharton Parish d 1806 Fairfax Co VA Peter Mauzey b 19 May 1738 Stafford Co VA son of Peter Mauzey and Elizabeth Summers
-3 William Waugh b Prince William Co VA.
-4 Thomas Waugh b 1748 d ABT 1822 GA or Waugh Stafford Co Va m Frances Ware b c 1750 Gloucester Co Va d AFT 1822 Lincoln Co GA dau of Martha GARRETT b 1735 Hanover Co d 1817 Lincoln Co GA m c 1749 Henry WARE Sr
-5 Million Waugh b c 1747
-1-1 John Waugh b about 1763 d 13 Oct Va m1 unk m2 Sarah Hall
-1-2 George Waugh b c 1770 m Susannah Brown b by 1777 d 10 May 1855 Ohio Twp Galia Co Oh dau of Jacob Brown
-1-3 James Waugh
-4-1-2 George Waugh b 1765 d 1858 -1 John Tyler Waugh b 1794 d 1848 -1-1 Powhaten Bonaparte Waugh b 1829 d 1895 -1-1-1 Alfred Wilson Waugh b 1866 d 1937 -1-1-1-1 John Wilson Waugh b 1900 d 1973, father of
Clifford Rolland Waugh b 1925 d 2000 father of
Patrisha Ann Waugh
-4-2 Priscilla Waugh b 22 Oct 1741in Stafford Co Va d 1858
m Peter Mauzy son of Peter Mauzy and Elizabeth
-1 John Mauzy
-4-3 William Waugh b about 1743 in Pr William Co Va d
-4-4 Thomas Waugh b about 1748 in ?Pr William Co Va d
-4-5 Million Waugh b about 1750 in ?Pr William Co Va
Po12-1-1-5 Elizabeth WAUGH b c 1668 in Va
m George MASON son of Colonel George Mason. This George m1 Mary FOWKES dau of Col Gerard FOWKES
m2 Elizabeth WAUGH dau of John WAUGH and Elizabeth
m3 Sarah FRENCH
Po12-1-1-6 Ann WAUGH babout 1672 in Va.
Po12-1-1-7 Alexander WAUGH b c 1674 in Va or England d in Va in 1722
m Catherine WEBB
Po12-1-1-8 Richard WAUGH b c 1676 mentioned in Register of Overwharton Parish. He was living in 1691. Richard is mentioned in a Record of Henry THOMPSON when he mentions the children of John WAUGH as being Richard, Alexander and Ann WAUGH. As he is not mentioned again, it may be possible that he died before his father John who died in 1706 -1 Richard Waugh b c 1703
-2 Alexander Waugh b c 1705 ??= m Sarah Taliaferro
-3 Ann WAUGH b c 1707
-2-1 Richard Waugh b 1732 Richmond Co VA d 3 JUL 1805
-2-2 Abner Waugh b t 1738 VA d 9/13/1806 m Philadelphia Claiborne
-2-1-1 Mary Waugh b 1761 Stafford Co d 1802 Prince William Co VA m Robert Howson Hooe b 22 NOV 1748 Prince William Co d 24 MAY 1832
Po12-1-1-5 David WAUGH was born about 1678 and died 1751-1753
Po12-1-2 ?Elizabeth Martin, b about 1640
m Rev. John Waugh, her sister's widower.
-1 Elizabeth Waugh b about 1675 d about 21 Jun 1707 m George Mason b betw 1654-70 -1-1 Catherine MASON b 21 Jun 1707 d 1750
m John MERCER b 6 FEB 1704 Ireland, Dublin d 14 OCT 1768 Stafford Co Va
-1-1-1 Sarah Ann Mason Mercer b 21 Jun 1738 d 26 Jul 1806 Pr William Co Va m Samuel Selden
-1-1-1-1 Ann Mercer Selden b about 1762 Stafford Co m John Taliferro Brooke son of Richard Brooke b about 1732 and Ann Hay Taliaferro b 1731
-1-1-1-1-1 Samuel Selden Brooke b about 1798 d 15 Dec 1861
-1-1-1-1-2 Henry Laurens Brooke b 16 Jul 1808 m Sarah Virginia Tucker
-1-1-2 Mary Mercer b 23 Aug 1740 d 1 Sep 1764 m Daniel McCarty III
Po12-1-3-1 Mary Martin b 1692 (This date is too late to make her the dau of the above Christian Pettus and John Martin. Either this couple had births 10 years earlier or the above 10 years later or better both or there was an intermediate generation, perhaps a dau named after her mother,)
m Capt Josiah/Josias Fugate b 27 Feb 1690 Mosquito Creek Baltimore Co Md will dated 18 Mar 1757. son of Peter Fugate b. 1650 France?, d. aft 1695 Baltimore Co MD m Frances Mould b. abt 1650 wife also shown as Jane Armelies Lawton
-1 Ann Fugate b. abt 1716 d maybe Spotsylvania Co also shown as 3rd child m Darby Sullivan b 1722 d 1799 son of Darby O'Sullivan d 1729 and Elizabeth Burgess/?Donahoe b 1690
-3 John Zachariah Fugate b. abt 1720 King George Co VA, d. 1801 Washington Co VA m. Sarah Henley d 1801 WASH COUNTY VA. ANOTHER SOURCE SAYS d AUG 1786 WILKES CO NC. m1 ELEANOR MORGAN b about 1725 m2 SARAH HENSLEY (HENLEY).b 1720 WESTMORELAND CO VA
-7 x Fugate b about 1728
-1-1 Daniel Sullivan b 1764 Kg Geo Co VA d 1822 Stafford Co m Mary Jett b 1753
-1-2 Benjamin Sullivan b 1765 d 1803 m Susannah Kitchen b 1765 d 1822 dau of Mary Porch b 1729 Stafford Co m James Kitchen
-3-1 Benjamin Fugate b 1750 VA, d abt 1833 Perry Co KY m Hannah Devers 1778 Washington Co VA
-3-2 Zachariah Fugate b 1752 d. 1838 Russell Co VA
-3-3 Nancy Ann Fugate b 1754 Fauquier Co VA, d. 1823 Perry Co KY m. Samuel Haddix 1773, b abt 1750
-3-4 Colbert Fugate b abt 1756 d abt 1819 Russell Co VA
-3-5 Francis Fugate b abt 1758 d abt 1780 Washington Co VA
-3-6 Henley Fugate b abt 1760
-4-10 REUBEN FUGATE B: 1780 VA DIED: 13 JUN 1833
-1-1-1 Thomas Sullivan b 1786 d 1845 m Catherine Sullivan -1-2-2 b 1803 Stafford Co VA d 1850
-1-1-2 Mary Sullivan m Thornton curtis son of Elijah Curtis b 1762 d 1837 m Nancy x b 1765 d 1824
-1-2-1 Martin sullivan b 1796 Stafford Co d there 1 Apr 1827
-1-2-2 Catherine Sullivan b 1803 Stafford Co d 1850 m Thomas Sullivan -1-1-1 b 1786 d 1845
-1-2-3 James Sullivan m Eliza cox
-3-1-1 child b. abt 1779
-3-1-2 Frances Fugate b abt 1781 m William McIntosh Mar 1 1809 Clay Co KY, b abt 1780
-3-1-3 Henley Fugate b abt 1783 d 1838 m Rachel Croxdale b. abt 1780
-3-1-4 Martin Fugate b. 1783 Botetourt VA, d. 1839 KY m Mary - b. abt 1785
-3-1-5 Zachariah Fugate b abt 1785 d. abt 1805 m Phoebe - b abt 1790
-3-1-6 Charles D Fugate b 1787 Russell VA
-3-1-7 Katharine Fugate b 1793 VA, d. 1855 Breathitt Co KY m James McIntosh Sep 10 1813 Clay Co KY, b. abt 1790
-3-1-8 Eli Flint Fugate b abt 1795 Russell VA m. Mary Noble b. abt 1800
-3-1-9 Rachel Fugate b abt 1798 VA
-1-1-1-1 Jonas Sullivan b 1821 d 1896 m Octavia Shelton b 1828 d 1864
-1-1-1-2 Daniel sullivan b 1823 d 1891 m Jane Fines b 1836
-1-1-2-1 Presley Curtis b 1810 d 1870 m Ellen Purcell b 1809 d 1884
-1-2-1-1 Thompson Sullivan m Mary
-1-2-2-1 Jonas Sullivan b1 821 d 1896 m Octavia Shelton b 1828 d 1864
-1-2-3-1 Peter Sullivan m Elizabeth Shelton
-1-2-3-2 Mary Sullivan b 1833 Stafford Co m Atwell butler b 1814 Stafford Co d there 1899
-1-1-1-1-1 Woodson Sullivan b 1849 m Elly ?Sullivan
-1-1-1-1-2 Lorenzo Sullivan b 1851 d 1929 m Lucy Sutherlin b 1856 d 1926
-1-1-1-2-1 Ella Fines b 1868 d 1908 m Harrison Sullivan b 1875 d 1965
-1-1-2-1-1 William Walter Curtis b 1847 d 1913 Stafford Co m Louisa Cox b 1847 d 1897 dau of James Cox b 1839 and Nancy Newton
-1-2-1-1-1 Mary Sullivan b 1848 m Elliott Jett b 1839 d 1882
-1-2-3-1-1 Lucy Shelton b 1859 m Matthew Bullock b 1841
-1-2-3-2-1 Rosie Butler b 1871 d 1947 m Alfred Brown b 1873 d 1959
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Minnie Sullivan b 1874 d 1955 m richard Olive b 1873
-1-1-1-1-2-1 Harrison Sullivan b 1875 d 1965 m Ella Fines b 1868 d 1908
-1-1-1-2-1-1 Purvis Sullivan b 1900 d 1977 m Mamie Quann b 1904 d 1963
-1-1-2-1-1-1 William Edgar Curtis b 2 Feb 1892 Anacosta d 25 Aug Fredericksburg 1963 m robbie Chinn b 1891 d 1978
-1-2-1-1-1-1 Anna Jett b 1868 d 1893 m Harry Lightner b 1868 d 1945
-1-2-3-2-1-1 Harry Brown b 1901 d 1991 m Bertha Morgan b 1905 d 2001
Po12-1-4? Mary Ann Martin b 1666/?78 New Kent VA d St Peters Parish New Kent 1717
m Thomas Porch b 1670 d 1716
Po12-1-4-1 Richard Porch b 1702 d 1750 (?= or nephew of Richard Porch b 1696 d 1750 m Mary Payne b 1697 in Westmoreland d 1753 VA)
m Mary Cox b 1702 (wife also shown as Mary Payne b 1697 in Westmoreland d 1753 VA)
+1 William Payne b c 1652 d c 23 Feb 1698
m1 before 1692 Elizabeth Pope b 1667/?25 Jun 1677 d 1716 Westmoreland Co/Old Rappahanach
+2 John PAYNE b 1613 Frittenden Kent Engl d Jan 1690, Old Rappahannock Co VA
m Margaret ROBINSON/?Jennings b 1620 d 1690
+2 Col Humphrey Pope b 1649 d 1684
m Elizabeth Hawkins b 1667 Westmoreland Co d 1717

+3 John Pope b 1610 Bristol
+4 Richard Hawkins b 1627 England d c 1659 VA
m Katherine Willoughby
Po12-1-4-1-1 Sarah Porch b 1694 Kg Geo Co d there 1750 (DOB suspiciously early) compared with sisters
m Henry Berry b 1694 d 1748
-1 Benjamin Berry b 1733 m x Talliaferro b 1733 -1-1 William Berry b 1750 albemarle VA d 17 Jul 1809 Oglethorpe GA m Susannah Taylor b 1755 -1-1-1 Frances Berry b 1792 Oglethorpe GA d Walton GA m Samuel Brightwell b 1783 Pr Edward VA d 1845 Clarke GA
Po12-1-4-1-2 Mary Porch b 1729 Stafford Co VA d there m James Kitchen -1 Susannah Kitchen b 1764 d 1822 m Benjamin Sullivan b 1765 d 1803 -1-1 Martin Sullivan b 1796 d 1827 m x ?Thompson
-1-2 Catherine sullivan b 1803 Stafford Co d 1850 m Thomas Sullivan b 1786 d 1845
-1-1-1 Tompson Sullivan m Mary x
-1-2-1 Daniel Sullivan b 1823 Stafford Co d there 1891 m Jane Fines b 1836
Po12-1-4-1-3 Elizabeth Porch b 1739 m John Curtis b 1735 d 1812 -1 Elijah Curtis b 1762 d 1837 m Nancy x b 1765 d 1824 -1-1 Mildred Curtis b 1805 d 1867 m John Newton b 1805 d 1857 -1-1-1 John Newton b 1830 d 1907 m1 Henrietta Chinn b 1835 d 1880 m2 Susan Fines b 1848 d 1932
Po12-1-4-1-4 Barsheba Porch b c 1734
m Francis Jett b c 1735 d 1751 had numerous issue
Po12-1-4-1-5 Letitia Porch b 1740 d 1804 m william Limerick b 1745 d 1784 -1 Barsheba Limerick b 1778 m Thomas McGuire b 1773 d 1821 -1-1 Susan McGuire b 1806 d 1872 m James Chinn b 1799 d 1879 -1-1-1 Henrietta Chinn b 1835 d 1880 m John Newton b 1830 d 1907 son of John Newton b 1805 d 1857 m Mildred Curtis b 1805 d 1867 dau of Elijah Curtis -1-1-1-1 Mildred Newton b 1868 d 1939 m Peter Green b 1863 d 1935
Po12-2 daughter who married a Mr. Goldsby
?Po12-3 Robert Pettis, who lived in the same area and had a daughter named Rebecca, Robert is named in the will of Thomas Maddison as his godchild. Thomas Maddison is said to have been the son of Isaac Maddison, who lived for a while at the Patawomeck Village. -1 Rebecca Pettis may have been the same Rebecca who was the first wife of John Meese, her cousin of Indian blood, and would explain why the later Mees/Mays family of Stafford County claimed a descent from Pocahontas.
Po12-4 Ontonah b c 1635
m John Curtis b c 1635 son of->
+1 Francis Curtis b 3 Jun 1624 Cambridgeshire +2 Nicholas Curtis
m Phillippa Carter
Po12-4-1 Richard Curtis b c 1665 -1 Richard Curtis b 1711 Dorchester Suffolk Co MA m Sarah x -1-1 Priscilla Curtis b 17
?Po12 ?Mary Pettus b c 1630
Wahanganoche see below. This marriage is the basis of the Potawomeck Tribe and its strong connection to the Pamunkey Indians.
m2 John Rolfe b Heacham, Norfolk, England as the son of John Rolfe and Dorothea Mason, and was baptized on May 6, 1585. Rolfe was one of a number of businessmen who saw the opportunity to undercut Spanish imports by growing tobacco in England's new colony at Jamestown, in Va. Rolfe had somehow obtained seeds to take with him from a special popular strain then being grown in Trinidad and South America, even though Spain had declared a penalty of death to anyone selling such seeds to a non-Spaniard. He married first Sarah Hacker, who embarkt for Virginia but died in Bermuda with their child, Bermuda. After finally settling in Virgina in 1610, although his first wife and child had died, Rolfe began his long-delayed work with tobacco. The native tobacco from Virginia was not liked by the English settlers, nor did it appeal to the market in England. However, Rolfe wanted to introduce sweeter strains from Trinidad, using the hard-to-obtain Spanish seeds he brought with him. In 1611, Rolfe is credited with being the first to commercially cultivate Nicotiana tabacum tobacco plants in North America; export of this sweeter tobacco beginning in 1612 helped turn the Virginia Colony into a profitable venture. Rolfe named his Virginia-grown strain of the tobacco "Orinoco". When Rolfe married Pocahontas, Powhatan gave the newlyweds property that included a small 20' x 40' brick house just across the James River from Jamestown. Pocahontas and John Rolfe never lived on the land, which spanned thousands of acres to the River. In 1619, Rolfe married Jane Pierce. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1620. Elizabeth died in 1635 at the age of 15. John Rolfe, who had been living in or near Bermuda Hundred, died suddenly in 1622, but it is unknown in what manner.

A photograph of the "Sedgeford Portrait," was long said to represent Pocahontas and her son, Thomas Rolfe, >but it has been establish to be that of Pe-o-ka the widow of Seminole Chief Oseola painted about 1830 by a native American artist.
The ornate elegance of dress and superb artistry of portraiture speak well for early 19th century Seminole culture. In fact Pe-o-ka has a more prominent nose than the Pocahontas above and seems about ten years older, while Pocahontas died at a rather young age.
Po11-2 Thomas Rolfe, born at Smith's Plantation in Jamestown, Va. After growing up in England, on 13 September 1632 and in 1635 after Elizabeth's death Rolfe returned to Virginia, leaving his daughter with his cousin Anthony Rolfe. Rolfe became a powerful leader in the tribe his grandfather was the leader of, Powhatan. He served in the English military until 1675. In 1675, Rolfe died at the age of 59 or 60, and was survived by his wife and child.
m1 Elizabeth Washington bap at St James's church, Clerkenwell, London. Elizabeth died shortly after Anne’s birth,
Po11-2-1 Anne Rolfe b 1633. In 1659, Anne Rolfe married Peter Elwin (1623-1695), of Thurning, Norfolk, England, and left descendants.
m2 During the time of Rolfe's leadership in the tribe, he met and married Jane Poythress.
Po11-2-2 His only child by his second wife, called Jane Rolfe b 10 Oct 1650, d 1678 Kippax Plantation .
m in 1675 Colonel Robert Bolling b 26 DEC 1646 All Hallows Barking Parish London d July 17, 1709 bur plantation Kippax, in Prince George Co Va, where his tomb still stands, in 1858, his remains were removed from Kippax to the Bolling mausoleum at Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg Va erected by his great grandson. son of John Bolling and Mary Carrie (?dau of Thomas Cary). He was born at Tower Street, All Hallows, Barking Parish, in London on 26 Dec 1646. His father John, was one of the Bollings of Bolling Hall, near Bradford, England. Robert's ancestry could be traced to Robert Bolling, Esquire, who died in 1485 and was buried in the family vault in the church of Bradford. According to Bolling family oral tradition, the original de Bolling family was Norman French, and came to Barking Parish with William the Conqueror. October 2, 1660, at the age of fourteen, Bolling arrived in the colony of Virginia. In 1681, after his first wife died, Col. Robert Bolling married his second wife Anne Stith b 25 Jan 1660 Charles City Co VA d there 17 Jul 1709 dau of John Drury Stith b 1 JUN 1631 (son of Robert Stith b 1606 in Charles City Co Va and Mary Townsend b ABT 1610) and Jane Moseby?/Gregory. They had the following nine children together.
ch by Anne Stith b ABT 1665 in Charles City Co Va
-1 Col Robert Bolling b 25 JAN 1682/83 Kippax Plantation Charles City Co Va d 3 Jan 1749 Pr Geo Co VA m Anne Cocke b c 1683 in Va
-2 Stith Bolling b 28 MAR 1686 in Charles City Co Va m Elizabeth Rogers b c 1690
-3 Drury Bolling b 21 JUN 1695 m Elizabeth Meriwether b ABT 1698
-4 Agnes Bolling b 30 NOV 1700 in Charles City Co Va d 1762 m 1719 Richard Kennon b 5 Dec 1684 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co
-5? Jane Bolling
-6 Mary Bolling b 16 Jul 1702 charles City Va d 1776 Culpeper Co m Andrew Baker son of Robert Baker and Susan Packer (reported by Sandra Sue Lutz, author's DNA match, and Jackie Gabbard, author´s DNA match,/a>)
-1-1 Mary Anne Bolling b 25 JAN 1707/08 in Pr George Co Va m William Starke b ABT 1691 in Va +3 dau
-1-2 Anne Cocke Bolling b 12 DEC 1713 in Prince George Co Va d 1769 m 1730 John Hall b ABT 1710 in Scotland + 2 ch
-1-3 Lucy Cocke Bolling b 3 MAY 1719 in Va m 10 Jul 1738 Peter Randolph b 20 Oct 1717 Henrico VA son of Col William Randolph and Elizabeth Peyton Beverley b 20 OCT 1717 + 3 ch
-1-4 Jane Bolling b 1 APR 1722 in Va m Hugh Miller b 1722 in Scotland +O 2 dau
-1-5 Martha Bolling b 17 NOV 1726 in Prince George Co Va m 1745 Richard Eppes b 1714 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield Co Va ?= ansc of Littlebury Eppes and x Llewellen
-1-6 Susannah Bolling b 16 JUL 1728 m Alexander Bolling b 12 MAR 1720/1 Pr Geo Co VA d 11 Jun 1767 see below
-1-7 Robert Bolling b 12 JUN 1730 d 24 Feb 1775 Bollingbrook Petersburg Va m Mary Marshall Tabb b 12 JUN 1737 in Amelia Co Va+ 2 sons Robinson shows this Robert as marrying Rachel Robinson b 4 Oct 1732, Elizabeth City Co d 23 Feb 1767 wid of Roscow Cole who survived him to m3 29 Sept 1759, York Co Charles Turnbull b July 1712 Scotland d c 1770
?-1-8 Elizabeth Bolling m 1727/8 James Munford, d Amelia Co Va betw 16 Mar and 25 Apr 1754
-2-1 Alexander Bolling b 12 MAR 1720/1 Pr Geo Co VA d 11 Jun 1767 m 23 Dec 1745 Susannah Bolling b 16 JUL 1728 dau of Robert Bolling b 25 JAN 1682/83 in Charles City Co., Va and Anne Cocke b ABT 1683 in Va and had -1-6-1 = -2-1-1 Robert Bolling b 24 Mar 1750 in Va
-3-1 Frances Bolling b 1724 in Va
-4-1 Elizabeth Kennon b 12.12.1720 Conjuror's Neck Henrico VA
-4-2 Ann Kennon b 30.11.1722 Conjuror's Neck Henrico VA
-4-3 Robert Kennon b 14 Apr 1725 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va
-4-4 Martha Kennon b 17 Oct 1731 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va
-6-1 John Teneretta Baker b 24 Jan 1744 Pine Mountain Wilkes Co NC d 10 Nov 1831 Ricetown Ky m Elizabeth Terrell b 28 Jan 1735 Chowan Co NC d there 1780 dau of William Terrell b 1725 Caroline Co Va d Apr 1797 Halifax Co Va

-1-2-1 Robert Hall b about 1731
-1-2-2 Hugh Hall b 1733 d 1770 m Southampton Va Mary Dixon dau of Henry Dixon and Elizabeth Abernathy
-1-2-3 Bolling Hall
-1-2-4 William Hall
-1-2-5 Mason Hall
-1-2-6 Martha Hall
-1-2-7 Ann Hardaway Hall
-1-3-1 William Randolph b 1734 d 11/05/1774 Henrico Co m Mary Fitzhugh Grymes, Mary "Marie Agnes" Skipwith
-1-3-2 Anna Maria Randolph b 5/13/1747 VA d 08/10/1805 m William Fitzhugh III
-1-3-3 Beverley Randolph b 09/11/1753 Henrico Co, Chatsworth d 02/1797 m Martha Cocke
-1-3-4 Robert Randolph b 1760 d 09/12/1825 m Elizabeth Hill Carter
-1-5-1 Martha Bolling Eppes b MAY 1746 Chesterfield Co d 10 DEC 1810 m Richard Henry Walker
-1-5-2 Francis Eppes b 1747 Henrico Co VA d 7/04/1808 m Elizabeth Wayles b 27 Jul 1752 Charles City Co VA dau of John Wayles b 1715 d 1773 and Tabitha Cook s.a. Francis Eppes b 1747
-1-5-3 Martha Elizabeth Eppes b 1750 Henrico Co VA d 1801 m John Major
-1-6-1 Jemima Bolling b 1740 VA d Spartanburg SC (from Hershel Clayton Harmon`s tree) m John Kirby St b 1730 Halifax VA d 1807 Union SC
-1-7-1 Robert Bolling b 3 Mar 1759 Bollingbrook Petersburg VA d 26 Jan 1839 Center Hill Petersburg m1 Mary Burton Bolling b 1764 m2 Catherine Stith dau of Capt Buckner Stith and Anne m3 Sally Washington m4 Anne Dade Stith
-1-7-2 Thomas Tabb Bolling b 27 Feb 1763 Bollingbrook Petersburg VA m Seigniora Peyton b 8 Jan 1767 d 1810 dau of Sir John Peyton b c 1703 and Frances Cooke b c 1728 Amelia Co
-4-3-1 Elizabeth Kennon b 13.07.1757 Mecklenburg VA d 1791
m John Hartwell Cocke 28.11.1773 b 26.11.1749
-6-1-1 Mary Rubice Baker b 29 Mar 1770 Buncombe NC d 14 Aug 1820 Buffalo Creek Owsley Ky m William D Hudson b 1750 Mecklinburg Co Va d 13 Apr 1821 Dickson Co TN son of Christopher Hudson b 1715 New Kent Co Va d 17 Oct Mecklenburg Co Va and Cary Byrd
-6-1-2 Robert Baker b 1774 d 1859 m1 Elizabeth Hammond b 12 Oct 1793 d 1824 dau of Isaiah Hammond b 1749 VA d 10 Feb 1844 Simpson KY and Nancy ?Stone

-1-2-2-1 Elizabeth Hugh Hall b 1752 d 1782 m 22 Dec 1767 Charles Hines
-1-2-2-2 Dixon Hall Sr b 1755 Dinwiddie Va d 1820 Montgomery Al
-1-2-2-3 William Winfield Hall b 1756
-1-2-2-4 Leonard Hall
-1-2-2-5 John Hall
-1-2-2-6 Bolling Hall b 23 Dec 1767 Diwiddie Va d 25 Feb 1836 Ellerslie Autauga Al m Jane Abercrombie dau of Charles Abercrombie and Edwina Dicey Malinda Booth
-1-3-4-1 Eliza Carter Randolph b 10/02/1782 Fauquier Co d 7/03/1866 m Thomas Turner
-1-3-4-2 Charles Carter Randolph b 14 OCT 1788 Fauquier Co d 20 DEC 1863 m Mary Ann Fauntleroy Mortimer
-1-3-4-3 Anne Randolph b abt 1790 Fauquier Co m Charles L. McKenna
-1-3-4-4 Robert Lee Randolph b 1791 Fauquier Co d 26 DEC 1857 m Mary Buckner Thruston Magill b 16 Jul 1809 VA d 29 Jan 1890 Richmond VA dau of Col Chalres Magill b 1760 and Mary Buckner Thruston b 31 Jul 1772 d 1850 bur Mt Hebron Cem Winchester VA
-1-3-4-5 Lucy Bolling Randolph b 2 DEC 1796 Fauquier Co d 18 NOV 1861 m Dr Richard Chichester Mason b 7 MAY 1793 in Fairfax Co d 22 JUL 1869 in Fairfax Co
-1-3-4-6 Mary Braxton Randolph b 1800 Fauquier Co d 1864 m Hill Carter
-1-5-2-1 John Wayles Eppes b 19 Apr 1773 Chesterfield Co VAd 13 SEp 1823 m Maria Polly Jefferson b 1 Aug 1778 Monticello VA dau of Pres Thomas Jefferson and Martha Wayles
-1-6-1-1 William Kirby b 1756 m Martha Patsy Terrell b 1765 d 1814 dau of Jonathan Terrell b 1740 d 1 Jul 1814 and Ann Butlaer b 3 Sep 1748
-1-6-1-2 Bolling Kirby b 1765 m Milley Campbell b 1769 VA dau of Abraham Campbell b 1735 d 9 Feb 1805 and Amy DeHart b 1735
-4-3-1-1 Sallie Cocke b 10.05.1775
-4-3-1-2 ANN Hartwell Cocke b 11.11.1776
-4-3-1-3 Elizabeth Cocke b 06.07.1778
-4-3-1-4 John HartwellL Cocke b 19.09.1780
-4-3-1-5 Mary Kennon Cocke b 25.07.1783
-4-3-1-6 Robert Kennon Cocke b 26.12.1785 d 1790
-4-3-1-7 Martha Ruffin Cocke b 26.01.1788
-4-3-1-8 Rebecca Kennon Cocke b 10.07.1791 d 1791
-6-1-2-1 Zipha Baker b 1806 Cortland madison Co KY m James Sandlin b 16 Mar 1798 d 12 Aug 1869 son of Lewis Sandlin b 1776 Kings Creek York SC d 1853 Clay KY and Sarah Canady b 1777

-1-2-2-6-1 Polly Willie HALL b 5 FEB 1800 m 17 JUN 1817 Green WOOD
-1-2-2-6-2 Ann Anderson HALL b 13 MAY 1801 m 11 JUL 1820 James MITCHELL
-1-2-2-6-3 Martha Bryan HALL b 8 DEC 1803 m 27 NOV 1820 John S. BAILEY
-1-2-2-6-4 Elizabeth Dixon HALL b: 6 JAN 1806 m 13 FEB 1823 Thomas BROWN
-1-2-2-6-5 Jane Abercrombie HALL b 13 SEP 1807 m 22 DEC 1825 William V. THOMPSON
-1-2-2-6-6 Emma Bolling HALL b 8 DEC 1809 m 22 SEP 1826 Absolem JACKSON
-1-2-2-6-7 Bolling HALL, II b 8 MAY 1813 m 22 DEC 1836 Mary CRENSHAW
-1-2-2-6-8 Laura HALL b 26 MAY 1815 : 9 JUN 1899 Montgomery, Montgomery, AL
-1-2-2-6-9 Amanda HALL b 7 FEB 1818 m 14 NOV 1839 John A. SNODGRASS
-1-2-2-6-10 Mary Bibb HALL b 17 AUG 1821 m 24 NOV 1836 William B. HOLT
-1-2-2-6-11 Sara Helen HALL b 11 OCT 1824 d 1887 m1 22 APR 1841 William J. SASNETT m2 y Smith ?related to John Smith
-1-3-4-5-1 Beverley Randolph Mason b 1 SEP 1834 in Fairfax Co VA
-1-3-4-5-2 Eva Mary Anna Mason b 17 JAN 1836 in VA
-1-3-4-5-3 John Stevens Mason b AUG 1839 in Fairfax Co VA
-1-3-4-5-4 Landon Randolph Mason b 31 DEC 1841 in Fairfax Co
-1-5-2-1-1 Francis Wayles Eppes b 9/20/180 Henrico Co 1 d 5/30/1881 m1 Susan Margaret Ware m2 Mary Elizabeth Cleland Randolph b 16 Jan 1801 Goochland Co VA dau of Thomas Eston Randolph and Jane Cary Randolph
-1-6-1-1-1 Terrell Kirby b 1785 VA d 27 Sep 1864 Union SC m Frances Hunt b 1796 d 7 Mar 1849
-1-6-1-2-1 Bolden T Kirby b 1800 m Martha Jones b 1802 dau of Elisha Jones b 1767 and Elizabeth Perkins b 11 Dec 1767
-6-1-2-1-1 Catherine Sandlin b 1838 d 1919 m John Roberts Begley b 1815 d 1892

-1-2-2-6-6-1 Walter Clark Jackson b 14 Jul, 1827 in Robinson Springs, Al d 22 Sep 1907 in Montgomery
-1-2-2-6-6-2 others
-1-2-2-6-7-1 Caroline Sophia Hall m Thomas Reid Handy
-1-2-2-6-7-2 Joseph Eugene Hall m Mary Margaret Stokes
-1-2-2-6-7-3 Bolling Hall, III (Col.) b 17 Sep 1837 in Ellerslie, Autauga Co Al d 3 Feb 1866 in Drury's Bluff
-1-2-2-6-7-4 Crenshaw Hall b 26 Mar 1839 in Ellerslie, Autauga Co Al d 20 May 1893 in Montgomery, Al
-1-2-2-6-7-5 John Elmore Hall b 30 Mar 1842 in Autauga Co Al d 27 Jan 1882 in Montgomery, Al
-1-2-2-6-7-6 Mary Louisa Hall b 20 Nov 1843 in Ellerslie, Autauga Co Al d 9 May 1863 in Montgomery
-1-2-2-6-7-7 Thomas Brown Hall b: November 12, 1845 in Ellerslie, Autauga Co Al d 23 Sep 1863 in Chicamauga Ga
-1-2-2-6-7-8 Hines Holt Hall b 6 Aug 1847 in Ellerslie, Autauga Co d 15 Oct 1929 in The Elms, Elmore Co
-1-2-2-6-7-9 Laura Jane Hall b 15 Sep 1848 in Ellerslie, Elmore Co d 13 Aug 1896 in The Elms, Coosada
-1-2-2-6-7-10 Franklin Abner Hall b 7 Nov 1850 in Ellerslie, Elmore Co d 22 Apr 1920 in Montgomery
-1-2-2-6-7-11 Charles Edward Hall b 23 Jan 1854 in Ellerslie, Elmore Co d 4 Nov 1887 NY
the following connection was inserted here but is incorrect, so it will be moved as soon as the connection is known to this family:
-1-2-2-6-11-1 Sarah Elizabeth Hill Smith b 1820 d 1903 m John Coleman Jackson b 1820 d 1898 son of Samuel W Jackson b 1800 d 1871 grandson of Coleby R Jackson gr grandson of of Susannah Randle
-1-5-2-1-1-1 Jane Cary Eppes b 9 NOV 1823 VA d 12 FEB 1890
-1-5-2-1-1-2 John Wayles Eppes b 4 JUL 1825 Bedford Co VA d 1908 m Josephine H. Bellamy
-1-5-2-1-1-3 Thomas Jefferson Eppes b 29 JUN 1827 Albemarle Co VA d 1869 m Theodosia Burr Bellamy
-1-5-2-1-1-4 William Eston Eppes b 5 JUL 1830 Tallahassee d 1896 m1 Augusta Jones Kollock m2 Emily Bancroft
-1-5-2-1-1-5 Mary Elizabeth Eppes b 5 JUL 1832 Tallahassee d 1903
-1-6-1-1-1-1 Bolen C Kirby b 22 Feb 1823 Union SC m Conzada Kirby b 5 Oct 1827
-1-6-1-2-1-1 Conzada Kirby b 5 Oct 1827 m Bolen C Kirby b 22 Feb 1823 Union SC
-6-1-2-1-1-1 Susan Begley b 1867 Owsley KY m Joseph Tackett son of John Oliver Tackett and Nancy Hall

-1-2-2-6-11-1-1 Malissa/Melicia Caroline Jackson b 1843 d 1921 m y Linsey
-1-2-2-6-11-1-1-1 Barcelona "Lonie" Lindsey (1875 - 1930) m y Still
-1-2-2-6-11-1-1-1-1? Elloree Still (1896 - 1985) m Melwyn Hervey Sharpe b 1895 d 1971 son of James Monroe Sharpe b 1854 d 1937 and x grandson Mary R Smith b 1833 d 1874 and y Sharpe gr granson of Moses Smith b 1808 d 1880
-1-2-2-6-11-1-1-1-1-1 Eloise Sharpe (1928 - 2006) m y Cassady parents of Margaret Elaine Cassady m y Brixhoff, author's DNA match
-1-6-1-1-1-1-1 Ida Florene Kirby b 11 Dec 1856 m Charles Thomas Mize b 18 May 1854 son of Wilson Mize b 16 Mar 1828 d 23 Oct 1905 m Elender Sharp b 5 Mar 1834 Marion AL d 16 May 1891 Lafayette MS gr grandparents of author´s DNA match
-6-1-2-1-1-1-1 x Tackett m y Gabbard parents of Jackie Gabbard, author's DNA match/a>
Po11-2-2-2 John Bolling of Cobbs b 26 Jan 1676 d 20 APR 1729 in Henrico, Va and many Americans claim descent from Rolfe, He was an ancestor to Edith Bolling Wilson, Nancy Reagan, and John McCain.

m 29 DEC 1697 Mary Kennon b c 1678 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va dau of Dr. Richard Kennon , b ABT 1645 d 1695/6 and Elizabeth Worsham b 1656 in Chesterfield Co Va (dau of John William Worsham b 1625 and Elizabeth Littleberry b 1623 d 1 Oct 1678 Henrico VA). issue of the latter couple:
-a Mary Kennon (m see above) b ABT 1678 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va
-b Martha Kennon b c 1681 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va m 1698 Robert Munford b c 1678
-b-1 Mary Munford b 1702 in Prince George Co m David Walker b 25 FEB 1699/00 in England
-c William Kennon b 1685 in Henrico Co Va m Anne Eppes b 1690 in Henrico Co
-c-1 Richard Kennon b 15 APR 1712 in Henrico Co Va
-c-2 William Kennon b 9 OCT 1713 in Henrico Co m 3 Apr 1744 Elizabeth Lewis b 23 Apr 1724 dau of Charles Lilburne Lewis b 15 Oct 1696 Va and mary Howell b c 1700
-d Sarah Kennon b 1689 in Conjuror's Neck, Chesterfield Co Va m 1708 Francis Eppes IV b 1686 in Henrico Co son of Francis Eppes II and Anne Isham + Martha and Richard
-d-1 Martha Eppes b 1712 VA d 1748 m John Wayles b 1715 Lancaster Engl
-d-1-1 Martha Wayles b 1748 d 1782 m1 Bathurst Skelton m2 Pres Thomas Jefferson
-e Richard Kennon b 1690 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va
-f Judith Kennon b 1692 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co m Thomas Eldridge b 1680 (see next column)

Po11-2-2-2-1 John Kennon Bolling of "Cobbs" b 20 JAN 1699/00 in Henrico, Va Member of House of Burgesses for 30 years
m1 Elizabeth Lewis b c 1700 + Matoaka
m2 1 Aug 1728 Elizabeth Blair b 20 JAN 1708/09 in Williamsburg, Va d 1775 + 20 ch
Po11-2-2-2-1-1 Archibald Bolling b 1 JUN 1730 d 1737
m Jane Randolph b 19 Nov 1755 Chesterfield Co VA dau of Richard Randolph Jr b 1725 and Anne Nancy Meade
-1 Elizabeth Meade Bolling b 1/01/1779 Campbell Co, Red Oak d 1823 m Archibald Robertson
-2 Anne Everard Bolling b c 1782 Buckingham Co, Red Oak Hall VA d1/26/1834 m1 Samuel Shepherd Duval m2 Joseph Cabell Jr b 6 Jan 1762 Repton Mills Madison Co VA son Col Joseph Cabell b 1732 and Mary Hopkins
-3 Blair Bolling b 3/03/1791 Buckingham Co, Mount Athos d 8/03/1839 m Margaret A. Webster

-2-1 Jane Randolph Cabell b 1805 VA m Phillip T. Allen
-2-2 John Breckinridge Cabell b 1/05/1808 Buckingham Co, Repton 7/18/1862 m1 Mary Coalter Wardlaw m2 Martha Ann Thompson Posey
-2-3 Elizabeth Robertson Cabell b 1809 VA m1 James B. Paulett m2 Archibald Dixon
-2-4 Robert Bolling Cabell b 1812 VA m1 Anne Herndon m2 Eleanor Hart
-2-5 George W. Cabell b 1814 KY, Fayette Co m Mary R. Williams
-2-6 Mary Ann Hopkins Cabell b 1824 VA m E. L. Willard

-2-2-1+ s. Posey descendants
Po11-2-2-2-1-2 Gerrard/Jarrett Bolling b 3 JUN 1732 in Chesterfield Co Va d 1780 Fairfax Va
m Martha Moxley b 1736
-1 Louisiana Bolling b ABT 1760
Po11-2-2-2-1-3 Thomas Bolling , Honorable b 7 JUL 1735 in Henrico Va
m Elizabeth Gay b SEP 1738 in Henrico Co Va
-1 Col William Bolling b 1757 in Va m 1798 Mary Randolph b 5 JUL 1775 in Henrico Co Va
-2 Elizabeth Bolling b 14 OCT 1758 in Henrico, Va m 1775 William Robertson b 5 FEB 1749/50 in Va +5 ch
-3 Rebecca Bolling b 19 AUG 1763 William Murray b 6 MAY 1752 +2 dau
-4 Thomas Bolling deaf mute
-5 Mary Bolling deaf mute

-2-1 Archibald Bolling ROBERTSON b 16 Apr 1776 d 1861 m 11 Jun 1801 Elizabeth Meade Bolling
-2-2 Thomas Bolling ROBERTSON Gov. of Louisiana b 27 Feb 1779 d 5 Nov 1828 m Lelia Skipwith
-2-3 William ROBERTSON
-2-4 John ROBERTSON Lt. Gov. of Virginia b 1787 d 1873 m Ann Trent
-2-5 Ann ROBERTSON b 5 Nov 1792 d 1821 m1 23 Nov 1813 Henry Skipwith Sr m2 Linnaeus Bolling
-2-6 Jane Gay ROBERTSON b 1795 d 1852
-2-7 Wyndham ROBERTSON Gov. of Virginia b 1803 m F. T. Smith

-2-5-1 Henry Skipwith Jr
Po11-2-2-2-1-4 John Bolling of Chestnut Grove b 24 JUN 1737 in Va d 1800
m Mary Jefferson b 1 OCT 1741 in Va dau of Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph
-1 Archibald BOLLING Sr b ABT 1770 m 5 Nov 1801 Goochland Co Catherine PAYNE b ABT 1771 - ABT 1806 dau of Archer/Archibald PAYNE and Martha DANDRIDGE b 20 Sep 1748 dau of Nathaniel West Dandrige Sr b 7 Sep 1729 d 10 Jan 1786 and Dorothea Spotswood
-2 Martha Bolling m Field Archer
-3 John Bolling m x Kennon
-4 Edward Bolling ?-1835 m Dolly Payne
-5 Mary Bolling Fleming b 1778 in Va d 1812 m Beverley Chew Stanard b ABT 1778 in Va + 2 sons
-6 Robert Bolling m Jane Payne
-7 Thomas Bolin b 12 Jan 1766 VA d 9 Jul 1851 Perry IN m Nancy b 1767 Wilkes NC
-1-1 Archibald BOLLING M.D.
-1-2 Edward BOLLING
-1-3 Alexander BOLLING
-7-1 Peter Bolin m Elizabeth Persinger
-7-2 James Bolin

-7-1-1 William Anderson Bolin b 11 Aug 1863 Gibson IN m Cornelia Ann Harnischfleger b1885 IN
Po11-2-2-2-1-5 Col Robert Bolling b 17 AUG 1738 in Henrico Co Va d Jul 1775
m1 1763 Mary Burton b 1738 +2 ch
m2 31 MAY 1765 Susanna Watson b ABT 1742 in Varina, Henrico Co Va +1 ch
-1 Pocahontas Rebecca Bolling b 1763 m Joseph Cabell b 6 JAN 1762 in Buckingham Co Va
-2 Mary Burton Augusta Bolling b 30 APR 1764 in Prince George, Va m Robert Bolling b 3 MAR 1759 in "Bollingbrook," Petersburg, Va
-3 Linneaus Bolling b 1773 in 'Chellowe', Buckingham Co Va m 17 Dec 1793 Mary Markham b 31 DEC 1776 in Chesterfield Co Va
-4 Elizabeth Blair Bolling m Maj Thomas West b 1751, VA d 1829, Campbell Co VA
-5 Powhatan Bolling 1767-1802
-6 y Bolling

-3-1 Robert Bolling m 5 SEP 1821 Mary Hobson m1 Sarah Pocahontas Bolling b 1825 in Varina, Henrico Co Va m2 ABT 1845 Frances Peyton b 1810 in Va
-3-2 Philip Archelous Bolling lawyer m1 ABT 1824 Mary Martha Eppes b 1810 in 'Mill Brook' Buckingham Co Va dau of John Wayles Eppes b 19 APR 1773 in Eppington, Chesterfield Co Va and Martha 'Patsy' Burke Jones b 1790 in NC m2 1868 Anna G Tappan b 1814 in New Hampshire
-3-3 Susannah Pocahontas Bolling
-4-1 Elizabeth Bolling West m Joel Walker Flood

-3-1-2 Robert Bolling , Jr. b 1846 in Buckingham Co Va 
-3-1-3 Susan Peyton Bolling b JUN 1851 in Buckingham Co Va
-4-1-1 Henry De La Warr Flood m Mary Elizabeth Trent
-4-1-2 Martha West b 1796, Campbell Co VA
-4-1-3 Mary Bolling West b 16.05.1798, Campbell Co VA d 10.04.1864, Appomattox Co VA m Joel Walker Flood b 11.07.1789 VA d 04.1858 Buckingham Co VA
-4-1-4 Louisa West b 1800, Campbell Co VA d 1842, Bedford Bedford Co VA m Richard Hobson b 14.04.1795 Bedford Bedford Co VA d 15.02.1836 Bedford Bedford Co VA

-4-1-1-1 Joel Walker Flood m Ella Faulkner
-4-1-3-1 Henry de la Warr Flood b 14.08.1816 VA d 21.04.1892 VA Mary Elizabeth Trent b 1822 VA d 26.01.1839 VA
-4-1-4-1 Benjamin Nelson Hobson b 04.03.1820, Bedford Bedford Co VA d c 1882 m EDITHA SARAH DOUGLASS b 07.02.1826, Bedford Bedford Co VA d 09.12.1882, Bedford Bedford Co VA
-4-1-4-2 Arabella Hobson b 23.08.1829, Bedford Bedford Co VA d 31.03.1889, Bedford Bedford Co VA m William E Sledd b 08.01.1826 Bedford Bedford Co VA d 06.11.1888 Bedford Bedford Co VA
-4-1-4-3 Mary Charlotte Hobson b 10.10.1834, Bedford Bedford Co VA d 10.10.1865, Prairieville Pike Co MO m Paul Silas Penn b 17.12.1829 Bedford Bedford Co VA d 20.07.1884 Bedford Bedford Co VA son of Moses Penn

-4-1-1-1-1 Eleanor Bolling Flood m Richard Evelyn Byrd
-4-1-3-1-1 Capt Joel Walker Flood b 09.01.1839 Appomattox Co VA d 1916 m Ella Faulkner b 1844 VA d 1885 VA
-4-1-4-2-1 James Richard Sledd b 10.11.1849, Bedford Bedford Co VA d 1910, Pike Co MO m Martha Lee Penn b 09.08.1854 Bedford Bedford Co VA d 20.06.1941 Louisiana Pike Co MO dau of Paul Penn and Mary Hobson
-4-1-4-3-1 Martha Lee Penn b 09.08.1854, Bedford Bedford Co VA d 20.06.1941, Louisiana Pike Co MO
-4-1-4-3-2 Frances Edna Penn b 20.12.1857 BedfordVA d 06.08.1931 Lynchburg VA m Robert Henry Parks b 13.07.1864 Bedford VA d 06.10.1932 Bedford Bedford Co VA

-4-1-1-1-1-1 Harry Flood Byrd of Berryville Clarke Co WV b 10 Jun 1887 Martinsburg WV d 20 Oct 1966 US Senator, Gov of Va 1925-29
-4-1-3-1-1-1 Eleanor Bolling Flood b 1868 Winchester VA
-4-1-4-2-1-1 William Paul Sledd b 03.10.1875 MO d 16.01.1925 MO
-4-1-4-2-1-2 Charles Oscar Sledd b 27.10.1875, MO d 30.09.1924, Chillicothe Livingstone Co MO m Mary J Seelman b 04.09.1879, Lafayette Tippecanoe Co IN d 19.04.1943 Brookfield Linn Co MO
-4-1-4-2-1-3 rances Lilliam Sledd b 29.03.1883 MO d 17.10.1903 MO
Po11-2-2-2-1-6 Mary Blair Bolling b 16 JUL 1744 in Va
m 1761 Richard Bland b 3 MAR 1730/31 in Prince George Co Va
-1 Richard Bland b 23 JUL 1762 in Prince George Co Va d 1806 m Susanna Poythress
-2 Elizabeth Blair Bland b 24 MAR 1770 m 1787 William Poythress b 1765 in Va
-3 Ann P. Bland b 1765 m1 John Morrison m2 Peter Woodlief

-2-1 Elizabeth Poythress
Po11-2-2-2-1-7 Archibald Bolling b 20 MAR 1748/50 in Chesterfield Co Va
m1 Sarah Cary b 23 FEB 1753 in Va dau of Archibald Cary and Mary Isham Randolph
m2 Jane Randolph b 19 JUN 1755 wid Fyrd wid Clark
-1 Anne Everard Bolling b 13 Mar 1778 Red Oak d 26 Jan 1834 the Retreat Buckingham Co m1 1797 Samuel Sheppard Duvall b ABT 1775 in Henrico Co + 2 sons m2 Joseph Cabell Jr
-2 Elizabeth Meade Bolling b 1780 m 1801 Archibald Robertson b 16 APR 1776 in Henrico Co Va
-3 Capt Blair Bolling b 1792
-4 Sarah Bolling m Joseph Cabell Megginson 1771-1811
-5+ 6 sons 3 dau

-2-1 Rev Samuel Sheppard Duval Jr b 18 Apr 1798 Buckingham Co d 11 Nov 1867 Hopkins Co Ky
-2-2 Archibald Bolling Duval
-2-3 Jane Randolph Cabell 1805-1833
-2-4 John B. Cabell b 1808
-2-5 Elizabeth Robertson Cabell b 13 May 1809 Repton Va d 23 Sep 1852 Ky m1 4 Apr 1826 James B Pollitt m2 2 13 Mar 1834 Archibald Dixon Lt Gov of Ky US Senator
-2-6 Robert Bolling Cabell b 1812
-2-7 George W. Cabell b 1814
-2-8 Mary Ann Hopkins Cabell 1824

-2-5-1 Rebecca Hart Dixon b 28 May 1839 d ?Ky m Gov John Young Brown son of Thomas Dudley Brown and Elizabeth Young he m1 Lucie Barbee
Po11-2-2-2-1-8 Anne Bolling b 7 FEB 1751/2 Chesterfield Co Va d after Aug 1802
m William Dandridge b 6 APR 1750 in Hanover Co Va
-1 John Dandridge m x Underwood
-2 William Alexander Dandridge b 30 AUG 1772 in Hanover Co Va m Joanna Stith b about 1778
-3 Nathaniel West Dandridge b 14 JAN 1771 in Hanover Co Va d 26 Jul 1847 Pontotoc MS m 13 Jul 1797 Henry Co Va Martha H Fontaine b 14 Jul 1781 d 12 Sep 1845 dau of John Fontaine and Martha "Patsy" Henry ganddau Of Gov Patrick Henry and Sarah Ann Shelton
-4 Ann Dandridge m Frederick James
-5 Jane Butler Dandridge b 1783 in Hanover Co Va m Rev. Jos. D. Logan
-6+ 3 sons 2 dau

-3-1 Charles Fontaine DANDRIDGE
Po11-2-2-2-1-9 Metoaka Bolling b 3 Jul 1729
Po11-2-2-2-1-10 William L. BOLLING b 5 Apr 1731 d 1776
m 1 Jan 1755 Amelia Curles Randolph b. 15 Jun 1739 in Curles, Henrico
-1 John Bolling b. 6 Jan 1756 in Orange, VA
-2 Archibald Bolling b 16 Apr 1757 in Halifax VA
-3 Samuel Bolling b 27 Sep 1758 in Halifax VA
-4 Amelia Meotaka Bolling b 15 Aug 1761 in Halifax VA
-5 Eliza Blair Bolling b 10 Apr 1764
-6 William Bolling b 15 Oct 1767 in Pittslyvania, VA
-7 Anne Randolph Bolling b 3 Mar 1771 in Pittslyvania VA
Po11-2-2-2-1-11 Elizabeth BOLLING b 5 Apr 1731 d BEF 1780 Amherst Co Va
m 1753 Robert Mays
Po11-2-2-2-1-12 Martha Bollin b 15 Jul 1733
m Col. Robert Eldridge
-1 Sarah Eldridge m Thomas Edmunds -1-1 Sarah Edmunds b 21 June 1850 d 1 June 1918 m Robert Thruston Hubard b 9 Mar 1839 d 26 Sept 1921 son of James Thruston Hubard b 13 Jan 1776 Gloucester Co Va and Susanna Wilcox
Po11-2-2-2-1-13 Benjamin Bolling b 30 Jun 1734
m1 20 Jun 1753 Martha Phelps b 20 Jun 1737 Albemarle Cod 8 Mar 1767 Rowan Co NC + 8 ch
m2 Charity Larrimore b 1748 d Flat Gap Wise Co VA + 7 ch
-1 BENJAMIN BOLLING, b 25.04.1754, VA d. 1819, Randolph Co NC m SARAHTILITHA HANCOCK, 1775, Spottsylvania Co VA b 1759, PA d. 1805, Randolph Co NC
-2 WILLIAM BOWLING b 09.01.1757, Chesterfield Co VA d. 08.01.1838, Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau Co MO m SARAH FUGATE b 1760 d c 1830, Cape Girardeau Co MO
-3 JAMES THOMAS POWHATAN BOWLING b 09.01.1756, NC d. 07.08.1804, Russell Co VA m Sarah Blevins
-4 JOHN BOLLING b 1755 d 1756.
-5 JESSE BOLLING b 1758.
-7 HANNAH BOLLING b 1766 d 1852 m 28 Jun 1786 Solomon Osborne b Dec 1765 d 10 Sep 1851 son of Enoch Osborne and Jane Hash
-8 ELIZABETH BOLLING b 08.03.1767 Rowan Co NC d 1805 m Britain Williams b 1767 NC d 1842 Dade Co MO
-15 JEREMIAH BOLLING b 1782 d 26.02.1871, Flat Gap Wise Co VA m Sarah A Ward b 1787 SC d 1869 Flat Gap Wise Co VA
-1-1 Benjamin Snead b 1765 Halifax Co d 1833 Russell Co Va m Felissa Oliver
-3-1 Mary Bowling b 1779 d 1848 KY m 11 Sep 1804 Knox Co TNJohn Bige Gilbert b 1757 d 1869
-7-1 Sherwood Osborne b 5 Oct 1788 NC d 10 May 1837 KY m 28 Apr 1814 Floyd Co KY Louisa Levisa Collier b 1798 d 1860 KY
-8-1 Susannah Bolling Williams b 1786 Rutherford Co NC d 1877 Bailey Junction Grayson Co TN m William Savage b 1787 Surry Co NC d Jun 1842 Dade Co MO
-15-1 JONATHAN BOLLING b 1807 Flat Gap Wise Co VA d 1866 m Freelove Mullins b 1807
-15-2 JERIMIAH BOLLING b 26.12.1809 Russell Co VA d 31.12.1891 Flat Gap Wise Co VA
-15-3 WESLEY BOLLING b 1811.
-15-5 EZEKIEL BOLLING b 1815 d 1907 m NANCY CARR
-15-6 HOSEA BOLLING b 1817 Flat Gap Wise Co VA d 1910 Russell VA m1 Luvenia Hayes b 1814 KY d 18 Mar 1876 Russell Co VA + 6 ch dau of Jonathan Hayes m2 Malind P Stidham b 1862 Ky d 28 Sep 1927 Duncan Gap Wise Co VA + 4 ch dau of James Stidham and Alpha Creech
-15-7 AMOS BOLLING b 1819 d 1894 m POLLY HALL
-15-8 JAMES R BOLLING b 1821 d 1900 m Mary Elizabeth Hammons d 1869
-15-9 SARAH BOLLING b 1823 d 1862
-15-11 JESSE BOLLING b 1826 d 1901 m LOUISA SHORT
-15-13 MARY BOLLING b 1831 d 1859 m BENJAMIN CAUDILL
-1-1-1 Oliver Snead b 1794 Halifax Va m Rachel Kestner
-3-1-1 Felix Jefferson Gilbert b 21 Feb 1804 Clay Co KY d 21 May 1859 Clay Co KY m 7 Feb 1828 Lucinda Jane Dorton b 22 Dec1808 Knox Co KY
-7-1-1 Rhodisia Osborne b 1816 Floyd Co KY m 17 Apr 1831 Pike Co KY Moses Tackett b 1811 d 1860 KY
-8-1-1 Hiram Savage b 1806 Cooper Co MO d 10 Apr 2879 Grayson Co TX
-15-1-1 DANIEL14 BOLLING b 1834
-15-1-2 POLLY BOLLING b 1838
-15-1-3 JOHN BOLLING b 1842
-15-1-4 CALEB BOLLING b 1845
-15-1-5 LAVINIA BOLLING b 1849
-15-6-1 RACHEL BOLLING b 1849, VA
-15-6-2 SARAH BOLLING b 1850, VA d 04.1909.
-15-6-3 NANCY BOLLING b 1852, VA d 1938, Douglas MO m ROBIN MAGGARD b 1855, Letcher KY d 1913, Douglas, MO
-15-6-4 JOHN BOLLING b 17.03.1856, Robinson, Wise, VA d 29.04.1936 Wise VA m RUTH STURGILL b 1860, KY d. 1919, Robinson, Wise, VA
-15-6-5 SYLVANIA BOLLING b 02.04.1860, Wise VA d 02.04.1860, Robinson Wise VA
-15-6-6 MARY ELLEN BOLLING b 1873, Flat Gap VA d 1956 m1 JOHN WILLIAM MULLINS b 1880 VA d. 12.10.1950, Welch, WV m2 JOHN WILLIAM MULLINS
-15-6-7 LOUISA J BOLLING b 01.1881, Wise, VA d. 01.12.1885, Wise, VA
-15-6-8 SYLVANIA BOLLING b 04.10.1886 Wise VA m MARLIN ALVARO HOLLYFIELD b 28.01.1883, Wise VA d 09.01.1916 Wise VA
-15-6-9 DELANEY BOLLING b 02.1884 d. 25.05.1969
-15-6-10 CLEMY BOLLING b 1879
-15-8-1 SURRENA S BOLLING b 1845
-15-8-2 HENRIETTA BOLLING b 1846 d 1926
-15-8-3 WILLIAM BOLLIN b 1845 d 1935
-15-8-4 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BOLLING b 1850 d 1904
-15-8-5 JOSEPH BOLLING b 1852 d 1884
-15-8-6 ARCHELAUS BOLLING b 1854 d 1934
-15-8-7 JEREMIAH BOLLING b 1856 d 1939
-15-8-8 SARAH BOLLING b 1858
-15-8-9 JOHN BOLLING b 1860 d 1905 m1 ALICE REESE m2 MATTIE BOONE
-15-8-10 NAOMI BOLLING b 1862 d 1919
-15-8-11 MORGAN BOLLING b 1864 d 1937
-15-8-12 AMERICA BOLLING 1866 d 1924
-1-1-1-1 Jacob Merchant Snead b 1824 Va d 27 Sep 1900 -1-1-1-1-1 Adelaide Snead b 19 Jul 1853 m David Campbell Price ancestor of Kevin Lilly, author's DNA match
-1-1-1-1-2 Karen Elizabeth Snead b 20 Jul 1858 m Charles Cummings Dye b 14 Dec 1859 Russell Va d 2 Jul 1916 Marion Va ancestors of Stewart Coleman Nelson, author's DNA match
Po11-2-2-2-1-14 Dorothey Bolling b 30 Jun 1734
Po11-2-2-2-1-15 Robert BOLLING of "Chellowe" b 17 Aug 1738 d 1775
m1 5 Jun 1763 Mary BURTON
m2 31 May 1765 Amherst Co Susan WATSON
-1 Mary Burton BOLLING
-2 Pocahontas Rebecca BOLLING
-3 Elizabeth Blair BOLLING
-4 Linnaeus BOLLING m1 Mary Markham + 1 ch m2 Ann ROBERTSON s.b.-1-3-2-5
-5 John BOLLING b c 1765 ?=b NC d 1869 Washington Co IN m Eliza Nicholson b 1823 d 1888
-6 Powhatan BOLLING

-4-1 Susan Pocahontas Bolling d 1849 m 16 Apr 1834 Robert Thruston Hubard b 26 Sept 1808 d 19 Oct 1871

-4-1-1 James Linnaeus Hubard b 27 Feb 1835 Buckingham Co d 4 Feb 1913 Nelson Co m 13 Nov 1860, Albemarle Co Isaetta Carter Randolph b 24 Mar 1836 d 9 Dec 1888 dau of Benjamin Franklin Randolph & Sarah Champe Carter.
-4-1-2 William Bolling Hubard b 24 Dec 1836 Buckingham Co d 1884 m 10 Jan 1865, Nelson Co Eliza Cabell Callaway b 23 Feb 1844, Nelson Co dau of Paul Carrington Callaway & Addisonia E. D. Manson
-4-1-3 Robert Thruston Hubard b 9 Mar 1839 b 26 Sept 1921 m 1870, Halifax Co Sarah Edmunds b. 21 June 1850 d. 1 June 1918 dau of John Richard Edmunds & Mildred Carrington Coles
-4-1-4 Edmund Wilcox Hubard b 27 Feb 1841, Buckingham Co d 8 Aug 1915 m 25 Nov 1875, Louisa Co Julia S. Taylor b. 1842, Caroline Co d 16 Nov 1918
-4-1-5 Francis Eugene Hubard b 16 June 1843 d 15 Jan 1851 bur. Chellowe, Buckingham Co.
-4-1-6 Louisa Hubard b 1845 m 28 Jan 1867 Lewis Carter Randolph b 1838 d 1887.
-4-1-7 Bolling Hubard b 6 Oct 1847 Buckingham Co d Oct 1885 Buckingham Co lawyer m 19 Jan 1874 Huntsville AL Felicia Corbin Chapman; b. 1847; d. 14 Jan 1875, NYC; wrongly called Julia in some sources; dau of Reuben Chapman, Gov. of Alabama, US Congressman & Felicia Ann Chilton Pickett
-4-1-8 Phillip A. Hubard b 1849 m Mary Wilson b 1853
Po11-2-2-2-1-16 Edward BOLLING b 9 Sep 1746
Po11-2-2-2-1-17 Jane BOLLING b 13 Jul 1740
Po11-2-2-2-1-18 Rodney BOLLING b 18 Sep 1742
Po11-2-2-2-1-19 Rolfe BOLLING b 16 Jul 1744
Po11-2-2-2-1-20 Sarah Bolling b 16 Jun 1748
m Judge John Tazewell
-1 Elizabeth Tazewell m. Samuel Griffin, M.D., M.Congress
-20-2 Littleton Tazewell m. Catharine Boush Nevison
-20-3 William Tazewell, M.D. ?-1840 m. Mary Page Tanner
-20-4+ 2 sons 2 dau
Po11-2-2-2-1-21 Powhatan Bolling b c 1750
Po11-2-2-2-1-22 Rebecca BOLLING b 6 Jul 1754
Po11-2-2-2-2 Jane Bolling b c 1703 d 1767
m 1713 or 20 Richard Randolph b MAY 1689 in Henrico, Va
-1 Richard Randolph b 17 JAN 1724/25 in Henrico, Va m Anne 'Nancy' Meade b 1731 in Henrico Co Va
-2 Mary Randolph b 21 NOV 1727 m 1744 Archibald Cary b 24 JAN 1720/21 in Williamsburg, James City Co, Va son of Henry Cary b 1675 in Va (son of Henry Cary Ca9-3 b 1650 in Warwick, Va and Judith Lockey b ABT 1650 in Va grandson of Miles Cary b 30 JAN 1621/22 in Bristol, England and Anne Taylor b ABT 1621 in England) and Anne Edwards b 1679 in Va
-3 Brett Randolph b 4 SEP 1732 in Henrico Co Va d 1759 in England m 1753 Mary Scott b ABT 1735 in England
-4 John Randolph b 29 JAN 1741/42 in Henrico Co Va d 1775 in Va m 1769 Frances Bland b 24 SEP 1752 in Va d 1788 dau of Theodoric Bland b 12 FEB 1717/18 in Prince George Co Va and Frances Bolling b 1724 in Va
-5 Mary Randloph 1727-1781 m Archibald Cary Ca9-3-3-5, of "Ampthill" M.H.B.
-6 Jane Randolph m. Col Anthony Walke, Jr. of "Fairfield", M.H.B.
-7 Elizabeth Randolph b 1728 d 11 Sep 1782 m Col. Richard Kidder Meade b 11 Jul 1746 Winchester VA d 9 Jul 1805 Aide to Gen. Washington + 1 sons, 2 dau
-8 Amelia Randolph b 15 Jun1739 d 5 Sep 1780 m 1 Jan 1755 Henrico Co VA William L Bolling b 5 Apr 1731 Chesterfield Co VA
-9 Henry Randolph b 1723 Chesterfield Co VA d 1788 Albemarle Co VA m Mary x b 1723 Henrico Co VA
-1-1 Richard Randolph b 31 MAR 1757 in Curles Plantation Henrico Co Va m Maria Beverley b 15 Dec 1764 in "Blandfield", Essex Co dau of Robert Beverley b 21 Aug 1740 d 12 Apr 1800 and Maria Carter b 22 Nov 1745 in "Sabine Hall", Richmond Co (dau of Landon Carter and Maris Byrd)
-1-2 David Meade Randolph b 14 MAR 1759 in Henrico Co Va m 9 Dec 1780 in Tuckahoe Goochland Co Mary/Molly Randolph
-1-3 Brett Randolph b 20 JUL 1766 in Henrico Va m Lucy Beverley b 24 Feb 1771 in "Blandfield", Essex Co d 1854 Oakley n Greensboro AL dau ofRobert Beverley b 21 Aug 1740 d 12 Apr 1800 and Maria Carter b 22 Nov 1745 in "Sabine Hall", Richmond Co (dau of Landon Carter and Maris Byrd)
-1-4 Ryland Randolph m. Elizabeth Frayzer + 1 son 1 dau
-1-5 Susanna Randolph m Benjaman Harrison + 1 son
-1-6 Jane Randolph b 19 JUN 1755 m 1774 Archibald Bolling b 20 MAR 1749/50 in Chesterfield Co Va +3 ch
-1-7 Anne Randolph m Brett Randolph Jr + 8 sons, 2 dau son of Brett Randolph -2-3 and Mary Scott
-1-8 Elizabeth 'Betty' Randolph b 8 MAR 1768 in Henrico Co Va m David Meade b 10 JAN 1768 in Va -1 John
-1-9 Mary Randolph b 5 JUL 1775 in Henrico Co Va m Col William Bolling b 1757 in Va + 4 Ch
-1-10 Sarah Randolph m William Mewburn + 1 son
-2-1 Anne Cary b 7 FEB 1745/46 in Chesterfield Co Va m 1761 Thomas Mann Randolph b 1741 in "Tuckahoe" Goochland, VA +10 ch
-2-2 Jane Cary b 12 FEB 1750/51 in Va m 1768 Thomas Isham Randolph b 1722 in Va + 3 ch
-2-3 Sarah Cary b 23 FEB 1753 in Va d Oct 1773 m 1770 Archibald Bolling b 20 MAR 1749/50 in Chesterfield Co Va
-2-4 Mary Cary b 4 DEC 1766 d 1797 m 1783 Carter Page b 1758 in Va +3 ch
-3-1 Susan Randolph b 1756 in England d 1851 Norfolk Va m Dr Charles Douglass b 1 OCT 1752 in Scotland Earl of Morton's heir presumptive + Susan
-3-2 Henry Randolph b 10 JUL 1758 in England m Lucy Ward
-3-3 Brett Randolph, Jr. 1760-? m Anne Randolph -2-1-7
-4-1 Richard Randolph b 9 MAR 1770 in Va
-4-2 Theodorick Randolph b 22 JAN 1771 in Via
-4-3 John Randolph b 2 JUN 1773 in Va d 1833 US Senator
-5-1 Anne Cary m. Thomas Mann Randolph of "Tuckahoe"
-5-2 Jane Cary m. Thomas Isham Randolph b c 1728 of "Dungeness"
-5-3 Elizabeth Cary m. Robert Kincaid
-5-4 Mary Cary m. Carter Page
-5-5+ son dau
-6-1 Rev. Anthony Walke
-6-2+ son dau
-8-1 John Bolling
-8-2 Samuel Bolling b 27 Sep 1758 d 14 Aug 1808 m Abigail Choice b 1759 d 12 Jul 1832
-8-3 Thomas Bolling
-9-1 Hugh Randolph b 16 May 12756 Chesterfield Co VA d1843 Franklin Co AL
-1-1-1 Lt Robert B. Randolph (USN) m. Maria Beverley (1 son, 4 dau.)
-1-1-2 William Randolph (USN)
-1-1-3 Maria B. Randolph m. Philip Duval
-1-1-4+ 5 sons
-1-2-1 William B. Randolph m. Sarah Lingan + 4 sons, 6 dau.)
-1-2-2+ 5 sons, 2 dau
-1-3-6+3 sons
-1-3-1 Capt. Edward Randolph USA m Bland Beverly + 1 dau.)
-1-3-2 Carter Beverly Randolph Ass't Surgeon USN m Anne Beverley wid Tayloe wid Farrar + 2 sons 4 dau
-1-3-3 Capt. Victor Moreau Randolph (USN CSN) m. Augusta Granberry + 3 sons)
-1-3-4 Franklin Randolph m Ann Corbin of "The Reeds" + 2 sons)
-1-3-5 Theodric Randolph m x Brand +1 dau
-1-6-1 Elizabeth Meade Bolling b 1 Jan 1779 Red Oak Campbell Co VA d 1823 m Archibald Robertson b 16 Apr 1776 Dinwiddie Co VA d 1861
-1-9-1 Thomas Bolling b 7 Feb 1807 Goochland Co VA d 18 Mar 1889 m Mary Louise Morris b 11 Aug 1810 Campbell Co VA d 4 May 1852
-2-1-1 John Randolph m Judith Lewis
-2-1-2 Thomas Mann Randolph m Martha Jefferson
-5-1-1 Mary "Molly" Randolph b. 1762 m.
-5-1-2 Elizabeth Randolph b. 1765 m. Robert Pleasants of "Four Mile Creek"
-5-1-3 Thomas Mann Randolph 1768-1828 of "Edge Hill", Gov. of VA 1819-1822 m Martha "Patsy" Jefferson 1772-1836 dau. of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson
-5-1-4 William Randolpph 1770-1848 m Lucy Bolling Randolph 1775-1841
-5-1-5 Judith Randolph m (6bca) Richard Randolph of "Bizarre"
-5-1-6 Ann Cary "Nancy" Randolph 1774-1837 m. Governeur Morris 1752-1816 of New York. Lived at "Bizarre"
-5-1-7 Jane Cary Randolph of "Tuckahoe" m Thomas Eston Randolph
-5-1-8 Dr. John Randolph m Judith Lewis of Ameila County
-5-1-9 Harriet Randolph m Richard S. Hackley, Consul at Cadiz
-5-1-10 Virginia Randolph b. 1786 m Wilson Jefferson Cary 1784-1823
-8-2-1 NANCY BOLLING 09.07.1791 m JAMES SULLIVAN,.
-8-2-2 JOHN BOLLING b 1780 d 1863 m SARA ANN RABUN b 1783 d 1842.
-8-2-3 TULLY BOLLINGb 1781 d 28.10.1844 m1 by 1818 CATHERINE GAINES b 1795 d 09.1821 m2 03.04.1823 MARY ANN SMYTHE
-8-2-4 THORNBERRY BOLLING, d 1827.
-8-2-7 ELIZABETH BOLLING, d. 01.02.1809 m JAMES DUNKLIN, 09.05.1800.
-8-2-8 LUCINDA BOLLING b 1791 d 1838 mm James Johnson b 11 May 1788 d 27 Aug 1858
-8-2-9 MARY BOLLING m ALFRED PERRITT, 04.07.1803 d 29.04.1854.

-1-9-1-1 VIRGINIA RANDOLPH BOLLING b 1840 VA d 1899 m Alexander Quarles Holladay b 8 May 1839 Richmond City VA d 13 Mar 1909 Spotsylvania VA
-1-9-1-2 THOMAS RANDOLPH BOLLING b 07.09.1845, Bollings Island VA d. 15.04.1912, Richmond City VA m SALLIE BENNETT AYLETT b 25.04.1855, VA d. 10.03.1921, Washington DC
-2-1-1-1 William Mann Randolph m Margaret Smith Randolph
-2-1-2-1 Thomas Jefferson Randolph m Jane Hollis Nicholas
-8-2-8-1 Samuel Valentine Johnson b 31 Jan 1819 d 6 Feb 1868 m 5 May 1852 Ellen Nagel

-1-9-1-1-1 Mary Stuart Holladay
-2-1-1-1-1 William Mann Randolph m Mary Walker Randolph

-2-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Nicholas Randolph m Lucian King Truscott Jr
Po11-2-2-2-3 Elizabeth Bolling b 1709 in 'Cobbs', Henrico, Va
m1 James Munford b c 1702
m2 1730 in Henrico Dr William Gay b 1705
-1 Susannah Munford b 29 MAR 1734 in Va m 7 Oct 1751 Buckner Stith b 1722 in Brunswick Co Va
-2 Capt William Gay b ABT 1731 in Va m1 20 Sep 1769 Frances Trent b ABT 1732 in Va m Judith Scott
-3 Elizabeth Gay b SEP 1738 in Henrico Co., Va m Thomas Bolling ,Honorable b 7 JUL 1735 in Henrico Va
-1-1 Robert Stith b 1752 in Brunswick Co Va
-1-2 Griffin Stith b 24 AUG 1753 in Brunswick Co Va
-1-3 John Stith b 24 MAR 1755 in Brunswick Co Va
-1-4 Susanna Stith b ABT 1757 in Brunswick Co Va
-1-5 Buckner Stith b ABT 1759 in Brunswick Co Va
-2-1 William Gay m. Lucy Harrison Coupland
-2-2 Elizabeth Gay b 20 AUG 1773 in Cumberland Co Va m Peter Efford Bentley b NOV 1759 in Amelia Co Va
-2-3 Thomas Bolling Gay 1784-2/10/1849 m. Eliza R. Archer
-2-4 Neil Buchanan Gay, M.H.Delegates 9/3/1791-6/25/1864 m Martha "Patsy" Talley 11/27/1795-4/28/1864
-2-5 Mary Buchanan Gay m. Gideon A. Strange, M.H.D.
-2-6 Capt. Edward Scott Gay, Va. State Guard m. (7aecb) Catherine N. Tazewell
-2-7 Ann H. Gay m. Charles H. Scott
-2-8 Charles Scott Gay m. Margaret Erskine
-2-9 Sally Gay m. (6eca) James B. Ferguson, M.H.D.
-3-... see above -1-3-1/2/3

-2-1-1 Peterfield Gay, M.D. m. x Christian
-2-1-2 B. Franklin Gay m. x Baptist
-2-2-1 Eliza Gay Bentley m. Daniel Harris
-2-2-2 William Field Bently m. Sarah Dupree
-2-2-3 Fanny Trent Bentley m. William Houston
-2-2-4 Efford Bolling Bentley m. Lucy W. Chamberlayne
-2-2-5 John Gay Bentley m. Judith Thompson
-2-2-6 Maria Buchanan Bentley m. Daniel B. Friend
-2-2-7 Alexander Willis Bentley, M.D. m. -- Peters
-2-2-8 Lavinia Bentley m. William Roper
-2-3-1 Ellen Gay m. Jacob Skein
-2-3-2 Delia Gay
-2-3-3 William Gay m. Cassandra Desdemona Jackson
-2-3-4 Eliza S. Gay
-2-3-5 Powhatan Archer Gay
-2-3-6 Virginia F. Gay
-2-3-7 Bolling Gay, C.S.A. ?-1865
-2-4-1 William Gay 6/20/1823-6/21/1893 m. Sarah Bruce
-2-4-2 Neil Buchanan Gay Jr MD 2/6/1827-7/16/1906 m Mary Bunn 8/15/1834-5/12/1921
-2-4-3 Martha Gay 12/26/1828-12/15/1915 m. Capt. Archelaus "Archer" Perkins, C.S.A. 9/17/1829-4/16/1895
-2-4-4 Pocahontas Virginia Gay ("Aunt Poca", Quilt on permanent display in Smithsonian) 9/5/1831-10/14/1922
-2-4-5 Caroline Anne Scott Gay ("Aunt Anne") 12/1/1832-5/2/1909
-2-5-1 William Gay Strange
-2-6-1 Matoaca Gay (society writer as "Bric-a-Brac")
-2-6-2 Louisa Gay m. Robert C. White
-2-6-3 Edward S. Gay m. Sarah Ewell
-2-6-4 Carolina Gay m. Charles P. Winston ?-1887
-2-6-5 Minnie W. Gay
-2-8-1 Charles Wyndham Gay, C.S.A., killed in battle
-2-8-2 Henry Erskine Gay
-2-8-3 Frances B. Gay m. R. H. Catlett
-2-8-4 Lizzie E. Gay
-2-8-5 William Gay
-2-8-6 Agatha Estell Gay
-2-8-7 Caroline Scott Gay m W. M. Allen
-2-9-1 Judith Gay Fergusen m J. A. Carr
-2-9-2 Pocahontas Ferguson m J. M. Vaughan
-2-9-3 James B. Ferguson m. Emma C. Henry (Patrick Henry's grand-daughter)
-2-9-4 Mary Francis Ferguson
-2-9-5 William Gay Ferguson m Margaret Bryce wid? Pickett

-2-4-2-1 Richard Welling Gay 8/15/1856-6/4/1858
-2-4-2-2 William Bunn Gay 1858-12/24/1921 m Georgie Lee Perkins
-2-4-2-3 Neil Buchanan Gay III 4/23/1859-3/11/1926 m. Clara Vaughan
-2-4-2-4 Charles Wyndham Gay 8/4/1862-10/10/1868
-2-4-2-5 Madison Talley Gay (Dentist) 7/29/1864-1/3/1900
-2-4-2-6 Thomas Bolling Gay ("Uncle Bolling") 9/29/1866-5/16/1929 m Susan Eloise Gaston ("The Great Grand Regulator") 8/18/1869-8/15/1950
-2-4-2-7 Annie B. Gay (Missionary to China) 2/25/1869-12/8/1953 m James McFadden Gaston Jr MD
-2-4-2-8 Martha Gay 6/8/1871-1957 m Edward McGarvey (Owned furniture store in Brooklyn) 8/10/1859-3/25/1920
-2-4-3-1 Archer Holland Perkins 6/16/1850-1/26/1916
-2-8-3-1 Fannie Gay Catlett.
-2-8-3-2 Margaret Erskine Catlett b 27 Feb 1878 d 6 April 1958

-2-4-2-2-1 Mary (Constance) Gay 2/12/1895-8/28/1985 m Richard Thomas Morenus 1893-1975
-2-4-2-2-2 Virginia Lee Gay 4/26/1898-4/27/1985

-2-4-2-2-1-1 Constance (Gay) Morenus 1926 m Herbert Hammermann
-2-4-2-2-1-2 Richard Cousins Morenus 1/31/1929 m Marjorie Rose Rutherford 3/21/1925

-2-4-2-2-1-1-1 Joseph Richard Hammerman 1957
-2-4-2-2-1-1-2 Daniel Aaron Hammerman 1959
-2-4-2-2-1-2-1 DAVID RUTHERFORD MORENUS 1957 m Linda Sue Stiber b 1956
-2-4-2-2-1-2-1-1 Bennett Miles Morenus 998
-2-4-2-2-1-2-2 Carlyn Gay Morenus 1960
-2-4-2-2-1-2-3 Daniel Hastings Morenus 1965
Po11-2-2-2-4 Mary Bolling b 1711 in Va d 10 Aug 1744 Powhatan Co Va
m 20 Jan 1727 John Fleming of "Mount Pleasant", Goochland/Powhatan Co b Nov 1697 d 6 Nov 1756 b NOV 1697 in New Kent Co Va
-1 Maj John Fleming of Maidens Adventure Cumberland d 21 Apr 1767 m c 1758 Susannah Skelton b 1736 d aft. April 1763
-2 Col Thomas Fleming b 1731 d 12 Jan 1777 Unm. Served in French and Indian War, and in Revolution 9th Virginia Regiment probate 21 Jul 1777, Goochland Co unm
-3 Col Charles Fleming d 1793 unm lieutenant-colonel of the 8th Virginia regiment, commanded by Col James Wood m 1768 at "Warner Hall" Lucy Lewis (6/12/1747-7/6/1797), dau of Warner Lewis. They had only one child..
-4 Hon William Fleming b 6 JUL 1736 in Va d 15 Feb 1825 Va m 1767 Elizabeth 'Betty' Champe b ABT 1736 in King George Co Va dau of Col John Champe of Kg Geo Co
-5 Richard Fleming of Dover Goochland Co dsp
-6 y Fleming dy
-7 Mary Fleming b 1728 d by 1756/?93 m 20 Mar 1748 William Bernard son of Robert Bernard and Elizabeth of Goochland Co
-8 Caroline Fleming m1 c 1756 James Deane/Deans of Chesterfield Co m2 c Mar 1764 James Fyrie of Blandford Pr Geo Co
-1-1 Maj John Fleming b c 1755 served in Rev k Battle of Princeton
-1-2 Mary Fleming b 1761 d July 1818 m c 1780 Warner Lewis, Jr. b 1747 d 30 Dec 1791), of "Warner Hall", Gloucester Co he m1 Mary Chiswell + ch son of Col. Warner Lewis and Eleanor Bowles m2 y Ellis, a Methodist preacher
-1-3 Susan Flemming b 5 Feb 1752 m 1779 Capt Addison Lewis b 5 Feb 1756 d 1820 Gloucestr Co
-3-1 Lucy Lewis Fleming b 27 Jan 1770 d 6 Jul 1815 m 1 Jun 1793 William Evans of Scotland b 1758 d 1800
-4-1 Mary Bolling Fleming b 1778 in Va d 22 Jan 1812 m 6 Feb 1798 Beverley Chew Stanard b c 1778 in Va son of William Stanard of Roxbury and Eliza Carter b c 1760
-4-2 Lucy Champe Fleming b 29 Apr 1776 d 1840 Versailles KY m John Markham of Gouchland Co went West son of Col. Bernard Markham and Mary Harris of "Ware", Chesterfield Co
-4-3 y Fleming
-4-4 Caroline Fleming
-4-5 Jenny Fleming
-4-6 Mary Fleming, m. y Strange
-7-1 Daniel Fleming b 1759 m 1783 x Branch
-7-2 John Bernard m1 x Clopton, m2 Miss Norvell
-7-3 Mary Fleming Bernard (1765- ? ), m (6/8/1786 Archibald Branch
-7-4 Elizabeth Bernard (1762-Abt. 1788) m (11/29/1783 to Philip Gooch (1760-1807).
-7-5 Robert Bernard (1752-Bef. 5/10/1796) m (6/13/1779 to Elizabeth Farrar.
-7-6 Thomas Bernard (1756-6/12/1833), m Mary Hicks (1775-5/7/1847), dau. of Meshack Hicks. Marriage bond 12/28/1792. Thomas was b. in Cumberland County. He and Mary died in Leesburg, Highland County, Ohio, and are bur. in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Fairfield Township. Moved to Ohio 6/ /1807
-7-7 Richard Bernard. b 3/18/1767 d 5/16/1834 in Highland Co Oh m 1798 Rockbridge Co Va Mary Walker. moved to Highland Co., Oh. in 1805 and living there in 1820.
-7-8 Jane Bernard. Unm.
-7-9 William Bernard d by 5/10/1796
-8-1 Mary Deans b 1758 m Edmund Randolph Yates He m2 Elizabeth Murray

-4-1-1 John Campe Stanard of Roxbury b c 1800 m Sarah Taliaferro Thornton
Po11-2-2-2-5 Martha Bolling b 1713 in Henrico Va d 1749 Pr George Va
m 1727 Thomas Eldridge b 1710 in Henrico Va son of Thomas Eldridge b 1680 in Henrico Va and Judith Kennon b 1692 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va
-1 Jenny Eldrige b c 174 no ch
-2 Mary Eldridge b 1742/3 m Thomas Branch
-3 Judith eldrige b 1742/3 m James Ferguson
-4 Thomas Eldridge b 1730 in Sussex Co Va m Winifred Jones Miller b 22 MAY 1743 in Va
-5 Rolfe Eldridge b 29 DEC 1744 in Va m Susan Everard Walker b ABT 1755 in Va
-6 Martha eldridge m John Harris
-7 Sarah Eldrige b 14 May 1740 m George Rives b 1737 Sussex Co VA d 1795 VA

-2-1 Bolling Branch m. Rebecca Graves
-2-2 Matthew Branch m. Martha Cox
-3-1 James B. Ferguson m. Jane Payne Bolling,
-3-2? Sally Gay ?Ferguson
-4-1 Rolfe Eldridge, Jr. m. Mary Moseley
-4-2 Susan Eldridge m. -- Webber
-4-3 Thomas Eldridge m. Mary Ayres
-4-4 Courtney Tucker Eldridge m. John Williams
-4-5+ 6 others
-5-1 Winifred Jones Eldridge b 20 FEB 1776 in Goochland Co Va
-6-1 Pamela Harris m. Rev. Christopher McRae
-6-2+ son, dau
Po11-2-2-2-6 Anne Bolling b 1718 in 'Cobbs' Henrico Co Va d 1800
m 1742 James Murray b 1716 in Henrico Va
-1 James Murray b 10 JUL 1743 m Martha Ward b ABT 1751 in Chesterfield Va
-2 John Murray b 1744 m Susan Yates
-4 Margaret Murray b 8 FEB 1746/47 in Va m Rev. Thomas Gordon b 1744
-3 Anne Murray b 1746 m. Neil Buchanan
-5 Mary Murray 1754-1823 m1 Alaxander Gordon m2 Col. William Davies
-6 William Murray 1752-1815 m Rebecca Bolling -1-1-2
-1-1 Mary Murray b ABT 1778
-2-1 Elizabeth Murray m. Edward Yates
-2-2 Anne Murray m Jesse Brown
-2-3 Sukey Murray m Theodore Bland Ruffin
-2-4 James Murray
-2-5 Peggy Murray m y Elam
-3-1 Anne 'Nancy' Gordon b 13 JUL 1776 in Halifax Co Va
-3-1 xy Buchanan m. yx Cross
-3-2+ 3 ch
-5-1 Peggy Gordon m1 William Knox ?-1809 m2 Grief Green
-5-2 Mary Ann Davies m. Fortescue Whittle, exile
-6-1 Anne Murray m Thomas Robinson, M.D., exile
-6-2 Mary Murray m George Skipwith
-6-3 William Murray ?-1866 m Rebecca Skelton
Po11-2-2-2-7? (From Eugnia Carlton´s tree) possibly here was:
William Bolling b 1709 Culpeper VA d there 23 Apr 1772
m Ann Sims b 24 Mar 1761? d 1 Apr 1852?
-1 John Bolling b 1736 Shadwell albemarle VA d 4 Jan 1794 Clarke Co GA m Ursula Bell b 1733 d 1796 dau of Roger Bell and Elizabeth Price -1-1 John Bolling b c 1755 m Susannah Bell dau of Thomas Bell and Sarah Brockman -1-1-1 Susan Bolling b 17
Po11-2-2-2 Rebecca Bolling .
?Po11-2-2-3 Jane Bolling b c 1677 in Kippax plantation, Va d 24 AUG 1714 in Gloucester Co., Va/?d 20 Dec 1723 Ware Parish Gloucester VA
m 1695 in Charles Co VA James Clack b 1658 Marden, Wilts d 20.12.1723 Ware Parish, Gloucester VA son of William Clack and Mary Spencer
?Po11-2-2-3-1 James Clack b 1698 Ware, Gloucester Co VA d 29 Jun 1757 Brunswick Co
m Mary Sterling b 1699 d 23 May 1763 dau of John Sterling and Mary Martin
-1 Jane Clack b 9 JAN 1718/19 in Va m William Thornton b c 1722 in Va
-2 Mary Clack b 1728 in Va m 6 SEP 1751 Robert Ruffin b 1724 in King William Co Va
-1-3 Moses Clack b 1739 Albemarle Co VA d there 1792 m Susannah H Thompson b 1730 Louisa Co VA d c 1833 Barren KY
-1-1 Francis Thornton b 22 JAN 1744/45 in Brunswick Co Va m Lucy I Ligon b ABT 1756 in Gloucester Co Va
-2-1 James Sterling Clack Ruffin b c 1767 in King William Co Va m Alice Roane b 1768
-3-1 John Clack b 1774 Albermale Co VA d 03.08.1852 Barren KY m Elizabeth Wood b 1776 Albemarle Co VA
-3-2 Moses Clack b 1764 Albermale Co VA m Susannah H Thompson b 1730 Louisa Co VA d c 1833 Barren Co KY
-3-3 Mildred Clack b 1766 Albermale Co VA
-3-4 Sarah Clack b 1768.
-3-5 Susannah Clack b 1768 Albermale Co VA
-1-3-6 Thompson Clack b 1772 Albermale Co
-1-1-1-1 James Thornton b c 1770 in Gloucester Co d in Woodford Ky m Sarah Bayly Hawkins b about 1777
-2-1-1 Thomas Ruffin, Chief Justice b 16 NOV 1787 in King and Queen Co Va m 7 Dec 1809 Anne 'Annie' M. Kirkland b: 21 MAY 1794 in NC
-3-1-1 Thomas Jefferson Clack m 3.5.1826 Ann W Bradley b 25 Jan 1805 d 15 Feb 1882 Barren Co KY dau of Beverley Bradley and Nancy Waggoner
-3-1-2 Martha Clack b 1798 VA d 09.02.1849 Barren Co KY m Franklin Withers b c 1795 son of Franklin Withers b c 1770 and Sara Sperril
-1-1-1-1-1 Emma L. Thornton b c 1810 in Woodford Ky d aft 1860 in Woodford m Thomas Waller b: ABT 1806 in Kentucky
-2-1-1-1 Jane M Ruffin b about 1830 in NC m about 1861 Edmund Ruffin b 31 AUG 1814 in Williamsburg, Va son of Edmund Ruffin b 1794 in Prince George Co VA and Susan H. Travis b 4 MAR 1793 in Williamsburg
-3-1-1-1 Thomas Jefferson Clack b 25 Aug 1838 Barren Co KY d 14 Oct 1922 Metcalf Co KY m Mary Etta Hayes b 26 Jun 1839 Barren Co KY d 28 Dec 1922 Savoyard Metcalf Co KY dau of John R Hayes
-3-1-2-1 James Tandy Withers b 24 Nov 1819 d 14 Mar 1901 Adair Co KY m 26 Aug 1839 Nancy Jane Bradley b 20 Jan 1820 Barren Co KY d 17 Aug 1876 Hart Co KY dau of George Bradley and Susannah Cabiness
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Emma S Clack b 27.05.1875 Metcalfe Co KY d 28.02.1935 Metcalfe Co KY m William Frank Shuffett b 02.03.1876 KY d 02.01.1943 Metcalfe Co
-2-1-1-1-1 Edmund Ruffin b Feb 1862 in Hanover Co Va
-2-1-1-1-2 Julian Beverly Ruffin b MAY 1867 in Va
-3-1-1-1-1 Emma S Clack b 27.05.1875 Metcalfe Co KY d 28.02.1935 Metcalfe Co KY m William Frank Shuffett b 02.03.1876 KY d 02.01.1943 Metcalfe Co KY
-3-1-2-1-1 Martha Payne Withers b 22.04.1842 i Barren KY d 04.01.1887 Russell Co KY m Claiborne Lewis Bradley b 01.03.1843 Barren KY d 20.06.1919 Fall Branch Twp Pulaski Co KY
-3-1-2-1-2 William Henry Withers b 25.05.1840 Barren KY
-3-1-2-1-3 George B Withers b 02.02.1844 Barren KY
-3-1-2-1-4 Nancy Jane Withers b 10.08.1846 Barren KY
-3-1-2-1-5 Elizabeth Ann Withers b 01.03.1848 Barren KY d 18.07.1933.
-3-1-2-1-6 Luann C Whithers b 01.11.1850.
-3-1-2-1-7 Louisa Ratliff Withers b 10.05.1853.
-3-1-2-1-8 James Tandy Withers Jr b 1855 d 1941
-3-1-2-1-9 Mary Lou Discus Withers b 16.02.1857
-3-1-2-1-10 John Steven Withers b 11.02.1860.
-3-1-2-1-11 Melinda Ann Withers b 21.11.1865

-3-1-2-1-1-1 NANCY ANN DORINDA16 BRADLEY b 26.07.1862, Metcalfe Co KY d. 26.06.1927, Russell Co KY
-3-1-2-1-1-2 ELIZABETH M BRADLEY b 23.08.1865, Metcalfe Co KY d. 22.11.1928, Russell Co KY
-3-1-2-1-1-3 MARTHA PERPITURE BRADLEY b 30.11.1867, Metcalfe Co KY
-3-1-2-1-1-4 MARY L. BRADLEY b 23.02.1869 d. før 1880.
-3-1-2-1-1-5 ELIZA JANE BRADLEY b 23.02.1872; d. 1949, Casey Co KY
-3-1-2-1-1-6 JAMES WILLIAM BRADLEY b 22.06.1875, Russell Co KY d. 27.04.1950.
-3-1-2-1-1-7 GEORGE B BRADLEY b 15.10.1882, Russell Co KY d. 10.12.1937, Russell Co KY
-3-1-2-1-1-8 LEVI DANIEL BRADLEY b 25.12.1886, Russell Co KY d 08.12.1974, Pulaski Co KY m EMILY ELIZABETH BROWN b 16.08.1890 d 24.01.1965
-3-1-2-1-1-9 JOHN CLAIBORNE L BRADLEY b 17.12.1877, Russell Co KY d. 16.11.1958.
-3-1-2-1-1-10 WESLEY BRADLEY b 21.09.1889 d 10.05.1974 m ALTHA LEE BROWN b 19.11.1895, Pulaski Co KY d. 23.11.1993 Cincinnati Hamilton Co OH

-3-1-2-1-1-9-1 EZRA BRADLEY b 1896.
-3-1-2-1-1-9-2 JAMES E BRADLEY b 1897.
-3-1-2-1-1-9-3 LILLY D BRADLEY b 1899.
-3-1-2-1-1-9-4 MARTHA ELLA BRADLEY b 17.04.1901 d 17.11.1974 Russell Co KY m Chester Wilson b 22 Aug 1901 d 5 May 1951 Russell Springs KY son of William Wilson and Alice Scales

-3-1-2-1-1-9-4-1 x Wilson m Henry Martin Bader b 20 Aug 1921 MO d 22 Sep 1996 St Louis MO
Po16-2 Opitchapam officially became Chief Powatan upon the death of his elder brother, Wahunsunacock, in 1618; however, the regime now effectively belonged to Opechancanough, the youngest brother. .
Po16-4 Opechancanough, d 1649 Chief of the Youghtanund Tribe. By starting the Indian Massacre of 1622, and attacks in 1644, he attempted to force the English from Va. These attempts met with strong reprisals from the English, ultimately resulting in the near destruction of the tribe.
m1/?2 x
m?2/1 Cleopatra Po14-4 s.a.
Po16-4-1 Cockacoeskie (also spelled Cockacoeske) b ca. 1640 - ca. 1686) was born ca. 1640, on Pamunkey Neck between the Pamunkey and Mattaponi rivers. m Totopotomoi b 1625 d 1656. In 1656 after her husband Totopotomoi was killed at the Battle of Bloody Run, Cockacoeske became the leader of the Pamunkey Tribe and as Weroansqua, led her people for 30 years. She worked within the English system to attempt a paramount chiefdom of tribal groups under her leadership, and was the first signatory of the Articles of Peace in 1677 after Bacon's Rebellion. The English colonists called her the Queen of Pamunckey. Over the thirty-year span of her reign, she worked within the English system to recapture the former power of past paramount chiefs and maintain a peaceful unity among the several tribes under her control. By maintaining a diplomatic relationship with the English, she helped her people survive. After the death of her first husband Totopotomoi, Queen Cockacoeske "kept company" with the English Colonel John West, who had a plantation on the Pamunkey River. He was the son of colonial Governor John West (1635-1637), the namesake of the town of West Point, Virginia. He was also a nephew of Thomas West, 2nd Baron de la Warr. Succeeded by Betty her niece who ruled from 1686 to ca 1708. Cockacoeske and West had at least one child, a son named >
She is also said to have had a daughter by Thomas "Toby" West "Totopotomoi West" (? brother of this John?>
Po16-4-2 Nickettie Powhatan b by 1644
m Capt John Rice Hughes son of Sir John Hughes b c 1590
-1 Anne HUGHES m Joseph Pollard
-2 Edward HUGHES b c 1650 d c 1715 m Elizabeth Skiffen
-1-1? Anne Pollard b c 1684 d aft 1757 m Constantine Perkins b 1682 VA d 1767 VA son of Nicholas Perkins b 1641 d 1711 and Sarah Childers b c 1653 d c 1722
-2-1 Thomas Hughes b c 1675 m Mary Giles
-1-1-1 Stephen Perkins b 1717 VA d 1772 VA m Mary Hughes
-2-1-1 Thomas Hughes b c 1705 d 1779
-1-1-1-1 Hannah Perkins b c 1756 VA m Jesse Bowles b 1750 VA d 1820 KY son of
-2-1-1-1 Moses Hughes b 1745 d 1823 m Elizabeth Ball b 1748 d 1823 dau of Valentine Ball b 1796 d 1770 and Susannah Lewis b 1717 d 1792
-1-1-1-1-1 Harriet Bowles b 11 Apr 1806 Bourbon Co K, d Marion Co Mo 27 May 1857 m Francis Thomas Payne b 19 Aug 1794 Monongalhelia Co VA/WV d 28 Nov 1867 MO
-2-1-1-1-1 Moses Hughes Jr b 1771 m Elizabeth FitzPatrick b 1774 d 1856 dau Of John FitzPatrick d 1815 and ?Frances Burton
-1-1-1-1-1 Benjamin F Payne, b Mo 30 Apr 1839, d. Knox Co Mo 15 Apr. 1878 m Knox Co Mo 14 Feb. 1860 Eliza C Black b Quincy Adams Co Il 3 Apr 1837 d Kansas City, Mo 192
-2-1-1-1-1-1 David Charles Hughes b 1836 m Mary Catherine Connelly
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Charles Thomas Payne b Jun 1861 Knox Co? MO d 14 Feb 1940 Kansas City KA and Della L Wolfley b Delaware Co? Oh May 1863 d Lenexa, KA 7 May 1906
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Charles Evans Hughes b 1862 NY d 1948 MA m Antoinette Carter
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Roland/Rolla Charles Payne b Olathe KA 23 Aug. 1892 d Winfield KA 15 Oct 1968 m Independence, KA 28 Dec 1921 Leona B McCurry b Peru KA 7 May 1897 d Winfield, KA 23 March 1968 dau of Thomas Creekmore McCurry b ?Ozark Co Mo Jan. 1850, d. Peru, KA 1939 and Chautauqua Co KA 13 March 1885 Margaret Belle Wright b Dry Fork, Carroll Co AR 22 July 1869, d Peru KA 28 Nov 1935 gr grandparents of Pres. Barack Obama
-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Estelle payne b 1894 d 1951
-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 Elva Payne b 1897 d 1928
-1-1-1-1-1-1-4 Ora Payne b 1900 d 1924 m Tressler Mortiz b 1898 d 1984
Po16-3 Catataugh
-1 John West. At age 20, John West accompanied his mother to act as interpreter at meetings to end Bacon's Rebellion, and helped conclude the treaty with the English. John West also signed the treaty.
Cockacoeske's husband/partner West was first married to Unity Croshaw, an independent-minded woman who left him because of his adultery. They also had a son John West III. Among the West-Croshaw descendants were the Dandridges, related to George Washington's wife Martha.
-2 x West Pamunkey m 1683 Matthew Anderson b 1663 New Kent Va d 1716 Hanover Va possibly the son of Richard Anderson b 1618 ?London d 1702 King and Queen Co Va

-2-1 Seth Frances Anderson b 1695 South River Pr Geo Co Md d there 1748 m Dr Richard Bryant b after 1686 d 1749
-2-2 Cynthia Anderson
Po15-4 Princess x had son -1 Totopotomoi d 1656 He was killed in a battle in which he fought on the side of the English against another Indian tribe called "Rickaheckrins" by the English.

Patawomeck Tribe

Anthropological Study of the Patawomeck Tribal Sites
tribal website
Ja13-1 Great King of Patawomeck b c 1578 his death likely occurred on 22 May 1623 at the famous Poison Plot, in which Dr. John Pott prepared a poison punch that killed over 200 Indians at Patawomeck, including many chiefs. .
Ja13 I-oppasus or Japasaw, Chief Passapatanzy/demi Chief of the Patawomeck Indian Tribe b c 1580 d 1622.
The legend that he was the half brother of Wahunsenacawh and Opechancanough is probably incorrect. If Japasaw was not the brother of Opitchipam and Cief Powhatan, his own brother, the Great King of Patawomeck, was not their brother by blood but was their brother by marriage to their eldest sister and father of Powhatan’s favorite wife, Winganuske.
m1 ?Paupauwiske dau of Powhatan possibly called Cahoke or Kaokee<
son b c 1610 .
m2 Ontonah b c 1585, (his niece or half niece) ?daughter of Chief Powatan and Winganuske, mother of Pocahontas .
Ja12 Wahanganoche alias Whipsewasson b c 1615/18 (first cousin to Pocahontas) Wahanganoche is believed to have also been the young King of Potawomeck when Father Andrew White visited in March of 1634. Since he was still under age at that time, he had a guardian named Archihu, who was his uncle. Since Archihu had not inherited the kingship, he was evidently an uncle by marriage to a deceased sister of Wahanganoche’s mother of the royal blood. .
Pre-Publication Notice of this sensational forthcoming work:
Thomas Petyous of Norwich, England, and His Pettus Descendants in England and Virginia, Volume II
by William W. Pettus IV, 3405 Albion Court, Fairfax, VA
m probably Mary ?Pettus Po12 Pe12 b about 1625 dau of +1 Col Thomas Pettus b 1597/8
Ka-Okee Po13 b 1609/10 Po13, b about 1609/10, dau of
+2 Kocoum
m Princess Matoaka "Pocahontas" Po14 b c 1595 VA d 1617 England bap Rebecca
+3 Wahunsenacawh, Sachem, Chief Powatan Po15 b c 1570 .
Until recently William W Pettus IV had presumed his direct ancestor, Theodore Pettus, who had married Ka-Okee. But after considering that the latter's brother/?nephew, Col Thomas Pettus, owned the land adjoining that of Wahanganoche and that land was later transferred by him to Col Henry Meese, husband of a daughter of Wahanganoche, the relationship as now set out here seems more likely. His new work also considers some other autosomal DNA matches as supporting evidence.
Ja11-1 Mary Arroyah b 1639 Stafford VA
Henry Meese b 1625 Overwharton Oxford England d 1682 London
+1 Robert Meese b 1600 Overwharton, Oxford
m Mercy Brent 1624 Overwharton, Oxford b 1600 Overwharton, Oxford
+2 John Robert Meese b 1575 Overwharton, Oxford
m Margaret COX 1599 b 1575 Overwharton, Oxford
+3 Robert Meese b 1550 Overwharton, Oxford
m x Tooley b 1574 Overwharton, Oxford
< name="GraceMeese1657">Ja11-1-1 Grace Meese b 1657 London d 09.09.1677 VA
m Peter Ashton b 1645 Chadderton Lancastershire England d 1677 Westmoreland VA
Ja11-1-1-1 Frances Ashton b 1663 VA also called Priscilla Frances
m Robert Alexander b 1663 Stafford Co VA d 1 Jun 1704 Stafford Co VA
+1 Capt John Alexander b c 1600 d by 14 Nov 1672
m Elizabeth b c 1640 d 1672
Ja11-1-1-1-1 Maj Robert Alexander b 1688 St Marys Co MD d 05 Oct 1735 Stafford Co VA
m Anne FOWKE b 30 Jan 1689 MD d 23 Sep 1739 Stafford Co VA
Ja11-1-1-1-1-1 Parthenia ALEXANDER b 1709 Stafford Co VA d 1790 VA
m Dade Massey b 1680 Stafford Co VA d by 13 May.1735 Stafford Co VA
Ja11-1-1-1-1-1-1 LEE MASSEY, b 19 Sep 1732 St Pauls Parish Stafford Co VA d. 23 Sep 1814
Ja11-1-1-2 Sarah Ashton b c 1664 Stafford VA d c 14 Mar 1749 St Pauls Parish Stafford Co VA
m1 David McGill
m2 Thomas Clifton
m3 Col. Philip Alexander
-1 Ann Clifton b 5 Sep 1706 Stafford VA m1 Dr William Scott m2 John Hooe
-2 Robert Burdett Clifton b 29 Jul 1708 Stafford VA m1 Frances Hill + 5 ch m2 Grace + 2 ch m3 Mildred + 2 ch
-3 Jane Alexander b 1 Jul 1696 St Pauls Parish Stafford Co VA m Francis Dade
-4 Elizabeth Frances Alexander b 15 Sep 1698 St Pauls Parish Stafford Co VA m Townsend Dade b c 1688 Stafford VA son of Francis Dade Jr and Frances Townsend
-5 Sarah Alexander b 31 May 1700 St Pauls Parish Stafford 'VA d 13 Feb 1743 m Cadwallader Dade
-6 Capt Philip Alexander b 22 Jul 1704 St Pauls Parish Stafford VA d there by 19 Jul 1753 m Sarah Hooe b 1708 Kg Geo Co VA dau of Col Rice Hooe III and Frances Townsend b 1667 Albion Nichols Co WV
-1-1 Henry Scott
-2-1 Thomas Clifton b 20 Apr 1734 Kg Geo Co VA m Anne Thomas had issue
-2-2 Burden Clifton b 1736 m Rebecca and had Sarah and Thomas Clifton
-2-3 Baldwin Clifton b 3 Feb 1736 Stafford Co VA
-2-4 Jane Clifton b 14 May 1743 Stafford Co VA m Daniel Johnston and had John Johnston
-2-5 Anne Clifton b 14 Aug 1737 Stafford Co VA
-2-6 Charles Clifton b 12 Dec 1747
-2-7 Henry Clifton b c 7 Mar 1748 Stafford Co VA
-2-8 William Clifton b c 1750 Stafford Co VA
-2-9 Judith Clifton b c 1752 Stafford VA
-3-1 Jane Dade
-3-2 Behethland Dade
-3-3 Francis Dade
-4-1 Baldwin Dade b 13 Oct 1716 m Verlinda Jones b c 1726 d c 1789 Kg Geo Co VA
-4-2 Horatio Dade
-4-3 Mary Elizabeth Dade m Washington
-4-4 Townshend Dade Jr
-4-5 Elizabeth Dade m Washington
-4-6 Langhorne Dade
-5-1 Francis Dade b 1756 d 1791 m Sarah Taliaferro b Jun 1760 dau of Col Lawrence Taliaferro and Mary
-6-1 Jane Alexander m Ashton
-6-2 Frances Alexander m Stuart
-6-3 Elizabeth Alexander
-6-4 Sarah Alexander b 30 Sep 1733 Stafford VA d 26 Apr 1778 m1 John Fendall m2 George Clarke Smoot
-6-5 John Alexander b 15 Nov 1735 Stafford Co VA m Lucy Thornton b c 1739 Kg Geo VA d by 1 Mar 1781 dau of William Thornton and Mary Donne
-6-6 Philip Alexander III b 31 May 1742
-6-7 Lt Col William Alexander b 3 Mar 1744 Pr Wm Co VA m Sigismunda Mary Massey b 29 Jun 1744 'St Pauls Parish Stafford VA d 18 Apr 1832 Pr Wm Co VA dau of Sigismund Massey and Mary Stuart
-6-8 Robert Alexander b 1 Aug 1746

-4-1-1 Sarah Dade b 1734 Kg Geo Co VA m Col Lawrence Taliaferro
-5-1-1 Gen. Lawrence Taliaferro Dade
-5-1-2 Francis Dade d y
-5-1-3 Mary Jackson Dade b 15 Dec 1789 m Edwin Conway
-6-4-1 x Fendall d y
-6-4-2 Benjamin Fendall b 19 Dec 1753 Port Tobacco Charles Co MD m1 Anne Marshall b 30 Jan 1759 Charles MD d 7 Feb 1785 + 4 ch m2 Elizabeth + 3 ch
-6-4-3 Eleanor Fendall b 3 Jan 1756 Charles Co MD
-6-4-4 Sarah Fendall b 28 Sep 1757 Charles Co MD
-6-4-5 Elizabeth Ann Fendall b 20 Apr 1761 Charles Co MD
-6-5-1 Mary Alexander m Thornton
-6-5-2 Lucy Alexander m Taliaferro
-6-5-3 Sarah Alexander b 17 Nov 1758 Stafford Co m Seymour Hooe b 13 Jun 1735 Stafford Co VA d Mar 1783 Kg Geo Co VA son of Capt John Hooe and Ann Alexander
-6-5-4 Philip Thornton Alexander b 14 Oct 1760 Kg GEo Co VA
-6-7-1 John Stuart Alexander b 5 Apr 1766 Fairfax Co VA m Catherine Foote b c 1770 Pr Wm Co VA d c 1832 dau of Richard Foote and Margaret Helm
-6-7-2 Jane Alexander b 30 Nov 1771 m James Fields Slaughter had issue
-6-7-3 Philip Alexander b 20 May 1766
-6-7-4 Sarah Alexander b 22 Nov 1767 Effingham House Pr Wm Co VA m William Alexander Foote had issue
-6-7-5 Elizabeth Ashton Alexander b 22 Dec 1773 m Gerald Alexander
-6-7-6 Stuart Alexander b 5 Apr 1778
-6-7-7 Frances Alexander b 5 Apr 1778
-6-7-8 Robert Alexander b 5 Aug 1781 Pr Wm Co VA m Helen Bailey Brown and had Sigismunda Mary Alexander and Dr Robert Alexander
-6-7-9 Langhorne Alexander b 10 Apr 1783
-6-7-10 Gerard Alexander b 25 Jun 1784 Pr Wm Co VA
-6-7-11 Lawrence Gibbons Alexander b 6 Oct 1785

-6-4-2-1 Josias Fendall
-6-4-2-2 x Fendall
-6-4-2-3 Thomas Hanson Marshall Fendall I
-6-4-2-4 John W. Fendall
-6-4-2-5 Edward Fendall
-6-4-2-6 Anne L. Buchanan
-6-4-2-7 Philip Richard Fendall
-6-5-3-1 Lucy Thorntonr Hooe b 1 Jul 1776 m m Rep John Taliaferro and had John Seymour Taliaferro
-6-5-3-2 Ann Alexander Hooe b c 1777 m George Washington Ward had issue
-6-5-3-3 Alexander Seymour Hooe b 15 Dec 1777 m Elizabeth Mary Ann Barnes
-6-7-1-1 Lucinda Washington Alexander m Wormeley Carter Jr had issue
-6-7-1-2 William Alexander
-6-7-1-3 KittieAlexander m y Triplett
Ja11-1-1-3 Charles Ashton b 1655 Westmoreland Co
m1 Jane
m2 Frances Burdett
m3 Frances Smith
Ja11-1-1-4 Henry Ashton b 30 Jul 1670 WEstmoreland Co VA d there 3 Nov 1731
m Elizabeth Hardwick d 25 Feb 1722
+1 William Hardwicke b 1660 d 1694
m Frances Gerard b 1642 St Clements Manor St Marys Co MD d 1678 Westmoreland VA
-a Susanna GERARD (1632 - 1681)
-b Elizabeth GERARD (1632 - 1716)
-c Justinian GERARD (1634 - 1688)
-d Thomas GERARD Jr. (1638 - 1686)
-f Temperance GERARD (1642 - 1712)
-g John GERARD (1644 - 1678)
-h Mary GERARD (1650 - )
+2 Dr. Thomas GERARD (1608 - 1673)
m Susannah SNOWE (1608 - 1665)
Ja11-1-1-2-1 Henry Ashton b c 1722 WEstmoreland Co VA d 1780 -1 Henry Alexaqnder Ashton b 27 Jan 1757 m Mary Dent b 1760
Ja11-1-1-5 Grace Ashton
Ja11-1-1-6 Mary Ashton
Ja11-1-2 ANNE MEESE b 1656, Stafford VA d 1714 Stafford VA
m 1671 Stafford VA RICHARD BRYANT b 1651 Stafford VA d 15.05.1704 Stafford VA
Ja11 Keziah Arroyah b about 1640
m Richard / Thomas Bryant b 1 Jun 1615 Bitton Gloucester Engl d 14 Feb Isle of Wight Va son of
+1 Edward Bryant b about 1590 Denbigh Wales
m Ann Butler b 21 jan 1593 in Woodhall Watton
Br10-1 Dr. Richard Bryant, Jr. b about 1651 Weestmoreland Va d 15 May 1704 Stafford Va
m ct 1672 Anne Meese b 1656, Stafford VA d 1714, Stafford VA wid of Redman, dau of Henry Meese and Ann x, see Ja11-2-1 below dau of
+1 Henry Meese b 1625 Overwharton Oxford Engl, whose first wife, Mary, is also believed to have been a daughter of Chief Wahanganoche, whether a royal mother or not requires mitochondrial investigation..
Br10-1-1 Dr. Richard Bryan(t) b after 1686 d 1749, King George Co VA
m2 Lucy Doniphan (see Doniphan pedigree below) no issue
m1 Frances Seth Anderson b about 1691 South River Pr George Md/?Hanover Parish Richmond Co d there ?1748, also of Indian blood of the royal line of the Pamunkey Tribe, who was also his cousin through the Patawomecks +1 Matthew Anderson b 1660/3 in New Kent VA d 1716 in Hanover Co
m x b about 1655 Stafford Va d there, dau of:
+2 Totopotomoi b about 1625 d 1656 Va. He became leader of the Pamunkey tribe in 1649 The English colonists had become concerned over the recent settlement nearby of the Rickohockans along the falls of the James River. They called upon Totopotomoy to assist in removing the Rickohockans. An English force led by Col. Edward Hill along with Totopotomoy and his men fought the Rickohockans in 1656. Totopotomoy and many of his men were killed, and the event became known as the Battle of Bloody Run. The Council of Virginia later censured Hill for his lack of leadership.
m Cockacoeskie b 1620 Pamunkey or York River area Va d 1677 New Kent Va she m2 John West b 1632 d 1691 and had John West b after 1657 Pamunkey Vy d 1717 Va
Br10-1-1-1 Margaret Bryant b about 1722 St Pauls Parish Stafford Co
m about 1744 to Samuel Owens Ow8-1-2 b 1725 Va d 1766 King George Va son of John I Owens and Eleanor Bryant wid Gallop Br9 s.b.
Br10-1-1-1-1 Leah Owens = Ow8-1-1-1 b about 1746
m 23 Aug 1763 James MONTEITH b about 1740?Menteith
+1 Thomas Menteith b 1694 in Linlithgow Scotland
m Phyllis Gallop
+2 ?Sir James Menteith, later Dalyell, 3rd Bart of The Binns b c1690 d 28.02.1747
m Helen Campbell dau of Robert Campbell of Netherplace
Br10-1-1-1-1-1 Enos MONTEITH/MANTOOTH b about 1780 The Monteith book includes a discussion on the Ashton lineage of England of the Elkins family. Ralph Elkins' wife was a sister of Col. Peter Ashton, who, along with Henry Meese, was a favorite of Chief Wahanganoche.
m 1792 VA, King-George-Co Eleanor "Ellen" Thorn REDMAN=REDMON(D) b 1778 d 1870 dau of y Redman
-1 Michal Monteith, b 1806 (per 1850 census), d 16 April 1873 (Family Bible), m 5 Jan 1824, William Alexander Otto Bowie b 1801 d 25 Sep 1889 of King George Co VA son of Capt Theophilus Bowie and Catherine Simmons. The Bowies were also of Scottish descent
-2 Parthenia Monteith, d before 1850, m in Stafford Co VA on 15 Sep 1835 (Fredericksburg Virginia Herald) to Fielding Hudson, son of Samuel and Susanna Hudson, of Stafford Co.
-2-1 Seymour M. Hudson, m his cousin, Mary Helen Jones, dau of Basic Gordon Jones and Alice Ann Monteith Bowie, dau of Michal (Monteith) Bowie above. Seymore Hudson and Mary Jones are 2nd gr grandpar of Dr. William Deyo.
-3 Eleanor "Ellen" Thorn MONTEITH m abt.1836 to Gustavus "Gusty" NEWTON b abt. 1805 Stafford Va
-3-1 Albion?Alvin NEWTON m 1876/01/20 Silvestra SULLIVAN -3-1-1 Broady=Brodie NEWTON m=1907/02/27 to Nellie JONES
-3-1-1-1 Patrick NEWTON m 1939/08/19 Fredericksburg Va Evelyn M. SMITH (of Cherokee descent)
-3-1-1-1-1 (Carson) Wayne NEWTON Las Vegas entertainer b 1942/04/03 VA, Roanoke (but grew up in AZ, Phoenix where they moved because of his asthma) m1 1968 to Elaine OKAMURA (an airline stewardess)
-3-1-1-1-1-1 dau Erin NEWTON b 1976-1977, interior designer
m2=1994/04/09 to Kathleen "Kat" McCRONE (an attorney)
-3-1-1-1-1-2 dau Lauren Ashley NEWTON b 2002/04/29 via surrogate mother
Br10-1-1-1-2 Levina Owens b about 1798 m EDWARDS & BEATY? .
Br10-1-1-1-3 Luana Owens b about 1800 m1 Harvey HAMILTON m2 William BEATY .
Br10-1-1-1-4 Lucinda Owens b 12 Jan 1755 King George Va d 11 Aug 1823 Marietta ohio
m 12 Jan 1775 Thomas Jett b ABT 1754 in St. Paul's Parish son of Francis Jett b 1735 in King George Co and Bathsheba Berryman b 1738 in Richmond Co
-1 Owen Jett
-2 Margaret Mary Jett b c 1774 m 23 Dec 1793 Fauquier Co d 20 Aug 1833 Wood Co WV Nathaniel Morehead b c 1772 Fauquier Co Va
-3 Thomas Jett Jr. b c 1778 m Elizabeth Posey
-4 Peter Jett b ABT. 1780 Fauquier Co, Va
-5 Bathsheba Jett b 1785 in Fauquier Co d 14 Jan 1858 Wirt Co WV m Walter Coe b 1784 in Fairfax Co
-2-1 Armistead Morehead b 14 Oct 1793 d 17 1878 Sandyville WV m 21 Jul 1814 Wood Co WV Tacy/Tracy Richards b 20 Jun 1798 Loudoun Co Va dau of Isaac Richards and Debry Drake
-2-1-1 Thomas David Morehead b 19 Nov 1815 m Rachel Vandevort
-2-1-1-1 Nathaniel Atwood Morehead
-4-1? possibly here was y Jett b c 1815 Ancestor of John R Jett, author's DNA match
Br10-1-1-1-5 Vashty Owens b 1751 Va d 1781 Va
m Samuel Owens b 1755 Fauquier Co Va d 1801 King George Va
-1 Reuben Owens b 1788 Va d Dec 1822 King George Va
-2 William Owens b 1780 Va d Jul 1827 King George Va
Br10-1-1-1-6 Susanna Owens .
Br10-1-1-1-7 Seth Owens b 1760 Va .
Br10-1-1-1-8 Ephraim Owens b 17 Jun 1764 Va d 1802 Fauquier Co Va
Br10-1-1-2 Rosanna Bryant b ABT 1709 in Stafford d 1784 Louisa Va
m Adam Banks b 1703 Stafford Va d 1753 Orange Co Va
-1 Gerard Banks b 1725 King George Va d 15 Jun 1787 Green Bank Stafford Va
-2 William Banks b 1729 King George Va d there 1768
-3 Diana Banks b 1732 Orange Co Va d there 1770 m Charles Bruce b 1732 Soldiers Rest Orange Co va d 12 Dec 1791 Green Bank Stafford Va
Br10-1-1-3 Anderson Bryant b ABT 1712 in Stafford d after 1765 Va
m Barbara Amherst b 1714 Va d 1801 Va
-1 Richard Bryan b 1730 d 1752 m Frances Battaley b 1729 Va
-2 Joseph Bryan b 1740
-3 William Bryan b 1742 Va
-4 Reuben Bryan b 1744 Loudon Co Va
-5 Anderson Bryan b 1746 Loudon Co Va d 1700 Amherst Va m Ann Bell b about 1755 d 3 Feb 1791 Amherst
-6 John Bryan b 1748

-4-1? Beuben Bryant b 1763 VA d 15 May 1863 Pacolet Spartanburg SC m Sally Amos
-5-1 Elizabeth Bryan b c 1765 m
-5-2 Nancy Bryan m Henry Weaver
-5-3 Payton Bryan b 1793 d 1794
-5-4 Sally Bryan m John David McKesson b 1760
-5-5 Dr Fortunatus Bryan b 1776 Albemarle Co VA d 1821 Barnwell SC m1 Anna Ball m2 Elizabeth Dupont b 1779 d 1811 dau of Josiah Dupont and Anna
-5-6 Anderson Bryan b 1778 Albemarle Va m Nancy Benge b 1771 Wilkes NC d Aug 1828 Winchester Tn

-4-1-1 Henry Bryant d 1882 m Elizabeth Roberts
-5-5-1 Josiah D Bryan b 8 Mar 1806 Barnwell Distr NC d 3 Mar 1843 m Margaret Ann Singleton b 7 Dec 1809 ? Charleston SC d 11 Jan 1892 Pottsville TX
-5-5-2 Anderson C Bryan b 1808 SC d after 1850 m Caroline x
-5-6-1 Payton Bryant b 1793 Wilkes Co NC d there 1794
-5-6-2 Elizabeth Bryant b 1795 Wilkes Co NC
-5-6-3 Payton Bryan b about 1804
-5-6-4 Elizabeth Bryan b 1806

-4-1-1-1 William Bryant d 1930 m Savannah Brown
-5-5-1-1 Tina Bryan b about 1833 SC d after 1840 AL
-5-5-1-2 Fortunatus William Bryan b 10 May 1833 SC d 1 May 1924 Pottsville TX m Sarah Elmira Rogers b 1838 d 1935
-5-5-1-3 Elizabeth Ann Bryan b 13 Jan 1835 SC d 22 Nov 1918 Bowle TX
-5-5-1-4 Della Bryan b about 1837 d after 1840
-5-5-1-5 Henry Singleton Bryan b 10 Dec 1840 Coosa Co AL d Oct 1880 Murfreeborough Miss
-5-6-3-1 Joseph J Bryan b 1832 Barnwell SC
-5-6-3-2 Maria Bryan b 1833
-5-6-3-3 Sarah Bryan b 1840
-5-6-3-4 Anne Bryan b 1844
-5-6-3-5 Catherine Bryan b 1845

-4-1-1-1-1 Lindsay Bryant b 1880 d 1953 m Eva Davis dau of John Davis b 1842 Buckingham Co Va and Martha Brown grandau of Beverly Davis and Mary Trail
-5-5-1-2-1 Fortunatus C Bryan b 1854 d 1937 m Lou Nettie Crunk b 1860 d 1952
-5-5-1-2-2 Josiah D Bryan b 1856 d 1945 m Martha Ellen Newkirk b 1863
-5-5-1-2-3 William Henry Bryan b 1857 d 1947 m1 Sarah C b 1860 m2 Emma Cargill b 1866
-5-5-1-2-4 James M Bryan b 1859 d 1885 m Elvira Newkirk b 1858
-5-5-1-2-5 John Davis Bryan b 1861 d 1934 m Angeline m Howard b 1863
-5-5-1-2-6 Sarah E Bryan b 1866 d 1941
-5-5-1-2-7 Mary M Bryan b 1868 d 1959
-5-5-1-2-8 Martha Isabel Bryan b 1871 d 1955
-5-5-1-2-9 Jarrett F Bryan b 1872 d 1959 m Gracie Pearl Kinsey
-5-5-1-2-10 Benjamin F Bryan b 1875 d 1961 m Kitty Myrtle Young b 1883 d 1978
-5-5-1-2-10-1 Gordon Key Bryan b 1906 d 2006 m Lake Cummings b 1908 d 2002
-5-5-1-2-10-2 Majorie Alice Bryan b 1912 d 2001 m DeWitt C Reddick b 1904 d 1980 parents of Bryan DeWitt Reddick author's DNA match
-5-5-1-2-10-3 Sara Bennie Bryan b 1917 d 1979 m Philip Loren Hendrix b 1918 d 2004
-5-5-1-2-11 Henry Bryan b 1884 d 1888
-5-5-1-2-12 Laura Bryan b 1886 d 1888
Br10-1-1-4 Jane Bryant b ABT 1715 in Stafford
Br10-1-1-5 Lettice Bryant b ABT 1718 in Stafford
m ABT 1730 in Stafford Thomas Stanton b ABT 1707 in Orange Co VA d1768 NC
-1 Richard Stanton birth b ABT 1740 in Fort Blakermore d 1783 Washington Va m ABT 1760 Charity b ABT 1744 in ,,VA
-2 Seth Stanton b 1730 Orange Co Va d 1824 Pulaski Co Ky
-3 Mary Stanton b 1740 Culpeper Va d 1800 Wythe Va
-4 William Stanton b 8 May 1763 Orange Co Va d Anderson SC
-1-1 Mary Stanton birth b ABT 1761 m about 1778 Charles Carter b DEC 1760 in Amherst Va + 7ch Milly Stanton birth b ABT 1763 m ABT 1798 Charles Carter b DEC 1760 in Amherst Va son of Charles Carter b ABT 1710/12 in Lancaster, VA and Lucy Morgan b ABT 1714 -1-1 Charles Carter b ABT 1778 in TN
-1-2 Nancy Carter b 17 NOV 1779 in Jackson, TN
-1-3 James Carter b 25 OCT 1781 in TN
-1-4 Lucy Carter b ABT 1784 in TN
-1-5 Stanton Carter b 22 FEB 1785 in Knoxville,Knox,TN
-1-6 Betsy Carter b ABT 1786 in Of,,TN
-1-7 Polly Carter b ABT 1788 in Greene TN
-1-2-1 Dale Carter b 1798 in TN
-1-2-2 Richard Carter b 1802 in TN
-1-2-3 Henry Carter b ABT 1813 in TN
-1-2-4 Leroy Carter b 1819 in TN
Br10-1-1-6 Ann Bryant b ABT 1720 in Stafford d 1765
m y Kenny
Br10-1-1-7 Susannah Bryant birth b ABT 1724 in Stafford d 1784 Louisa Va
m y Haynie
Br10-1-1-8 Richard Bryant b ABT 1725 in Stafford d 1752/6 in Fauquier Co
m 1748 Frances Battaley b 1729 Va
-1 Battaley Bryan d 1810 Rowan NC
-2 Lewis Bryan d 1801
-3 Anna Bryan b 3 Jun 1755 Fauquier Co Va d 1800 Rowan NC
-4 Lucy Bryan b 1780 Ky d Sep 1845 Barren Ky
Br10-1-1-9 Nathaniel Bryant b ABT 1727 in Stafford .
Br10-1-2 = Ja11-2-1-1 Elizabeth Bryant b about 1668/9 in Stafford Co Va d 1757
m before 1690 Richad Elkins b 1669 d 1726 son of Richard Elkins b 1669 d 1726 in King George Co. Va and Mary Ashton. Probably the son of the Richard named in the will dated 1673 as godson of John Ashton below; He m1 Mary Williams + 3 ch
+1 Ralph Elkins b 1639 Engl d 1690 Stafford Co Va immig. to Va in 1657 and then returned to England and then came back to Virginia in 1661 to York Co., Va., and with his sons Richard and Ralph, Jr. became the founders of the Elkins family in Va
m Anne Ashton dau of James Ashton d 1686 in Stafford Co
+2 John Elkins b about 1610 Engl
Br10-1-2-1 = Ja11-2-1-1-1 -1 James Elkins b about 1695 d 1717 -1-1
possibly here was
-?-1 Williams Elkins b 1760 Henry, VA d 12 Aug 1828 in Oglethorpe, GA m Elizabeth East b 1760 Henry Co VA d 1811 Oglethorpe GA
-?-1-1 Erwin Elkins b 1785 Oglethorpe, GA d Oktober 1865 in Wayne, MI m Elizabety Garrett b 1800 d 1892 Oglethorpe
-?-1-1-1 Mary Elizabeth Price (Elkins b 3 Dec 1822 Rome, GA d 18 May 1911 m Thomas Wayman Price b 1815 SC d 1865 Lineville AL
Br10-1-2-2 = Ja11-2-1-1-2 Richard Elkins b about 1697, d 1 May 1751 Pittsylvania Va
m 7 Mar 1722 Mary Gallop Ga8-3 b in 1710
Br10-1-2-2-1 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-1 William Gallop Elkins, b c 1733.
Br10-1-2-2-2 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2 Archibald Elkins, b Abt. 1735 in Stafford Co Va d August 18, 1791 in Montgomery Co VA
m Margaret Gillespie b c 1735 Montgomery Co VA d there c 1830
Br10-1-2-2-2-1 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-1 Mary Elkins b 1772 in Montgomery Co Va/?Ky ?= Mary d 1815
m John Martin b 1770 1822 VA, Fluvanna Co d 1822
-1 Mildred Elkin Martin b 9 JUN 1793 d 21 APR 1874 KY, m Samuel Mitchell Taylor
-2 John Martin b 6 MAR 1797 d 28 JAN 1877 KY, Clark Co m Mary Fairfax Carter
-3 Rachel Pace Martin b FEB 1800 d 22 JUL 1893 KY, Clark Co m John Pendleton Taylor b 19 Jul 1794 Clar Co Ky dson of Capt Hubbard Taylor b 19 Jul 1794 Clark Co Ky son of Capt Hubbard Taylor Sr b 2 Aug 1760 and Clarissa Minor
-3-1 John Hubbard Taylor b 5 FEB 1821 KY d 13 APR 1851 MO m Mary Elizabeth Campbell
-3-2 James Madison Taylor b 25 MAY 1825 Ky d aft MAR 1904 m Jane LeGrand Anderson
-3-3 Martin Gibson Taylor b 18 JUN 1836 d 27 JUN 1887 m Mary Laura Gridley

-3-1-1 Mildred A. Taylor b 16 DEC 1848 MO, Lafayette Co, Dover d 4 DEC 1934 MO, Lafayette Co m Capt. William Allen Redd b 12 FEB 1835 KY, Fayette Co
-3-1-1-1 Mary Willie Redd b 20 Aug 1879 Lafayette Co Mo m Robert Conly Ragland b 25 Jul 1877 TX + Willie and Mildred
Br10-1-2-2-2-2 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-2 Lydea Elkins b about 1775 in Montgomery Co
Br10-1-2-2-2-3 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-3 John Elkins b about 1777 in Montgomery
Br10-1-2-2-2-4 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-4 David Elkins b about 1778 in Mongomery
Br10-1-2-2-2-5 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-5 Elizabeth Elkins b about 1779 in Montgomery
Br10-1-2-2-2-6 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6 Absalom Elkins b 6 Nov 1781 in Montgomery d 20 Nov 1880 in Logan Co WVa m Mary Dobbins b c 1795
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-1 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-1 Mahala Elkins b c 1814
m Elijah Trent b c 1809 had 11 ch
-1 Mary Jane Trent, b c 1832.
-2 Eliza Trent, b c 1834.
-3 Margaret Trent, b c 1836.
-4 Aggy Trent, b c 1838.
-5 Rhoda Trent, b c 1844.
-6 Sarah Yantes Trent, b c 1846.
-7 James Floyd Trent, b c 1851 in VA m 5 Dec 1878 in Wyoming Co WV Roxie L. Brown b c 1861 in Logan Co dau of John Brown and Nancy Toler.
-8 Martha A. Trent, b c 1851.
-9 Isaiah Trent, b c 1853 met Alice Brown May 14, 1881 in Wyoming County, WV b 1864 in Logan Co WV unm May 14, 1881, Wyoming Co WV
-10 Roxalena Trent, b c 1857.
-11 Miriam Trent, b c 1859

-7-1 Mary Trent, b Oct 1878.
-7-2 Aurther Trent, b July 1899
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-2 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-2 Thomas William Elkins b c 1818 in Va
m in Logan Virginia Brown b c 1843 Logan Co d 1863 Wyoming Co WV dau of James Brown and Mary Vance (s Po6-4 and Po6-9 below) b Apr 1825 in Logan d 1863 Wyoming Co WV had 13 ch
-1 Edward Elkins m Nancy Belle Fortner
-2 Micajah Elkins m1 Annie Brooke Cook b July 23, 1853 d 1903 in Wyoming Co WV dau of Jacob Cook and Melinda Chambers. m2 Viola Claypool
-3 Molly Elkin m John Jackson.
-4 Alifair Elkins m Pink Brown.
-5 Roxalina Elkins m James Amos.
-6 Cyrus Elkins, b 1844 in Logan Co, WV Union soldier k Civil War
-7 Marinda Elkins, b 1845 in Logan Co VA m 22 Mar 1871 Lewis Bilton Cook b c 1839
-8 Sarah Elkins, born 1846 in Logan County, Virginia. She married William Trent.
-9 Wesley Elkins, b c 1847 in Logan Co VA m1 Lenora A. Gunnoe b c 1867 in WV d April 16, 1945 in Wyoming Co WV + 2 ch dau of J. Gunnoe and Sarah Watts m2 18 Oct 1868 in Logan Co WV Adaline Workman d 12 Sep 1887Wyoming Co + 2 ch
-10 Benda Elkins, born 1849 in Logan County, Virginia.
-11 George F. Elkins, born April 27, 1853 in Wyoming County, VA m Sarilda Cook b 19 Oct 1857 in Wyoming Co WV d 24 Feb 1948 in Wyoming Co WV dau of T. Cook and Peggy Brooks
-12 Patterson B. Elkins, b June 15, 1854 in Logan Co VA d April 24, 1924 in Logan Co WV m1 c 1875 in Logan Co WV Rebecca Burgess b 1853 in Logan Co VA dau of Thomas Burgess and Harriet Allen. m2 23 Apr 1901 in Wyoming Co WV Nancy Jane Brown b c 1853 in Logan Co dau of Isaac Brown and Isabel Vance
-13 Henry Elkins, born December 09, 1855 in Wyoming Co
-1-1 Haly Elkins, b 16 Feb 1883 in Wyoming Co WV
-1-2 Martha A. Elkins, b July 27, 1889 in Wyoming Co WV
-1-3 Alfred Elkins, b April 1891 in Wyoming Co WV
-2-1 Hattie Elkins, b 8 Nov 1879 in Wyoming Co WV
-2-2 Virgie Elkins, b 27 Apr 1882 in Wyoming Co WV d August 15, 1900 in Wyoming Co WV Typhoid Fever
-2-3 Almer Elkins, b 7 Nov 1884 in Wyoming Co WV
-2-4 Luther Elkins, b 24 Nov 1888 in Wyoming Co WV
-2-5 Blake Elkins, b Sep 1891 in Wyoming Co WV d 25 Dec, 1952 Wyoming Co West V bur 27 Dec 1952, Oceana, WV
-9-1 Gracie Elkins, b April 17, 1893 in Wyoming Co WV d 1 Jan 1900 in Wyoming Co WV Bur 3 Jan 1901, Oceana, WV Whooping Cough
-9-2 Blanche Elkins, b 14 Feb 1896 in Wyoming Co WV
-9-3 Rush Elkins, b 23 Apr 1878 in Wyoming Co WV
-9-4 Harvey Elkins, b 14 Apr 1880 in Wyoming Co WV
-11-1 Rice Edward Elkins, b 7 Feb 1877 in Wyoming Co WV d 23 Jan 1952 in Wyoming Co WV
-11-2 Dennie Elkins, b 19 May 1878 in Wyoming Co WV m 1904 in Wyoming Co WV Hattie Stewart
-11-3 Lana Elkins, b 13 Sep 1881 in Wyoming County, WV
-11-4 Jodah Elkins, b 11 Sep 1884 in Wyoming County, WV
-11-5 Lettie Elkins, b 28 Mar 1886 in Wyoming County, WV d October 10, 1903 Wyoming County, WV
-11-6 Vida Ellen Elkins, born June 28, 1889 in Wyoming County, WV
-11-7 Walter Elkins, born March 07, 1890 in Wyoming County, WV
-11-8 Carrie Elkins, b 4 Feb 1891 in Wyoming County, WV
-11-9 Cora Elkins, b 4 Feb 1891 in Wyoming County, WV
-11-10 Herbert Elkins, born November 04, 1893 in Wyoming County, WV
-12-1 N. W. Elkins, b April 24, 1877 in Wyoming County, WV d July 15, 1878 in Wyoming County, WV Brain Fever
-12-2 William B. Elkins, born May 24, 1879 in Wyoming County, West Virginia
-12-3 Antive H. Elkins, born August 1882.
-12-4 Anthony Elkins, born Abt. 1884 in Wyoming Co WV m Emma Blankenship May 29, 1912 in Logan County, West Virginia; born Abt. 1895 in Logan Co WV
-12-5 George E. Elkins, born May 07, 1884 in Wyoming Co WV m Flora; b 1883 in Logan Co WV
-12-6 Sarah Harriet Elkins, born August 05, 1886 in Wyoming County, WV
-12-7 Franklin Pierce Elkins, born December 29, 1889 in Wyoming County, WV d 2 Nov 1925 in Logan Co WV
-12-8 Lucian Elkins, b 22 Feb 1891 in Wyoming Co WV
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-3 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-3 Harvey G Elkins b c 1820
m Anna had 11 ch
-1 Ellen Elkins, b c 1845.
-2 Margaret Elkins, b c 1847.
-3 Mariah Elkins, b c 1851.
-4 George Elkins, b c 1853.
-5 Mary Anne Elkins, b c 1855.
-6 Phoebe Elkins, b c 1857.
-7 Jacova Elkins, b c 1860.
-8 Emmaline Elkins, b c 1862.
-9 Julian Elkins, b c 1864.
-10 Mary Elkins, b c 1866.
-11 Levicy Elkins, b c 1868
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-4 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-4 William C Elkins b c 1823
m 11 Jul 1853 Mariah Jane Canterbury b c 1836 dau of Samuel Canterbury and Mary
m 8 Dec 1859 Delphia Grimmett
-1 James Harrison Elkins b c 1846
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-5 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-5 Margaret Elkins b c 1825
m Edward Mason b c 1803 in Ohio had 12 ch
-1 Lewis Mason, b c 1834.
-2 Polly Ann Mason, b c 1835.
-3 Nimrod Mason, b c 1837.
-4 James H. Mason, b c 1843.
-5 Clarissa Mason, b c 1845 in VA m 26 Dec 1859 in Logan Co VA Thomas Brown b 13 Sep 1832 in Logan Co VA d March 02, 1895 in Wyoming Co WV son of James Brown and Mary Vance
-6 Lorintha Mason, b c 1845.
-7 Absalom Mason, b c 1847.
-8 Miriam Alice Mason, b c 1850 m Joseph Ronk
-9 Leander Mason, b c 1852.
-10 Tinsley Mason, b c 1855.
-11 Amazetta Mason, b c 1858.
-12 Arrisba Mason, b c. 1860

-5-1 Mary Brown, b c 1860 in WV m Lewis Adkins b c 1855 in VA
-5-2 Nimrod Brown, born Abt. 1866 in Wyoming County, West Virginia. He married Sarah B. Brown June 11, 1887 in Logan County, West Virginia; born 1870 in Logan County, West Virginia. More About Nimrod Brown and Sarah Brown: Marriage: June 11, 1887, Logan County, West Virginia
-5-3 Jeremiah Brown, born January 15, 1867.
-5-4 Minnie Brown, born Abt. 1868.
-5-5 Emma Zetta Brown, born Abt. 1872.
-5-6 Mason Brown, born Abt. 1873.
-5-7 Mary A. Brown, b 10 Dec 1873 in Wyoming Co W
-5-8 Helen Brown, born Abt. 1875.
-5-9 Millard Brown, born Abt. 1878.
-5-10 Minta Brown, b 15 Sep 1884 in Wyoming County, WV met Charley Osborne April 18, 1900 in Wyoming County, West Virginia; b 1882.
-8-1 Leatie Ronk m Ed Edwards

-8-1-1 Yenema Edwards b 1911 Cabell WV m John Erwin

-8-1-1-1 Melva Erwin

-8-1-1-1-1 Sharon Parsons
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-6 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-6 Uriah Watson Elkins b c 1825
m Mary Ann x b c 1834
-1 Lydia Ann Elkins, b c 1852.
-2 Cordelia Ann Elkins, b c 1855.
-3 Cornelius Elkins, b c 1855.
-4 Roxalena Elkins, b c 1857 m 19 Feb 1874 Lewis White
-5 Zylphia Elkins, b c 1859 m 29 Nov 1877 Scott Ellis
-6 Mahala Elkins, b c 1862.
-7 Cephus Elkins, b c 1867.
-8 Uriah Elkins, b c 1869
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-7 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-7 Frances Elkins b c 1827
m Micajah Mitchell b about 1803 son of Archelaus Mitchell and Spicy Goodwin had 6 ch
-1 John Mitchell, born Abt. 1843.
-2 Archelaus M. Mitchell, born Abt. 1845.
-3 Mary Ann Mitchell, born Abt. 1847.
-4 Burwell Mitchell, born Abt. 1852.
-5 Emily J. Mitchell, born Abt. 1855.
-6 Rush Floyd Mitchell, born Abt. 1858
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-8 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-8 Isaiah Elkins b c 1829
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-9 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-9 Richard Elkins b c 1832
Br10-1-2-2-2-6-10 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-2-6-10 Charles R Elkins b c 1834
m 8 Dec 1859 Delphia Grimmett
Br10-1-2-2-3 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-3 Zachariah Elkins, b c 1737 m Rachel Ann Smith.
Br10-1-2-2-4 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-4 Benjamin Elkins, b c 1739.
Br10-1-2-2-5 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-5 Jeremiah Elkins, b c 1741.
Br10-1-2-2-6 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-6 Emanuel Elkins, b c 1745.
Br10-1-2-2-7 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-7 Ware Elkins, b c 1747.
Br10-1-2-2-8 = Ja11-2-1-1-2-8 Elizabeth Elkins, b c 1749.
Br10-1-2-2-9? = Ja11-2-1-1-2-9? possibly of this family was:
Richard Elkins b 1735 in Pittsylvania Va d 1801 Tazwell Va m Elizabeth Buchanan
-1 William Elkins b 1762 in Montgomery Va m 1784 in Tazewell Ann Smith b about 1765 Montgomery Va d about 1850 Tazewell
-?2 possibly here was Mary S ?Elkins/Walls b c 1770 m Benj Walls
-1-1 Jemima Elkins b 1820 in Cabell Va d 1870 in Boone WV m 1838 Augustus Walls b 1815 Cabell Va d 1880 Big Laurel Lincoln WV
-?2-1 Lucy Wall b c 1810 KY m Francis M Pettey b c 1804 VA d 1852 OH Co Ky son of Francis M Pettey and Sarah Elliot
-1-1-1 Malissa Walls
-1-1-2 William Harrison Walls
-1-1-3 Absolum E Walls
-1-1-4 Asbury Walls
-1-1-5 Venila Walls
-1-1-6 Joseph Wall b 11 Mar 1849 in Boone WV d 23 Nov 1933 m1 Rosa Sutphin m2 1871 WV Matilda Gunnoe
-1-1-7 Wilson M Walls b 1852 Boone d 6 Jun 1933 Hurricane Putnam WV
-1-1-8 Emily Walls b 1854 Boone
-1-1-9 Jasper Walls b 15 Dec 1857 Boone Va
-1-1-10 Edatha Walls b 7 Jan 1859 d 1934 Troutdale Or
-1-1-11 Virginia Walls b 1861 Boone
-2-1-1 Mary J F Pettey b Jun 1839 Hickman Co Ky d 5 Nov 1906 Neelyville Mo m Limuel Tate son of John Wesley Tate and Lucy Hall granson of Samuel Brackens Tate and Jane Owens b 10 Aug 1778 Russell Co Va d 24 Nov 1861 Pulaski Co Ky ancestors of Barbara Lee Triplett-Decrease, author's DNA match
-1-1-6-1 Joseph Walls b May 1870
-1-1-6-2 William Harrison Walls 3 Jun 1877 d 14 Apr 1956 Clay WV
-1-1-6-3 Lewis A Walls May 1882 WV
-1-1-6-4 Absolem French Walls b 11 May 1882
-1-1-6-5 Moses Walls b 11 May 1882
-1-1-6-6 Ellen M Wall b Jul 1885 WV
-1-1-6-7 Jesse J Walls b May 20, 1913? in Boone d 24 Dec 1954 in Kanawha City WV
Br10-1-2-3 = Ja11-2-1-1-3 Ralph Elkins b 1700 Stafford Va
m Frances Brown dau of Maxfield Brown
-1 Nathaniel Elkins
Br10-1-2-4 = Ja11-2-1-1-4 William Elkins b 1703 d 1780 m Martha
Br10-1-2-5 = Ja11-2-1-1-5 John Elkins was born on 09 Nov 1703 in Stafford, Stafford, Va d 1782 in Fred, Frederick, Va m Helen Schofield.
-1 Rev. Robert Elkins m Sarah Reardon -1-1 Zachariah Elkins b 3 Jun 1767 in Clark Co Ky m -1-1-1 Ezekiel Elkin b about 1800
Br10-1-2-6 = Ja11-2-1-1-6 Sarah Dorothy Elkins b 1706 King George, Va d there 13 Oct 1761
m there 15 May 1726 William Stringfellow [proof needed that she was dau of Richard and Elizabeth Elkins.]
-1 William Stringfellow was born in 1729 in , King George, Va d 18 Mar 1814 in Barnwell, SC
-2 Henry Stringfellow b 9 Aug 1731 King George, Via d 20 Feb 1815 in Bromfield, Culpepper, Va
-3 James Stringfellow b 24 Nov 1734 King George Va d 5 Dec 1805 Culpepper VA m c 1755 in Orange Co Va Susannah Smith
-4 Robert Stringfellow b 17 Sep 1736 in King George Co Va m Catherine Stigler on 15 May 1762 in St Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA. He died on 13 Feb 1815 in Liberty Hill, Fauquier, Virginia, USA.
-5 John Stringfellow b 4 Sep 1740 King George, Va, USA.
-6 Reuben Stringfellow b 21 Apr 1744 in , King George, Va d in 1770 King George, Va
-7? dau Stringfellow b 21 Apr 1738
Br10-1-2-7 = Ja11-2-1-1-7 Nathaniel Elkins b 1707 in Stafford, Stafford, Va d 1797 m Rebecca.
Br10-1-2-8 = Ja11-2-1-1-8 Elizabeth Elkins b 1709 in Stafford Va
Br10-1-2-9 = Ja11-2-1-1-9 Priscilla Elkins b 1709 in St Pauls Par, Stafford, Va d 1772 in Falls Church, Fairfax, Va m Col. Benjamin Sebastian, b 1706 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford Co,
Br10-1-2-10 = Ja11-2-1-1-10 Margaret Elkins b 1711 in Stafford Va m 21 Jan 1727 Jarrett Stevens in Kg Geoge Co
Br10-1-2-11 = Ja11-2-1-1-11 Jean Elkins b 1713 in Stafford, Stafford, Va m Bartholomew Redman b c 1710
Br10-1-2-12 = Ja11-2-1-1-12 Col James Elkins b about 1717 in Stafford Co served in French and Indian War and Col in Revolution
m Catherine
-1 James Elkins b 16 Apr 1755 in Henry Co, VA d 6 Jun 1836 in Log Lick, Clark Co, KY. He served in the military Rev. War. James Elkins was a sergeant and Indian spy during the Revolutionary War. Henry Co, VA, was known earlier as Halifax m 23 Sep 1782 Martha JACKSON in Washington Co, VA -1-1 Katherine ELKINS b 2 Jun 1784 Clark Co Ky d 18 Dec 1824 m 24 Sep 1801 Francis White,
-1-2 Mary (Polly) ELKINS b 23 Feb 1799 in Clark Co Ky m 26 Mar 1823 James Crow
-1-3 Dorcas ELKINS b 20 Jun 1788/9 in Estill Co Ky m 10 Sep 1810 John Houk Jr
-1-4 Martha (Patsy) ELKINS b 9 Sep 1791 in Clark Co Ky m 8 Feb 1810 Bradley Richards
-1-5 Jean\Jane ELKINS b 15 Jan in Clark Co Ky m Sep 1818 William Barnes
-1-6 Rhoda ELKINS b 7 Mar 1796 Clark Co Ky m 14 Jun 1819 John Crow
-1-7 Nancy ELKINS b 23 Feb 1799 in Clark Co Ky m 26 Mar 1823 James Crow
-1-8 James ELKINS Jr b 19 May 1801 in Clark Co d there 27 Aug 1877 m Dec 1822 Lucinda Osbourne
-1-9 Zachariah ELKINS b 12 Oct 18o3 m 5 Dec 1822 Ann Stokeley
-1-10 William ELKINS b 30 Oct 1805 d 6 Nov 1806
-1-11 Sabrina (Sibbe) ELKINS b 11 Aug 1808 in Clark Co Ky m 12 Feb 1835 Jesse Richardson
-1-12 Elizabeth ELKINS b 17 Apr 1811 Clark Co Ky m 14 Dec 1832 Robert Crow.

-1-3-1 Tabitha Ann Dorcas HOUK m1 21 Jan 1839 Jesse W Toler + 9 ch m2 Richard Hudson in Sullivan Co Ind + 1 ch
-1-3-2 Edward HOUK
-1-3-3 John HOUK II m Catherine Falconberry and had John Houk III.
-1-8-1 William Perry ELKINS
-1-8-2 James Mickeboro ELKINS
-1-8-3 Luvicy Bowen ELKINS b 17 Jun 1828 in Clark Co d there 21 Aug 1893
-1-8-4 Thomas Boone ELKINS
-1-8-5 Martha Keziah ELKINS b 11 Sep 1833 Clark Co d there 10 Mar 1887
-1-8-6 Benjamin Chilton ELKINS
-1-8-7 Zachariah Fielding ELKINS
-1-8-8 John D. ELKINS
-1-8-9 Solomon Columbus ELKINS
-1-8-10 Silas Allen ELKINS
-1-8-11 Josephine Cinderella ELKINS b 4 Feb 1846 d 3 Mar 1889
Br10-1-3 Nathaniel Bryant b c 1670 .

Annie Missouri Rodwell
Br10-1-4 Silent Bryant, b 1689 d after 1756 in Overwharton Parish (a daughter named after her uncle)
m1 5 Mar 1710/1 in Richmond Co Thomas Jeffries b 1688 Richmond Co
m2 17 Aug 1740 John Simpson b 1680 in Overwharton Parish son of John 'Stafford' Simpson b 1645 Scotland and Mary Thompson b 1647 Stafford Co
-1 Silent Jeffries b 1724 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va m 19 Jan 1743/4 in Overwharton Benjamin Suddath/Suthard b BEF 1723 in Overwharton Parish son of Lawrence Suddath b BET 1660 AND 1672 in Stafford Co grandson of Henry Sudduth b BEF 1640 in Scotland and Sarah Ellzey b ABT 1656 in Stafford
-2 Thomas Jeffries b BEF 1725 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co m Mary Reeves
-3 Elizabeth Jeffries b ABT 1729 in Stafford Co m1 Joseph Jacob m2 4 Nov 1751 in Overwharton William Nelson Kelly
-4 Catherine Jeffries b BEF 1733 in Overwharton Parish d before 1790 Fairfax Co m1 in Pr Wm Co John Simpson b before 1733 son of Richard Simpson b BEF 1697 in Overwharton Parish and Sarah x wid Barker m2 9 Feb 1758 William F. Halley b 1733 in Hamilton Parish Pr Wm Co son of James Halley b 14 JUN 1707 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co and Elizabeth Simpson b 18 NOV 1717 in Overwharton Parish
-5 Alexander Simpson b BEF 1723 in Overwharton Parish m 17 Jul 1743 Catherine Fant b BEF 1727 in Overwharton Parish.
-1-1 Anne Suddath/Suthard b 19 JUL 1745 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-1-2 James Suddath b 13 DEC 1746 in Overwharton Parish, d 19 Jan 1828 Fairfax Co m about 1789 Nancy Pell dau of Richard Pell b 1726 Surrey Engl d after 1772 Fairfax Co Va
-1-3 Margaret Suddath b: 12 JAN 1747/48 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-1-4 Catherine Suddath b: 27 MAR 1750 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-1-5 William Suddath b: 7 MAR 1751/52 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co m about 1771 Pr Wm Co Virginia Letitia Smith b 1758 d aft 1830
-1-6 Susannah Suddath b: 25 APR 1755 in Overwharton Parish
-4-1 Henry Simpson Halley b 18 MAY 1762 in Fairfax Co m Elizabeth Hampton b 21 Sep 1762 d 24 Sep 1824 Fairfax Co.
-1-2-1 Silent Sudduth b 28 FEB 1794 in Fairfax Co d 2 Oct 1825 in Fairfax Co m 25 Aug 1812 Henry Haislip b 28 MAR 1785 in Fairfax Co
-1-5-1 Letitia B Suddat b 1817 d 1886 m Benjamin Culpeper Gilder b 1803 SC d 1840 Marengo Co AL
-4-1-1 John Hampton Halley b 1788 d 1844 m Catherine Coffer
-4-1-2 Henry Simpson Halley b 2 OCT 1789 in Fairfax Co d 1872 in Fairfax Co m 1816 in Fairfax Co Elizabeth Reid b 25 MAY 1792 in Rappahannock dau of Joseph Read and Agnes Rust
-4-1-3 Mary Montjoy Halley b 1791 d 1826 m John Reid
-4-1-4 James Madison Halley b 1792 d 1861 m Elizabeth W. Simpson
-4-1-5 Catherine Templeton Halley b1794 d 1859 m Edward Payne
-4-1-6 Frances Halley b1795 d 1861 m1 John DeBell m2 Reason Wilcoxen
-4-1-7 Samuel Halley b 1798 d 1872 m Miriam Elkin b c.1800
-4-1-8 Elizabeth Halley b 1800 d 1850 m Newman Burke
-4-1-9 Thomas Jefferson Halley b 1802 d 1826
-4-1-10 Margaret Pierce Halley b 1805 d 1852 m Allen N. Elkin

-1-5-1-1 Ann Elizabeth Gilder b 9 Jan 1824 d Jun 1900 m Thomas Henry Rodwell b 1824 TN
-1-5-1-1-1 Annie Missouri Rodwell b 15 Oct 1847 Aberdeen MS d 1 Sep 1879 Columbus MS m charles C Calhoun b 1833 Wheeling WV d 1 Jul 1914
-1-5-1-1-1-1 Emmet Rodwell Calhoun b 15 Jan 1870 d 2 Mar 1956 m Mary lee Blake dau of Dr Greene Asbury Blake and Mary Arminda Crawford
-1-5-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Frances Calhoun b 23 Apr 1888 d Nov 1987 Birmingham AL m William Madison Duke b 22 Mar 1835 GA d 25 Jan 1905 Jefferson Co AL
Br10-2 Thomas Bryant b 16?53/62 d 1705
m Eleanor x, probably his Indian servant of that name, and had issue
. . .
Br10-3 Martha Bryant b c 16?55/64 d after 1690 Stafford Va m2 William Burton (no known children).
m1 c 1672 Thomas Foley b before b 1650 d 1690 and had 5 children. listed as purchasing land from William Heabeard of Stafford Co Va on April 14, 1679
April (a descendant of this couple) shows as his mother as W N F Foley, native American, and his father as:
+1 John Powell b 1624 d 1684
m W N F Foley, native American
+2 John Powell
m Katherine Burgess
Of the 24 Foley lines found at most were much later immigrants, but all of these except one from Ireland with one naming Tipperary Co. The exception was a Thomas Foley b 1669 seems from later generations to have been in or near Liverpool and hence on the Ulster side of England.
Br10-3-1 Bryan(t) Foley b about 1673 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co co-owner of land grant with his cousin's husband, Robert Gallop see below. MILITARY: Safford County, Va., ca. 1701/2: . . . Troop of Horse of Capt. George Anderson . . Bryan Foley: VIRGINIA COLONIAL MILITIA, 1651-1776, page 220; from the Allen County, Library, Ft. Wayne, IN
m before 1708 in Overwharton Parish Mary Jones b about 1675 dau of
+1 Evan Jones
m Ann Matthews
Br10-3-1-1 Dyne Foley b about 1692
m John James Courtney b 1688 d 11 Jan 1756
-1 James Courtney b 1723 d 1775
m Christian Humphrey
-1-1 Daniel Courtney b 1716 d 1825 m Lucy Jones -1-1-1 Richard Courtney b 1813 d 1860
m Sarah Ann Courtney b 1805 d 1860 -1 Basil Courtney b 1839 Fauquier Co VA d 1 Feb 1864 Point Lookout MD
Br10-3-1-1-1 John Courtney Jr b about 1743
m Mary Dozier
. .
Br10-3-1-1-2 James Courtney b 1723 d 1775
m?1 Christian Humphrey
?= James Courtney b about 1745 m?1/2 Sarah O'Bannon b 1745 d after 1773 dau of John O'BANNON (1710 Fauquier Co, VA - 1774 Fauquier Co VA
Sarah BARBEE Ba8-1 1712 Stafford Co, VA - 1806 Fauquier Co, Va grandau of Thomas BARBEE Ba9 b 1690 Overwharton Parish Stafford Co, VA - 1752 Stafford Co, VA
m Margaret WILLIAMS b 1694 Stafford Co, VA .
-1-1 Daniel Courtney b 1716 d 1825 m Lucy Jones -1-1-1 Richard Courtney b 1813 d 1860
m Sarah Ann Courtney b 1805 d 1860
-1-1-1-1 Basil Courtney b 1839 Fauquier Co VA d 1 Feb 1864 Point Lookout MD -1-1-1-1-1 Joseph Thomas Courtney b 1 Jun 1863 Stafford Co VA d 15 Jul 1908 m Josephine Tamashia Courtney b 1 Mar 1879 Stafford VA -1-1-1-1-1-1 Luther Courtney b 1903 m Cora Goldie Miller b 1903 and had x Courtney m y Davis son of Joseph Nathaniel Davis and Flora Virginai Shane b b 1912 d 2000 and Ursula Robinson Campbell
Br10-3-1-1-3 William Francis Courtney
m Mary Barbee Ba8-8 b 1727
+1 Thomas Barbee Ba9 b 1694 in Stafford Co Va and Margaret Williams b 1694 in Stafford Co +2 Andrew Barbee
m Sarah E Mason b about 1676
John COURTNEY (10 Nov 1745 - ) .
Elizabeth COURTNEY (1 Jan 1747/1748 - ) .
Francis Courtney b about 1745 d 1789 in Fauquier Co Va .
Elzay Courtney b about 1770 indentured to Angus Cameron to compensate poor allowance received by father Francis
m 1806 Sarah Haley in Fauquier Co
+1 John Haley Jr
m Peggy Jett
+2 James Jett
m Elizabeth ?Rogers
= Ba8-7-3-1-1
?William Francis Courtney b after 1806 .

Margaret Mildred (Peggy) Courtney b 1811
Ba8-7-3-1-2 Margaret Mildred (Peggy) Courtney b 1811 in Fleming Co KY d 1902 in Fleming Co
m in 1831 in Fleming Co James Lindsay Caywood.
Ba8-7-3-1-2-1 Thomas Austin Caywood .
Ba8-7-3-1-2-2 Elizabeth C. Caywood .
Ba8-7-3-1-2-3 Mason Lindsay Caywood =? Mason J Caywood b 23 Dec 1836 d 14 May 1911 bur Hilltop Cem Raymond KA
m Elizabeth Ann Moore dau of Thomas Thornton Moore and Delilah Stout
-1 James Walter Caywood (13 Dec 1860 - 16 May 1897 Raymond KA)
-2 William Francis Caywood (4 Jan 1865 - 11 Jul 1928 Raymond KA), m Frances Leah Shepherd b 18 Sep 1868 - 18 Apr 1959 dau of Joseph Ball Shepherd and Susan Davis
-3 Thornton Bruce Caywood (17 Jul 1871 - 4 Sep 1884 Raymond KA)

-2-1 Ray Craig Caywood (10 Jan 1892 - 1 Nov 1962)
Ba8-7-3-1-2-4 William F. Caywood .
Ba8-7-3-1-2-5 Sarah Ann Caywood .
Ba8-7-3-1-2-6 Elzay Caywood b ca 1845 d 1880
m Nancy Mellisa Veatch b 1850 in Indiana d 1942.

Elzay Caywood b about 1845
Ba8-7-3-1-2-6-1 Silas Caywood born 1877 d 1951 .
Ba8-7-3-1-2-6-2 Inez Caywood .
Ba8-7-3-1-2-6-3 Leora Caywood .
Ba8-7-3-1-2-6-4 James Alexander Caywood b July 11, 1880 in Ewing, Fleming Co., KY d Jan. 5, 1947 in Watonga, OK.
Married Elsie Alma Srader b September 11, 1896. d March 3, 1984 in San Diego, Ca. They married October 11, 1910 in Faiview, OK.
Ba8-7-3-1-2-6-4-1 Vernon Caywood b Nov. 11, 1909 d May 26, 1947
Ba8-7-3-1-2-6-4-2 Ethel Estelle b July 14, 1914 STILL LIVING.
married Jesse Milton Christian b October 8, 1909 d June 22, 1983 and had Kathleen Christian
m y Rogalla
Ba8-7-3-1-2-7 Alexander Caywood .
Ba8-7-3-1-3 William Franklin/Francis Courtney b 1814 in Fleming Co. KY. d 1869 in fleming
m Nancy C. Reeves in 1836 in Fleming.
Ba8-7-3-1-4 Louisa Courtney b 1816 in Fleming Co., KY d after 1880 in Harrison Co., KY
m Henson Courtney.
Ba8-7-3-1-5 Mary Ann Courtney b 1813 in Fleming Co KY. d 1848 in Rush Co. IN
m John Price, brother of Elihu Price, in 1829 in Fleming Co., KY.
Br10-3-1-1-4 Elizabeth COURTNEY b 1 Jan 1747/1748 d 1890 in Fleming Co KY.
m Elihu Price in 1827 in Fleming Co., KY.
Br10-3-1-1-5 Matthew Courtney .
Br10-3-1-1-6 x Courtney m Henry Foley son of Richard Foley Br10-3-6. .
Br10-3-1-2 John Foley Jr b about 1690
m Mary Dozier parents of
-1 James Foley b about 1705 d 1797
-2? possibly of this branch was: y Foley b about 1710 m x Mason
-1-1 Mary Foley b 1728 Rowan City NC d NC reported by m John Bryan O'Connelly b 1720 Gateway Meath Co IRE d Wilkes/Burke Co NC
-2-1 Mason Foley b 1755 Va d 1 Mar 1802 Pittsylvania Co Va m Caty Stewart
-1-1-1 Capt John Lucius Connelley b 26 Feb 1757(?21 Aug 1744) Va 3rd Company at a Fort at the head of the Catawba River m Susan Ballew.
-1-1-2 Mary Connelley b 21 Aug 1746
-1-1-3 Elizabeth Connelley b 5 Feb 1753 NC m 1773 NC capt Joseph William Ballew Jr
-1-1-4 Rebecca Connelly b 5 Feb 1756 in Rowan Co NC m 10 Oct 1776 in Rowan Co Rev. John Gibbs
-1-1-5 James L Connelley b 26 Feb 1757
-2-1-1 Henrietta Foley b 1774 Halifax Co Va d 1838 Nashville TN m Robert Gray b 1770 Halifax Co Va d 1798 Nashville TN son of Alexander Gray and Elizabeth Fitzhugh
-1-1-1-1 James Lucius Conley b 1783 Burke NC d 1881 Jackson NC m Mary Elizabeth Sherrill b 1786 Burke NC and had
-1-1-1-1-1 William Hollen Conley b 1812 Ky d 1899 Swain NC
-1-1-4-1 William Gibbs b 1779 d 1860 m Elizabeth Connelly dau of William Connelly and Rebecca Sherrill
-1-1-4-2 James Gibbs b 1781 Burke Co NC d 1870 d. Aft. 1860 Blount Co AL.
-1-1-4-3 Hugh Gibbs b 1782 Burke Co NC d 1870
-1-1-4-4 John Gibbs b 1783 - 1850)*
-1-1-4-5 Elizabeth Gibbs Penland, Garretson (1786 - 1869)*
-1-1-4-6 Joshua Gibbs b 29 Mar 1788, Burke Co NC; d 1869, Madison Co NC
-1-1-4-7 Bryant Gibbs d1790 d 1872 m HANNAH FINLEY, March 03, 1813
-1-1-4-8 David Gibbs (1792 - 1869)
-1-1-4-9 Archibald Gibbs b 1795 d 1857
-1-1-4-1 Sarah Penland Gibbs (1799 - 1850)
-1-1-4-11 THOMAS GIBBS, 1797-1863)
-1-1-4-12 Wesley Gibbs b 1802 d 1870 m MALINDA FINLEY, Jul 9Harriott L Grayb 1799 Va 1821
-2-1-1-1 Harriott L Gray b 1799 VA m Urian Royall Lockett
-2-1-1-1-1 Joel Lockett b 1819 Davidson Co TN d 1860 TN m Paralee Bond
-2-1-1-1-1-1 Susan Ophelia Lockett b 1855 d 2 Jul 1883 Nashville m Edwrd J Lawrence b 26 Dec 1854 Williamson Co TN d 22 Nov 1920 Nashville Son of Edward Lawrence and Mary J Marlin ancestors of Steven Dallas Whiteley, author's DNA match
Br10-3-1-3 James Foley b about 1724
m Christian Humphrey possibly parents of
John Foley m 24 Apr 1766 Milley Ashby .
Br10-3-2 Thomas? Foley appraiser and signer of Francis Courtney's estate, which was administrated by Andrew Barbee. This Andrew seems to be the same as Ba8-2 b 1716 Stafford Co, VA - 28 Dec 1795 Fauquier Co, Va. m Jane (Delaney) Lacey (1724 - 1803 Fauquier Co, VA , whose daughter Mary b 1754 Fauquier Co, VA d after 1790 seems to have married the above Thomas. .
Br10-3-3 ?James Foley probably the one b about 1710 who married Sarah Barbee b 1712 d 1806 eldest child of Thomas Barbee and Margaret Williams. As she had 12 children by her 2nd husband John O'Bannon and none are shown there by James Foley, the latter seems to have had no children, unless his children were adopted by O'Bannon. .
Br10-3-4 John Foley b about 1677 d 1762 Overwharton Parish Stafford Co Va reported by
m?1 possibly Sarah Bayless but states b "ABT 1675 in Stafford County, Va, and died 9 NOV 1762 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va - Probate.
m?2 Margaret Mann ABT 1695 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va, dau of James Mann and Mary x. She was born ABT 1679 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va, and d BEF 1744 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va. He m Sarah White 11 DEC 1744 in Stafford Co Va. She was born ABT 1700, and died AFT NOV 1762 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va".
STAFFORD COUNTY VA WILL BOOK O; 1748-1767; THE ANTIENT PRESS pp. 430- 431 In Name of God Amen I JOHN FOLEY of Parish of Overwharton in County of Stafford being in a low state of health, but of a sound memory, do make this my last will & Testament. Imprimis I recomend soul to almighty God .. and my body to the grave .. as to worldly Estate .. I give as followeth. Item I give to ABRAHAM POOLE Son of my wife SARAH 400 acres of Land in Prince William County & upon a run commonly known by name of Persimon run, being the half of 800 acres bought of ELIZABETH WHITE, and my desire is that the said Abraham shall make his choice of the whole part for his 400 acres provided he takes it in one place .. and if Abraham shall die before he comes to the years of Maturity then the said 400 acres of land shall be equally divided between my two Grandsons JOHN FOLEY, son of JOHN FOLEY & JAMES FOLEY son of JAMES. Item I give to my Grandson JAMES FOLEY, son of my son JOHN FOLEY, 200 acres out of the above mentioned part of the land, and his heirs. Item I give to my Grand-son JOHN FOLEY, son of my son JAMES FOLEY the remainder part of the abovementioned land. Item I give to my son James Foley all my Lands belonging to me on the Pignut ridge, to him & heirs. Item I give all the rest of my Estate to my dear & loving wife SARAH and her son Abraham Poole & my dear and loving children John Foley, and my son James Foley & my Daughter KATHERINE STUART to be equally divided amongst them. But if Abraham Poole should die without issue, then his part of the dividend, shall fall to the heirs of WILLIAM McCARTY, And I appoint my dear and loving Wife SARAH FOLEY, and my son John Foley and my son James Foley Executors of this my last will & Testament .. first day September 1755.
Testes Benja. Stillman, John Foley
David Sharp, Jos. Suthard
At Court held for Stafford County 9th Novr 1762 Will presented by Sarah Foley and James Foley .. made Oath .. being proved .. admitted to Record.. Certificate granted for obtaining Probate ..
Br10-3-4-1 Katherine Foley b c 1709
m1? y ?=McCarty b 1712 in Westmoreland Co
m2? y Stuart
-1 William McCarty
Br10-3-4-2 John Foley b c 1707 Pr Wm Co d there 1 May 1761
m Rosannah Mason b 1711 d 1761
-1 James Foley b 1737 Pr Wm Co d 8 Jan 1818 Petersburg Wood Co VA m1 Priscilla Monk b 1742 d 1775 m2 Mary lankford b 1763 d 1835
-2 Mason Foley b 1755 d 1802 m Caty Foley b 1755 d 1840
-1-1 John Foley b 1765 d 1849
-1-2 Ann foley b 1772
-1-3 Nancy Foley b 1776 d 1866 m John Sutherland b 1770 d 1836
-1-4 James Foloey b 1778/?85 d 1859
-1-5 Mason foley b 1782 d 1876 m Hannah Phelps b 1792 d 1866
-1-6 Lettice Foley b 1783 Pr Wm Co d 1850 m Edward Coe b 1775 d 1829
-1-7 Scarlet Foley b 1788 d 1871 m Mary Neal b 1786 d 1870
-1-8 Lucy Foley b 1793 d 1870 m Phillip Dils
-1-9 Catherine foley b 1795 d 1837 m James Cunningham
-1-10 Barnet Foley b 1797 d 1883 m Frances Harness
-1-11 John Foley b 1798
-1-12 Agnus Foley b 1802
-2-1 Jerediah Foley b 1775
-2-2 Eunice Foley b 1776 d 1860
-2-4 Henrietta Foley b 1778 d 1840
-2-5 Delpha Foley b 1780 d 1781
-2-6 Washington Foley b 1782 d 1840
-2-7 Parazedy Foley b 1784 d 1870
-2-8 Elzea Foley b 1785 d 1835
-2-9 Narcissa Foley b 1795 d 1851
-2-10 Mason foley b 1809 d 1858
-2-11 Hiram Foley b 1814 d 1859
-1-3-1 Martin Sutherland b 1800 d 1867 m Louisa Neale d 1868
-1-3-2 John Sutherland b 1803 d 1890 m1 Delilah Phelps b 1806 d 1844 m2 Mary Kincheloe b 1808 d 1882
-1-3-3 Harriet Sutherland b 1806 m Sheldon Rice
-1-3-4 James Sutherland b 1809 m Jane
-1-3-5 Julia Sutherland b 1811
-1-3-6 Mary Sutherland b 1814
-1-3-7 Bethaney Sutherland b 1816
-1-3-8 Bathsheby Sutherland
-1-4-1 Mary L Foley b 5 May1807 Wood Co WV d 16 Apr 1891 Shelby Co MO
-1-4-2 Bushrod Foley b 1812 d 1867
-1-4-3 Gabriel Foley
-1-5-1 John Foley b 1820 d 1876
-1-6-1 James Coe b 1808 Wood Co VA
-1-6-2 Lewis C Coe b 22 Nov 1809 Wood Co VA d 15 Mar 1866 WV
-1-6-3 Sarah Coe b 1815 Wood Co
-1-6-4 Narcissa Coe b 1818
-1-6-5 Nimrod Coe b 1819 Wood Co d 23 Nov 1862 Jackson Co WV
-1-6-6 Levi H Coe b 1822 Wood Co d Jackson WV

-1-3-2-1 John Sutherland b 1828 d 1839
-1-3-2-2 Hugh Sutherland b 1833
-1-3-2-3 Jesse Sutherland b 1840 d 1919 m Margaret b 1850
-1-3-2-4 Hannah Sutherland b 1842
-1-3-2-5 Laura Sutherland b 1843
-1-3-2-6 America Sutherland b 1844 d 1919 m Joseph Bentley b 1834 d 1907
-1-3-2-7 Fercelia Sutherland
-1-3-2-8 Daniel sutherland b 1847 d 1920 m Margaret b 1859
-1-3-2-9 Webster Sutherland d 1865

-1-3-2-3-1 Laura Sutherland b 1870
-1-3-2-3-2 Hatite Sutherland b 1873 d 1956 m John Schultz b 1872 d 1944
-1-3-2-3-3 Bertha Sutherland b 1878
-1-3-2-3-4 Mina Sutherland b 1881 d 1959 m William Rutter
-1-3-2-3-5 Kate Sutherland b 1884 d 1965 m y Adcock
-1-3-2-6-1 George Bentley b 1867 d 1937 m Nettie Roberts b 1872 d 1946
-1-3-2-6-2 Jane Bentley b 1867
-1-3-2-6-3 Webster Bentley b 1871
-1-3-2-6-4 Henry Bentley b 1873
-1-3-2-6-5 Jesse Bentley b 1875
-1-3-2-6-6 William Bentley b 1879
-1-3-2-8-1 Oliver Sutherland b 1878 d 1950 m Edith Newbanks
-1-3-2-8-2 John sutherland
Br10-3-4-3 Rev James Foley b 1715 Stafford Co Va d c 1797 Fauquier Co Va
m?1 Mary Young b 1715/6 in Overwharton Parish/?Pr Wm Co VA (from Shelly Cherry's tree) d 1 Aug 1786 + ch
m?2 Elizabeth Oglesby b 1745 d 1809 Fauquier Co
-1 Enoch Foley b 1736
-2 Sarah Foley b 1736 Pr Wm Co VA d 1807 Fauquier Co m Francis Watts b 1752 d 1787
-3 Moses Foley Sr b 1738 Fauquier Co VA d 25 Oct 1823 Knox KY m?2 Elizabeth Green b 1753 d 1795 m?1 Rachel Watson/?Austin (from Elaine von Wald's tree)
-4 John foley b 1740
-5 Capt James Foley b 1743 Prince William Co Va d 1 Aug 1826 Fauquier Co Va m Sarah O'Bannon b 1745 Fauquier Co Va d after 1773
-6 Thomas Foley b 1745 Stafford Co VA d Fauquier Co VA m Mary Barbee (from Dennis Boyer's tree)
-7 Bryant Foley b 1755 d 1811
-8 William James Foley b 1751/?6 Fauquier Co VA d 1836 Adair Co KY
-9 Molly Foley
-10 Lettice Foley

-2-1 Edith Watts b 1779 d 1840 m Hezekiah Cockrell d 1853
-2-2 Susannah Watts b 1779 d 1855
-3-1 Jinna/Jane Foley b 2 Jan 1772 New River Montgomery Co VA d 1852 Washington Co VA m Benajah Nordyke b 1746
-3-2 Leah Foley d 4 Apr 1845 Lincoln MO m Allen Clair b 1783 d 1845
-3-3 Moses Foley b 7 Feb 1777 Washington Co VA d 6 Nov 1858 Crab Orchard Lincoln Co KY m Hannah Williams b 1781 d 1815
-3-4 Spencer Foley b 4 Oct 1785 New River Pulaski VA d 1850 Knox KY m Nancy Rector b 1790 d 1851 (from James Ferguson's tree)
-3-5 Rachel Foley b 5 Feb 1789 New River Pulaski Co VA d 3 Nov 1879 Elk Valley Campbell Co TN m John Lay b 1790 d 1874
-3-6 Thomas Green Foley b 1783 Montgomery Co VA d 16 May 1858 Whitley Co KY m Leanna Rector b 1787 d 1851
-3-7 Hugh Foley m Nancy Lee b 1829
-3-8 Martin Foley
-5-1 Bayless Foley b about 1768 Fauquier Va d by 9 May 1825 Gallatin Co Ky m Mildrid Breeden
-6-1 Mary Foley b 1785 m Turner Dyson Barbee d Fauquier Co VA
-8-1 Mary Charlotte Foley b 1783 Fauquier Co d 1851 Adair Co KY m Manoah Stone b 1782 d 1868

-2-1-1 Mary Cockrell b 1811 Fauquier Co Va d there 4 Mar 1896 m Jonathan Wesley Burgess b 6 Jun 1812 Fauquier Co VA d there 1878
-2-1-2 Sarah Cockrell b 1820 d 1882
-3-1-1 Mary Nordyke d 1846 m Elijah Foley =
-3-3-1 b 1800 d 1853 (from C Layne's tree)
-3-1-2 James Dodge Nordyke b 1798 Washington VA d 1842 Jefferson City Grundy Co MO m Letitia Smith b 1795 d 1870(from Kenneth Stark's tree)
-3-2-1 Francis Clair d 1866 m Mary Rogers
-3-3-1 Elijah Foley b 1800 d 1853 m Mary Nordyke = -3-1-1 d 1846
-3-4-1 Greenbarry Foley b 11 Nov 1816 Knox KY d there 17 Apr 1888 m Anna Eagle b 1819 d 1890
-3-5-1 Spencer Lay b 1811 d 1883 m1 Lucinda Perkins b 1815 d 1904 + ch m2 Martha Gibson b 1840 d 1900
-3-5-2 Jesse W Lay b 1811/?19 Nov 1813 Campbell TN d 10 Jun 1889 Whitley m?1 Susan Douglas m?2 Mary Perkins b 1828 d 1882 m?3 Rebecca Bryant b 1814 d 1855
-3-5-3 Jane/?Charlotte/?Marey Lay b 12 Mar 1816 Elk Valley d 28 Jul 1889 Big Creek Texas Co MO m Gen Andrew Jackson Wilhite b 27 May 1815 Cambell Co TN d 17 Feb 1895 Piney Texas Co MO
-3-5-4 Moses Lay b 1818 d 1886
-3-5-5 Rev James A Lay b 20 Feb 1821 Whitley KY d 9 Jan 1905 Scott TN m Iris Grant b 1816 d 1915
-3-5-6 Michael Lay b 25 Dec 1823/?9 Campbell Co TN d 12 Dec 1879 Scott TN m Lydia Baird
-3-5-7 Winifred Lay b 1826 d 1930 m Littleberry Croley b 1815 d 1879
-3-5-8 William Dandy Lay b 1828 Elk Valley Campbell TN d there 1902 m Nancy Croley
-3-5-9 Thomas Lay b 1832 d 1870
-3-5-10 Delilah Lay b 1833 d 1899
-3-5-11 Peter Lay b 1836 d 1908
-3-5-12 Emily Lay b 31 Jul 1857/?8 Campbell TN d Pleasant View Whitley KY m1 Washington Warren George Braden b 13 Mar 1849 Claiborne Co TN d 7 Sep 1894 Scott Co TN m2 Rev Michael Lay b 1842 d 1931
-3-6-1 Milton Foley b 11 Jul 1824 KY d 12 Jan 1911 KY m Nancy Jones b 1825 d 1898
-3-7-1 Sarah foley b 1854
-3-7-2 Louisa Foley b 1856
-3-7-3 Elizabeth Foley b 1858
-3-7-4 Mary Foley b 1860
-3-7-5 Margaret Foley b 1862
-3-7-6 Hugh Foley Jr b 1863 d 1917
-3-7-7 Moses Foley b 1863 d 1934
-6-1-1 Beale Ashby Barbee b 1823 Henry Co VA d 25 Oct 1910 Chillhowee Johnson MO m Ann Turner b 1833 d 1890
-8-1-1 Emily Goggins Stone b 24 Sep 1823 Adair Co d 17 Nov 1886 KY m Matthew Hopson Cheatham b 10 Feb 1814 Cumberland Co KY d 8 Jul 1889 Adair Co KY

-2-1-1-1 Sarah Burgess
-2-1-1-2 Lucy Burgess
-2-1-1-3 John Burgess b 1855 d 1937 m Mary Heflin b 1860 d 1944
-2-1-1-4 Hester Burgess
-2-1-1-5 Charlotte Burgess b 1850 d 1900 m William Caynor b 1847
-2-1-1-6 Hezekiah Burgess b 1844 d 1923 m Sarah Bussey
-3-1-1-1 Mildred Foley = -3-3-1-1 b 1841 d 1905 m Shelton Lain b 1837 d 1913
-3-1-2-1 Nancy Ellen Nordyke b 1826 d 1900 m John Johnson b 1817 d 1866
-3-2-1-1 Daniel clair b 1844 d 1922 m
-3-2-1-2 Mary Clair d 1891
-3-2-1-3 Presley Clair b 1846 d 1921
-3-2-1-4 Allen clair b 1850 d 1928
-3-2-1-5 Moses Clair d 1860
-3-3-1-1 Mildred Foley = -3-1-1-1 b 1841 d 1905 m Shelton Lain
-3-4-1-1 Parks Foley d 1936 m Sarah Taulbee b 1863
-3-5-1-1 John Lay b 1834 d 1895 m Cynthia Stanfill b 1838 d 1956
-3-5-1-2 Peter Lay b 1836 d 1908
-3-5-1-3 Martha Lay b 1838 d 1919
-3-5-1-4 Rachel Lay b 1840 d 1896
-3-5-1-5 Elizabeth Lay b 1841 d 1896
-3-5-1-6 Isaac Lay b 1843
-3-5-1-7 Prior Lay b 1843 d 1910
-3-5-1-8 Jesse Lay b 1844
-3-5-1-9 Thomas Lay b 1846 d 1920
-3-5-1-10 James Lay b 1848 d 1924
-3-5-1-11 William Lay b 1850
-3-5-1-12 Calvin Lay b 1851 d 1929
-3-5-1-13 Fern Lay b 1852
-3-5-1-14 Cynthia Lay b 1853
-3-5-1-15 Nancy Lay b 1855 d 1897 m y Sanfill
-3-5-2-1 Elizabeth Lay b 1833 d 1926
-3-5-3-1 Lucretia Wilhite b 1836 d 1878
-3-5-3-2 Rachel Wilhite b 1837 d 1863
-3-5-3-3 Julia Wilhite b 1840 d 1912
-3-5-3-4 Moses Wilhite b 1843 d 1863
-3-5-3-5 Samson Wilhite b d 1844
-3-5-3-6 Henry Wilhite b 1845 d 1863
-3-5-3-7 Winnie Wilhite b 1847 d 1886
-3-5-3-8 John Wilhite b 1849 d 1927
-3-5-3-9 James Wilhite b 1852 d 1934
-3-5-3-10 Della Wilhite b 1854 d 1908
-3-5-3-11 Mary Wilhite b 1857 d 1946
-3-5-3-12 Kilas Wilhite b 1857
-3-5-3-13 Nancy Wilhite b 1858
-3-5-3-14 Jackson Wilhite b 1859
-3-5-3-15 Ezekial Wilhite b 1865 d 1902
-3-5-5-1 Amanda Lay b 1843 d 1873
-3-5-5-2 Lucinda Lay b 1845 d 1937 m Francis Chambers b 1846 d 1916
-3-5-5-3 Mary Lay b 1847 d 1898
-3-5-5-4 Spencer Lay b 1849 d 1905
-3-5-5-5 Jackson Lay b 1851 d 1944
-3-5-5-6 Henry Lay b 1854 d 1904
-3-5-5-7 John Lay b 1855 d 1916
-3-5-5-8 Finley Lay b 1858 d 1948
-3-5-5-9 Rachel Lay b 1861 d 1935
-3-5-5-10 Silas Lay b 1863 d 1935 m Rosa Terry b 1857 d 1931
-3-5-5-11 James Lay b 1867 d 1880
-3-5-6-1 Jess Lay b 1849 d 1894
-3-5-6-2 Elizabeth Lay b 1849 d 1914
-3-5-6-3 Rachel Lay b 1852 d 1888
-3-5-6-4 Louise Lay b 1852 d 1938 m William Adkins b 1852 d 1887
-3-5-6-5 Emily Lay b 1857 d 1955
-3-5-7-1 Parisidia Croley b 1846 d 1929
-3-5-7-2 Elizabeth Croley b 1849 d 1898
-3-5-7-3 Nancy Croley b 1850 d 1939
-3-5-7-4 Rev James Croley b 1851 d 1944
-3-5-7-5 John Croley b 1855 d 1932
-3-5-7-6 Mary Croley b 1856 d 1886 m Isham Lawson b 1849 d 1925
-3-5-7-7 Thomas Croley b 1858 d 1870
-3-5-7-8 Rev Wymer Croley b 1858 d 1890
-3-5-7-9 Pearlie Croley b 1862 d 1929
-3-5-7-10 Richard Croley b 1863
-3-5-7-11 Andrew Croley b 1865 d 1941
-3-5-7-12 Michael Croley b 1872 d 1954
-3-5-8-1 Connie Lay b 1829 d 1915
-3-5-8-2 Mary Lay b 1849 d 1910
-3-5-8-3 Green Lay b 1851 d 1933
-3-5-8-4 Catherine Lay b 1853 d 1924
-3-5-8-5 Rebecca Lay b 1855 d 1924 m James Gibson b 1857 d 1937
-3-5-8-6 Rachel Lay b 1858 d 1928
-3-5-8-7 Martha Lay b 1860 d 1927
-3-5-8-8 Margaret Lay b 1860 d 1907
-3-5-8-9 John Lay b 1861 d 1923
-3-5-8-10 Michael Lay b 1863 d 1945
-3-5-8-11 Wymer Lay b 1867 d 1932
-3-5-8-12 Thomas Lay b 1869 d 1920
-3-5-8-13 George >Lay b 1870 d 1948
-3-5-8-14 Nancy Lay b 1870
-3-5-8-15 Sarah Lay b 1872
-3-5-8-16 William Lay b 1874 d 1955
-3-6-1-1 D Owego Foley b 1 Mar 1867 KY d 11 Jan 1936 KY m Mary Smith b 1870 d 1912
-3-5-12-1 Lydia Braden b 1876 d 1962
-3-5-12-2 Joseph Braden b 1878
-3-5-12-3 Eugene Braden b 1880
-3-5-12-4 Michael Braden b 1881
-3-5-12-5 Ida Brqaden b 1884
-3-5-12-6 James Braden b1886 d 1974
-3-5-12-7 Evan Braden b 1888
-3-5-12-8 Elmer Braden b 1893
-6-1-1-1 Turner Dyson Barbee b 25 Feb 1857 Columbia Boone Co MO d 1 May 1936 Chillhowee m Lutie Wallace b 1861 d 1942
-8-1-1-1 Phoebe Lee "Kate" Cheatham b 14 Feb 1863 ADair Co d 13 Oct 1949 Midland Co TX m James Hunter b 1861 d 1924
-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Foley b 28 Feb 1814 Two Forks Gallatin Ky d 1 Jul 1884 Etna Green Kosciusko Ind
m Barnabas Gerrard b about 19 Feb 1811 Montgomery Co Ky d 23 Jan 1899 Etna Green Ind. possibly a descendant of John Gerrard b about 1656 in St Clements Manor St Marys Md and Rose Tucker (?sister of Sarah Tucker Tu9) b about 1648 Westmoreland Co Va
Margaret Elizabeth Gerard b Dec 1839 Decatur Ind d 7 Aug Etna Green Ind
m y Countryman

Susan Marah Countryman b 25 Apr 1860 in Tippecanoe Ind d Barron Wi m Benjamin Franklin Rhodes
Br10-3-4-3 y Foley
Br10-3-4-3-1 possibly here John Foley b about 1756 Va reported by had dau Rosannah m Benjamin Cornell b 15 Mar 1778 Bedford Md d 17 Mar 1855 Elkhat Ind
m BEF 1742 in Overwharton Parish Rosina MNU Foley b BEF 1726 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Va

-1 Hannah Foley b 20 APR 1742 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va
-2 James Foley b AFT 1743 in Prince William Co Va ?= m Sarah O'BANNON b 1745 Fauquier Co, VA d after 1773 Fauquier Co VA
-3 John Foley b BEF 1746 in Prince William Co

-2-1 William Foley b 1766 Fauquier Co Va d 28 Jul 1836 VA
m Mary Feagins dau of Edward Feagins and Elizabeth Berry

-2-1-1 Willis Foley b 1784 d 1862 m Nancy Mallory b 1786 d 1867 dau of Clement Mallory b 1748 d 1789 and Anne Randolph b 1752 d 1841

-2-1-1-1 Enoch Harvey Foley b 1818 VA d 1872 m Elizabeth Cathryn OWENS b 27 FEB 1828 in Fauquier County Va d Antioche Church Hopewell VA 31 Jul 1911 dau of Cuthbert Owens b 1786 Pr Wm Co VA d 1841 The Plains Fauquier Co VA and Ellizabeth Archer b 1794 d 1860

-2-1-1-1-1 Charlotte Foley b 1856 d 1939 m James Yeatman b 1845 d 1922

-2-1-1-1-1-1 Evelyn Yeatman b 1888 d 1977 m John Blick

-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Lucille Blick b 1914 d 2000
Br10-3-4-4 Mary Foley b BEF 1727 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va
m 15 JUN 1743 in Overwharton Parish Benjamin Stringfellow b BEF 1723
Br10-3-5 possibly here:
Ann Foley b before 1720
m Benjamin Grigsby b 1707 Va reported by
John Grigsby b 1660 Stafford Va d there 1750
m Jane Redman/Redmond ??native American.
-b Charles Grigsby b 1682 d 11 NOV 1740 Stafford Co, St Paul's Parish m Sarah Wilkinson had issue
-c Mary Ann Grigsby b 1684 d 20 Apr 1747 Stafford Co, St Pauls Parish m 1699 St. Paul's Parish Stafford Co Benjamin Newton
-d James Grigsby b 1686 d 11 APR 1752 Stafford Co ?m Susannah Redmond dau of William Redmond and Ann Bryant
-e William W Grigsby b 1688 d 30 MAY 1782 Stafford Co m Ursley Mann dau of James Mann
-e-2 JOHN GRIGSBY b c 1714 Sarah Owens
-e-5 WILLIAM GRIGSBY b c 1720 ?= b 1728 in Kg George Co m 1748 in Brunswick Parish Kg Geo Sarah Owens Ow7-8 b c 1730/?50 had issue
-e-6 ALICE GRIGSBY b c 1726 Stafford Co Va m 1 Apr 1744 BENJAMIN RUSH Jr.
-e-6-1 Ann Rush b c 3 Apr 1746 m 1764 Robert Peyton
-e-6-1-1 Alice J Peyton m1 y Billingslea m2 George Noland + 3 ch
-e-6-2 William Benjamin Rush b 1 Feb 1755 Culpepper Co d25 Jan 1827 Montgomery Co NC m Abigail Terrell b 8 Jun 1760 Granville Co NC
-e-6-2-1 Benjamin Franklin Rush b 18 Jun 1776 Montgomery Co NC d 23 Jan 1860 Clear Mountain Creek Jackson Co NC m Lucretia Harris dau of John Harris and Patience Taylor (dau of Edward Taylor b c 1723 Edgecombe Co NC)
-e-7-1 Joshua OWENS b 1748 VA
-e-7-2 William OWENS b ~1750? VA
-e-7-3 Johnson OWENS b ~1752? VA m Elizabeth Beeland/Behethland Powell
-f Thomas Grigsby b 1690 d 7 MAY 1745 Stafford Co, St Paul's Parish m Rose Newton
+2 John Grigsby b 8 Aug 1624 Maidstone Engl d 11 Oct 1730 St pauls Parish Stratford Va, supporter of Oliver Cromwell, emigrated ofter the death of the latter in 1662
m 1660 Sarah Jane Prosser b c 1644.
+3 Thomas Grigsby b 6 Dec 1599 d 1650
m Elizabeth Banks b 1607 d 1675
+3 Wahanganoche
Br10-3-5-1 Benjamin Grigsby b 1735 Shenendoah Va d there
m Mary
-1 Thomas/Benjamin Grigsby b about 1760 Va or Tn -1-1-1 Susan Elizabeth Grigsby b 1782 Va d 1876 Perry Ky m Alexander Crockett Ritchie b 1778 NC d 1878 Perry Ky son of James Ritchie b about 1750 Botetourt Va d about 1811 Carrs Fork, Clay Co Ky and Mary Polly Keith. -1-1-1-1 Norma Ritchie b 1819 Perry Ky d 20 Jan 1908 Dutton Ark
m Ephraim Sizemore and had Andrew Jack Sizemore b 12 Feb 1838 Perry Ky d 5 Jun 1916 Logan Ark m Arminta Ruth Shipp and had Sarah Esabelle Sizemore b 15 Sep 1878 Ark m John Wesley Smith and had Erma Manatal Smith b 18 Jul 1896 Sugar Grove Logan Ark m Oscar Leon Rankins
?Br10-3-6 Richard Foley b 1680 Stafford Va d 1726 Stafford m -1 Henry Foley m x Courtney dau of John Courtney and x Foley Br10-3-1-1 s.a. .
Br10 Sylent/?Robert Bryan b about 1666 d 15 May 1704 Stafford Va
m1 Lucy Doniphan
Lucy Doniphan, as her descendants in the Hansbrough family claimed to be descended from "Lord Donathan [Doniphan]"). most likely, is from the immigrant (Captain) Alexander Doniphan, Sr. who is believed to have originally been from Spain and then England before immigrating to Old Rappahannock County, Va. His 1st wife was A(i)mee/Amy Partridge who immigrated from England to Virginia with siblings, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, & Sarah, and then Alexander's 2nd wife wasMargaret Mott and his 3rd wife was Susannah ?/Smith?.
Br9 Elinor Bryant b c 1696 (granddaughter of Keziah Arroyah, she was apparently the daughter of Silent/Silas Bryant, not of her uncle, Richard as some believe)
m1 Robert Gallop Ga9 b c 1660 Boston MA d 1720 Richmond Co Va/?Boston MA. son of->
This source claims they married in Boston but corresponds relatively well in the data on Eleanor's ancestry as well as the marriage of their daughter Mary to Richard Elkins.
+1 Samuel Gallop Ga10 b 16 Aug 1629 Mosterton Dorset Engl d about 1667 Boston MA
m Mary Phillips b 1630 in Slem MA dau of >
+2 John Gallop Ga11
m Christabel Brushett
-a John Gallop
-b Nathaniel Gallop 1
-c Joan Gallop m y Joy
-d John Gallup
-e William Gallup
-f Francis Gallup
-g Nathaniel Gallup 2
+2 George Phillips b 1593 Rainham St Martin Norfolk Engl d 1 Jul 1644 in Watertown MA
m Elizabeth Bond
The appearance of the name Dalzell in the person of Dr. Dalzell Bland leads us to suspect the mother of Robert may have been a Dalzell b about 1665.
Ga8-1 Phyllis Gallop b 1712/?1695.
m1 Thomas Monteith =? Menteith b about 1794 in Scotland d 1765 merchant of Glasgo Scotland, large land holdings in the counties of King George, Fairfax, and Prince William, Va. She m2 by 1755 Benjamin Elkins
+1 James Monteith of Auldcathie or Aldcathy Later Dalyell b c 1690, d 28.02.1747
m Helen Campbell dau of Robert Campbell of Netherplace
+2 ">James Menteith of Auldcathie or Aldcathy b c 1665
m Magdalen Dalyell
+3 James Menteith of Auldcathie
+3 Thomas Baronet Dalyell
m Katherine Drummond
Ga8-1-1 Magdalen Monteith b 1737 Richmon VA d 1792 Kg Geo Co VA ancestor of Pres. Harry S. Truman. A Maj. Thomas Truman was in Westmoreland Co. in 1676.
m1 Anderson Doniphan b about 1726 son of Mott Doniphan b about 1700 d about 1776 and Rosanna Anderson b about 1704
m2 Jonathan Finnall of Stafford Co
Ga8-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Doniphan
m Richard Jonathan Shippe b 12 Nov. 1747
+1 Thomas Shipp b 1727 d. 1777
m Elizabeth Grant
Ga8-1-1-1-1-1 Emma Grant Shippe
married William Truman Jr. and had Anderson Shippe Truman ancestors of Pres. Harry S. Truman
Ga8-1-1-1-1-2 Narcissa Shipp b28 Jun 1780 Caroline Co Va d 19 May 1860 Andrew Mo
m John Edwards b 16 Mar 1778 spotsylvania Va d 8 Jun 1850 Andrew Mo
-1 Anderson Doniphan Edwards b 24 Jul 1809 Franklin Co Ky d c 1850 Liberty Mo m Serena Frances Sebree dau of Uriel Sebree and Elizabeth Payne b 22 Jan 1798 Scott Co Ky d 1854 Howard Mo dau of John Payne b 8 Apr 1764 Alexandria Va d 9 Sep 1837 Ky
-1-1 Cordelia Edwards b 28 May 1845 Clay Co Mo d 20 Aug 1912 Hopkins Mo m1 y Breckenridge m2 Tobias Goodwin
-1-1-1 William Goodwin ancestor of Donald E Baker, author's DNA match
Ga8-1-2 Elizabeth Monteith b 1744 d 1807
Ga8-1-3 James Monteith b c 1740, died 1804, Stafford Co, Va
m 23 August 1763, in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford Co, Leah Owens, dau of Samuel Owens d testate in King George Co, VA, in 1766 and Margaret Bryant.
Ga8-1-4 John Monteith b 1742 moved to North Carolina according to tradition (the following is from Linda Schoen's and Thadius W Box's trees)
m Mildred Al-Lin-Nih-Aline dau of y and x Cherokee
-1 Thomas "Cherokee" Monteith/Masntooth b 1760 Kr Geo Co VA d 1832 Cocke TN and Elizabeth Phariss b 1764 d 1850 dau of Samuel Phariss b 1742 d 1836 and Elizabeth Leith/Leath b 1741 d 1828 -1-1 Robert Jesse Monteith b 1790 Cocke Co TN d 1838 Naogdoches Co TX m Mary Roberson b 1790 dau of George Roberson b 1760 d 1838 Kg George Co VA and Fenton Jett b 1766 Stafford VA d there 1860
-1-2 Mary Mantooth b 1788 d 1856
-1-3 Thomas Mantooth b 1789 d 1866
-1-4 Thomas Mantooth b 1795 d 1836/?65 m1 Elizabeth Burke b 1790 d 1815 + 1 ch m2 Lydia Dillon b 1787? d 1865 + 3 ch
-1-5 Margaret mantooth b 1786 d 1814
-1-6 Letty Mantooth b 1796 d 1850
-1-7 Elizabeth Mantooth b 1797 d 1860
-1-8 Samuel Mantooth b 1799 d 1870
-1-9 William Mantooth b 1803 d 1875
-1-10 James Mantooth b 1807 d 1860 m Mary Burke b 1811
-1-1-1 John Monteith b 1811 d 1880
-1-1-2 Jessie Monteith b 1812
-1-1-3 David Monteith b 1815 d 1894
-1-1-4 Frances Monteith b 1816 TN d 11 Jan 1901 Tecumseh Callahan Co TX m1 John Windham m2 y
-1-1-5 Felix Monteith b 1818 d 1871 m Mary Kuykendall b 1826 d 1892
-1-1-6 Nancy Monteith b 1819 d 1882
-1-1-7 Jane Monteith b 1825 d 1887 m Thomas Shields b 1833 d 1915
-1-1-8 Rebecca Monteith b 1827 d 1894
-1-1-9 Elizabeth Monteith b 1828
-1-1-10 Malissa Monteith b 3 Oct 1830 Rhea TN d 29 Mar 1893 Brown Co TX m William Granad d 1860
-1-4-1 Robert Mantooth b 1815
-1-4-2 Lawson Mantooth b 1827 d 1870
-1-4-3 Parmelia Mantooth b 1828
-1-10-1 Amanda mantooth b 1832
-1-10-2 James Mantooth b 1834
-1-10-3 Robert Mantooth b 1845
-1-10-4 Mary Mantooth b 1847 d 1915

-1-1-4-1 Samuel Windham b 1842 d 1927 m amazon Baugh b 1847 d 1914
-1-1-4-2 Jesse Windham b 1845 d 1866
-1-1-4-3 Mary Windham b 1847 d 1867
-1-1-4-4 Calvin Windham b 1849 d 1901 m Martha Smith b 1861
-1-1-4-5 Hilery Windham b 1851 d 1927 m Lenora Connell b 1864 d 1937
-1-1-4-6 Willis Windham b 1853 d 1869 m Nettie Scroggin
-1-1-4-7 Eliza Windham b 1854 d 1930 m1 Oscar Jones m2 John Jones b 1840 m3 Jesse Jones
-1-1-4-8 Tom Windham b 1859 d 1951 m Laura Jones b 1866 d 1948
-1-1-4-9 x Windham m william Gilliland b 1848 d 1929
Ga8-1-2 Elizabeth Monteith
Ga8-1-3 John Monteith d NC
Ga8-1-4 James Monteith, left a will in Stafford County, Va, but it is now in the lost Will Book Y. A later reference to his will in 1812 in Book AA, page 307, mentions his wife, Leah, and his four daughters. The estate account of Mrs. Leah Monteith recorded 11 April 1831 shows the division among four surviving children: the wife of Charnock Cox, Aroy Finnall, Samuel Monteith, and Enos Monteith. James Monteith and his family lived in Loudon County, Virginia, before moving to Stafford about 1790. He and his sons, Enos Monteith and Samuel O. Monteith, were involved in many land transactions in Loudon County. Most of this land was the original tracts purchased by Thomas Monteith when Loudon County was part of Fairfax County. Enos Monteith son of James and Leah, was born about 1780. According to the older family members, Enos' wife, Eleanor, was half Powhatan Indian from Goose Creek in Loudon County. Enos Monteith's death record has not been discovered. His wife, Eleanor, died on 22 December 1870, aged 92, according to the Stafford Death Register. Enos and Eleanor Monteith had no sons but had three daughters. The singing star, Wayne Newton, is descended from him in several ways. -1 Keziah Gallop Monteith m James Owens
-2 Aroye Monteith m y Finnell s.a,
-3 Fenton Monteith m y Barbee
-4 Leah Monteith m Thomas Owens
Ga8-2 Elinor Gallop b 1713/
Ga8-3 Mary Gallop b 1700/?14 King George Co Va d 1744
m 7 Mar 1722 Orange Co Va Richard Elkins b 1698 Stafford Va son of Richard Elkins and Elizabeth Bryant
-1 Jeremiah Elkins b c 1741 other descendants see above.
Ga8 Anne Gallop b 1715
m1Robert R Duncan
+1 James Duncan Du9 b: about 1670 in Scotland,
m Molly Browning b about 1670
+2 John Duncan Du10 b: 1648 in Scotland
m Elizabeth Holtzclaw Ho10 b c 1655 in Scotland
+3 Peter Duncan Du11 b 1624 in Edinbourgh, Scotland,
m Bessie Caldwell b c 1624
Du7-1 John Duncan (about 1727 - 7Jun 1788)
m1 Elizabeth Holtzclaw and had issue
m2 Wilkie McClanahan and had issue
-1 Elizabeth Duncan
-2 Elias Duncan
-3 Charles Duncan
-4 John Duncan
-5 Joseph Duncan
-6 Willis Duncan
-7 John Duncan.
Du7-2 Mary Duncan ( 1735 - 7 Jun1788)
m 1st Joseph Hackley d 23 Apr 1754, 2nd Thomas Greening
?Du7 Samuel Duncan b 1740?60 in Prince William Co Va d 12 Mar 1825 Pulaski Co ?Lincoln Co Ky
m Nancy Withers b. 1742, d. 1788
James "Old Nigh" Withers b 11 FEB 1716 d 20 JAN 1784
m1 Catherine Barbee (-1771).
Du6-1 John Duncan b 31 Jan 1765 d 23 Feb 1846 Cole Co Mo
m 18 Oct 1800 Asenath Lee b 24 Jan 1785 d 6 Sept 1853 daughter of Stephen Lee and Anne Poore
1. Elizabeth Duncan b. Aug 2, 1803, d. 21 May 1828
2. Pricilla Duncan b. 27 Oct 1804
3. Anna Duncan b. 18 Jun 1807
4. William C Duncan b. 9 Mar 1809, d. 6 Apr 1893
5. Daniel Duncan Sr b. 31 Dec 1810, d. 27 Nov 1873
6. Nancy Duncan b. 14 Nov 1812
7. Henry Lee Duncan b Ky d 1862
8. Sidney Duncan
9. Lee Duncan
10. Martha Duncan
11. Cynthia Duncan m
12. John Withers Duncan b. 1 Mar 1818, d. 24 Jan 1847
13. Jubilee Duncan b. May, 1821, d. about 1847
14. Samantha Duncan b. 16 Nov 1824
15. Survilda Duncan b. 26 Jan 1828
Du6-2 Susana Duncan (Aug 1766 - ) m 6 Mar 1787 in Lincoln Co Ky John McNeely b 1787 -1 Samuel Duncan McNeely born in 1787 in Kentucky. His gr grandson is the author's autosomal DNA match .
Du6 William Withers Duncan
m 3 JAN 1793 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, Nancy Jennings b 27 AUG 1769 in Fauquier, Va
Du5-1 Du5-1 Cynthia Duncan b. between 1793 and 1800, d. after 11 Jun 1834 in Ark m before 11 Jun 1834 y Scott -1-1 Emorine A Scott
-1-2 Nancy D Scott
Du5 Du5Elizabeth Jennings Duncan b. 1796, d. Aug, 1844 m 2nd Cousin Thomas Pope Bland s below .
Du5-3 Lucy Jennings Duncan b. between 1798 and 1799, d. 1870 in Lancaster Garrard Co Kym Abraham Adams b. bt 1797 - 1798, d. 1872 .
Du5-4 Nancy J Duncan b. between 1798 and 1808, d. after 11 Jun 1834 m Daniel Adams .
Du5-5 Sarah W Duncan b. between 1802 and 1804 William Richardson .
Du5-6 William Withers Duncan Jr b. 9 Jun 1802, d. 16 Sep 1866 Christianburg Shelby Co Ky m1 Elzina Turner b 26 Jul 1808 d 3 Aug 1840 m2 29 Mar 1841 in Shelby Co Ky Elizabeth King da of William Edwards King Jr and Elizabeth Basket -6-1 Nancy Mildred Duncan b about 1842 (earlier if by Elzine Turner)
-6-2 Caroline Jennings Duncan b about 1844
-6-3 William Albertus Duncan b about 1846
-6-4 Sarah Frances Duncan b about 1848
-6-5 Newton Porter Duncan b about 1852
-6-6 Mary Evelyn Duncan b about 1854
-6-7 Lucy Jane Duncan b about 1856
Du5-7 Augustine Jennings Duncan+ b. 1804, d. after 4 Aug 1870 m Eliza Comely b 21 Jun 1805 in Garrard Co Kydau of Sabret Comely b 1781/2 and Elizabeth -7-1 William J Duncan b. Jun 1, 1826, d. May 21, 1866 m 2 Dec 1846 in Frankli Co Ky Susan W Thompson and had
-7-2 Jennings B Duncan b 1827/8 in Frankfort Ky m1 Elizabeth Cline, dau of Israel Cline in Denton Tx and had Eliza and Mary Elizabeth m2 Martha J Cline dau of same and had Daniel B, Jennings B Jr, Edna L, and Mildred
-7-3 Martha Ann Duncan+ b. 1831, d. Apr 6, 1877 m 13 Mar 1851 in Ky William B Snook son of Martin Snook and Ellen Elizabeth Griffith (dau of Thomas Greenberry Griffth b 1781 d 22 Jul 1822 and Olivia Marlatt b 1775 d 1853 and granddau of Chisholm Holland Griffith b. 1759, d. Sep 10, 1833 and Mary Ann Scott3 b. 1759, d. 1782)
-7-4 John T Duncan+ b. between 1832 and 1833, d. before Jun, 1900 m 22 Feb 1869 in Ky Mary White dau of William White
-7-5 James D Duncan b 1834 d about 1867 m1 Catherine Bright, daughter of Noah Bright and Elizabeth Mayhall and had m2 Nancy Rodgers
-7-6 Elizabeth Duncan b about 1836
-7-7 Sarah Jane Duncan+ b. 26 Sep 1839, d. 22 Jun 1901 m 17 Mar 1857 Vanburen Snook and had
-7-8 Daniel Boone Duncan+ b. about 1840 Melissa A Winters and had Edgar Duncan b 27 Oct 1872
-7-9 Emily Duncan b Aug 1843 d 16 Aug 1902 m William Y Gordon son of Lawrence Washington Gordon and Catherine x and had
-7-10 Louisiana Duncan b. about 1840
-7-1-1. George Franklin Duncan b. 1847, d. Mar 8, 1894
-7-1-2. James Roberson Duncan+ b. about Aug, 1850, d. between Mar 8, 1894 and Jun 14, 1908
-7-1-3. John William Duncan b. Sep 14, 1855, d. Jun 14, 1908
-7-1-4. Walker Daniel Duncan+2 b. May 11, 1857, d. Sep 22, 1919
-7-1-5. Thomas Jefferson Duncan+ b. Sep 5, 1860, d. Jun 25, 1930
-7-3-1. Mary T Snook+12 b. Sep 11, 1852, d. Dec 27, 1924
-7-3-2. (given name not known) Snook1 b. Jul 9, 1853
-7-3-3. Anne Elizabeth Snook+ b. Oct 28, 1854, d. Aug 1, 1912
-7-3-4. Thomas F? Snook d. before 1860
-7-3-5. Sarah Belle Snook b. Mar 18, 1855, d. Sep 15, 1859
-7-4-1. Ann E Duncan1 b. about 1859, d. Sep 15, 1874
-7-4-2. John Wesley Duncan+ b. Sep 15, 1868, d. Aug 7, 1935
-7-4-3. Thomas Jefferson Duncan+ b. Dec 31, 1870, d. Jan 26, 1948
-7-4-4. A L Duncan1 b. Apr 30, 1873, d. Aug 26, 1874
-7-4-5. George Franklin Duncan+1 b. Dec 15, 1874, d. Jul 30, 1954
-7-4-6. Sarah Belle Duncan b. Nov 11, 1876, d. Sep 10, 1942
-7-4-7. Jossie Duncan+8 b. Mar, 1879
-7-5-1 James Edward Duncan
-7-5-2 Alice Elizabeth Duncan
-7-5-3 (by Nancy Rogers) James Berry Duncan
-7-7-1. Florence Snooks b. Jun 10, 1858, d. Oct 9, 1865
-7-7-2. Walker Bryant Snook+ b. May 14, 1860, d. Nov 10, 1918
-7-7-3. Winford Snook b. Dec 4, 1862, d. Apr 30, 1891
-7-7-4. Sidney Johnson Snook+ b. Mar 7, 1868, d. Jun 23, 1948
-7-7-5. Jennie Snook+ b. Nov 30, 1869, d. May 2, 1930
-7-7-6. Francis Marion Snook+ b. Aug 6, 1871, d. Feb 21, 1959
-7-7-7. Duncan L Snook+ b. Aug 12, 1880, d. May 10, 1953
-7-9-1. Lounetta Gordon+6 b. between 1862 and 1863, d. 1890
-7-9-2. Eliza C Gordon b. between 1863 and 1864
-7-9-3. William Jennings Gordon+ b. Apr 10, 1867, d. Jun 12, 1945
-7-9-4. Thomas Victor Gordon+ b. Jul 22, 1870, d. Nov 21, 1937
-7-9-5. Mattie E Gordon b. between 1872 and 1873
-7-9-6. Washington Virch Gordon+ b. Mar 28, 1881, d. Jan 17, 1936
-7-9-7. Sallie D Gordon+ b. Dec 29, 1885, d. Jan 2, 1925
Du5-8 Du5-8 Daniel Boone Duncan b. 26 Nov 1806 in Garrad Co Ky d. 20 May 1884 m Eleanor Cook, daughter of Rev Abraham Cook and Sarah Jones, October 10, 1833 in Shelby Co Ky and grandau of William Cook Jr b. about 1725, d. before May 22, 1790 and Margaret Jones b. probably circa 1734, d. between Mar 11, 1797 and Aug 15, 1797 8-1. Nancy Duncan b. Feb 24, 1835, d. Feb 24, 1901 m1 William Kessinger February 24, 1859 in Daviess Co Mo m2 Sylvester Stevens Meadows b. 29 Jan 1835, d. 3 Mar 1903
8-2 Narcissa Duncan b. Jun 1, 1836, d. Nov 25, 1925 in Butte Co Cal m1 William Thomas Carson m2 Barney Cooper b. bt 1833 - 1834, d. bt 16 Jun 1880 - Jun 1900
8-3 Addison Eugene Duncan b. Oct 31, 1839, d. Apr 26, 1919 in Willows, Glenn Co Cal m Barbara F Markesbury b. 8 Dec 1845, d. 2 Jul 1931
8-4 Prof Benjamin Franklin Duncan b. Apr 29, 1842, d. Apr 15, 1918 d Kansas City Mo grad Georgetown Col Scott Co Ky m Sarah E Buchanan b. 29 Oct 1843 dau of Prof James M Buchannan and America
8-5 Elizabeth E Duncan+ b. Oct 2, 1844, d. Jan 21, 1920 in Napa County, Cal m Shadrock Lewis Hays b. 26 Mar 1841, d. 5 Feb 1900
8-6 Dr Robert Bruce Duncan b. Oct 10, 1846, d. Jan 3, 1920 in Sonoma Co Cal m in Platte County, Missouri Sarah Eliza Stone 26 Apr 1874 .
8-7 Angeline Jennings Duncan+ b. Jan 29, 1849, d. May 25, 1939 in Los Angeles Cal m John Warren Dunn, son of Seth Cook Dunn and Nancy Montfort
8-8 Lemuel Duncan b. Jun 16, 1851
8-9 Caroline Duncan b. Sep 23, 1853 d y
8-10 William Rufus Duncan+ b. Jan 31, 1855, d. Dec 31, 1933
8-11 Howard Malcom Duncan b. Jan 29, 1858

8-1-1 William Kessinger4 b. between 1858 and 1859
8-1-2 James F Kessinger b. Feb, 1860
8-1-3 Mary J Kessinger b. between 1861 and 1862
8-1-4 Mary Meadows6 b. between 1862 and 1863
8-2-1 William Thomas Carson Jr b. Nov, 1856, d. Mar 4, 1924
8-2-2 Katherine Nancy Carson b. Jan 20, 1859, d. Dec 23, 1943
8-2-3 Addison Carson b. between 1861 and 1862
8-2-4 Charles Alvin Cooper b. Feb, 1868, d. Oct 25, 1932
8-2-5 Wyatt Cooper b. Dec, 1869
8-2-6 Claude Cooper b. Jun, 1873, d. Jul 17, 1938
8-2-7 Daniel Wirt Cooper+ b. Mar 7, 1876, d. Jun 28, 1952
8-3-1 Nina A Duncan b. between 1870 and 1871
8-3-2 Eugene C Duncan b. Oct, 1873
8-3-3 Garnett B Duncan b. between 1874 and 1875
8-3-4 Ethel B Duncan b. Jun, 1877
8-3-5 Van Cleve Duncan b. Sep, 1879
8-3-6 Mary Barbara Duncan b. Mar, 1883
8-3-7 French M Duncan b. Feb, 1887
8-4-1 James Buchanan Duncan b. 1869
8-4-2 Blanch Duncan
8-4-3 John McAfee Duncan b. Jan, 1876
8-4-4 Mary Eva Duncan b. May, 1881
8-5-1 William A Hays b. between 1865 and 1866
8-5-2 Gertrude W Hays b. Mar, 1868
8-5-3 Robert B Hays b. 1870
8-5-4 Walter D Hays b. between 1873 and 1874
8-6-1 J B Duncan b. between 1876 and 1877, d. before Jun, 1900
8-6-2 O K Duncan b. Dec, 1879, d. before Jun, 1900
8-7-1 Melbourn Dunn b. Nov, 1876
8-7-2 Myrtle Dunn b. Jan, 1880
8-7-3 Clare E Dunn b. Jul, 1881
Du5-9 Du5-9 Narcissa Duncan+ b. between 1812 and 1813 Unio Twp Hendricks Co Ind m John Thorpe b. 8 Feb 1811, d. 18 Nov 1900 -9-1. Sarah A Thorpe1 b. between 1839 and 1840
-9-2 Eliza J Thorpe1 b. between 1840 and 1841
-9-3 Elmira E Thorpe1 b. between 1842 and 1843
-9-4 William L Thorpe1 b. between 1845 and 1846
Du6-4 Elijah Duncan m Nancy Jennings .
Du6-5 Elizabeth Duncan (1771 - 1825) m Humphrey Pope ( - 1840) .
Du6-6 Daniel Boone Duncan (1773 - Sep 1856) m 1st Elizabeth Finney, m2 Lucy Lee (1776 - ) dau of Stephen Lee and Anne Poore, on March 6, 1799 in Franklin -1. Frances Duncan b. 1802 m in PendletonCo Ky Elizah Williams
-2. Mary Duncan m William Hudson
-3. Jerusia Duncan m Daniel Hudson
Du6-7 Hannah Duncan m Stephen Wilkerson .
Du7-4 Robert R Duncan Jr b 1740 -1 Jane Duncan
-2 Robert R Duncan III
-3 John Duncan
-4 James Duncan
-5 Mary Duncan
-6 Ann Nancy Duncan
-7 Lavina Duncan
-8 Sarah Massey Duncan
-9 >William Duncan
Du7-5 Phyllis Duncan (1742 - 16 Mar 1826)
m Cpt. John Barbee b 1726 and had issue
-1 Rosa BARBEE (20 Aug 1765 Culpeper Co, VA - 1788) m Enoch BRADFORD (7 Dec 1757 - 20 Jul 1823 Scott Co, KY) .
-2 Andrew BARBEE (15 Mar 1767 Culpeper Co, VA - 1 Jul 1813 Lexington, KY) m Rebecca Margaret BRADFORD (1772 - 2 Feb 1819)
-3 Susannah Howe BARBEE (18 Mar 1767 Culpeper Co, VA - 1834) m William PURNALL
-4 Eleanor Smith BARBEE (22 Jan 1771 Culpeper Co, VA - 14 Aug 1835) m Fielding BRADFORD, Judge (15 Feb 1767 - Jul 1839)
-5 Ann BARBEE (1 Feb 1773 Culpeper Co, VA - ) m y PARNELL
-6 Ezekiel BARBEE (4 Nov 1774 Culpeper Co, VA - 1820) m Mary Polly BRYAN .
-7 Lydia BARBEE (4 Mar 1777 Culpeper Co, VA - ) .
-8 Betsey BARBEE (18 Dec 1779 Culpeper Co
Du7-6 Rosy Duncan b 1741/3 d 7 Jun 1788/9
m James Jett b 1743 d 1805
Du7-7 Joseph Duncan Sr b: ABT 1744 d after 7 Jun 1788
m1 Sarah Fletcher and had , m2 21 Aug 1771 Hannah Freeman dau of James Freeman
1 Joseph Duncan Jr..
Robert Duncan
Gallop Duncan
Du7 Ann Duncan (1745 - 19 Jul 1839)
m Thomas Pope Sr
+1 Benjamin Pope b 10 May 1740
m Fauquier Co Va Behethelind Foote
Po6-1 Jane Gale Pope b about 1765 m Robert Terril Sr d before 25 Jul 1806 son of Robert Terrill Sr d. b 25 Jul 1806. -1 Thomas Terrill
-2 Polly Terrill
-3 John Terrill
-4 Robert Terrill Jr m Nancy Herring
-4-1 Elizabeth Terrill m James Thompson Pollard son of Granville Pollard and Elizabeth Thompson
Po6-2 Mary Ann Pope
m John Sutton
-1 William Sutton b. 28 May 1788
-2 John Sutton
-3 Alemander Sutton
-4 Christopher Sutton.
Po6-3 Alexander/Alemander Pope b BEF 1770 m 6 Jan 1787 in Lincoln Co Va now Ky Susannah Sutton 1 Jeremiah Pope
Thomas A Pope
2 Julianne Bland Bl5-12 s below b 10 Jan 1810 d 8 Apr 1848 dau of Charles Bland and Phyllis Ann Pope.
Po6-4 John Pope b ABT 1770
m 10 Mar 1795 in Lincoln Co Va now Ky Mary Vance
Po6-5 Humphrey Pope b ABT 1771
m1 Lettie Wilcox m2 Elizabeth Duncan Du6-5 s. above dau of Samuel Duncan and Nancy Withers<
Po6-6 Thomas Pope Jr b BEF 1772 d 10 May 1839
m July 27, 1803 in Garrard Co Ky Elizabeth Lair dau of Andrew Lair b. 1750, d. 1826 and Lady Frances Hubbard, Elizabeth m2 y Brady
1 Andrew Pope
2 Thomas Pope
3 William Pope
4 Mary Pope b 15 Jun 1807
Po6 Phyllis Ann Pope b: 26 May 1773 in Fauquier, Va m Charles Bland .
Bl5 Thomas P. Bland Birth: 10 DEC 1791 in Lincoln Co Va Colony d about June 1844 in Pike County, Missouri Bur 1844 Pike Co Missouri m 2nd Cousin Elizabeth Jennings Duncan see above. .
Bl4-1 Benjamin M Bland b 13 Nov 1820 d 1868
m Sarah Hodges b 9 Mar 1823
Bl4-1-1 George T. Bland b. bt 1842 - 1843
2 William H. Bland b. bt 1845 - 1846 m Martha
3 Elizabeth C. Bland b. bt 1848 - 1849
4 Walter Bland b. bt 1850 - 1851
-5 Stephen J. Bland b. bt 1852 - 1853 m Emma J. Maiden b. Sep 1863
6 Jesse Bland b. bt 1854 - 1855
7 James Bland b. bt 1856 - 1858
8 Darrell Bland b. bt 1860 - 1861
9 Mary Bland b. a Mar 1860
10 Sally Bland b. bt 1862 - 1863
11 Minnie Bland b. bt 1866 - 1867
-5-1 Ernest S. Bland b. Dec 1882
-5-2 Mary E. Bland b. Mar 1889 m Ernest Lewellen and had 1 Jay W Llewellyn 2 Gertrude Lewellyn b 27 May 1911 m Leroy F Hankins
-5-3 Orvel Bland b. May 1894
-5-4 Leota Bland b. Sep 1895
-5-5 Norman Bland b. 19 Dec 1901
Bl4-2 Sarah P Bland b about 1825 d 8 Jan 1856 m George Warner

Thomas Pope Bland about 1880, age 48

Back Row Left to Right: Martha Bland, Lou Ellen Bland (Sleadd), Mary Beatrice Bland (Busey), and Sarah/Sallie Bland (Sanford).
Front row Left to Right: Thomas Eugene Bland, William Leland Bland, and John Henry Bland.
Judging from the dates of birth above this picture was taken between 1889 and 1895
Bl4 Thomas Pope Bland b. 12th Oct. 1832 d 11 Feb. 1914 in Bagdad, Shelby Co. Ky.
m 31 JAN 1861 in Shelby Co., Kentucky, Levicy Jane Harris
Harvey Harris b Culpepper Va
m Martha Jamison whose parents possibly also came from the Northern Neck Va or from Maryland.
Bl3-1 (Bl3-1) Martha Elizabeth BLAND b 18 DEC 1861 in Shelby County, Kentucky Died: 4 NOV 1926
m on 24 MAY 1881 in Shelby Co Ky Walter L. Thompson b 4 JUL 1856 in Shelby Co Ky d 22 Jan
1 Lester P Thompson b Nov 1885
2 Willie L Thompson b Jan 1888
3 Lucile Thompson v May 1890
4 Sallie Thompson, married B. B. Wilson
5 Lu E Thompson b Dec 1892
6 Paul Thompson b Sep 1896
7 Mary Thompson b Apr 1898
8 Elizabeth Thompson b Jan 1899
Bl3-2 (Bl3-2) William Leland BLAND b 15 MAR 1863 in Ky d 07 APR 1945 in Shelby Co Ky bur Bagdad Cemetery, Bagdad, Shelby County, Kentucky,
m Amanda Beatrice RICHEY b APR 1865 in Kentucky, daughter of Fleming H RICHEY b 28 JUN 1828 in Allen County, Kentucky, and Sarah Ann Wilcoxson b: 09 APR 1838 in Shelby County, Kentucky. Married: BET 1889 andD 1890
Bl3-2-1 Mary E Bland b JUL 1890 in Kentucky, (JUL 1890 in Kentucky
Death: 1921 in Kentucky, married W. C. Harrison ) and had 4 ch y, x, Ruth and Mary
Bl3-2-2 Richard Harris Bland (b: 16 OCT 1891 in Kentucky, married Beulah Perry NEWTON b 1890 in Kentucky, d. 8 Feb. 1976) and had Leland H Bland who had by m1 Ruth Trammel 1. Ronald H Bland 2. Phillip L Bland 3. Michael D Bland 4. Barbara Bland m White, 5. Sarah Bland m Wilson, by m2 Helen x ?
Bl3-2-3 Nelle Bland (16 DEC 1892 in Kentucky d. 28 May 1946, Death: 28 MAY 1946 in Kentucky Burial: Bagdad Cemetery, Bagdad, Shelby County, Kentucky, m Arthur Victor Barnett and had 1 William A Barnett 2 Lt Paul Barnett b 19 Jul d 1944
Bl3 Dr Thomas Eugene BLAND b 13 JUL 1864 in Bagdad, Shelby County, Kentucky, He died in Nov? 1943, married Matilda Prather Nicholas Ni3 on June 20, 1906, dau of George Nicholas Ni4 and Mary Anna Pope Po4 Bl2 Anna Pope Bland was born June 26, 1908, in Shelbyville, Ky d 15 Feb 1970 in Saginaw Mi m Dr Eustace Granger Hester had 4 ch incl author
Bl2-2Levicy Jane Bland, the second daughter was born August 28, 1910, and died in February 1985 unmarried and without issue and was buried in Shelbyville next to her parents.
He1-1 Thomas Eugene Hester
He1-2 Dr. William Griffith Hester, author
He1-3 George NIcholas Hester
He1-4 Jane Ann Hester
Bl3-4 (Bl3-4) Lou Ellen BLAND b: ABT 1867 d Jul 1906
m William Thompson Sleadd b 12 Jan 1858 d 20 Feb 1928 son of James B. Sleadd and Sarah Thompson
Bl3-4-1 Agnes B. Sleadd b 02 May 1898 d 19 Jan 1994
Bl3-4-2 Bernard B. Sleadd b 17 Jan 1900 d 15 May 1972
m Annabelle Gladwell b Abt. 06 Jul 1907 d 15 Sep 1952
Bl3-4-2-1 Franklin Bland Sleadd b 30 Jan 1930 d 22 Jun 2009
Bl3-4-2-1-1 Robert Bland Sleadd
Bl3-4-2-2 Helen Douglas Sleadd b 27 Jun 1932 d Abt. 1969
Bl3-4-2-3 Bernard Allen Sleadd b 15 Aug 1933 m1 Unk , m2 Lori S. Epstein b: Abt. 1945 , m3 Judith A. Auge b Abt. 1948
Bl3-4-2-4 Mary Lou Sleadd b 07 Oct 1936
Bl3-4-2-5 William Carroll Sleadd b 25 Feb 1939
Bl3-4-2-6 Nancy Ann Sleadd b 14 Mar 1940
Bl3-4-2-7 James Thompson Sleadd b 09 Oct 1942
Bl3-4-2-8 Phyllis Jean Sleadd b 27 Feb 1944 m Roos
Bl3-4-3 Helen Sleadd b 12 Jul 1903 d Apr 1985
m James Augustus Arvin b 14 Aug 1900 d Dec 1978 son of Roscoe Elmer Arvin and Lucy Catherine Young
Bl3-4-3-1 Virginia Arvin b 16 Aug 1925
Bl3-4-3-2 Robert Powers Arvin b Oct 1938
Bl3-5 Sarah Prudence Bland b about 1866
Bl3-6 John Henry Bland b 2 Mar 1870
Bl3-7 Mary Beatrice Bland b 2 Feb 1878
Bl3-8 Harvey Erwin Bland; b 15 Feb 188
Bl4-4 John D Bland b 1831 d 31 Jul 1831/2?
m Matilda J. Rogers b. 25 Dec 1844, d. 10 Aug
-1 Edward Bland b. bt 1866 - 1867
-2 William S. Bland b. a Oct 1869
-3 Samuel Bland b. bt 1872 - 1873
-4 Geoffrey Bland b. bt 1874 - 1875
-5 Willis L. Bland b. 18 Jun 1875, d. 11 Aug m Amanda Samples b. 13 Feb 1888, d. 19 Oct
-6 Eva Bland b. 2 Feb 1878, d. 22 Feb m Enos Cummins b. a 1870
-6-1 Estille Cummins
-6-2 Lucille Cummins
-6-3 John T. Cummins
-6-4 Jesse Cummins
-6-5 Emma Cummins
-6-6 Robert Cummins
-6-7 Elizabeth Cummins
Bl4-5 Elizabeth Bland b. 1833, d. 8 Jan 1856
Bl4-6 Mary S. Bland b. 9 May 1834
m Henry C. Jamison b. bt 1831 - 1834
Jacob Jamison b. between 1800 and 1805, d. before December 12, 1859 Guist Creek Shelby Ky
m Lavicy Huss d. Jan 3, 1849 in Shelby Co Ky.
Abraham Jamison
Christina Fry
Bl4-7 Dr Dalzell Leland Smith Bland b. 30 Jul 1838, d. 18 Dec
March 17, 1868 in Indian Creek, Pike County, Missouri Sallie C. Duncan b. 16 Apr 1850 in Mo, d. 31 Jul
1 Elizabeth Bland b. bt 1869 - 1870
2 Leland Bland b. bt 1873 - 1874
3 Warren Bland b. Jun 1876
Bl4-8 x Bland b about 1840 d m James Moseley
Bl5-2 Nancy Bland b 04 Jan 1793 d. Jun 1833
Bl5-3 Sally Bland b 11 Oct 1794 d 05 Nov 1822,
m1 Erasmus Wilmot b 1790 d 18 Apr 1829 m2 William H Crow
Benjamin F Wilmot/Crow b 20 Sep 1818
Bl5-4 Mildred Bland b 01 May 1796, m 2 Jan 1825 in Gerrard Co Ky Thomas Austin b 24 Dec 1792 Albemarle Co Va son of John1 Austin b 1755 in Anne Arundell Co Md m 11 May 1777 in Anne Arundell Co Md Ann Baden b 1755 Bl5-4-1 Keziah Kittura3 Austin, b 1826. m John Johnson.
Bl5-4-2 Robert Austin, b 1828.
Bl5-4-3 Julie Ann Austin, b 1830. m Micajah Murphy.
Bl5-4-4 Benjamine Austin, b 1833 in Garrard County
Bl5-5 Prudence Bland b 01 Oct 1797
m 12 Oct 1818 Robert Austin b 14 Oct 1790 son of John1 Austin b 1755 in Anne Arundell Co Md m 11 May 1777 in Anne Arundell Co Md Ann Baden b 1755
Bl5-5-1 James3 Austin, b 1820. He married Eleanor.
Bl5-5-2 William Austin, bo 1823. m Joan.
Bl5-5-3 John Austin, b 1825.
Bl5-5-4 George Austin, b 1828.
Bl5-5-5 Thomas Austin, b 1829.
Bl5-5-6 Joan Austin, b 1832
Bl5-6 Benjamin Bland b 7 Mar 1799
Bl5-7 Mary Bland b 10 Sep 1800 d 26 Aug 1884 m. James S. Alderson b: 18 Jul 1798 d 20 Jan 1884
Bl5-8 Elizabeth Bland b 21 Feb 1802 d 20 Jan 1882
Bl5-9 John Bland b 21 Jul 1804 d 28 Feb 1858, m. Cynthia Ann Cox .
Bl5-10 Kisiah Bland b 12 Jan 1806 d 19 Feb 1860, m. James Brown .
Bl5-11 James Bland b 12 Jun 1808 d 17 Oct 1867 .
Bl5-12 Julianne Bland b 17 Jan 1810 d 22 Feb 1840 m. Thomas A. Pope .
Bl5-13 Charles Josiah Bland b 05 Mar 1812 d Abt. 01 Jul 1894 .
Bl5-14 Hiram Bland b 9 Feb 1814 d 18 Feb 1858 .
Bl5-15 Alemander Bland b 20 Oct 1817 d 04 Dec 1897
m. Margaret Bourne b 31 Aug 1819 d Aft. 1897 and had issue
1 Charles Bland b. 30 Sep 1841
2 Alexander Bland b 1842 d 6 Jul 1870 m Mary Alford b c 1845 ?dau of ?JOHN SEABORN Alford b 11 Oct 1807 Washington Parish Louisiana d 15 Nov 1891 Washington Co Louisiana
m 1834 MARGARET BRUMFIELD b 19 Feb 1819 Pike Co MS d 08 Sep 1885 Washington Co Louisiana
3 John Bland b 23 Mar 1845 d b 1860
-1-1 James W. Bland b. 8 May 1866, d. 17 Oct m Cora W Curd b 20 Aug 1877 d 27 May 1951 and had Alice, Eunice Cora and May Jessamine Bland
2 Alice Bland
Po6-8 Elizabeth Pope b ABT 1780
m Nathaniel R. Jurney b a 1770 d 1816
1 William Journey b 1795 had son.
2 Temperance Journey b. a 1798 m1 Thomas Higgins 1790 - 1836 m2 Levi Lowrey
3 John Journey b about 1804 m Mary McAlly b 18 Nov 1805
4 Mariah Jurney b about 1808 m Abraham Williams
5 Meredith Journey b about 1810 d 1833 m Frances Sharp b 29 Aug 1813
6 Nimrod Journey b. a 1811 m Jane Stapp
7 Ninian Journey b. 2 Oct 1813, d. 8 Feb
8 Wilson Jurney b 1816
9 Delilah Jurney b 1816
-2-1 Alcy Higgins m Levi Read
-2-2 Clayborn Higgins
-2-3 John Higgins
-3-1 Angeline J Journey m Thomas M Fullerton
-3-2 Jane F Journey m Horace G Woodworth
-3-3 Elizabeth M Journey b 10 Mar 1828 m Carus Cornell
-5-1 George Journey b 25 Jul 1831 d 10 Nov m1 Lucy A. E. Dew b. 22 Jan 1837, d. 16 Apr and had Edward, George and Roderick Journey m2 Rhoda A P Justice and had James, Horace and Ethel Journey m3 Lida Black and had Helen F Journey m y Snodgrass as well as Millie and Willis Journey
-5-2 John M Jurney b 1833 d 6 Apr 1864 m1 Mary S Farmer m2 Ritha S Walker and had Frank Jurney and Willis Jurney
-7-1 Sarah E. Journey b. 14 Feb 1835, d. 14 May
-7-2 William N. Journey b. 17 Apr 1837 m Caroline L Tooley
-7-3 Jane T Journey b 27 Mar 1839 m Charles D King and had Alice King
-7-4 Mary F. Journey b. 4 May 1841 Fayette Wisc d. 4 Oct
-7-5 John M. Journey b. 27 Aug 1842 Fayette Wisc d. 5 Aug 1844
-7-6 Nancy A. Journey b. 31 Dec 1844, d. 8 Dec 1845
Po6-9 Robert Pope b betw 1770/9 in Va Colony d 1813 served und Capt Philip King m 26 Feb 1799 in Gerard Co Ky Eleanor Vance .
Po6-10 William S Pope b 25 FEB 1785
m Mary Lair b. a 1788
1 Helena Pope b 1808 d 1891
2 Thomas W. Pope b. 22 May 1810, d. 13 Jan 1880 Ford Co Ill m Elizabeth Jane McKee, daughter of David Logan McKee and Elizabeth Brown Letcher, January 22, 1834 in Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky
3 William L. Pope.
-2-1. Barthena Pope b. Jul 3, 1835, d. between 1836 and 1844
2-2. William David Pope b. Apr 28, 1837, d. Apr 26, 1903 m Helen J. Carpenter b. 1 Sep 1860, d. 24 Jul 1898 in Hope Steele Co ND
2-3. Margaret R Pope b. Feb 7, 1839, d. after 1912
2-4. Robert Anderson Pope b. Feb 7, 1841, d. Apr 18, 1911 m Mary E. Carpenter b. 19 Jul 1849, d. 30 Nov 1892 in Hope Steele Co ND and had T.F. Pope, Eve Pope and Clara Pope b 5 Aug 1884 d 12 Feb 1947 in Portland, Multnomah Co Or m George E Knowles d 22 Jun and had 10 ch
2-5. Elizabeth Brown Pope b. Jan 7, 1843, d. 1923
2-6. Abner Baker Pope1 b. Apr 23, 1844, d. May 27, 1852
2-7. Samuel Finley Pope b. Jan 16, 1849, d. Mar 28, 1926 in Hope ND m Harriet M. Carpenter b. 15 Jun 1854, d. 22 Apr and had -2-7-1 George Edgar Pope+
2-8. Worden McKee Pope b Sep 27, 1849, d. Nov 1, 1912
2-9. Thomas L Pope b. Oct 7, 1853, d. Oct 27, 1853
2-10. Mary B Pope b. 1855, d. 27 Oct 1855
2-11. Mary Helena Pope b. 1860, d. 1889.
Du7-9 Gallop Duncan b ABT 1746 m Lucy Covington and had issue .
Du7-10 Lavina Duncan (1750 - 7 Jun 1788)
m John Barrow Lightfoot b. a 1752, d. a 1825
-1 Robert Lightfoot b. a 1773, d. a 1840
-2 William L. Lightfoot b. 25 Mar 1774, d. 15 Dec
-3 Edward Lightfoot b. a 1776 m Susannah Colvin
-4 Ann N. Lightfoot b. 1777, d. Jun 1857 m Robert Riddle
-5 Goodrich Lightfoot b. 1778 m Catherine Colvin b. a 1782
-6 Richard Lightfoot
-7 Frances Lightfoot
-8 John B. Lightfoot Jr b. 1780, d. a 1840 m Frances Greening
-9 Walker Lightfoot
-10 Phillip Lightfoot b. 1782, d. a 1813 m Susannah Smith
-11 James Lightfoot b. a 1789, d. b 1828
-4-1 Levinia L. Riddle
-4-2 Coleman Riddle m Sarah x
-5-1 Sarah Lightfoot d 1896 m William Richardson b 1810 Philadelphia d 1886 Monmouth Polk Co OR
-10-1 William Lightfoot b. a 1804
-10-2 Nancy Lightfoot b. a 1806
-10-2 John L. Lightfoot Sr b. 1809, d. 13 Nov 1892 m Rachel Kendall and had 7 boys and 4 girls

-5-1-1 Sarah Richardson b IL d 6 Apr 1900 Dalas Polk Co OR m George Robinson b 1831 d 1924
Du7-11 Charles Duncan (11 DEC 1751 - 17 Jul 1818)
m Elizabeth Dillard
-1 Pricilla Duncan b 6 Oct 1773 m y Bowmer
-2 Margaret Duncan b. 5 Nov 1775 m y Reed
-3 Mary Duncan b. 15 Apr 1780
-4 Mary Duncan b. 15 Apr 1780 m Zachariah Dulaney
-5 .
. shows Du7-12 Benjamin Duncan b Culpepper Co. d in KY ?= b 1764 d 1820 m1 Susannah Hawkins b 1772 d 1845 + ch m2 Mary Bennett -1 John Duncan
-2 Benjamin Duncan
-3 Samuel Duncan
-4 Elizabeth Duncan Arnett
-5 Simeon Duncan, b 23 Oct 1755
-6 Thomas Duncan b 1765 Pittsylvania Co. VA, d 28 dec. 1845 Monroe Co. TN. m 23 July, 1786 in Pittsylvania to Rhoda ?Berryman d 31 March, 1852. After the war he moved to Caswell Co. NC. and 1803 to Anderson Co. TN. then Monroe Co. TN.&
-6-1 Berryman Duncan, b 24 Oct. 1787 m Fanny born 1794. lived in Monroe Co. .
m2 Anne Gallop b 1715 married 2nd John Owens. .
Ga8-5? Claimed to be here was:
Winifred Gallop b 1718 d 1780 Nottaway Parish Amelia Co VA (name also shown as Mary Winniford Bryan)
m John Thomas Hightower b 1692 North Farnham Richmond Co VA d 4 Sep 1764 Nottoway Parish son of Joshua Hightower b 1660 d Aug 1726 and Eleanor Charnold
-1 Joshua Hightower b 14.09.1728 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co VA d 12.1794 Nottaway Amelia Co VA m 1754 Susannah b 1735 VA d 1781 VA
-2 Eleanor Hightower b c 1722 Richmond Co VA m 1740 Greenham Dodson son of Thomas Dodson
-3 John Thomas Hightower b 13.11.1725 Richmond Co VA d 1796 Lunenburg Co VA m1 by 1758 Ann Smith + 2 ch dau of Richard Smith m2 22 Sep 1774 Mary x
-4 Thomas James Hightower b 24.05.1731 Richmond Co VA d 1796 m Martha.
-5 George Hightower, b28.09.1733 Richmond Co VA d 1820 Jessamine Co KY
-6 Richard Hightower b 27.12.1737 Richmond Co VA
-7 Rebecca Hightower b 27.12.1737 Richmond Co VA d 1737
-1-1 John Hightower b 1755 VA d 1816 Caswell Co NC m 20 Mar 1790 Caswell Co NC Agnes Matlock b 1765 Caswell Co NC d there 1845
-1-2 Daniel Hightower b 1781 Amelia Co VA d 12.1828 Caswell Co NC
-1-3 Stephen Lee Hightower b 03.10.1777 Amelia Co VA d 19.07.1860 Sardis MS
-1-4 Deverux Hightower b 1774 i Amelia Co VA
-1-5 William Hightower m Nancy.
-1-6 Ann Hightower m Burrell Featherstun.
-1-7 Mary Hightower m Thomas Jackson.
-1-8 Sally Hightower m cousin Richard Hightower
-2-1 Judith4 Dodson b c 1740 Richmond Co VA
-2-2 Eleanor Dodson b 1755 d 1808 m Thomas Taylor 1768.
-2-3 Hightower Dodson.
-2-4 Thomas Dodson.
-2-5 George Dodson.
-2-6 William Dodson
-3-1 William Hightower
-3-2 John Hightower b Amelia Co VA d by 1796
-1-1-1 James Hightower b 1790 Caswell Co NC d c 1860 Johnson Co AL m 14 Dec 1812 Caswell Co NC Nancy Smith b 1792 NC d 13 Jun 1860 Johnson Co AL -1-1-1-1 JOhn W Hightower b 1818 Caswell Co NC d 1860 Johnson Co AR m 27 Jan 1836 Caswell Co NC Margaret Hester ?= b c 1818 dau of Achilles Hester b c 1795 and Elizabeth Jones -1-1-1-1-1 Elijah Hester Hightower b 31.03.1851 Clarksville Johnson Co AR d 01.05.1928 Colombus Colorado Co TX m x -1-1-1-1-1-1 Alma Hightower b 16.02.1886 dd 05.03.1886
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Marian Lanier Hightower b 1893 d 05.10.1970 m Leslie Cookenboo son of John Burkhalter Kookenboo
-1-1-1-1-1-3 Ethel Hightower b 17.03.1889 d 05.03.1981 m Walter George Glithero b 31.10.1889 d 10.05.1922
Eleanor/Elinor Bryant widow Gallop b ?1696 in King George Co Va
m2 c 1725John I Owens b c 1686 in King George, Va d bet. 1754–1755 in King George son of->
+1 John Owen b 1660 d 1712 Richmond Va and Rebecca Halle/Haile(s) dau of Francis Haile(s)
Br8-6 Nathaniel Owens b about 1720 in Kg George Co Va d 4/9/1807 in Fauquier Co moved to Kentucky sometime after 1765
m1 x +8 ch
m2 Ann wid Marder (her dau = Elizabeth Marder)
-1 Sarah Owens b 1749 d 1831 m Hugh Gorden b 1739 d 1834
-2 Samuel Owens b about 1755 and died about 1801 in King George Co, fought in the Revolutionary War bought 300 acres from Diggie Dishman in 1799 along with a grist mill, along Roziers Creek along the border of King George Co VA and Westmoreland m1 Margaret Jones + 2 ch m2 Elizabeth King b about 1766 d 12/8/1808 in King George Co +3 ch dau of William King and Elizabeth Edwards m?3 (seems to be a confusion with Samuel below) Vashty Owens
-3 Rebecca Owens b about 1760 f Fayette Co Ky m 19 Oct 1781 Fauquier Co Va Nathaniel Pettit b about 1760
-4 Behethelom/Behethland (Hetty) Owens b 1765 m Thomas Pettit d 1837
-5 Mary Owens b 1768
-6 Nathaniel Owens b 1764 d 1844 County's first elected Sheriff in 1792. He was the wealthiest man in the county, a prominent land owner and had a home built upon a knoll at Brush Creek in Greene County, KY. The homesite was rumored to be over 1,000 acres and was named LASHFIELD, a teacher and opened the Brush Creek Academy, which is now Boyd's Crossing at Highway 61 m1 Nancy Grayham b 1770 m2 Mary Ann Yates b 1784
-7 William Owens b about 1755 in Va
-8 William Owens b about 1760 d 1820 Hawkins Tn
-1-1 Owens
-2-1 James Rueben Owens m Catherine Dishman
-2-2 William Owens m Sally Calloun
-2-3 Fielding E. Owens b about 1778 a private in the 16th Regiment, Virginia Militia from 8/1814 to 9/1814 during the War of 1812 m Mary Polly Weeks Smith b about 1780 d after 1820
-2-4 Margaret Peggy Owens m Thomas Massey
-2-5 James Owens m Mary Ann Settle
-2-6 Samuel Owens in Revolutionary War
-2-7 Fanny Owens m Joseph Jones
-2-8 Nathaniel Owens m Rebecca Massey
-4-1 Sally O. Petit b 03 APR 1786 in Fauquier Co m 17 JAN 1805 Nathaniel Campbell
-4-2 Lucy Petit b ABT 1800 in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co KY m Aug 1818 Washington Ky Elijah Jeffries b 26 JAN 1799 in Jamestown Va
-4-3 Eliza Ann Petit b 16 DEC 1800 in Fauquier Co VA d 19 May 1886 in Knox Co Mo m 21 Dec 1825 Washington Co Ky William K. Humphrey b 13 DEC 1802 in Washington Ky son of George Humphrey b ABT 1775 in Va and Elizabeth Kendrick b ABT 1780 in Va
-4-4 Harriet Petit b ABT 1801 in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co KY m 2 Feb 1818 in Washington Co Ky John Hardin Wilson
-4-5 Jane Petit b in Va m 19 Dec 1812 in Washington Co Ky Reuben Smith
-6-1 Mary S. Owens (also known as "Lincoln's Other Mary", courted by Abraham Lincoln and proposed to, only to decline) m Jessie Vineyard of TX
-1-1-1 Owens
-2-3-1 Austin Putnam Smith Owens b 1802 in King George Co d 18 May 1840 m Jane Ammons Frank, born 15 May 1815 d between 1875-1880 in Westmoreland Co + sev ch
-2-3-2 James F. Owens
-2-3-3 Emily AS Owens m Burtin Cardin
-4-3-1 John Kendrick Humphrey b 22 OCT 1826 in Washington, Ky m 19 Nov 1848 b 14 MAY 1830 in Mercer Co Ky dau of Robert M Davis b ABT 1805 in Ky and Matilda Stone b: ABT 1810 in Kentucky granddau of Edmund Davis gr grdau of Asel Davis of Rockbridge Co Va and Rachel Montgomery
-4-3-2 Elizabeth S Humphrey b 1831 in Washington, Ky
-4-3-3 Thomas Pettit Humphrey b 23 MAR 1833 in Washington, Ky m 18 Dec 1856 in Scotland Co Sarah Jane Stough b: 30 JUL 1842 in Holmes Co Oh
-4-3-4 Eliza Ann Humphrey b 26 APR 1835 in Washington, Ky d 18 Aug 1916 Scotland Mo m 25 Oct 1837 David J. Stice b: 02 AUG 1837 in Bible Grove, Scotland Mo
-4-3-5 David W. Humphrey b 1837 in Washington, Ky
-4-3-6 Martin Humphrey b 26 NOV 1842 in Hurdland, Knox Co Mo m 7 Feb 1864 Martha Ann Funk b 30 MAY 1843 in Knox Co

-2-3-1-1 Richard Henry Owens, b 8 Dec 1833 in King George d 4 Apr 1913 in King George m Martha Pemberton b 13 Jun 1834 d 23 Feb 1923 in King George, served 9th Va Calvary, Johnsons Regiment. Enlisted 12 Dec 1862 at King George Courthouse in company 1 at age 28 assigned extra duty as a teamster. Was absent/sick from july through Dec 1863
-2-3-1-1-1 William Wesley Owens, b 28 Jan 1862, d Aft 1924 lived at 1414 Prince Edward Street Fredericksburg m1 18 Feb 1890 Olive/Olivia Parr m2 Lomie Chinn 28 Dec 1899
-2-3-1-1-1-1 Jane Pemberton Owens, b 1932
-2-3-1-1-1-1-1 Robert William Owens, b 1966
-4-3-1-1 Mary E. Humphrey b 21 SEP 1846 in Mo
-4-3-1-2 William Montgomery Humphrey b 30 MAY 1852 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-1-3 Matilda J. Humphrey b ABT 1855 in Mo
-4-3-1-4 Susan R. Humphrey b DEC 1855 in Mo
-4-3-1-5 Charles Humphrey b ABT 1858
-4-3-1-6 Isabel Humphrey b ABT 1858 in Mo
-4-3-1-7 John Humphrey b BET JUN AND AUG 1860
-4-3-1-8 Martha E. Humphrey b 29 JUN 1864
-4-3-1-9 James Patrick Humphrey b 03 APR 1866 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-1-10 Margaret Humphrey b ABT 1867
-4-3-1-11 Scott Humphrey b 07 MAR 1870 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-1-12 Manthus M. Humphrey b 04 JUN 1872 in Bible Grove, Scotland Co
-4-3-3-1 Ambrose Alphonso Humphrey b 11 SEP 1878 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-2 Zoe Elise Humphrey b 06 OCT 1880 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-3 Mina Esther Humphrey b 12 JUL 1883 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-4 Pleasant Clemmie Humphrey b 25 NOV 1885 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-5 Melissa Humphrey b 24 NOV 1857 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-6 Sarah Elizabeth Humphrey
-4-3-3-7 Martin Morgan Humphrey b 10 DEC 1860 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-8 William Humphrey b 04 JUL 1862
-4-3-3-9 John T Humphrey b MAR 1864 in Mo
-4-3-3-10 Alice Humphrey
-4-3-3-11 Joseph H. Humphrey b 1866 in Mo
-4-3-3-12 Nora E. Humphrey b 06 JAN 1870 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-13 Pius B. Humphrey b 07 APR 1872 in Scotland, Mo
-4-3-3-14 S Pearl Humphrey b 1874
-4-3-3-15 May Humphrey b 1877
-4-3-4-1 Sarah E. Stice b: ABT 1858
-4-3-4-2 William H. Stice b: 1860
-4-3-4-3 Arthur C. Stice
-4-3-4-4 Cornelia Stice
-4-3-4-5 Melvina Stice
-4-3-4-6 Ruth Stice
-4-3-4-7 Asa Stice
-4-3-4-8 Lillian Stice
-4-3-4-9 Augusta Stice
-4-3-6-1 P. Humphrey b ABT 1866
-4-3-6-2 E.a. Humphrey b ABT 1867
-4-3-6-3 George William Humphrey b 22 APR 1870 in Scotland Co Mo
Br8-7 Samuel Owens b abt 1725 in King George, Va m 1747 in Loudoun Co Va d 1766 in King George m Margaret Bryant Br10-1-1-1, a descendant of Chief Wahanganoche and of Pocahontas -1 Leah OWENS [~1745?] VA, James MONTEITH ?Menteith son of Thomas Monteith =? Menteith b about 1794 in Scotland d 1765 merchant of Glasgo Scotland, large land holdings in the counties of King George, Fairfax, and Prince William Va and Phyllis Gallop b 1712/?1695. grson of ?Sir James Menteith, later Dalyell, 3rd Bart of The Binns b c1690, d 28.02.1747 m Helen Campbell dau of Robert Campbell of Netherplace
-2 Reuben OWENS b ~1755? VA, d ~1826 King George Co. VA +8 ch m Sarah KINNEY?
-3 Vashty OWENS b ~1755? VA m Samuel OWENS ??Ow8-1-1-1 son of Nathaniel
-4 Lucinda OWENS b ~1755? VA m Thomas JETT
-5 Levina OWENS b ~1755? VA m John BRYAN(T)
-6 Susanna OWENS
-7 Seth OWENS
-8 Ephraim OWENS ~1763 VA m Lucina OWENS (who was she?) +7ch
-1-1 Enos Monteith b Louden Va 1776 m Eleanor x
-1-2 Keziah Owens Mantooth
-1-3 Aroye Finnell Mantooth b 1770 Loudon Va m John Finnell
-1-4 Enos Mantooth
-1-5 Fenton Barbee Mantooth b 1782 Loudon Va m x Barber
-1-6 Samuel O Monteith b 1785 Satfford Va d there 1862
-1-7 Leah Owens Mantooth
-2-1 Thomas OWENS ~1780? VA, m Leah Owens MONTEITH
-2-2 James OWENS ~1780? VA, m
Keziah Gallop MONTEITH
-2-3 Margaret OWENS ~1780? VA, m Dempsey SPILMAN
-2-4 George OWENS ~1787 VA, m1 Lucy Ann MONTEITH m2 Susanna CALL
-2-5 Townshend OWENS ~1800? VA m Ann (Nancy) OWENS (Who?)
-8-1 Enos OWENS ~1788 VA m Elizabeth STARR, Res: Shenandoah Co. VA, Bartholomew Co. IN
-8-2 Aseneth OWENS ~1790 VA m John SMILEY
-8-3 Esram OWENS ~1792 VA m Frances SMITH, Res: Bourbon Co. KY St Louis MO
-8-4 Anna OWENS 1798 VA m John DAUGHERTY
-8-5 Levinia OWENS ~1798? VA m EDWARDS & BEATY?
-8-6 Lucinda OWENS 1800 VA m1 Harvey HAMILTON m2 William BEATY
-1-1-1 James Monteith b 1800 Stafford Va m Elizabeth x
-1-1-2 Mischelle Monteith b 1806 Stafford Va m William Alexander Bowie
-1-1-3 Parenthia Monteith b 1808 Stafford Va d there 1850 m Fielding Hudson
-1-1-4 Ellen Monteith b 1810 Stafford Va m Gustavus B Newton b 1805 d 1870
-1-6-1 Elizabeth Monteith
-1-6-2 James Monteith
-1-6-3 John S Monteith
-1-6-4 Leah Monteith
-1-6-5 Mary Ann Monteith
-1-6-6 Nathaniel Monteith
-1-6-7 Thomas Monteith
-1-6-8 William Monteith
-1-1-1-1 James H Montieth
-1-1-1-2 Lucy Ann Monteith
-1-1-1-3 Richard Montieth
-1-1-1-4 Acenith Montieth
-1-1-1-5 Lydia Montieth
-1-1-1-6 Susan B Monteith
-1-1-2-1 William L Bowie
-1-1-2-2 Alice Ann Bowie b 1826 m Basil Gordon JOnes + 2 ch
-1-1-2-3 Catherine A Bowie
-1-1-2-4 Alex Bowie
-1-1-2-5 Pierce Bowie
-1-1-2-6 Alexander Bowie
-1-1-2-7 Theophilus Lewis Bowie
-1-1-2-8 Ajalon Bowie
-1-1-2-9 Rebecca F Bowie
-1-1-2-10 Thomas J Bowie
-1-1-2-11 Josephus Bowie
-1-1-2-12 Edwin R Bowie
-1-1-3-1 Seymour Monteith Hudson
-1-1-4-1 Parthenia Newton b Stafford Va m John Green +14ch
-1-1-4-2 Joseph B Newton
-1-1-4-3 Lucy Newton
-1-1-4-4 Isaac Newton
-1-1-4-5 Alvin Newton
-1-1-4-6 Luther J Newton
-1-1-4-7 John Redman Newton
Br10-5 Nathaniel Bryant b about 1657
p Mary Amees/Meese b/d in Stafford Co Va and had
-1 Ann Bryant b c 1675 m William Redman son of (Indian) y Redman/Redmond and Ann Meese
-2 Sylent Bryant
-3 Susannah Bryant
-1-1 Susanna Redmond b 1701 Stafford Va d 1752 Stafford Va m James Grigsby
-1-2? possibly here was y Redmond b c 1700
-1-3? Mary Jane Redman/Redmond m John Grigsby b 1660 d 1750
-1-1-1 Elizabeth Grigsby b 12 Jan 1755 Broad Run Pr Wm Co Va m James Foster b 1750 d 1800 son of Robert Foster b 1711 and Sarah Haley grandau of William Foster and Hannah Payne
-1-2-1 y Redmond b c 1725 ?= Solloman REDMAN m c 1746 Richmond Co Va Anne SISSON b 30 May 1726 dau of Henry SISSON b c 1705 d 6 Mar 1775 Richmond Co m Anne MEEKS (dau of Richard MEEKS and Ann x)
-1-3-1 JOHN GRIGSBY b 1680
-1-3-2 AARON GRIGSBY b c 1714
-1-3-5 Charles Grigsby b 1683 in Stafford Co Va d Oct 1740 in Stafford Co, Va m ca 1711 Sarah Wilkerson, ?dau of James Wilkerson and Mary Green
-1-3-6 Mary Ann Grigsby b 1684 in Stafford Co, Va m1 John Messe (Duke/Calhoun shows this marriage to have been to Col Henry Meese) m2 Benjamin Newton b 1669 in Anlaby d 1710
-1-3-7 James Grigsby b 1686 m Susanna Redmond b 1701 d 1732 dau of William Redman and Ann Bryant (the following is from Peggy Stevens's tree, but she show only ch 8 to ; and from Tyson Reich´s tree). had issue
-1-3-8 William Grigsby b 1687/8 in Stafford Co Va d after 1764
m Margaret Urley/Ursula Mann b 1695, dau of James Mann (data on issue from Deb Brewer Foster's tree)
-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Foster b 1738 d 1806
-1-1-1-2 Mary Foster b 1741
-1-1-1-3 Sarah Foster b 1743 d 1815
-1-1-1-4 William Foster b 1747 d 1825
-1-1-1-5 James Foster b 1750 d 1800 m Elizabeth Grigsby b 1755 d 1837 dau of Redmond Grigsby b 1721 d 1809 and Mary James b 1723
-1-1-1-6 Frances Foster b 1752 d 1844
-1-1-1-7 Molly Foster b 1758
-1-2-1-1 y Redmond b c 1750 ?= Henry Sisson REDMAN b after 1746.
-1-2-1-2 Sarah REDMAN b after 1746
-1-3-5-1 Margart Grigsby m John Smith
-1-3-5-2 James Grigsby m Sarah Suddeth
-1-3-5-3 Rosamond/Rose Grigsby m Benjamin Spicer
-1-3-5-4 Barbara Grigsby m y Runneles
-1-3-5-5 John Grigsby b 1720 Stafford Co VA d 7 Apr 1794 'Fruit Hill', Rockbridge Co., VA m1 Rosanna Etchison + 5 ch m2 Elizabeth Porter + 9 ch
-1-3-5-6 Charles Grigsby, Jr. m1 Elizabeth Lytle m2 Mary Bardford m3 Mary (Geer) Hunsinger
-1-3-5-7 Wilkerson Grigsby m Sarah x
-1-3-5-8 Priscilla Grigsby m Abraham Fletcher
-1-3-5-9 Rachel Grigsby m Isaac Rose
-1-3-5-10 Elisha Grigsby
-1-3-5-11 Reuben Grigsby
-1-3-6-1 Anne Meese b 1684 m1 Redman m2 Dr. Richard Bryant, b 1651/?40 VA d 1704 (VA Wills and Administrations, Stafford Co p.59 Will Book 2, p.227; 17th Century Colonial Ancestors, Supplement II, p. 9, 1979-1988.)
-1-3-6-2 LETITA/Leticia NEWTON b about 1702 d 1725 m PHILLIP CRAWFORD.
-1-3-6-3 MARGARET NEWTON b ??1708 St Pauls Parish m1 WILLIAM HEABARD m2 22 Jun 1722 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co John Travis/Travers
-1-3-6-4 BENJAMIN NEWTON b about 1705 m ELIZABETH GREGG dau of THOMAS GREGG b about 1630 in Eng d in Stafford Co Va and Lucy Heabard will dated 9 Jan 1730
-1-3-6-5 MARY NEWTON b about 1710 m JOHN RODGERS d Aft May 12, 1758 bef 11 Jun 1760

-1-1-1-5-1 Mary Foster b 1773 d 1854 m Elijah Wyatt b 23 Feb 1774 in Prince William Co d 18 Feb 1858 in Abbeville District SC
-1-1-1-5-2 Isaac Foster b 1778 d 1837
-1-1-1-5-3 Mildred Foster b 1775 d 1837
-1-1-1-5-4 Sukie Foster b 1777 d 1820
-1-1-1-5-5 James Foster b 1780 d 1780
-1-1-1-5-6 Redmon Foster b 1783 d 1848
-1-1-1-5-7 Silas Foster b 1785 d 1890
-1-1-1-5-8 Susanna Foster b 1786 d 1824
-1-1-1-5-9 Daniel Foster b 1789 d 1822
-1-1-1-5-10 Thomas Foster b 1792 d 1865
-1-1-1-5-11 Lilas Foster b 1795
-1-1-1-5-12 James Foster b 1807 d 1866
-1-1-1-5-13 Mary Foster b 1810 d 1890
-1-1-1-5-14 Thomas Foster b 1817 d 1896
-1-2-1-1-1 George Redmond b VA Jun. 1, 1789 d Clay, KY 8 Sep 1843 m1 Keziah Ford + 4 ch m2 Leannah Murray b 1817
-1-3-5-5-1 James Grigsby m1 Frances Porter m2 Rebecca (Anderson) Wallace m3 Mary Ann Monday
-1-3-5-5-2 John Grigsby b 15 Oct 1752 Culpepper Co., VA d 1842 Limestone Co AL bur Grigsby Cem m c 1758 Sarah Watson b 1767 ?VA d 1853 Limestone Co., AL
-1-3-5-5-3 Charles Grigsby m Elizabeth Wallace
-1-3-5-5-4 Sarah Mildred Grigsby b 1757 m Thomas Welch II b 1753 d 1821
-1-3-5-5-5 William Grigsby m Sarah Porter/Sarah McClure
-1-3-5-5-6 Ann Grigsby
-1-3-5-5-7 Joseph Grigsby m Mary Ashley Warren Scott
-1-3-5-5-8 Jane Grigsby m William Paxton
-1-3-5-5-9 Rachel Grigsby m Alexander McNutt
-1-3-5-5-10 Martha Grigsby m Alexander Trimble
-1-3-5-5-11 Elisha Grigsby m Elizabeth Hawkins Porter
-1-3-5-5-12 Elizabeth Grigsby m William McNutt
-1-3-5-5-13 Frances Grigsby m Thomas Beckham
-1-3-5-5-14 Reuben Grigsby m Verlinda Alexander Porter

-1-1-1-5-1-1 Eliza Wyatt b 1796 d 1882 m William Mattison
-1-1-1-5-1-2 Edna Wyatt b 1798 d 1851 m Ephraim Mitchell
-1-1-1-5-1-3 Col James Foster Wyatt b 1801 Broadmouth SC d 10 Mar 1868 Anderson Co SC m Nancy Pyles
-1-1-1-5-1-4 William Wyatt b 1803 d 1868 m Eliza Miller
-1-1-1-5-1-5 Redmond Wyatt b 1806 m1 Elizabeth Richey m2 Eleanor Seawright
-1-1-1-5-1-6 Mildred Wyatt b 1808 d 1893 m Abner Cox
-1-1-1-5-1-7 Susan Wyatt b 1811 d 1851 m Elias Key
-1-1-1-5-1-8 Harriett Wyatt b 1814 d 1874 m John Maudlin
-1-1-1-5-1-9 Malina Wyatt b 1819 d 1887 m1/?1 Hugh Alexander b 1819 m1/?2 Josiah White
-1-3-5-5-2-1 Margaret Grigsby b 1786 Laurens Dist., SC d 1878 Elkmont Limestone Co AL m 1810 Abbeville Dist SC Thomas L. Henderson 8 ch
-1-3-5-5-2-2 James Grigsby b 20 Dec 1789 Laurens Dist SC d 31 Aug 1849 New Garden Limestone Co AL m 1830 Margaret Martindale b 10 Apr 1812 d 12 Sep 1840 New Garden dau of Thomas Martindale and Elizabeth Levesque of Veto, Limestone Co
-1-3-5-5-2-3 John Grigsby b 17 Oct 1793 Abbeville Dist SC d 15 Feb 1862 Limestone Co.)
-1-3-5-5-2-4 Elizabeth Grigsby b 13 Feb 1803 Abbeville Dist SC d 1828 Limestone Co AL after birth of only ch m c 1827 Samuel Hamblin
-1-3-5-5-2-5 William Grigsby b 13 Feb 1805 Abbeville Dist SC d 11 Sep 1865 Limestone Co
-1-3-5-5-2-6 Caroline Grigsby b c 1806 Abbeville Dist SC m 8 Feb 1827 Limestone Co AL Arthur Reese Garrison
-1-3-5-5-2-7 Edward Watson Grigsby (8 Feb 1808 Abbeville Dist., SC - 24 Jan 1881 Elkton, Giles Co TN m 1831 Permelia Berry Adams
-1-3-5-5-4-1 Mildred Welch b 1776 d 1854 m Alexander McCorkle b 1773 d 1849 son of John McCorkle d 1781 and Rebecca McNutt b 1750
-1-3-5-5-4-2 Rosa Welch m William Cunningham

-1-1-1-5-1-9-1 Oliver Alexander b 1839
-1-1-1-5-1-9-2 Willis Alexander b 1841 d 1862
-1-1-1-5-1-9-3 Mary Alexander b 1844 d 1880 m William Crawford
-1-1-1-5-1-9-4 Samuel Alexander b 1846
-1-1-1-5-1-9-5 P alexander b 1847 d 1924 m Ann Edwards b 1862 dau of Jonathan Edwards b 1837 and Rebecca Moore grandau of Joshua Edwards and Nancy Mahalia Duncan b 1814 NC d 1855 Ashe NC
-1-1-1-5-1-9-6 James Alexander b 1851 d 1924 m America Wagnon
-1-1-1-5-1-9-7 Francis Alexander b 1852 m1 Maggie Murphy m2 Sarah Wagnon
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Jane Redmon b 1815
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2 Andrew Jackson Redmon b Virginia 1820 m Catherin Yaeger
-1-2-1-1-1-1-3 Hoplan Redmon b 1822
-1-2-1-1-1-1-4 George Redmon b 1826 d 1880
-1-2-1-1-1-1-5 William Redmon b 1836
-1-2-1-1-1-1-6 Sarah Redmon
-1-2-1-1-1-1-7 William Redmon
-1-3-5-5-2-2-1 Sarah 'Tiara' Grigsby b 1 Dec 1830 New Garden d 1913 Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto Co TX m. 13 Jan 1848 Limestone Calvin A. Redus 6 ch
-1-3-5-5-2-2-2 Thomas Martindale Grigsby b 6 Jun 1833 New Garden d 26 Sep 1840 same)
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3 John Pitt Grigsby b 27 May 1835 New Garden d 22 Mar 1874 Bethel, Giles Co TN m 30 Sep 1836 Limestone Octavia Clay Redus sis of Calvin A. Redus
-1-3-5-5-2-2-4 William Currin Grigsby b 1837 New Garden - 24 Sep 1840 same)
-1-3-5-5-2-2-5 Margaret 'Mag' Grigsby bSep 1840 New Garden - Prospect, Giles Co., TN m. 1858 Veto Joseph G. Mason 6 ch
-1-3-5-5-2-4-1 Sarah Hamblin b 1828 Limestone Co. - 1891) who married Robert Lamar Bridgeforth. Sarah was raised by John Grigsby and Sarah Watson
-1-3-5-5-4-1-1 John McCorkle b 1797 d 1879 m Sarah Cunningham b 1820 dau of William Cunningham and Rosa Welch
-1-3-5-5-4-2-1 Sarah Cunningham b 1820

-1-1-1-5-1-9-5-1 Maude Alexander b 1887 d 1967 m Olin Stevens son of Anthony Stevens b 1849 d 1933 m Eliza Baird
-1-1-1-5-1-9-5-1-1 Peggy Stevens, author's DNA match
-1-1-1-5-1-9-5-2 Ethelyn alexander b 1890 d 1976 m Harry Sanderson
-1-1-1-5-1-9-5-3 Mabel Alexander b 1896 d 1939 m1 Frank Girard m2 Gideon Powell
-1-1-1-5-1-9-5-4 Paul Alexander b 1892 d 1922
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-1 Edwin Redman b 1842
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-2 Sarah Redman b 1845 d 1853
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3 Granville Redmon b 17 Feb 1848 KY d 14 Nov 1914 Crawford Co AR m Mary Brown b 1848
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-1 Julia Redmon b 1870 m Edwin Routh b 1868
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-1-1 Mary Routh b 1892, ancestor of Martin Gabbard, author's DNA match
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-2 Daniel Redmon b 1885 m Lorraine Pitts
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-3 Albert Redman b 1892 m Frances Comstock
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-4 Daniel Redmon
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-5 Harve Redmon b 1881 m Talitha Branson
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-6 coral Redman b 1887
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-4 Howard Redman b 1848 d 1921
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-5 Elizabeth Redmon b 1851
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-6 Mary Redmon b 1853
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-7 Catherine Redmon b 1856/7
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-8 Lutisha Redmon b 1862
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3-1 Ophelia Grigsby b 20 Aug 1857 Limestone d 29 Jan 1933 Bessemer Jefferson AL m 23 Feb 1875 Bethel Ezra L. Edmundson, MD 6 ch
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3-2 James Pitt Grigsby b 18 Apr 1859 Limestone d 26 Sep 1881 Limestone New Garden
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3-3 Marie L. Grigsby (26 Mar 1861 Limestone d 22 Feb 1886 Limestone New Garden
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3-4 Thomas Redus Grigsby b 14 Sep 1865 Limestone d 23 Feb 1932 Birmingham AL m 14 Mar 1888 Athens, Limestone, AL Cora Legg, dau of James Henry Legg and Jane Vaughn Wooley 5 ch grandpar of mary Anne Rick
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3-5 Elizabeth Gay 'Lizzie' Grigsby b 2 Sep 1868 Limestone d aft 1948 Bessemer AL m 24 Jul 1895 Athens, Limestone, AL George Rowland Lewis MD 3 ch
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3-6 John Bein Grigsby (18 Jan 1871 Limestone - 12 Nov 1904)
-1-3-5-5-2-2-3-7 Harry Clay Grigsby (20 Jan 1873 Limestone - Aug 1920 m. 1897 Claton Price 2 ch
-1-3-5-5-4-1-1-1 = -5-4-2-1-1 William McCorkle b 1833 d 1904 m Aurelia Sterrett b 1836 d 1903
-1-3-5-5-4-1-1-1-1 Belle McCorkle b 1872 d 1957 m Michael Cunningham
-1-3-5-5-4-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Cunningham b 1894 d 1966 m Joseph Watson b 1887 d 1963 grandparents of Joseph Watson, author's DNA match
?Br10-6 Elizabeth Bryan, b about 1660 d in Stafford Co Va reported by b 1663 Isle of Wight Va d 31 Oct 1741 Bertie NC
m David Hopper b 1650 Bertie NC? d Feb 1736 Bertie NC
. .
Br10-6-1 David Hopper b 1680? Bertie NC d 1766 Henry Va m Elizabeth Freeman b 1682 Bertie NC d 1706 Henry Va. .
Br10-6-1-1 William Hopper b 1705 Bertie NC d 1783 Matrimony Creek NC
m Mary Ann Wright b 1716 Queen Annes Md d 1747 Matrimony Creek NC
-1-1-1 Joseph Hopper b 1738 Rockingham NC d 9 Dec 1822 Rockingham NC m Jane Monroe .
-1-1-1-1 Jane Hopper b 1769 Matrimony Creek NC d m Rice O Brim b NC. .
Thomas Brim b about 1800 NC d m Susann Wright b NC. .
Joseph H. Brim b 1831 Va .
Christopher C Brimm m Mattie Pitts .
Robert L. Brimm b about 1887 Ill d Sep 1975 Anna Union Co Ill m Inez Wilkins and had
Earl F. Brim m Helen B and had Gene Brimm b 1936 m x Lockard
Br10-7 Richard Bryan b about 1676, m Beth b/d in Stafford Co. Va .
reported dau of this Richard. Br10-7-1 Margaret Bryan cont. from above b about 1710 m Samuel Owens b about 1715 John Owens b about 1700 possibly the same asd 1712 in Richmond Co Va .
Br10-7-1 Lucinda Owens b about 1745 King George Co Va d 11 Aug 1823 Marietta Oh m Thomas Jett b about 1745 Stafford Co Va d 9 Sep 1832 Marietta Oh Francis Jett b about 1736 Va d 22 Oct 1791 White Oak, Stafford Co Va and Barsheba/Bathsheba Porch Peter Jett b about 1717 Mattox Creek Westmoreland Co Va d before 5 Aug 1784 King George Co Va
m Rebecca Bowen b aboout 1717 King George Co dau of Stephen Bowen and x Richardson granddau of John Bowen d 1686 Old Rappahanock Co Va as well as Thomas Richardson and Mary Thatcher Clapham
Francis Jett b about 1687 Richmond Co Va d 1762 King George and Margaret Payton b 1688 Richmond Co Va d 1739 King George
Br10-7-1-1 Margaret Jett b about 1775 d after 1850
m Nathanaiel Morehead b about 1772 Fauquier Co Va d about 1834 Wood Co Va
William Morehead b about 1740 Hamilton Parish Prince William Co Va d about 1809 Fauquier Co
Mary Jones
John Morehead Srb about 1700 Va d before 24 Oct 1768 Fauquier Co
m Mary Armistead b about 1700 King Georg Co d about 1768
possibly a dau of Ar9-3 William Armistead or Ar9-4 Henry Aristead and granddau of Ar10 John Armistead
Charles Morehead Jr
m Jane Presley b 29 Jan 1652 dau of Peter Presley and Winifred
Br10-7-1-1-1 Armistead Morehead b 14 Oct Fauquier Co d 17 Oct 1878 Sandyville Jackson Co WVa
m Tracy Richards b 20 Jun 1798 Va d 24 Mar 1872 Sandyville
Isaac Richards and Deborah Drake b 9 May 1773 Bloomfield Loudoun Co Va d 1 Dec 1827 Wood Co Va Thomas Drake b 13 Jul 1728 d 25 Jul 1811 Loudoun and Eurah Humphrey and granddau of Jonathon Drake b about 1689 Piscataway NJ d about 1754 and Mary Clawson and gr granddau of George Drake b about 1650 d after 8 Nov 1709 and Mary Oliver 2gr granddau of Francis Drake b about 1618 England d after 1687 Middlesex Co NJ and Mary Walker
Br10-7-1-1-1-1 Mary Elizabeth Morehead b May 1833 Jackson Co Va m Mark Custer Jr. b 1829 Green Co Pa d 1863 Jackson Co WVa
Br10-7-1-1-1-1-1 Alonzo Milton Custer b 11 Apr Sandyville Va d 28 Jul 1927 Sheridan Lake Kiowa Co Col
m Serena Jane Duncan b 9 Feb 1858 Mannington Marion Co Va d there 12 Apr 1907
George Nelson Duncan b about 1826 Harrison Co Va d befor 1900 WVa John Wesley Duncan (possibly of these Duncans) b about 1780 d 1836 harrison Co WVa and Phoebe Pigott
Br10-7-1-1-1-1-1-1 George Henry Custer m Mary Effie Goodwin and had George Henry Causter Jr. b 5 Aug 1911 father of David Francis Custer .
Ja11-2 Mary /?Ontonah Arroyah b about 1642
m ABT 1655 in Stafford Lt Col Henry Meese b ABT 1625 in Of Overwharton,Oxford,England
Robert Meese b ABT 1600 in Of Overwharton, Oxford
m Mercy Brent b ABT 1600 in Of Overwharton, Oxford
John Robert Meese b ABT 1575 in Of Overwharton
m Margaret Cox b ABT 1575 d Overwharton Parish Va
Ja11-2-1 Anne Meese b ABT 1656 in Stafford VA
m1 William John Redmond Sr
m2 1671 in Stafford = Br10-1 Richard Bryant b ABT 1651 in Stafford see above
-1 William John Redmond Jr b about 1675 Stafford Va d there 1706 m Eilzabeth Ann Elkins b 16?85 Stafford d 24 Aug 1752 Va dau of Richard Elkins and Mary Frances Ashton (dau of Col Peter Ashton b 1605 Lincolnshire and Grace Muse)
-2 Nathaniel Bryant b ABT 1672 in Stafford see Br10-1-3 above
-3 Elizabeth Bryant b ABT 1675 in Stafford see Br10-1-2 above ?= m JACOB ALFORD b 15 Aug 1761 Bute Co NC d 16 Jul 1824 Washington Parish Louisiana
-4 Susannah Bryant b ABT 1677 in Stafford VA
-5 Randolph Bryant b ABT 1680 in Stafford,VA
-6 Silent Bryant b ABT 1684 in Stafford see Br10-1-4 above
-6 Richard Bryant b ABT 1687 in Isle of Wight VA
-1-1 Susannah Redmond b 1690 Stratford d 1770 Pr Wm Co Va m James F Grigsby b 1686 Overwharton Parish d St Pauls Stafford Co son of John Grigsby b 8 Aug 1624 Maidstone Kent d 11 Oct 1730 Stafford Co Va m c 1660 in Stafford Co Jane Prosser
-1-2? possibly here was: y Redmond b about 1695
-3-1? JACOB ALFORD b 1788 Franklin Co NC m ELIZABETH PURVIS 02.12.1813 Franklin Co NC b 1790 Franklin Co NC
-3-2? LUCY ALFORD b 1782 NC d 24 May 1841 Sabine Parish Louisiana m WILLIAM MAINES b 1773 NC d 19 Sep 1849 Sabine Parish Louisiana
-3-3? NEEDHAM JUDGE ALFORD b 12 Jul 1789 NC d 19 Sep 1869 Groesbeck Limestone Co TX m MARTHA WADDELL 18 Feb 1815 Franklin Co MS b 15 May 1798 SC d 7 Nov 1876 Limstone Co TX dau of JOHN WADDELL and SARAH
-3-4? AXUM ALFORD b 1788 NC d 09 Sep 1850 Franklin NC m ELIZABETH x b 1788 NC
-1-1-7 Redmond Grigsby b 15 Apr 1721 St Pauls m1 Mary Susannah James b 1723 Pr Wm Co m2 Elizabeth Thomas b 1723 Pr Wm Co d Broad Run Pr Wm Co Va
-1-2-1 y Redmond b about 1725
-3-1-1 FEREBEE A ALFORD b 1834 Franklin Co NC m1 JOHN DICKENS b 1828 Franklin Co NC d 14 Feb 1916 Louisburg Franklin NC son of DUDLY HARRINGTON and CHARITY DICKENS m2 D W ALFORD
-3-1-2 MOSES ALFORD b 1815 Franklin Co NC
-3-1-3 JOHN ALFORD b 1814 Franklin Co NC m 19 Jun 1866 New Hanover NC SUSAN DUDLEY b 1813 Nash Franklin Co NC
-3-2-1 GEORGE MAINES b 1800.
-3-2-2 JESSE MAINES b 1805; d 1839 Washington Parish Louisiana m MARY WADE 25 Jan 1825; b 1800.
-3-2-3 PERMELIA MAINES b 24 Oct 1811.
-3-2-4 LURANEY MAINES b 1815 Washington Parish Louisiana m NOEL WADDELL 1837 East Feliciana Parish Louisiana b 1815.
-3-2-5 WILLIAMSON MAINES b 24 Feb 1817.
-3-2-6 MARY AZELEAT MAINES b 07 Jul 1822 Washington Parish Louisiana d 2 Oct 1902 Zwolle Sabine Parish Louisiana m W.PETER FRANCIS BUVENS b 1825.
-3-2-7 ELBERT R. MAINES b 08.1823.
-3-2-8 SERENA MAINES b 1825.
-3-2-9 WILLIAM SEABORN MAINES b 1827 Washington Parish Louisiana
-3-2-10 JOHN M. MAINES b 1831 Washington Co Louisiana d 19 Mar 1882 Marlin Falls Co Texas m RACHEL RICHEY 15 Jul 1852; b 05.1834.
-3-2-11 JACOB MAINES b 1833 Washington Parish Louisiana
-3-2-12 RICHARD A. MAINES b 10 Aug 1836 Washington Co Louisiana
-3-2-13 NOAH MAINES b 01 Aug 1839 Washington Co Louisiana
-3-3-1 SAMANTHA ALFORD b 5 Feb 1818 abine Parish, LA, m1 c 1841 William Jefferson Elam d c 1842 Natchitoches Parish LA m2 Aug 9 1849, in Sabine Parish LA John B. Self
-3-3-2 THOMAS SEABORN ALFORD b 1 Feb 1821.
-3-3-3 Elizabeth Bryant Alford b Sep 16 1823
-3-3-4 NEEDHAM BRYANT ALFORD b 30 Jul 1826
-3-3-5 JESSE POWELL ALFORD b 20.12.1828
-3-3-6 RICHARD ALFORD b 1830
-3-3-7 WILLIAM THEODORE ALFORD b 25 Feb 1832
-3-3-8 JACOB LAUHON ALFORD b 25.12.1834
-3-3-9 NOEL WADDELL ALFORD b 15.12.1838
-3-3-10 JOHN WADDELL ALFORD b 14 Nov 1842 Louisiana d 17 Jul 1863 Creek Nation Indian Terr
-3-4-1 LITTLEBOY ALFORD b 1810 NC ?d y
-3-4-2 WILLIAM ALFORD b 1816 NC m 5 Jan 1868 Franklin Co NC MARY ARENDEL dau of RICHARD ARENDEL and REBECCA.
-3-4-3 MOSES ALFORD b 1818 NC
-3-4-4 HENRY HARDY ALFORD b 14 Feb 1826 NC d 2 Jun 1887 NC m1 EMILY POPE b 03 Mar 1837 d 21 Sep 1878 + 11 ch dau of ENOS POPE and SEENEY m2 27 Mar 1879 Johnston Co NC NANNIE WATKINS b 23 Jul 1839 dau of JAMES WATKINS
-3-4-5 AINSAL ALFORD b 1826 NC m 13 Jan 1851 MARY ARENDEL b 1830 NC
-1-1-7-1 Elizabeth Redmond Grigsby b 12 Jan 1755 d 20 May 1837 m 15 May 1772 James Foster b 22 Jan 1750
-1-1-7-4 Dorcas Grigsby b 1777 Pr Wm Co d 1820 Nelson Co Ky m John Foster b 1773 Pr Wm Co son of William Foster b 1750 Broad Run Northumberland Co Va and Mary Jane x
-1-2-1-1 y Redmond b about 1750
-1-2-1-2? Jane REDMOND b c 1748 m Conquest Wyatt of Ohio b 1746 d >1812
-3-1-1-1 JONAS DICKENS b 1877 NC
-3-1-1-2 PATIENCE DICKENS b 1855 NC
-3-1-1-3 ALLEN DICKENS b 1857 Hillsboro NC
-3-1-1-4 CATHARINE DICKENS b 15 Jun 1858 Hillsboro Orange NC d 20 Jul 1918 Franklin County Louisburg NC m1 6 Feb 1878 Louisburg Franklin NC JOHN HENRY WILSON b 10 May 1849 NC d 27 Feb 1939 Grand Rapids Michigan son of HENDERSON WILSON and JULIA TAYLOR m2 6 Feb 1878 Franklin Co NC HANDY HILL b 1828 NC son of FRANK HILL and REBECCA.
-3-1-1-5 JESSEE DICKENS b 1861 NC
-3-1-1-6 DUDLEY DICKENS b 1862 Hillsboro NC
-3-1-1-7 MATILDA S DICKENS b 1864 Louisburg NC d 7 Mar 1924 Kittrell Franklington NC m 20 Nov 1888 Franklin NC THOMAS H BLACKNALL b 1900 NC son of WILLIAM BLACKNALL and MARGARET HIL
-3-1-1-8 FRANCIS DICKENS b 1867 Louisburg NC
-3-1-1-9 JACOB DICKENS b 1869 Louisburg NC
-3-1-1-10 EMILY DICKENS b 1872 Louisburg NC
-3-1-1-11 JOHN DICKENS b 1877 Louisburg Franklin NC
-3-1-1-12 b ALFORD m W. P. SPIVEY 19 Sep 1885 Columbus NC
-3-1-3-1 MOSES ALFORD b 1840 Franklin Co NC
-3-1-3-2 JOHN ALFORD m MARTHA ALFORD 09.12.1869 NC
-3-4-2-2 LEONA9 ALFORD b 25 Mar 1869 NC
-3-4-4-1 BENJAMIN JOSEPH ALFORD b 24 Aug 1854 NC d 8 Sep 1914 NC m 15 Feb 1876 Johston Co NC KIZIAH BOYETTE b 29 Mar 1853 d 14 Jul 1922 Johnston Co. NC dau of AMOS BOYETTE and SALLY FERRELL
-3-4-4-3 MARY CATRON ALFORD b 11 Mar 1859 NC d 21 May 1916 NC
-3-4>-4-4 MARTHAY EBALINE ALFORD b 08 May 1861 NC d 6 Sep 1886 NC m GASTON FLOWERS.
-3-4-4-5 FREDRICK LEANDERSON GRAY J. m ALFORD b 5 Nov 1863 NC d 11 Oct 1904
-3-4-4-6 SARAH LANEZIER JAIN ALFORD b 17 Mar 1866 NC d 31 Jul 1866 NC
-3-4-4-7 LAWRENCE O'BRYAN ALFORD b 02 Jan 1868 Johnston Co NC d 7 Aug 1938 Carolina Wilson Co. NC m1 PEORIA OVERMAN. m2 LINDA MAE WINSTEAD b 17 Jan 1869 Wilson Nash Co. NC d 07 Aug 1962 Kenly Jonhston Co NC dau of JAMES WINSTEAD and SUSAN CARTER
-3-4-4-8 RANSOME HARDY PATRICK ALFORD b 07 Oct 1870 NC d 30 Aug 1954 NC m LOULA VA NICHOLSON. b 17 May 1874 NC d 24 Aug 1949 NC
-3-4-4-9 LEROY FRANKLIN ALFORD b 05 Apr 1873 NC d 1 Aug 1947 Raleigh Wake Co. NC m LOUISE BISHOP. b 03.1876 Northampton Co NC
-3-4-4-11 xy ALFORD b 03 Sep 1878 NC d y
-3-4-5-1 REBECCA ALFORD b 1855 NC
-3-4-5-2 WILLIAM ALFORD b 1858 NC
-3-4-5-3 JANE ALFORD b 1860 NC

-1-1-7-1-1 Mary Grigsby Foster b 15 May 1773 in Prince William, Va d 8 Mar 1858 in Anderson SC bur Broadmouth Baptist Church Abbeville SC m 15 Sep 1793 in Prince William Elijah Wyatt b 23 Feb 1774 in Gloucester, Va d 18 Feb 1858 in Anderson son of William Edward Wyatt b 22 Jan 1742 and Frances Newton b 2 Nov 1747
-1-1-7-4-1 Margaret Foster b 1799 Va d 1850 m James Withers b 18 May 1793 Washington Ky d 2 May 1845 Nelson Co Ky son of
-1-2-1-1-1 y Redmond b about 1780
-1-2-1-1-2? George Redmond b 1789 d 1843
-3-1-1-4-1 LONNIE WILSON b 1875.
-3-1-1-4-2 LIZZIE WILSON b 1876 NC
-3-1-1-4-3 JULIA WILSON b 1878 Hillsboro Orange NC d 1930 Hopkinsville Christian Ky m1 JAMES S LONG b 1866 Stanly Co.NC son of WILLIAM LONG and MARY m2 17 Nov 1917 Hillsboro Twp Orange NC SIMUEL J WHITTED b 12.1894 Orange CO NC d 11 May 1925 Hillsboro Orange NC son of SAMUEL WHITTED and FRANCES MOORE
-3-1-1-4-4 JANET WILSON b 1880 NC
-3-1-1-4-5 THOMAS WILSON b 1882 NC
-3-1-1-4-6 BESSIE E WILSON b 1885 NC
-3-1-1-4-7 EFFIE E WILSON b 1887 NC
-3-1-1-4-8 NORFLED W WILSON b 07.1889 NC
-3-1-1-4-9 BIRTER T WILSON b 1892 NC
-3-1-1-4-10 FREDRICK C WILSON b 03.1894 NC
-3-1-1-4-11 TUNSTALL HILL b 1874 NC m TEMPY BROWN 26 Feb 1877 Louisburg Franklin NC dau of SALLY BROWN.
-3-1-1-4-12 LUCINDA HILL b 1871 NC m DOUGAN DAVIS.
-3-1-1-7-1 WILLIE BLACKNALL b 1899 d 22 Jan 1960 Kittrell Franklin NC VA
-3-1-1-7-2 MATHEW A BLACKNALL b 1900 d 29 Jun 1989 Chapel Hill Orange NC m MARY FRANCES BURRELL

-1-1-7-1-1-1 Malina Wyatt b 12 Apr 1819 in Abbeville, SC d 27 Oct 1887 in Bradley, Ar bur Williams Cem m 8 Feb 1838 in SC Hugh C Alexander b Abt. 1819 SC d Bef. 1870 son of David Alexander b 1767 NC d 1849 Anderson SC and Jane Woods b c 1770
-1-1-7-4-1-1 Rhoda Weathers b 13 Jan 1825 Nelson Co d there 7 Jun 1883 m George M Miller b 1811 Nelson Co Ky d there Aug 1889
-1-2-1-1-1-1 Lucinda Redmond b 1829 Salem Culpeper Co Va d 1880 Loudoun Va m James Louis Utterback b 7 Oct 1824 Fauquier Co Va d 1865 Loudoun Va
-1-2-1-1-2-1 y Redmon b c 1810
-3-1-1-4-3-1 IRVING LONG b 1889.
-3-1-1-4-3-2 LEELAND WHITTED b 11 May 1915 Fayetteville NC d 07.12.1994 Suffolk NY p ESTHER IRENE WALLIN dau of JOHAN WALLIN and OLUFINE IVERSEN. b 03 Jan 1920 Frankendalsgt. 17 Larvik d 10 Jun 1983 Buggesgt. 20 Larvik
-3-1-1-4-3-3 EUNICE WHITTED b 14 Jul 1917 Fayetteville NC d 19 Jun 1983 Boston MA
-3-1-1-4-11-1 GEO MOSES HILL b 1880 m CELESTIA BELL DEBNAM 15 Nov 1922 Franklin NC b 1894 dau of ROBERT DEBNAM and MELISSA
-3-1-1-4-11-2 MATTIE L HILL b 1887 NC d 14 Mar 1920 Franklin NC m GRAY DAVIES.
-3-1-1-4-11-3 ZENA V. HILL b 1892 Franklin NC d 18 Mar 1936 Franklinton Franklin NC
-3-1-1-4-11-4 ZOLLIE FELTON HILL b 06.12.1893 Franklin NC d Louisville Franklin NC m VIRDIE RANSOME.
-3-1-1-4-11-5 ELLA HILL b 1894 Franklin NC d 27 Jan 1919 Louisburg Franklin NC
-3-1-1-4-12-1 JOHN RILEY DAVIS b 05 Apr 1882 Randolph Co NC d 6 Feb 1947 High Point Guilford NC m LETA TILLEY .
-3-1-1-4-12-2 GERTRUDE DAVIS b 31 Jul 1889 Randolph County NC d 20 Aug 1918 High Point Guilford NC m 13 Nov 1910 High Point Guilford NC JESSIE FRED TAYLOR b 28 Aug 1888 Nash NC son of J. TAYLOR and JOANNA

-1-1-7-1-1-1-1 Pinckney Columbus alexander b c 1847 ancestors of Penny Perry
-1-1-7-4-1-1-1 Mary Belle Miller b 1858 Nelson Co Ky d there 29 may 1918 m James Harrison Ball b 18 Nov 1845 son of George Ball and Harriett Ballard ancestors of Joseph L Ball, author's DNA match
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Alfred Utterback b 1859 Marshall Fauquier Co Va m Puss x
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 James Edward Utterback m Willie Jane Edwards b 20 Feb 1874 Fauquier Co d 1952 Culpeper Co dau of Annie M Taylor b 1856 Fauquier Co m James A Edwards grandau of William F Taylor b about 1831 d there m Susan Leach ancestors of Julie Krumrine, author's DNA match
-1-2-1-1-2-1-1 Granville Redmon b 1848 d 1914
-1-2-1-1-2-1-1-1 Julia Redmon b 1870 d 1935 ancestor of Martin Gabbard, author's DNA match
-3-1-1-4-3-2-1 NELLIE IRENE REIF b 28 May 1949 Fürth Bayern Germany author's DNA match m1 ELEKTRIKER ARNFINN WANGSMO. b 26 Jan 1944 Stangvik,Møre and Romsdal. m2 KAI ARNT JAKOBSEN 27 May 1965 Larvik kirkes sakresti Vestfold son of SVERRE ERIKSEN and RIGMOR ANDERSEN
Ja11-2-2 Grace Meese birth b ABT 1657 in Stafford VA d 9 Sep 1677/?1706 Pr Wm Co m Peter (?John) Ashton -1 Grace Ashton b about 1675 m y Lee -1-1 Sara Lee b about 1700
m y Horn
-1-1-1 Hannah Horn b about 1725
m y Wright
-1-1-1-1 Rebecca Wright b about 1750
m Young Mann
-1-1-1-1-1 Amanda Benson Mann b about 1780 -1-1-1-1-1-1 M Pocahontas McDaniel Bolling b about 1805
m y Lovelace
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Kitty Florine Bolling Lovelace b about 1 -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Barbara Lovelace m y Hubbard
Ja11-2-3 Henry Meese birth b ABT 1658 in Stafford,VA .
Ja11-2-4 John Meese birth b ABT 1660 in Stafford, VA d there 1733 .
Ja11-2-5 Frances Meese birth b ABT 1638/?62 in Stafford Co VA d bef 1674
?m abt 1660 Rev. John Waugh b 1640 Tyrone Ireland
-1 John Waugh b 1661 in Westmoreland Co
-2 Elizabeth Waugh b AFT 1664 in Westmoreland Co
-3 Joseph Waugh b ABT 1672 in Stafford Co d 1 APR 1727 in Overwharton Parish m 1719 in Overwharton Mary Crosby b 28 JUN 1676 in St.Stephen's Parish, Northumberland Co (dau of George Crosby b BET 1649 AND 1655 in Northumberland Co Va and Mary Conyers b 1654 in London) she m1 Edward Mountjoy b: BEF 1660 in Biddestone Manor, Wiltshire Parish Engl + 2 ch m2 John Henry Mauzy b 11 DEC 1675 in France + 2 ch m3 as here
-4 Anne Waugh b 11 NOV 1680 in Stafford d aft 1726 m1 Giles Travers b ABT 1661 in Lancaster Co Va son of Rawleigh/Raleigh Travers b 1622/?1592 in England and Elizabeth ?Hussey b BEF 1637 in England/?Èlizabeth Doniphan b 1600 d 1649 m2 1718 in Stafford Co Lewis Ellzey b ABT 1643 Giles m?2/1 x Gower and had Tr-2 (?Is Ann Travers dau of Anne Waugh or x Gower, or was there an Ann by each spouse?)
-3-1 John Waugh b ABT 1722 in Overwharton Parish
-3-2 Mary Waugh b ABT 1725 in Overwharton Parish d there aft 1750 m 17 Jun 1741 in Overwharton Alexander Doniphan b BEF 1720 in Overwharton son of Mott Doniphan b c 1690 in Hanover Parish, Richmond Co VA and Rosanna Anderson b BEF 1700 in Stafford
-4-1 Elizabeth Travers b ABT 1703 in Overwharton Parish d there Oct 1728 m1 abt 1717 in Stafford Co John Cave b BEF 1687 in King & Queen Co m2 1719 in Overwharton Lewis Ellzey b 1702 in Overwharton Parish son of Thomas Ellzey b ABT 1666 in Essex Co Va and Isabel Thomasin b ABT 1670 in Stafford ?m3 Thomas Walker b 1715 d 1793 ?m4 Andrew Edwards ?m5 Keene Withers b 1728 d 1756
-4-2/?Tr-2 Anne Travers b 1705 in Overwharton Parish d bef 1748 in Truro Parish Fairfax Co m1 bef 1731 in Overwharton William Cave b 1700 d 14 Aug 1742 m2 Thomas Dent b c 1707 in Prince George's Co Md
-4-3 Million Travers b ABT 1708 in Overwharton Parish d 1748 Overwharton m bef 1740 Joseph Waugh b ABT 1706 in Overwharton Parish son of John Waugh b 1661 in Westmoreland Co and Martha Mothershead b BEF 1670 in Stafford

-3-2-1 William Doniphan b 20 MAR 1741/42 in Overwharton
-3-2-2 Elizabeth Doniphan b 12 APR 1744 in Overwharton
-3-2-3 Margaret Doniphan b 1746 in Overwharton
-3-2-4 Anne Doniphan b 28 FEB 1746/47 in Overwharton
-3-2-5 Alexander Doniphan b 2 MAR 1749/50 in Overwharton
-3-2-6 Thornton Doniphan b 1751 in Overwharton Parish
-3-2-7 Mott Doniphan b 10 JUN 1752 in Overwharton Parish
-3-2-8 Mary Doniphan b c 1753 in Overwharton Parish
-3-2-9 Joseph Doniphan b 1757 in King George Co
-3-2-10 George Anderson Gowry Doniphan b: 1759 in King George Co
-3-2-11 Dr. Anderson Doniphan b ABT 29 JUN 1764 in King George
-4-1-1 Lewis Ellzey b 1719 in Overwharton Parish
-4-1-2 Mary Cave b 1670 d 1712 m John Ecchols b 1650 d 1712
-Tr-2-1?/-4-2-1 Elizabeth Cave b 1731/?5 in Overwharton Parish d there 1790 m1 Keene Withers b 13 FEB 1727/28 in Overwharton Parish m2 Andrew Edwards b 1725 in Overwharton Parish (he m1 7 May 1751 in Overwharton Elizabeth Waugh + 3 ch) son of John Edwards b BEF 1692 in Westmoreland Co and x b BEF 1705 m3 Nathaniel Walker b 1730 d 1819
-4-2-2 James Cave b BEF 1740 in Overwharton Parish d aft 1742
-4-3-1 Elizabeth Waugh b 31 MAR 1740 in Overwharton Parish
-4-3-2 Travers Waugh b 24 JAN 1742/43 in Overwharton Parish d Aug 1765 Stafford Co

-Tr-2-1-1?/-4-2-1-1 Anne Withers b 10 DEC 1748 in Overwharton Parish m abt 1764 Thomas Mountjoy b 24 OCT 1740 in Overwharton Parish son of William Mountjoy b: 17 APR 1711 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va and Phyllis Riley b 15 NOV 1717 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford
-Tr-2-1-2?/-4-2-1-2 Mary Edwards b 1761 VA d 1839 KY m Alvin Mountjoy b 1 Feb 1746 Stafford Co VA d 3 Nov 1827 Pendleton Co KY
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3 Elijah Walker b 1760 d 1819 m Marsy McGill b 1760 d 1821
-Tr-2-1-4?/-4-2-1-4 Renelder Walker b 1762 d 1825
-4-2-1-2 Amelia "Million" Withers b 1750 in Stafford Co
-4-2-1-3 James Withers b 9 MAY 1752 in Hamilton Parish, Prince William Co
-4-2-1-4 William Withers b 20 FEB 1754 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-4-2-1-5 John Withers b 23 FEB 1756 in Overwharton Parish d 1828 Hardin KY m1? 1787 Culpepper VA Sarah Speake - 11 ch. listed, some duplicates with: m2? 21 Jul 1795 Botetourt VA Elizabeth ?? - 10 ch. listed
-4-2-1-6 Mildred Withers - abt 1750 Stafford Co VA
-4-2-1-7 Susan Withers b abt 1758 Botetourt Co VA
-4-2-1-8 Elizabeth Withers b 1770 Stafford VA - ???? m 1791 Michael Bower -
-4-2-1-9 Mary Cave Edwards b 1761 in Overwharton Parish m 2 Sep 1777 Alvin Mountjoy b 1 FEB 1745/46 in Overwharton Parish

-Tr-2-1-2?/-4-2-1-2-1 Mary Polly W. MOUNTJOY b 1 May 1787 Stafford Co VA d 6 Dec 1865 Falmouth Pendleton Co KY m Joseph Best b 1775 VA d 1822
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-1 West Walker b 1775 d 1847
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-2 Wesley Walker b 1779
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-3 Elijah Walker b 1780 d 1820
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-4 John S Walker b 1787/?9 TN d 1873 Centerville Yell Co AR m Martha Hedrick b 1789
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-5 James Walker b 1790
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-6 Agatha Walker b 1793
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-7 Joel Walker b 1794 d 1866
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-8 Nancy Walker b 1794
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-9 Sarah Walker b 1795
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-10 Elizabeth Walker b 1790/?7 d 1823/?35
-4-2-1-8-1 Harriet Bower
-4-2-1-8-2 Gustavus Bower
-4-2-1-8-3 Michael Bower
-4-2-1-8-4 William Bower
-4-2-1-8-5 Susan Bower
-4-2-1-8-6 Anna Maria Bower
-4-2-1-9-1 d 6 Dec 1855 Joseph BEST b 2 1765 in VA. d 1822 in Falmouth, Pendleton, KY

-Tr-2-1-1?/-4-2-1-1-1-1 Alvin Best b 1803 d 1883 m Sarah Hook b 1803 d 1860
-Tr-2-1-3?/-4-2-1-3-4-1 John J Walker b 1823 TN d 1864 Yell Co AR m Sarah Brommet b 1830 d 1870
-4-2-1-9-1-1 Sarah Mary BEST b 1822 m John BURWELL b 8 Nov 1817 in Zanesville, Muskingum, OH d 16 Jul 1870 in Portsmouth, Scioto, OH son of John BURWELL b 2 31 Dec 1782 in NJ d 16 Mar 1849 in Washington Twp Muskingum, OH m Violet Lettie LUCE on 15 Jul 1804 in Chester Morris Co NJ
-4-2-1-9-1-1-1 Mary BURWELL b 28 Aug 1843 d 14 Dec 1906 m Hobart GRAVES WETHERBEE b 19 Feb 1845 in Covington, Tioga, PA d 20 Feb 1885 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, MN
-4-2-1-9-1-1-1-1 Earl Hobart WETHERBEE b 13 Sep 1876 New Haven, MN d 26 Dec 1949 Saint Paul, Ramsey, MN m Mary Ellen BRIGGS b 3 Aug 1879 in SEYMOUR, Wayne, IA d 3 Mar 1963 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, MN
Ja11-3 Anne Arroyah b about 1644
Ja11-4 claimed to be a dau of Wahanganoche and ?? was:
Jane ?Arroyah ?wid Prosser b about 1644
m c 1660 in Stafford Co Va JOHN GRIGSBY b Aug 8, 1624 in Maidstone, Kent, England d Oct 11 1730 in Stafford Co VA
Ja11-4-1 JOHN GRIGSBY b 1660 d 1750 m JANE REDMAN/Redmond d 1756 in Stafford Co ?dau of Br10-5-1 Ann Bryant b about 1675 and William Redman son (Indian) y Redman/Redmond and Ann Meese -1
-5 Charles Grigsby b 1683 in Stafford Co Va d Oct 1740 in Stafford Co, Va m ca 1711 Sarah Wilkerson, ?dau of James Wilkerson and Mary Green
-6 Mary Ann Grigsby b 1684 in Stafford Co, Va m1 John Messe (Duke/Calhoun shows this marriage to have been to Col Henry Meese) m2 Benjamin Newton b 1669 in Anlaby d 1710
-7 James Grigsby b 1686 m Susanna ?Grigsby
-8 William Grigsby b 1687/8 in Stafford Co Va d after 1764
m Margaret Urley/Ursula Mann b 1695, dau of James Mann data from Deb Brewer Foster's tree

-6-1 Anne Meese b 1684 m1 Redman m2 Dr. Richard Bryant, b 1651/?40 VA d 1704 (VA Wills and Administrations, Stafford Co p.59 Will Book 2, p.227; 17th Century Colonial Ancestors, Supplement II, p. 9, 1979-1988.)
-6-2 LETITA/Leticia NEWTON b about 1702 d 1725 m PHILLIP CRAWFORD.
-6-3 MARGARET NEWTON b ??1708 St Pauls Parish m1 WILLIAM HEABARD m2 22 Jun 1722 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co John Travis/Travers
-6-4 BENJAMIN NEWTON b about 1705 m ELIZABETH GREGG dau of THOMAS GREGG b about 1630 in Eng d in Stafford Co Va and Lucy Heabard will dated 9 Jan 1730
-6-5 MARY NEWTON b about 1710 m JOHN RODGERS d Aft May 12, 1758 bef 11 Jun 1760
-7-1 Richard Grigsby b 1716 m Amie Rush dau of Benjamin Rush and Amy Harrison
-7-2 John Grigsby b 1718.
-7-3 Margaret Grigsby b 1720.
-7-4 Ann Grigsby b 1722.
-7-5 William Grigsby b 1724.
-7-6 Alice Grigsby b 1726 in Stafford Co, VA, m Benjamin Rush b Feb 3, 1714/1715 in NC d May 23, 1801 in Cape Fear River, NC, son of Benjamin Rush and Amy Harrison, Alice (Grigsby) Rush, Alice (Grigsby) Rush died about 1745.
-7-7 Lettice Grigsby b 1728 ?= m Michael Roark
-8-1 Benjamin Grigsby b 1707 Va reported by m St Pauls Parish Overwharton 14 Sep 1727 Ann Foley b before 1720
-8-2 Letitia GRIGSBY b abt 1725 d by 1760 m Nov 1747 Overwharton Parish Joshua OWENS b c 1725, King George Co VA d 6 Oct 1777 Prince William Co VA

-6-1-1 Sylent/Silent Bryant b c 1689 Stafford Co VA m1 1724/25 Thomas Jefferies b 1688 Richmond Co Va d 11 April 1733 Stafford Co Va m2 John Simpson, 1740 VA Wills and Administrations, Stafford Co., p.59; Will Book 2, p.227
-6-2-1 John Crawford.
-6-2-2 Letitia Crawford b about 1718
-6-3-1 Priscilla HEABERD Travis
-6-3-2 Leticia Travis b Abt. 1728
-6-3-3 William Travis b c 1725 d Bef Aug 1765 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va m Margaret Smallwood dau of Prior Smallwood and Elizabeth Stone.
-6-3-4 Margaret Travis
-6-4-1 Ann NEWTON b about 1725.
-6-4-2 Sarah NEWTON.
-6-4-3 Elizabeth NEWTON b c 1730.
-6-4-4 Benjamin NEWTON b? d c 1720
-6-5-1 Mary Rogers, b Abt. 1720 in Stafford Co VA d c 1802 in Warren Co NC c 1720 in Stafford Co.VA, d c 1802 in Warren Co NC m 30 Dec 1741 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co VA William Colclough b c July 02, 1716 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Va d June 1783 in Warren Co NC son of Benjamin Colclough and Rachel.
-6-5-2 Grigsby Rogers.
-6-5-3 William Rogers m Francs Hornbuckle
-7-1-1 William Grigsby b 1745.
-7-1-2 James Grigsby b 1747.
-7-1-3 Benjamin "Dutch Bennie" Grigsby b 1749 m Elizabeth Duncan.
-7-1-4 John Grigsby b 1751.
-7-1-5 Grizzele Grigsby b 1753.
-7-1-6 Euphema Grigsby b 1755.
-7-1-7 Bersheba Grigsby b 1757
-7-7-1? Sallie Roark b 1767/?73 VA d 7 Sept 1855 Perry Co KY m Elijah "General Lige" Combs b Mar 1770 Frederick Co VA d 12 Sept 1855 Perry Co KY s/o John Combs Sr and Nancy Harding
-7-7-2? James Roark
-7-7-3? Elizabeth Roark b 1780 Va d 1850 m Thomas Self b 1777 Va d Orange Co 1851 IN
-8-1-1 William Grigsby b 1728 in Kg George Co m 1748 in Brunswick Parish Kg Geo Sarah Owens b c 1730
of as yet unestablished relation to the above was:
-8-2-1 Joshua OWENS b 1748 VA
-8-2-2 William OWENS b ~1750? VA
-8-2-3 Johnson OWENS b ~1752? VA m Elizabeth Beeland Powell
-8-2-4 Samuel OWENS b 1762 VA d 1848 Mason Co KY m Elizabeth Conquest WYATT
-8-2-5 Nancy OWENS b 1772 VA m William OWENS Ow7-5-1 b 1763 d 1840
-8-3-? ?y Grigsby
-6-1-1-1 Silent Jefferies b 1723/?6 Stafford Co VA d 1807 Stafford Co (1789 Fairfax, Va, per Robert Suddath Descendants' site, Ancestral File #1M20-HZ4) m 19 Jan 1743 Overwharton Parish Benjamin Suddath b c 1719 Stafford Co., VA
-7-1-3-1 Susan Elizabeth Grigsby b 1782 in Virginia d 1876 in Perry Co, Ky m Alexander Crockett Ritchie the son of James Ritchie & Mary Keith
-7-7-1-1 Susan Combs b 1790/1820 m y Mattingly.
-7-7-1-2 Jackson G Combs b 1816 Clay Co KY d 1855/1860 Perry Co KY m. 11 Apr 1836 Perry Co KY to Martha "Patsy" Crank b about 1817 Perry Co KY d after 1880 Owsley Co KY.
-7-7-1-3 Jesse Combs b 12 Jan 1798 TN d 6 Jan 1874 Hazard, Perry Co KY buried Combs - Eversole Cemetery, Hazard, KY, m. 11 Jun 1821 Perry Co KY to Mary "Polly" Bolling b 7 Dec 1801 VA d 1875 Perry Co KY buried Combs - Eversole Cemetery, Hazard, KY.
-7-7-1-4 Elijah Combs Jr b 1804 Clay Co KY d 13 Apr 1847 Hazard, Perry Co KY m. 16 Feb/Apr 1826 Hazard, Perry Co KY to Mary Polly Ann Combs, b about 1805 Perry Co KY d about 1870 St Paul, Madison Co AR, d/o Jeremiah Lorenzo "Long Jerry" Combs and Nancy Combs. Mary Polly Ann Combs (aka Millie) m. Andrew Anderson Combs b 1812 s/o Jeremiah Chunky Jerry Combs and Synthia Sumner. Andrew Combs m. Polly Feltner b 1815
-7-7-1-5 Nancy Combs b 1799 VA d after 1850 Lafayette Co MO m. 15 Oct 1817 Clay Co KY to Frederick Wooten b 1790/1800 d after 1840 Lafayette Co MO.
-7-7-1-6 Louisa Combs b 1805 KY d after 1880 Perry Co KY m. 10 Jan 1822 Perry Co KY to Robert Bustard Cornett, b 17 Jan 1798 VA d after 1850 Perry Co KY, s/o William R W Cornett and Mary Everage.
-7-7-1-7 Mary Polly Combs b 1805 Perry Co KY d 1857 Perry Co KY m. 16 Jan 1823 Perry Co KY to Major John A Duff, b 1801 TN d 1892 Perry Co KY, s/o Rev Daniel Duff and Nancy Ann Ellison.
-7-7-1-8 Lucinda Combs b c 1812 Clay Co KY m. George Ison b about 1810 m before 1827 to Shadrick Duff, b between 1802 and 1809, s/o Rev Daniel Duff and Nancy Ann Ellison
-7-7-2-1 Cynthia Roark
-7-7-3-1 Mary Self m TN m John McDonald b 1802 TN d 27 Dec Hamblin TN gr grandson of Rachel McFarland
-8-2-1-1? possibly here or a nephew of Joshua Jr was Richard Owens b 1804 NC m Emily/Emiline Moody dau of John Moody and Elizabeth Oaks
-8-2-4-1 Dr. Maximillian Wiatt OWENS b 1784 VA to Mason Co. KY
-8-2-4-2 Sarah OWENS b 1785 VA
-8-2-4-3 Joshua OWENS b 1787 VA, to Mason Co KY
-8-2-4-4 Francis Wyatt OWENS b 1788 VA
-8-2-4-5 Wilfred OWENS b 1790 VA seved in War of 1812
-8-2-4-6 Athelstan OWENS b 1792 VA, to Mason Co. KY
-8-2-4-7 Ludwell OWENS b 1794, to Mason Co KY
-8-2-4-8 Conquest Wyatt OWENS b 1796 Mason Co KY
-8-2-4-9 Theoderick OWENS b 21 May 1798 Mason Co KY d 10 April 1863 m Eliza Curtis
-8-2-4-10 Frances Lay? OWENS b 1800 KY
-8-2-4-11 Roger Mungo OWENS b 1802] KY
-8-2-4-12 Louisiana OWENS b 1804 VA?, to Mason Co. KY
-8-2-4-13 Cleon Cain (Clem) OWENS b 1806 KY
-8-2-4-14 Elizabeth Mary OWENS b 1808 KY? ?= Eliza Owens b c 1806 m William Talbert b c 1801 SC
-8-3-?-1 y Grigsby
-6-1-1-1-1 William Suddath/Suddeth b 1751 d 1817 1790 census 96th district, SC; "History of Spartensburg" (per Robert Suddath descendants' site) m in VA? Letitia/Lettice Smith b 1758/? 1765 Manassas Va d after 1830/1817 Edgefield Co SC (MCR1127, testimony of grandson, Malichi K. Gilder, states that she was still living in 1830 dau of Tanachi/To-hol-ba-tubbe/?William Smith p.223 Volume I, Court of Claims Record, Choctaw Nation vs. United States or p.605 Volume I, Court of Claims Record, Choctaw Nation vs. United States or h and Letitia Hancock from Virginia,
-7-7-3-1-1 Belinda McDonald b 1837 TN d 1900 m John David White son of William White and Jane Mitchell
-8-2-1-1-1 Rachel Owens bb 12 Apr 1849 Neosho MO d 15 Nov 1920 Newton Co AR m James Pierce son of John Pierce and Polly
-8-2-4-9-1 Powell Benjamin Owens m Maria Griffith
-8-2-4-14-1 Emma Laura Talbert b 9 Feb 1846 SC d 9 Sep Charlotte Mecklenburg NC m Marcus Wesley Sutton son of Tarlor Sutton and Nancy Ann Scroter ancestors of William Byron Watts, author's DNA match
-8-3-?-1-1 J W Grigsby b Floyd County Dec. 18, 1922 d Amarillo Texas Feb. 12, 1990
m Charles Lanell Hays b Amarillo Oct. 8, 1936 d Amarillo Tx Jan. 14, 2006 parents of Linda Sandrige, author's DNA match

-6-1-1-1-1-1 Hancock Suddath,
-6-1-1-1-1-2 James Butler Suddath
-6-1-1-1-1-3 Lewis B Suddath
-6-1-1-1-1-4 Elizabeth Suddath
-6-1-1-1-1-5 Jane Suddath
-6-1-1-1-1-6 Letitia B. Suddath b 1817 (per grandson's testimony, MCR1592), SC (per census) d 1886 (per son's testimony, MCR1127) Notes: 1840 Marengo Co., Ala. also Latrice, on 1850 Chickasaw Co. census; HH186; Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1127; also MCR1593--application of her son, Malichi Kelly Gilder m Benjamin Culpepper Gilder b 1803 SC d 1840 Marengo Co. Ala son of Preston Sheppard Gilder b 1774 SC and Mary Culpepper b c 1783 Orangeburg SC
-6-1-1-1-1-6-1 Ann Elizabeth Gilder (Lyons) Rodwell B. 09 Jan 1824, AL (per MCR1592, testimony of her son: states birth 09 Jan 1830, but gives death at age 76) m Thomas Henry Rodwell, brother of Dr. William Rodwell of Monticello, MS b 1824, TN M. 24 Mar 1847 Marengo, AL D. June 1900 (per MCR 1592) Notes: Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1592--application of her son, William E. Rodwell:
-7-7-3-1-1-1 William Allen White b 1858 ancestor of Ramona Looper-Bailey, author's DNA match
-8-2-1-1-1-1 Mary Elizabeth Pierce m William Campbell ancestors of James Johnson, author's DNA match
Ja12-2+ Mary and Elizabeth, accompanied Pocahontas to England
Ja13=14 Kocoum married Pochohantas .

Rolfe Pedigree

1 y Rolfe
1 Henry Rolfe
Elizabeth Rolfe
m William Pettus ;
2 y Rolfe
John Rolfe

Doniphan Pedigree

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D011 Captain Alexander Doniphan b c 1630/53 d 1716 immigrated to Virginia from Plymouth, England in 1672 and settled in Westomreland County. He acquired the title of Captain by virtue of a commission in the Virginia Colonial Militia. Will probated 20 Sep 1716 in Richmond Co by which he bequeathed a large estate. Among itmes bequeathed was mentioned a "dymond" ring, a rare itme in Colonial records. He came to Virginia at the age of 18 years. From information furnished by: George H.S. King .
m1 1669 Amy Partirdge .
Do10-1 Amy Doniphan b about 1665
m1 John Kelly b about or after 1660 in Va, son of Matthew Kelly b before or about 1640 and Elizabeth Norton, daughter of Thomas Norton and Penelope.
Ann Kelly
m William Jennings b about 1695 in Richmond Co. Va
had issue
Alexander Doniphan Kelly co-guardian of niece Martha Jennings. .
Matthew Kelly co-guardian of niece Martha Jennings. .

Edward Ransdell .
m2 Margaret MOTT b about 1661 d about 1709 dau of George Mott and Elizabeth x
?Do10 Lucy Doniphan b about 1670
m Sylent Bryant see above
Do10-2 Alexander Doniphan b about 1672 possibly father or grandfather of Joseph Doniphan (see
m Sarah Sallis dau of Samuel Sallis and Sarah Catlett, dauof Col John Catlett and Elizabeth Underwood (who also married Taylor Lightfoot, Slaughter and Butler)
Do10-3 Mott Doniphan b c 1678/92 d c 7 Oct 1776
m Rosanna Anderson dau of George Anderson b 1670 Va m 1693 Mary Matthews b 1670 ( shows Mottram Doniphan and Matilda Ann Anderson having a dau Mary Doniphan b 10 Jul 1737 d 26 Dec 1781 m1 26 Feb 1754 Travers Cooke m2 13 Oct 1762 William Bronaugh.)
-1 Capt Alexander Doniphan b c 1718 of Stafford Co Va m 1740 Mary Waugh d 29 Mar 1766 Stafford Co see above dau of Joseph WAUGH and Mary CROSBY of Stafford Co
-2 Anderson Doniphan m Ga8-1-1 Magdalen Monteith
-3 Anne Doniphan b c 1720 Stafford Co Va m 4 Aug 1743 George White b bef 1723
-4 Robert Doniphan b c 1724 Stafford Co
-5 Mary DONIPHAN b 10 JUl 1737 Stafford Co d 26 Dec 1781 m1 26 Feb 1754 Travers COOKE son of John Cooke and Elizabeth Travers b c 1708 Stafford d aft 1733 Overwharton Parish Stafford Co VA m2 William Bronaugh b 16 Jan 1730 Kg Geo Co VA d 1800 Loudon Co son of Col Jeremiah Bronaugh Jr b 26 Feb 1701/2 Stafford Co VA d Nov 11, 1749, Fairfax Co VA and Simphia Rosa Ann Field Mason b Feb 25, 1702/03 VA d Nov 22, 1761, Gunston Hall Plantation, Fairfax Co VA
-6 Margaret DONIPHAN
-1-1 William DONIPHAN was born 20/30 Mar 1742 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Virginia William was wounded in the Revolutionary War
-1-2 George DONIPHAN b 1743 ?Overwharton Parish Stafford k Battle of Brandywine Creek in the Revolution
-1-3 Elizabeth DONIPHAN was born 18 Apr 1744 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co d about 15 Jan 1809 in Fauquier Co m William SMITH about 1773 and lived in Fauquier Co Va.
-1-4 Margaret DONIPHAN was born in 1746 and married John KEITH
-1-5 Anne DONIPHAN b 28 Feb 1747 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-1-6 Alexander DONIPHAN was born 12 Mar 1750 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co m Mary DAVIS.
-1-7 Mott DONIPHAN b 10 Jun 1752 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co d before 8 Sep 1783 in King George Co Va.
-1-8 Joseph DONIPHAN b 1757 in King George Co Va d in 1813 Justice of the Peace in Fredericksburg. moved to Kentucky. served in the Revolution. m Ann Fowke SMITH 25 Apr 1784 in Fauquier Co Va.
-1-9 George Anderson Gowry DONIPHAN b about 1759 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-2-1 Gerard DONIPHAN
-2-2 Rosanna DONIPHAN
-2-3 Mary DONIPHAN
-2-4 Elizabeth DONIPHAN m Richard Jonathan Shippe b 12 Nov. 1747 son of Thomas Shipp b 1727 d. 1777 and Elizabeth Grant
-2-5 Lucretia DONIPHAN m Thomas MONTEITH left his will dated 1 Dec 1746 proved 6 Mar 1746/7 in King George Co
-5-1 Col. John Travers Cooke b 5 Jan 1755 Stafford VA
-5-2 Mott Cooke
-5-3 Anne Bronaugh b 24 Dec 1764 Loudoun Co VA m Benjamin Grayson III
-5-4 William Bronaugh, Jr.
-5-5 Elizabeth Bronaugh
-5-6 Margaret Bronaugh
-5-7 John William Bronaugh
-5-8 Rosa Bronaugh
-5-9 Jeremiah William Bronaugh, Sr
-5-10 Mary Mason Fowk Bronaugh

-1-3-1 Mary Waugh SMITH was born 1 Jan 1775 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
-1-3-2 Ann Anderson SMITH was born 7 Oct 1776 m Capt Joseph DONIPHAN "She was a mere child when she married Joseph DONIPHAN" at age 16 about 1792.
-1-3-3 Walter Anderson SMITH b 1779 in Fauquier Co d 1845 in Fauquier Co will is in Will Book C page 372 dated 18 Mar 1844 in Warrenton, Fauquier Co "To each of his nine sons he gave 350 acres of land with a fine orchard complete. Colonel R. A. McIntyre states that upon abstracting titles he finds Walter Smith of "Mt Eccentric" was one of the largest landowners and wealthiest planters of Virginia. m 22 Dec 1803 in Fauquier Co Catherine MOREHEADunty, dau of Presley MOREHEAD. Walter died in 17 October 1845 at Mt Eccentric. He was buried in the family graveyard as were his father and grandfather. m2 Charlotte TRIPLETT dau of Col Francis TRIPLETT + 9 Children.
-1-3-4 William Rowley SMITH b 12 Feb 1781 in Fauquier Co m 21 Mar 1809 in Fauquier Co Lucy BLACKWELL b 3 May 1793 d 1879
-1-3-5 Joseph Doniphan SMITH was born 26 Oct 1782 in Fauquier Co
-1-3-6 Elizabeth Doniphan SMITH b 30 Jul 1784 in Fauquier Co m Capt George DENEALE
-1-3-7 Catherine Harrison SMITH was born 12 Jun 1789 in Fauquier Co
-1-8-1=-1-3-2-1 Alexander W. DONIPHAN b 9 July 1808 in Mason Co, Ky.
-2-4-1 Emma Grant Shippe married William Truman Jr.
-2-4-1-1 Anderson Shippe Truman, ancestors of Pres. Harry S. Truman
Do10-4 Robert Doniphan b about 1694 in Old Rappahannock Co lived in King George Co will in King George Co 3 Oct 1743
m about 1710 Ellen HACKLEY
-1 Robert DONIPHAN .
Do10-5 Sarah Doniphan b about 1698 in Old Rappahannock Co
m William HANSFORD 12 Feb 1725/1726 at St Paul's Parish, Stafford Co
Do10-6 Margaret Doniphan b about 1700 in Richmond Co d before 5 Jun 1724 in King George Co
m Owen DERMOTT about 1720.
Do10-7 Elizabeth Doniphan b about 1702 Richmond Co Va
m1 Stephen Hansford b 1699 son of Stephen Senior Hansford b 1675, England m 1695 x
m 4 Aug 1743 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, George White b ABT 1702 - Of Westmoreland, Va
-1 Alexander Hansford b ABT 1730 d King George, Va m 1752 Ann Turner -1-1 Theodosius Hansford b 1768 d King George, Virginia m 1808 Jane Thornley d 1824 -1-1-1 Eliza Hansford b ABT 1810 Montgomery, Virginia m? d Montgomery Co Ky
m3 Susanna ?Travers mentioned in the will Alexander Doniphan dated 20 Sep 1716 and and the will of Gyles TRAVERS .
Do10-8 Anne DONIPHAN b about 1704 in Richmond Co
m1 John Cave
m2 Gyles TRAVERS
?Do10-? Richard Donnahan b about 1650 participated in Bacon's Rebellion .
-1 Mary DONIPHAN was born in 1784 married Dr Anderson KEITH son of John KEITH and Margaret DONIPHAN
-2 Thomas DONIPHAN was born in 1787 in Fredericksburg, married Rebecca FRAZEE
-3 George DONIPHAN was born was born in 1790 married Mary Ann MARSHALL and settled in Augusta, Kentucky.
-4 Margaret DONIPHAN was born in 1792 in Kentucky married John HOCKADAY
-5 Lucy DONIPHAN died young
-6 Susan Montgomery DONIPHAN was born in 1794 in Kentucky married DrDr. Ephraim FRAZEE
-7 Matilda DONIPHAN was born in 1805 married Edward THOMPSON
-8 Alexander William DONIPHAN was born 9 Jul 1808 moved to Missouri and married Elizabeth Jane THORNTON of Liberty, Missouri. Alexander was influential in the founding of William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri
-9 Anderson DONIPHAN was born 1764

Anderson of Stafford Va
An11 David Anderson b 1631 in England d BEF 1692 in Stafford Co Va
m Elizabeth wid Sturman b 1631 in England
An10-1 David Anderson b ABT 1660 in Stafford Co Va
m abt 1695 in Stafford Co Jane x
-1 David Anderson b ABT 1695 in Stafford d there abt 1776
m Elizabeth 'Burras' Burroughs b ABT 1700 in Stafford County, Virginia
-1-1 William Anderson b ABT 1720 in Stafford
An10-2 George Anderson b ABT 1660 in Westmoreland Co Va d aft 1707 in Stafford Co Va
m1 Mary Matthews b ABT 1662 in Stafford + 1 ch
m2 Sarah Allerton b 1671 in Westmoreland dau of Isaac Allerton b 1630 in England and Elizabeth Willoughby b 27 SEP 1635 in Parnham, Suffolk
-1 Rosanna Anderson b BEF 1700 in Stafford
m Mott Doniphan b about 16?75/92 d aout 7 Oct 1776 see above.

Dalyell Pedigree

Taken from and
1. Robert Dalzell of that Ilk and Margaret Hamilton, circa 29 January 1551 .
1-1. Robert Dalzell of Ilk, .
married 1st unknown .
1-1-1 Robert Dalzell of that Ilk+1 d. b Feb 1610 .
1-1-2 Andrew Dalzell .
1-1-3 Christian Dalzell .
1-1-4 Margaret Dalzell .
m2 Christine Dundas, daughter of James Dundas, She married, secondly, James Robertson. .
1-1-5. John Dalyell was living at Midlothian in Edinburgh 2 Apr 1574
Gen. Thomas Dalyell
1-1-1-1 Thomas Dalyell
m 8 Oct 1601 Janet Bruce, daughter of Edward Bruce, 1st Baron Bruce of Kinlosse.
General Thomas Dalyell of the Binns b 1599. He died on 1 October 1685. General Thomas Dalyell of the Binns gained the rank of Colonel in 1642 in the service of the forces in Ireland.1 In 1649 he had charge of the customs of Carrickfergus.1 He fought in the Battle of Worcester in 1651, where he was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London.1 He gained the rank of General in 1651 in the service of the royalist army. In 1652 he escaped to the Continent.1 He gained the rank of Lieutenant-General in 1655 in the service of the Russian Army, against the Poles and Turks.1 In 1666 he helped suppress the Covenanters.1 He was Commander-in-Chief of the Scotland between 1666 and 1685.1 He was invested as a Privy Counsellor (P.C.) [Scotland] in 1667.1 He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Linlithgowshire between 1678 and 1685.1 In 1681 he raised the Scots Greys.
m Agnes Ker, dau of John Ker of Cavers.
. Sir Thomas Dalyell, first Baronet Dalyell of Binns, the rank of Army Captain.1 He was created 1st Baronet Dalyell [Nova Scotia] on 7 November 1685, with remainder to his eldest son and heirs male and tailzie succeeding him in the estate of Binns.(Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 1025. Hereinafter cited as Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition. ) .
m Katherine Drummond daughter of William Drummond of Riccarton and Magdalen Dalyell. .
Magdalen Dalyell .
m James Montieth later Dalyell .
Thomas Montieth married Phylis Gallop and had Magdelen Montieth .
1-1-6. James Dalzell was living at Midlothian in Edinburgh 2 Apr 1591 .
1-1-7. Catherine Dalzell, married John Robertson, Sheriff Clerk of Lanark.. .
1-1-8. Helen Dalzell, married John Stirling circa 16 November 1590, lived at Baldoran, Scotland. .
1-2 William Dalzell, d 8 May 1555 slain by John Douglas. (L. G. Pine, The New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971: Containing Extinct, Abeyant,
Dormant and Suspended Peerages With Genealogies and Arms (London, U.K.: Heraldry Today, 1972), page 55. Hereinafter cited as The New Extinct Peerage)
1-3 Paul Dalzell, d. after 1512 .
1-4 John Dalzell, d. after 4 Jul 1524 .
1-5 Christian Dalzell, She married, firstly, John Somervill, lived at Cambusneth, Scotland.. She married, secondly, John Lindsay, lived at Covington, Scotland..1 She married, thirdly, John Crichton in 1556, lived at Ryhill, Yorkshire, England. .
1-6 Margaret Dalzell .
The part of this pedigree on the entertainer on Wayne NEWTON is from: "NICOLE" <>
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Also on the Bryant line is Sherri Holmberg (Hampton)
One of the few sources is a booklet called
"MONTEITH Family & the Potomac Indians" by William "Bill" L. DEYO
& available for $24.99 from DeJoux Publications,
P.O. Box 1826, Dahlgren, Virginia, USA 22448.

DEYO is also descended from Japasaw &
is a past president of the Virginia Genealogical Society.
His booklet outlines the royal ancestry of Thomas MONTEITH (1694-1747)
of Scotland & Virginia with some info on his descendants of
Potomac/Patawomeck Indian blood & allied families.
Some important inclusions are:

(1) true ancestry of the NEWTONs of VA,Stafford-Co
who connect to Major William NEWTON, II d=1789
(son of William NEWTON, I & Elizabeth BERRYMAN)
There is some never before published information on
the family & descendants of his son, John NEWTON,
who married Mary THOMAS.

(2) notes on HANSBROUGH family of "Salubria"
& identification of "Indian Pete" HANSBROUGH

(3) identification of "Indian John" REDMAN of VA,Loudoun-Co

(4) names & distribution of some Nanzattico Indian children
among certain families in 1705

(5) photos & portraits (including Scottish color portraits of the
parents of Thomas MONTEITH) & info touching on many
other families of VA,Stafford-Co & VA,King-George-Co.


Biography of Pocahontas

She probably first saw Englishment in 1607 after Cpt. John Smith was captured on an expedition. Smith was received by Powatan who gave a feast which ended in a mock "execution and salvation" ceremony, which was traditional with the Indians, and if Smith's story is true, Pocahontas's actions were probably one part of a ritual. At any rate, Pocahontas and Smith soon became friends. Relations with the Indians continued to be generally friendly for the next year, and Pocahontas was a frequent visitor to Jamestown. She delivered messages from her father and accompanied Indians bringing food and furs to trade for hatchets and trinkets. She was a lively young girl, and when the young boys of the colony turned cartwheels, "she would follow and wheele some herself, naked as she was all the fort over." She apparently admired John Smith very much and would also chat with him during her visits. Her lively character and poise made her appearance striking. Several years after their first meeting, Smith described her: "a child of tenne yeares old, which not only for feature, countenance, and proportion much exceedeth any of the rest of his (Powhatan's) people but for wit and spirit (is) the only non-pariel of his countrie." When relations with the Powatans worsened her visits became more seldom. After Smith suffered a wound from gunpowder and returned to England in 1609 she was told he was dead. She married Kocoum in 1610 and lived in the Potomac country. Captain Samuel Argall, learned where she was and devised a plan to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. With the help of Japazaw, lesser chief of the Patowomeck Indians, Argall lured Pocahontas onto his ship. When told she would not be allowed to leave, she "began to be exceeding pensive and discontented," but she eventually became calmer and even accustomed to her captivity.
Argall sent word to Powhatan that he would return his beloved daughter only when the chief had returned to him the English prisoners he held, the arms and tools that the Indians had stolen, and also some corn. After some time Powhatan sent part of the ransom and asked that they treat his daughter well. Argall returned to Jamestown in April 1613 with Pocahontas. She eventually moved to a new settlement, Henrico, which was under the leadership of Sir Thomas Dale. It was here that she began her education in the Christian Faith, and that she met a successful tobacco planter named John Rolfe in July 1613. Pocahontas was allowed relative freedom within the settlement, and she began to enjoy her role in the relations between the colony and her people. After almost a year of captivity, Dale brought 150 armed men and Pocahontas into Powhatan's territory to obtain her entire ransom. Attacked by the Indians, the Englishmen burned many houses, destroyed villages, and killed several Indian men. Pocahontas was finally sent ashore where she was reunited with two of her brothers, whom she told that she was treated well and that she was in love with the Englishman John Rolfe and wanted to marry him. Powhatan gave his consent to this, and the Englishmen departed, delighted at the prospect of the "peace-making" marriage, although they didn't receive the full ransom. John Rolfe was a very religious man who agonized for many weeks over the decision to marry a "strange wife," a heathen Indian. He finally decided to marry Pocahontas after she had been converted to Christianity, "for the good of the plantation, the honor of our country, for the glory of God, for mine own salvation ..." Pocahontas was baptized, christened Rebecca, and later married John Rolfe on April 5, 1614. A general peace and a spirit of goodwill between the English and the Indians resulted from this marriage. Sir Thomas Dale made an important voyage back to London in the spring of 1616. His purpose was to seek further financial support for the Virginia Company and, to insure spectacular publicity, he brought with him about a dozen Algonquian Indians, including Pocahontas. Her husband and their young son, Thomas, accompanied her. The arrival of Pocahontas in London was well publicized. She was presented to King James I, the royal family, and the rest of the best of London society. Also in London at this time was Captain John Smith, the old friend she had not seen for eight years and whom she believed was dead. According to Smith at their meeting, she was at first too overcome with emotion to speak. After composing herself, Pocahontas talked of old times. At one point she addressed him as "father," and when he objected, she defiantly replied: "Were you not afraid to come into my father's Countrie, and caused feare in him and all of his people and feare you here I should call you father: I tell you I will, and you shall call mee childe, and so I will be for ever and ever your Countrieman." This was their last meeting.

After seven months Rolfe decided to return his family to Virginia, In March 1617 they set sail. It was soon apparent, however, that Pocahontas would not survive the voyage home. She was deathly ill from pneumonia or possibly tuberculosis. She was taken ashore, and, as she lay dying, she comforted her husband, saying, "all must die. 'Tis enough that the child liveth." She was buried in a churchyard in Gravesend, England. She was 22 years old.

Pocahontas played a significant role in American history. As a compassionate little girl she saw to it that the colonists received food from the Indians, so that Jamestown would not suffer the fate of the "Lost Colony." She is said to have intervened to save the lives of individual colonists. In 1616 John Smith wrote that Pocahontas was "the instrument to pursurve this colonie from death, famine, and utter confusion." And Pocahontas not only served as a representative of the Virginia Indians, but also as a vital link between the native Americans and the Englishmen. Whatever her contributions, the romantic aspects of her life will no doubt stand out in Virginia history forever.

The tribe is governed by a weroance (chief) and a tribal council composed of seven members, elected every four years. The chief and council execute all the tribal governmental functions as set forth by their laws. The laws are administered by tribal members. Elections are held every four in the traditional manner using peas and corn kernels. During the elections, a basket is passed around, including the same number of peas and corn kernels as voters. Members first vote for the chief, followed by votes for the seven council members. For each candidate, voters use a corn kernel to vote "yes" and a pea to vote "no".

An 1894 study of the Pamunkey reported on traditional elections:

“The council names two candidates to be voted for. Those favoring the election of candidate number 1 must indicate their choice by depositing a grain of corn in the ballot-box at the schoolhouse, while those who favor the election of candidate number 2 must deposit a bean in the same place. The former or the latter candidate is declared chosen according as the grains of corn or the beans predominate.”

The same study noted that tribal laws were concerned with, but not limited to, controlling land use, stealing, and fighting (breaking the peace). Instead of using corporal punishment, incarceration, or chastisement, anyone who broke a tribal law was fined or banished. Today, the tribe does not write most of its laws. They resented that in the past, outsiders picked out some laws for ridicule. No outsiders are now allowed to see tribal laws.[8]

Tribal laws govern all civil matters. In criminal matters, outside authorities respect tribal authority. If a sheriff needs to serve a warrant, he goes to the chief first for permission. The tribe does not operate a police force or jail. Most members of the tribe obey the tribal laws out of respect for the chief and the council. The tribe discourages verbal attacks against members. As the Chief Brown explains, they have strict slander laws because, "We're like a 400-year-old subdivision. If we didn't get along we'd have probably killed each other long before now."

The major duty of the chief is to pay the annual tribute to the Virginia Governor. This tribute consists of game, usually a deer, and pottery or a "peace pipe". It is a payment the tribe has been making since the treaty of 1646. Making this annual payment has not always been easy. Chief Miles remembers one year that was particularly hard, "We couldn't find anything, no deer, no turkeys--nothing. My dad was chief then, and we knew we had to have something to present to the governor; so we went to a turkey farm, bought a live turkey, brought it back to the reservation and killed it. That way we were able to fulfill the terms of the treaty--after all it was killed on the reservation." The Pamunkey pay tribute annually to uphold their part of the treaty. As far as anyone knows, they have not missed a payment in 331 years.

Based on archaeological evidence, scholars estimate that various distinct cultures of Native Americans occupied this part of the mid-Atlantic coast for more than 10,000 years before European contact. Evidence has been collected by archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians. Varying indigenous cultures lived in the areas later occupied by the historic Pamunkey.

The Pamunkey are part of the larger Algonquian-speaking language family. This was composed of a number of tribes who spoke variations of the same language, a language now mostly lost. By 1607 more than 30 tribes were tributaries of the Algonquian Powhatan Confederacy, of which the Pamunkey were the largest. They were one of the most powerful tribes. Powhatan and his daughter Pocahontas, who achieved historical fame, were Pamunkey Indians.

European contact
Initial contact with Europeans was around 1570. “And from [1570] on at ever briefer intervals until the first permanent English colony was established at Jamestown in 1607, the Powhatan Confederacy was visited by white men: Spanish, French, and English” (Barbour, 5). Scholars estimate that when the English arrived in 1607, this paramount chiefdom numbered about 14,000-21,000 people.

Colonists of the first successful English settlement, based at Jamestown, had a complicated relationship with Virginia Indians. In the winter of1607, Opechancanough, chief of the Pamunkey tribe, captured Captain John Smith. Smith was brought to the paramount chief, Chief Powhatan. This first meeting between Powhatan and Smith resulted in an alliance between the two people. Powhatan sent Smith back to Jamestown in the Spring of 1608 and started sending gifts of food to the colonists. If not for Powhatan's donations, the settlers would not have survived through the first winters. As the settlement expanded, competition for land and other resources, and conflict between the settlers and Virginia tribes increased.

Original English impressions

Pamunkey tribal members re-enact the story of Pocahantas. Photo taken in 1910.The story of Pocahontas tells a piece of Pamunkey history, but from an English perspective. Study of primary documents from the time of English arrival show that initial contact was characterized by mutual cultural misunderstanding. Colonists portrayed the Virginia Indians by contrasts. They had respect for Powhatan, but characterized other Indians by terms such as “naked devils”, showing fear. Fear and appreciation of Indians was coupled with distrust and uneasiness. John Smith’s diary expresses such duality: “It pleased God, after a while, to send those people which were our mortal enemies to relieve us with victuals, as bread, corn fish, and flesh in great plenty, which was the setting up of our feeble men, otherwise we had all perished” (Southern, 35).

The English distrusted most tribes, but they noted the Pamunkey did not steal. “Their custom is to take anything they can seize off; only the people of Pamunkey we have not found stealing, but what others can steal, their king receiveth.” (Southern, 83).

Powhatan could not understand the English approach. "What it will avail you to take by force you may quickly have by love, or to destroy them that provide you food? What can you get by war, when we can hide our provisions and fly to the woods? Whereby you must famish by wronging us your friends. And why are you thus jealous of our loves seeing us unarmed, and both do, and are willing still to feed you, with that you cannot get but by our labors?" (Southern, 97). Smith included this translation of Powhatan's questions in his writings.

Powhatan’s maternal relative and ultimate successor,Opechancanough, launched attacks in 1622 and 1644 as a result of English encroaching on Powhatan lands. The first, known as the Indian Massacre of 1622, destroyed settlements such as Henricus and Wolstenholme Towne, and nearly wiped out the colony. Jamestown was spared in the attack of 1622 due to a warning. During each attack, about 350-400 settlers were killed. In 1622 the population had been 1,200; and in 1644, 8,000 prior to the attacks. Captured in 1646, Opechancanough was killed by an English guard, against orders. His death contributed to the decline of the Powhatan Chiefdom.

In 1646 the first treaty was signed between the Opechancanough's successor,Necotowance, and the English. The treaty set up boundaries between lands set aside for the Virginia tribes and those that were now considered English owned, reservations lands, and yearly tribute payment of fish and game (made to the English). These boundaries could not be crossed unless it was on official business and badges had to be worn to illustrate the point.

The Virginia Colony continued to grow and encroach on Indian land, making it impossible for them to sustain traditional practices. Many Pamunkey were forced to work for the English or were enslaved. As the colonial settlement grew, so did settlers' resistance to Indian attacks.

Bacon's Rebellion

Bacon's Rebellion, which began in 1675, resulted in attacks on several tribes that were loyal to the English. Historians see the rebellion as mostly arising out of colonist Nathaniel Bacon and Governor Sir William Berkeley's personal rivalry. Some of the causes of the rebellion were declining tobacco prices (economic problems), growing commercial competition (from Maryland and the Carolinas), an increasingly restricted English market, and rising prices from English manufactured goods (mercantilism). Bacon, and colonists who agreed with him, found a scapegoat in continuing tensions and raids by local Virginia tribes. During reprisals for an incident in what is now Fairfax County, Bacon and his followers attacked innocent tribes, including the Pamunkey, for raids conducted by others.

Cockacoeske (weroansqua of the Pamunkey), who succeeded her husband after he was killed fighting for the English, was an ally of Berkeley against Bacon. To the English, she was known as "Queen of the Pamunkey". She is known for having signed the Articles of Peace (Treaty of Middle Plantation) after Bacon's Rebellion ended. As a result of the treaty, she gained authority over the Rappahannock and Chickahominy tribes, which had not formerly been under the paramount chiefdom of the Pamunkey. Completion of the treaty ushered in a time of peace between the Virginia tribes and the English. This treaty was signed by more tribal leaders than that of 1646. It reinforced the annual tribute payments and added the Siouan and Iroquoian tribes to the Tributary Indians of the colonial government. More reservation lands were established for the tribes, but the treaty required Virginia Indian leaders to acknowledge they and their peoples were subjects of the King of England.

Pamunkey Indians today
Today, there are about 200 tribal members, many of whom live at least part time on their 1,200-acre (4.9 km²) reservation.

The Pamunkey have been able to survive because of their ability to adapt as a tribe. Withstanding pressure to give up their reservation lands has helped them maintain traditional ways. Men use some of the old methods for fishing, part of the tribe's traditional heritage. They also continue to hunt and trap on reservation lands.

In 1918 the tribe built a shad hatchery to ensure continuation of an important food source. When shad are caught, the eggs of females are taken and placed into a bucket. Sperm from males are put into the same bucket. At holding tanks, the fertilized eggs are allowed to grow and hatch. Once the new fish are grown enough, usually after 21 days, they are flushed back into the river. Chief Miles estimates that seven million fry were put back into the river in 1998 and probably triple that amount in 1999.

The Pamunkey tradition of pottery making dates back to before the English settled Jamestown. They have been using clay from the banks of the Pamunkey River since pre-historic times. Many continue to use the traditional method. To do so, they let the clay dry, then break it into smaller pieces. These pieces are soaked in water until reaching the consistency of cream. The clay is strained to remove rocks or debris. The water is drained and pressed out until the clay is like dough. It is then ready to be made into pots. Traditional pottery by Pamunkey ancestors of the Woodland Period was strengthened with crushed or burned shells, crushed steatite, river pebbles, or quartz sand.
In 1932, during the Great Depression, the state of Virginia helped the Pamunkey develop their pottery as a source of income. The state set up a program for a Pottery School and provided a teacher. The State furnished materials for the building, but the tribe built it themselves. Tribal members learned methods to increase the speed of manufacture. They incorporated firing pottery in a kiln and using glazes into their techniques. They learned to use squeeze molds to produce copies of pots quickly. Kiln firing produced finished pottery of more uniform brown tones than the shades of gray from traditional pottery techniques. Pamunkey pottery-makers learned how to paint and glaze pots. The teacher taught them designs and pictographs based on well-known and popular Southwestern Indian traditions. Two pictographs represent important stories to the tribe: the story of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas and the story of the treaty that set up payments of game. After the teacher left the school, some members returned to traditional pottery techniques.

Today, Pamunkey use both traditional and newer techniques to create their pieces. To differentiate, pots made the traditional way are called "blackware." The Pamunkey Indian Museum has a variety of vessels, as well as videos and exhibits that explain the differences in construction methods, types of temper, and decorating techniques.

The Pamunkey ensured their Pamunkey Indian Museum, built in 1979, resembled the traditional yehakin. Located on the reservation, it provides visitors with insight into the tribe's long history and culture. Included are artifacts from more than 10,000 years of indigenous settlement, replicas of prehistoric materials, and stories. The Smithsonian Institution recently selected the Pamunkey as one of 24 tribes to be featured in the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in Washington, DC.

Abstracts ofWills and Deeds

establishing the relationship of the Gallops, Elkins, Monteith and Bryants with Keziah Arroyah
1634 JOHN ELKIN (no age) Arrival Maryland; passenger on the Ark or the Dove, the ships of George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore.

1634 JOHN ELKIN, Jamestown, Merchant; no additional data. Aren't they the same person?

"Cavaliers & Pioneers"; Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants, by Nell Marion Nugent, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1979.

1623-1666; Vol. I, Patent Book No. 3, Page 242

1653 May; Capt. Nathaniel Hurd, 250 acres at Queen Hith, on North side of James River, beginning at a small creek which divides this from land of Mr. Burham, decsd, along marked trees of land of Capt. Flint, decsd, to head of Run dividing land between Mr. Nowells and Mr. Hurd etc.

Same date and page. Transfer of five persons: Anne Gamon, Kath. Dearing(or Deaning), SAMPSON ALKIN, Richard Howell, George Blower.

PATENT BOOK No. 4, Page 364

1657 Feb. 10; Darcy Oatley, 350 acres, James City Co. On N. side of James River beginning at the main swamp and running along Edward Kinge (or Knight) marked trees, etc. Transfer of seven persons: Darcy Oatley, Jno. Bayly, Wm. Stronge, Xph. Wingfield, RALPH ELKIN, Math. Wms.(Williams), Phillip Gapper. Assigned unto Thomas Hollyday and renewed in his name.

p. 402; Yorke County, VA.; 1661 January 13th:
RALPH ELKIN, 30 acres, Yorke Co., VA. SW on the Great Horse Path, SE on land of Goodman Jones, NE on Stephen Garner, NW on George Wyatt and old Farr: transfer of Peter Nicholls.

PATENT BOOK 5, page 462, Gloster Co., VA. 1665 June 20th:

Mr. Richard Young, Sr. 1700 acres Gloster Co., 900 acres part of Waire Parish, beginning at marked tree of Thomas Todd on west side of Cow Creek on the head of Waire Parish upon the North River in said Bay, beginning at mouth of Back Creek running WNW until it meets said 900 acres &c. The said 1700 acres found to be within the bounds of 2400 acres granted to Edmond Dawber, 28 Nov 1642, and by his heir, sold to said Young and John Price, both of LONDON, 17 June 1659, said Price dying, said Young, survivor, received the whole patent, due for transfer of 34 persons: Isaack Stephens, William Lannaman, Jonathan Thouroughgood, Humphry Buckley, Thomas Jones, Jno. Nelson, Job Sutton, Margtt. Kate(or Kale), Thomas Bayly, Jno. Aiden(or Hiden), Edw. Smith, James Simmons, Tho. Greene, Rich. Mannering, Jno. Beals(or Bearts), James Goodwin, William Smith, RALPH ELKINS, Jonathan Mott, Ann Harper, Mary Harper, James Nelson, Augustine Skiner, Wm. Ayhurt, Gabriell Norton, Jno. Hay, 8 negroes. (It appears those transported were from LONDON as well.)

PATENT BOOK, 2, 1666/1695, BOOK 6, pp. 211/212:

1673 November 4th,: Jno. Prosser and Tho. Pannell, 5200 JOHN ASHTON, Will probated Stafford County, 26 Jan. 1682(83), and willed land he inherited from Col. Peter Ashton to James Ashton, their brother. He was formerly of Lowth (Louth). John Ashton's wife's name was Elizabeth and Capt. John Ashton, probably a son.JAMES ASHTON, died, Stafford County, formerly of Kirby-Underwood, Lincolnshire. His Will, dated 18 Aug. 1686 (87), names RICHARD ELKINS, John Ashton, son of Charles Ashton, Justice of Peace, and Col. Peter Ashton, Sheriff of Northumberland Co.,, VA. James Ashton hadGodchildren: RICHARD ELKIN, Sarah Mattershead, Miss Rosier, daughter of John Rosier, and Elizabeth Sebastian, and willed RICHARD ELKINS 100 acres of his land. The Estate "Chatterton" King George, VA., now belongs to a Tayloe family.

STAFFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK, abstracted by Sam & Ruth Sparacio:

p.57, Court held 28 Oct. 166, #339. MARY ELKING & THOMAS NETHAWAY gave their depositions in a court case involving a horse belonging to Robert Osburne. Was she wife of RALPH ELKINS?

1681 Nov. 8th; RALPH ELKIN purchased from Major Ashton, 150 acres of land in the Parish of St. Pauls, Stafford Co., Virginia, the plantation on which William Burton now lives.

1698-STAFFORD CO. DEED BOOK; John Waugh, clerk of Stafford Co. bought 70 acres from John to John Elkin by request of Samuel BOLT (Boll,sic) who bought it from James Ashton, bounded easterly with tract formerly belonging to Ralph Elkin.

1702 STAFFORD CO., DB W-2, p. 140, John Waugh bought 170 acres from John Elkin on 11 May 1702

1705 CHARLES CITY CO., Charles Evans, 176 acres Charles City Co., 1May 1705, p.661. Transportation of 4 persons: RICHARD ELKINS, Thomas Totty, Elizabeth Pratt, Joshua Pritchett. Is he son of Ralph or a new immigrant? Could he be the Richard of Halifax Co. Records 1750 to 1753?

1715 ELIZABETH, CITY CO.; EMANUEL ELKIN witnessed marriage of Anthony Williams to Rebecca Armstead. Benjamin Elkins of Culpepper Co., 1787 has a son named Emanuel. Is there a relationship?

ABSTRACTS OF ORDER BOOK OF STAFFORD COUNTY, VA 1664-1668; 1689-1690; abstracted by Ruth and Sam Sparacio

p.33-Court held 9ber (October?) 1666, page 57: Deposition regarding dispute of a horse made by Thomas Nethaway and MARY ELKING. Was she wife of RALPH ELKIN.

p.59-Court held Xber 12th Anno 1689, page 8: RALPH ELKIN petition that he be released from paying levys or public duties as he is now "sick and weak and past his labours". Granted.

p.84-Court held 7th April 1760, page 49: RALPH ELKINS again asks discharge from bond and Securityship and was released due to being "very antient, sick and weak".

p.104-Court held 9 July 1690, page 76. RICHARD ELKIN was summoned by sheriff to this Court to bring security and enter into bond concerning the Estate of David Thomas dcsd, his Father, RALPH ELKIN being lately dead......purchased by deed 150 acres of land from Major James Ashton. The said RALPH ELKINS by his "last will and testament dated the 26th day of May, 1690" (now lost) gave this land to his sons, RICHARD and NATHANIEL ELKIN. The said RICHARD ELKINS by indenture, 10 April 1726 sold this property to John Fitzhugh.

Page 242: 10 May 1726, RICHARD ELKINS, Jr., son, also by indenture, conveys this same property to John Fitzhugh. STAFFORD CO.,VA Deed BK. 1722/28.,p.313

1698 June 4, SAMUEL BOLT(Boll? sic) bequeathed land (100 acres) to JOHN ELKINS, son of RALPH ELKIN.

Abstracts from Stafford Co.,VA, Deed Book 1722-1728;page 422; Deed Bk. pg. 313: by Geo. Ha. Sa. King, Fredericksburg, VA.

Indenture 7 June 1726 it is stated that "Samuel Bolt (sic) who by his last will and Testament bequeathed the said Land (100 acres) to JOHN ELKIN son of RALPH ELKIN, the said JOHN ELKIN the 4th day of June 1698 conveyed the same to John Waugh, who on the 11th of May 1702 sells the same to George Procter, Sr. and George Procter, Jr., and William Procter, his sons...." the sons, then lease this 100 acres to John Fitzhugh.
Note:Was Samuel Bolt the father-in-law of John Elkin? Is this where the later named "Samuel Elkins" get the name, Samuel? NOTE:This Deed Book 1722/1728 is said to be in the Huntington Library in California.!!


pg. 64: ELKINS, RICHARD (son of Ralph) married by 12 January 1695 Mary Williams, daughter of Evan and Christian Williams; they have a son JAMES ELKINS, a minor, who is to be educated. DB #2, p. 87; DB #6, p,.37.

pg. 175: Benjamin Rush (16??-1766) of Westmoreland, King George, and Prince William counties of Virginia, and Bute County, North Carolina, married in the spring of 1717 Amy (surname unknown), widow of James Elkins (16??-1717), son of Richard and Mary (Williams) Elkins (q.V.),

p. 64. James Elkins' plantation of 250 acres fell into King George County upon its formation in 1721.
COB #7,p.99,218; DB #2, p. 87; DB #6, p.37; DB#7,p.191; WB#3, p. 317; King George County COB #1, p. 78,350 and DB #1-A,p.225, 294; OPR.,P.104.


1694 Jan. 12; p.47-Deed of Gift: James Elkins, son of Richard Elkins and his wife, Mary (Williams) Elkins, is willed by Mrs. Christian Williams of St. Mary's Parish in Richmond Co., "5 cows, a good feather bed and furniture and two brass kettles, one to hold about 13 gallons, 2 iron pots, 1 bell, mettle spice mortar and pestle, 5 pewter dishes, 2 horses and 2000 lbs. tobacco in cask" to be paid for aforesaid grandchild, (James Elkins) schooling when he comes to age of 23 yrs. Deed of Gift signed with her mark. 1726 ORDER BOOK, KING GEORGE CO., pg. 309; "On motion of Benjamin Rush, it is ordered that he be appointed guardian of JOSEPH ELKIN."

KING GEORGE CO., DEEDS, BK. I, pt. II, pg. 400, Deed of Sale: 5 Oct. 1727 Grantor-John I Owen, wife, Elinor (Gallop) Owen. Grantee-Nathaniel Ellkins of King George Co., carpenter Parcell of land bounded upon line of Major John Fitzhugh, Thomas Grigsby and Edward Brumstead. Signed in the presence of Richard RE Ellkins,Jr. and Jos. Crouch.

1735 KING GEORGE COUNTY DEEDS: At a County Court, Deed of Lease and Release Recorded, 6 Feb. 1735 for Indenture between James Brissee, #2?, wife Elinor, Richard Elkins and Mary, his wife and Robert Duncom and Ann, his wife, daughters and Coheirs ofRobert Gollop decd. of one part and by George James of the other part by deed of lease and granted untoBryan Foley and Robert Gollop, Father of Elinor, Mary and Ann,...24 Feb. 1714/15. Note: Husband of Elinor, 1727 was John I Owen.

KING GEORGE CO.,VA., Court Order Bk. I; pg. 164 Upon the petition of Richard Elkings and Mary, his wife, for the said Mary's part of her Father's estate. It is ordered that John Owens pay him the sum of seventeen pounds, sixteen shillings and eight parts with 105 fs.(pounds sterling?)

KING GEORGE DEED ABSTRACTS: 1735/1752; DB 3., PP.144/148:

9 MAY 1746, In a land dispute between George Mouton and Samuel Donne, Mr. Thomas Monteith and Mr. Richard Elkins give oath: "Thomas Montiethaged fifty two years..Richard Elkins aged forty seven.. (1746-47=1699)!! Birth Year.


6 Dec. 1723; p. 1.,Wm. Lampton,dcd., bond for Richard Ellkins,
6 July, 1727; p. 10., Henry Gallop, dcd., bond for John Owen, Rich. R. Roper, Nathaniel Ellkins.
5 June 1730; p. 27., JOHN ELKINS, dcd. Bond for ELIZABETH ELKINS, administrator of all the goods and chattels.
(Was she Elizabeth Bolt, daughter of Samuel Bolt?)
1 Feb. 1733; p. 34., NATHANIEL ELKINS dcd.; REBECCA ELKINS, and James Jones, Letters of Administration to administer estate of Nathaniel Elkins. (Rebecca later md. William Summerton)


William Summerton of county of King George and Parish of Brunswick made his will 13th Nov. 1741. Presented into court 2 March 1743 (1744) by Rebecca Summerton his Executrix and admitted to record.
Known Children of Nathaniel and Rebecca Elkin:
l. NATHANIEL: King George Co., Will Bk. pg. 217, mentions land his father, Nathaniel had left him.
2. JEREMIAH: Rebecca Summerton deeds land to her son, Deed Bk. #7, p. 181
3. ZACHARIAH: Rebecca Summerton deeds to her son, Deed Bk. #6, 5 Aug,. 1780
4. LETTICE TERIL, Nathaniel, Jr. mentioned her in his will.
6 Aug. 1778, the Will of William Johnston was admitted to probate by the county court by his son, George
p. 723: #4 Son, Robert Stringfellow (1736-1815) was indented on 1 April 1748 to serve JOHN ELKINS, being then "aged 11 years on 17th September last." Robert eventually moved to Fauquier county and resided at "Liberty Hill" where he died 13 February 1815. His will was proved at Fauquier Court 25 April 1815. Note: The Richard is #2, born 1699. Here we learn he was a Carpenter by trade.

KING GEORGE CO. INVENTORY, abstracted by Torrance: p. 138:

1751 RICHARD ELKIN (#2) died. Widow, Mary apptd. Administrator
1751-JOHN ELKIN died, Widow, Elizabeth apptd. Administrator. Court Order BK:3 p.2. 3 May 1751. Securities, William Stringfellow and John Crouch. Inv. recorded, Bk-2, p. 82/84, 7 June 1751. (was he brother to Richard #2. and son of Richard #1.?)

AMELIA COUNTY COURT ORDER BOOK, 1735-1746, by G.J. McConnaughey

1745, May 17, p. 314-B, Ordered road be cleared from head of Little Roanoke River along the ridge between Briery Creek & Buffelloe River to Rutlidge's ford over Appomattox River. The group included RALPH ELKIN.
p.316-A, "Case Edward Booker, Jr. vs. Ralph Elkin dismissed, being agreed."
Amelia is out of Prince George and Brunswick Counties.

A Robert Elkins was b. in 1745, in Brunswick Co.; d. Mar. 1822 in Winchester, Clark Co., KY; m. 1768 Sarah Reardon, b. 1749, d. 1823 in Clark Co., KY
1779 "Orange County Virginia Families"- Early Ministers: Robert Elkins, March, 1799.
1782 LAND TAX BOOK, Montgomery Co., Robert Elkins.
1787 Fayette Co., KY, Tax List, Robert Elkins. The same?

KING GEORGE CO DEED BOOK #4. PP. 115/116; 5 Sept. 1771, in an indenture there is a map showing the residences of Mary Elkins and Martha Elkins. Was Martha the widow of William of Stafford Co. recorded as mother of David bn. 1742, Overwharton Parish?

1779 Oct.2: Indenture between JOHN ELKIN of the County of Caroline, planter and LUCY, his wife, of the one part and William Price of the County aforesaid, planter, and of the other Elkins conveys for 40 pounds current money of Virginia, tract of land in County of King George containing 129 acres more or less, which said land was by Deed duly proved and recorded given and conveyed by the said JOHN ELKINS,, and by his Mother, MARY ELKINS. Is he son of Richard #2.?

1753-p.96: Martha Elkins is a witness to the will of Thomas Armstrong.
P.330/332:1 Oct. 1772, Will of Stephen Hansford of King George Co. leave to my loving wife Elizabeth, the use of all my estate during her natural life......names grandson, Stephen Hansford eldest son of "my son Alexander Hansford and Ann, his wife, also grandson William Hansford,daughter 10 acres, New Kent County, Virginia, between the main run of Mattapony and Rapp. River.
Transfer of 104 persons: Jno. Greene, Peter Himon, Mary Pym, JANE DRURY, Simon Radford, Grace Hutchinson, Wm. Sampson, Tho. Dutton, JNO. ELKIN, Francis Ticknor, Moses Ticknor, Francis King, Ezekiah Grigg, Jno Peters, Sarah Hull, Tho. Cuff, Tho Upton, Joane Thomas, Jno Cushin, Jno Duke, Alexander Frizell, Peter Smith, Resititute Jennings, Robt Yeomans, Mary Richards, Jno Franklin, Edith Staple, Tobiah Richards, Humphrey Lyddington, Jno Thomas, Wm Knight, Simon Williams, Mary Franklin, Jeremiah Pybourne, Tho Adams, George Dixon, Daniell Oneale, Ann Butcher, Sarah Turner, Wm. Patchell, Wm Shippey, Jno Smith, Rich Duke, RALPH ELKIN, Jno. Gale, Tho Churnell, Mary Simpkin, Patrick Lidumes, Hugh Douding, Abigall Leviston, Jno. Temple, Sam Broudribb, Ralph Eddleston, Jonas Arbuckle, Wm. Thomas, Tho. Butler, Jno. Lucie, Wm. Durrant, Simon Wilsford, Wm. Bush, Thos. Nicholson, Jno. Seegood, Geo. Cooper, Dorothy Reading, Marg. Emett, Neale Cobley, Jno. Morrison, Thos Jonson, Austin Cobham, Jno Clarke, Thos. Vickers, Jno. Whittworth, Ric Serrey, Thos. Lambert, Wm. Franklin, Wm. Cocke, Jno. Jonson, Joanne Pitts, Thos. Preston, Ed Noble, Wm. Baker, Jno. Gray, Ralph Peck, Jno. Edwards, Elinor Williams, Ann Wood, Rose Whitehead, Hen. Neidum, Thos. Hia, Edw. May, Thos. Osborne, Rich Turner, Ann Stevens, Susanna Marshall, Anthony Jeffordson, Jno Lewis, Arden Gardiner, Margaret Middleton, Alice Simpson, Thos. Bradborne, Jno. Sinkler and 3 negroes.

Virginia State Archives microfilm Book #1. 1653/1671 (Books missing 1671 to 1691)
Book #2. 1691-1699 Index: pp. 258, 300, 355: entries are for transactions by Samuel Earle I; details not noted here.
1664 Nov.15, p. 317: JOHN ASHTON, Captain, 783 acres, North Beaver Dams, Alltopin Creek, South Nauritox Path for transfer of 16 persons. Names recorded under this patent.
1667 Oct.30: That land sold and recorded to Stephen Howard
1665 May 30: p. 324, Northall to Ashton
1665 Nov.15: p. 281, 500 acres to Mrs. Anne Broadhurst by Peter Ashton.

Col. Peter Ashton, patented land 1658. He was a member of the House of Burgesses for Charles City Co., 1661.The will of Colonel Peter Ashton, dated 1669, willed to James Ashton, his brother, of Kirby Underwood County, Lincolnshire and to John Ashton, his brother of Lowell, Lincolnshire, his estate on the Potomac River. He was probably of the Ashton family of Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, and was descended from the Ashtons' of "Chadderton" Lancashire, England. John Ashton, Haberdasher on Rustall St., Covent Garden, London was a cousin to Col. Peter Ashton.

p.109-Court held 9 Sept.1690, page 83: RICHARD ELKIN, the son of RALPH ELKIN, late of this County dcsd made petition for a Probate of the last Will & Testament of his Father, he being executor. Petition granted. Ordered that George Lodge, Joseph Sumner, and John Grigsby shall appraise the estate of Ralph Elkin deced.
p.135-Court held 14 Nov. 1690: RICHARD BRYANT, complained that RALPH ELKIN, dcsd, did order his son RICHARD ELKIN to pay one good steer for his care medicines and attention of him in his last illness which Richard Elkins refuses to pay...prays judgement; ordered that Richard Elkin shall pay the steer or five hundred pounds of tobacco...

pg.69; Grigsby of Stafford County, VA
John Grigsby removed to Stafford previous to August 18, 1686, for James Ashton of Stafford, in his will of that date, leaves RICHARD ELKIN 100 acres adjoining upon John Grigsby of "the 1/4 dividend" (10 V. 292).

James Ashton was brother of John Ashton of Stafford whose will was made in 1675,sworn to 6 day, 7 month, 1682, and probated January 26, 1682-83. (Sweeney, p. 88), James Ashton to be exr. but after his death to my cousin John Ashton of Russell St., at the Adam and Eve in London.
On September 9, 1690, John Grigsby was one of the appraisers of the estate of RALPH ELKIN, father of Richard Elkin, (45 V. 21). He (Grigsby) may have been related to the Ashtons and Elkins.

"GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES" Vol. I and Vol IV; indexed by Judith McGhan by Baltimore Publishing Co. page 86:"The Will of Richard Bryan (Book Z, p. 227) dated April 5, 1703.
Probate recorded May 15, 1704, Richard Bryant,, bequeathed to his son, Nathaniel Bryant "all my land I now enjoy in Virginia, his mother to live wholly upon the plantation where I now live;" to daughter, ELIZABETH ELKIN, 400 Lb. tobacco, RICHARD ELKIN to give my grandson (under 6) RICHARD ELKIN a mare,...The above mentioned Nathaniel Bryantin his nuncupatative will made March 21, 1732-3, gave unto Mrs. Mary Amees (Meese) all of his estate (M-p. 100). She was the only daughter of John Grigsby.also mentions daughter, Ann, daus. Sylent and Susannah (both under 16), stepson Wm. Redman, and wife Ann.
pg.87 "They all lived in that part of Stafford County lying on the Rappahannock above Muddy Creek which, on the election of King George, became a part of that county and remained so until 1777."
18 Jan. 1747 (1748), The Will of Richard Bryan, (son of Richard Bryan) presented to King George County Court and recorded by Richard Bryan his executor. Wife is "Beth" Bryan.

STAFFORD COUNTY DEED Bk., 1722-1728, pg. 234:
RICHARD ELKINS of Hanover Parish, King George County, son of RALPH ELKINS of Stafford county, who on 8 Nov.1681

KING GEORGE CO. DEED BOOK I-A, 1729-1735, pg. 225-226
Between JOSEPH ELKINS, planter, and James Jones, bricklayer. Ellkins sells 250 acres of land, parish of Brunswick: 100 acres part now in tenure by Richard Elkins and 150 acres occupied by Benjamin Rush. signed JOSEPH ELLIKINS. Patent date 9 Feb. 1663 unto Francis Haile & William Heabert.
pg. 226, Recorded 1 Sept. 1732. The right of dower of Amy, now wife of Benjamin Rush also widow and relict of James Elkins,dcsd., father of the said Joseph Elkins, granted to Richard Ellkins, father of James, by the Curtesy of England for and during the term of his natural life etc. Witnesses:John Skinner, Richard Owens, Richard Griffis, Wm. x Owens.

at Court held 2d Mar. 1738, an indenture made James Jones, brick layer, sold land surveyed by John Savage..down line to a Swamp with Fountain from a Spring on the Land there RICHARD ELKINS, SENR. DECED FORMERLY LIVED. He died between 1732 and 1738.
NOTE: Joseph Elkins not found again in Virginia, but is on the 1755 Cumberland Co., N. C. tax list.

ABSTRACTS-NORTH CAROLINA of the Minutes of Court Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Cumberland Co., N. C.: Vol. I, Oct. 1755/Jan 1779
DEED: p. 65, 1760 Jan. 17 Joseph Elkins to Elizabeth Inman, wife of Robert Inman, and children begotten of her body by him the said Elkins, acknowledged by said Joseph Elkins. Not allowed to be recorded.
DEED OF GIFT: p. 70, 1760 Aug.21
Joseph Elkins to Elizabeth Inman, and her children, Priscilla, Nancy, Alisce, Pettylittis (sic) and Molly of a tract of land in South Carolina at South Fork of Linches Creek at the mouth of hanging rock; also, a negro wench named Diana; also divers other things. Proved by Wm. Ainsworth. Elizabeth Inman is said to have been daughter of Joseph.
(This might make an interesting story)!

WILLS OF RICHMOND CO VA 1699/1800 p.48, by Robert K. Headley, Jr.
7 Dec. 1720 RICHARD ELKINS, age 51, (bn. 1669) and another witness heard Robert Gallop declare....his 2 daughters, Eleanor and (Tolis-Phyllis) should have all land at Deep Run, this be equally divided. This nuncupative will was apparently contested and reversed.

Thomas Monteith married by 1737 Phillis Gallop, daughter of Robert Gallop. They had four children. Will of Thomas Monteith was recorded 6 Mar. 1746 (1747), King George Co. Court. By 1755 the widow, Phillis (Gallop) Monteith, married BENJAMIN ELKINS.
RICHARD ELKINS #2, son of Richard #1, of King George County married by 1735Mary Gallop, one of the four daughters of Robert Gallop, who died 20 May 1720, leaving a nuncupative will which failed to take effect as to his landed estate. Daughters arePhyllis, Elinor, Mary, and Ann.
Johnston. In it he named his wife, Lettice, a daughter unnamed. He appointed Zachariah Elkins as guardian to a son, William. (The "Teril" name must be for a second husband).

PRINCE WILLIAM CO. VA, DEED Bk. B, pp.180/181:
1733 Nov.23; George Mason of Parish of Durham in Charles Co., province of Virginia leases to RALPH ELKIN of the Parish of Brunswick, King George Co., planter, 150 acres of land lying at the head of Dogue Creek and Parish of Truro, commonly known by name of Chappell land....for term of the natural lives of said RALPH ELLKIN, FRANCES, his wife, and NATHANIEL, their son..... Elkins to pay yearly rent of 600 pounds of tobacco in casque. Witness: James Baxter and Jere Bronaugh,signed George Mason.
NOTE: This is the Ralph Elkins and son, Nathaniel, who settle in the area that becomes Henry Co., VA.

1745 June 4;"I, Maxfield Brown, in Parish of Hanover, County of King George..." bequeaths each of his five daughters Five Shillings, viz: Elizabeth Triplett, FRANCES ELKINS, Martha Whiting, and Sibella Lightburn. "unto my two sons Newman Brown and George Brown all and every part of my estate...." Recorded July 5, 1745.

MARRIAGES OF RICHMOND COUNTY: BROWN, WILLIAM (16??-1699) married by 7 December, 1693, Frances Moss, elder daughter of William Moss, Sr. (1632-1685) of Rappahannock County: she m(2) James Ingo (1680-1725) (q.v.). The will of William Brown, proved 7 June 1699, was recorded is now missing WB#1. William Brown was the eldest of the three sons of William Brown, Sr. who died testate in Rappahannock County in 1677; his land on Chingateaque Creek in Sittenburn Parish (now King George County was devised to his sons William, John and Maxfield Brown. COB#2,p.409; COB#6, p.112; DB#2,p.1-2; WB#2,p.9; Sweeny,p.57,117.
Deed Book III, 1743-1752, pg. 151-152
1746 Oct. 3 between George Lampton and Richard Elkins #2, Parish of Brunswick and wife Mary, and to include son, Richard #3.

LANCASTER COUNTY COURT ORDER Book No. 1, pg. 9, 1652 A certificate was granted to a Dame Elizabeth Lunsford for the transportation of several persons, including Robert Stringfellow.
In 1721 a William Stringfellow, Locksmith, is found in King George County Records. He died intestate in 1746 leaving issue by his wife, Sarah, seven sons. (Was she a sister to Richard and John Elkins?).
The King George Court of 4th March 1747/8 ordered his estate be divided and allot David Seale his part (husband of the widow) and the remainder to Richard Elkin. Why?
p.722: #3 son, James Stringfellow (1734-1805). Indenture dated 1 April 1748 states he is aged 13 on 24th November, last; he was bound to serve RICHARD ELKINS, carpenter. James Stringfellow died in the county of Culpepper in the 72nd year of his age, (1806).

Ann Tutt, daughter Alice Hansford, and the other fifth part to be equally divided between my two granddaughters Mary Ann Armstrong and LUCY ELKINS (wife of John Elkin, son of Richard and Mary?)

MONTGOMERY CO., VA. Deed and Will Book, B, 1773/1797, p.177. 18 Aug. 1791; Will recorded for ARCHIBALD ELKINS, born 1756. DAR Patriot Index V-1, p.217
Abstract of Will: Heirs, wife, Margaret,sons John, Abasalom and David. Daughters, Elizabeth md. Barnett Farmer, Mary, and Lydia.
Family History "Emern Altizer & His Descendants", p.125, Chapter on Elkins Family, states David never married and died 1791.
BK No. 21-1780-1804:
1797, November 26th. Abstract, Will of NATHANIEL ELKIN: Gives to his brother, Jeremiah Elkin, all wearing apparel and five pounds. Gives to his sister, Lettice Terl five pounds current money. Gives to his nephew Benjamin Elkin, three tracts of land in King George County, that he now lives on, a tract that Alexander Acres now lives on and 75 acres "which descended to me by the death of my father, Nathaniel Elkin. Also, all residue of real and personal estate.
KING GEORGE CO. WILL BOOK 2., P. 346: 1804 July 5, Will of JEREMIAH ELKIN, names wife, Mary, children, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth and Jeremiah.
So, Jeremiah #1 has a son Benjamin, Benjamin #1. has a son Benjamin, and Jeremiah #2. has a son Benjamin.
Ann Tutt, daughter Alice Hansford, and the other fifth part to be equally divided between my two granddaughters Mary Ann Armstrongand LUCY ELKINS (wife of John Elkin, son of Richard and Mary?)
MONTGOMERY CO., VA. Deed and Will Book, B, 1773/1797, p.177. 18 Aug. 1791; Will recorded for ARCHIBALD ELKINS, born 1756. DAR Patriot Index V-1, p.217
Abstract of Will: Heirs, wife, Margaret,sons John, Abasalom and David. Daughters, Elizabeth md. Barnett Farmer, Mary, and Lydia.
Family History "Emern Altizer & His Descendants", p.125, Chapter on Elkins Family, states David never married and died 1791. BK No. 21-1780-1804:
1797, November 26th. Abstract, Will of NATHANIEL ELKIN: Gives to his brother, Jeremiah Elkin, all wearing apparel and five pounds. Gives to his sister, Lettice Terl five pounds current money. Gives to his nephew Benjamin Elkin, three tracts of land in King George County, that he now lives on, a tract that Alexander Acres now lives on and 75 acres "which descended to me by the death of my father, Nathaniel Elkin. Also, all residue of real and personal estate.
KING GEORGE CO. WILL BOOK 2., P. 346: 1804 July 5, Will of JEREMIAH ELKIN, names wife, Mary, children, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth and Jeremiah.

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DYS 393

DYS 390

DYS 19/394

DYS 391

DYS 385a

DYS 385b

DYS 426

DYS 388

DYS 439

DYS 389-1

DYS 392

DYS 389-2

DYS 458

DYS 459a

DYS 459b

DYS 455

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DYS 464a

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DYS 464c

DYS 464d

DYS 460




DYS 456

DYS 607

DYS 576

DYS 570



DYS 442

DYS 438
DRG64 Haplogroup: Unknown Bryant "Bryant Bryan" DYS 393
DYS 390
DYS 19/394
DYS 391
DYS 385a
DYS 385b
DYS 426
DYS 388
DYS 439
DYS 389-1
DYS 392
DYS 389-2
DYS 460
DYS 456
DYS 607
DYS 576
18 DYS
DYS 442
DYS 438
8QE8H R1b1a2a1a1b* Bryant "Bryand" DYS 393
DYS 390
DYS 19/394
DYS 391
DYS 385a
DYS 385b
DYS 426
DYS 388
DYS 439
DYS 389-1
DYS 392
DYS 389-2
DYS 458
DYS 459a
DYS 459b
DYS 455
DYS 454
DYS 447
DYS 437
DYS 448
DYS 449
DYS 464a
DYS 464b
DYS 464c
DYS 464d
AD9VA Haplogroup: R1b1a2a1a1b* Bryant "Bryand" DYS 393
DYS 390
DYS 19/394
DYS 391
DYS 385a
DYS 385b
DYS 426
DYS 388
DYS 439
DYS 389-1
DYS 392
DYS 389-2
DYS 458
DYS 459a
DYS 459b
DYS 455
DYS 454
DYS 447
DYS 437
DYS 448
DYS 449
DYS 464a
DYS 464b
DYS 464c
DYS 464d
DYS 460
DYS 456
DYS 607
DYS 576
DYS 570
DYS 442
DYS 438