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    Du6 William Withers Duncan

    William Withers Duncan Sr was the son of Samuel Duncan (Du7) b: 1740 in Prince William County, Virginia and Nancy Withers (Wi7) b: 1742 in Prince William County, Virginia, and grandson of James "Old Nigh" Withers Wi8 and Catherine Barbee Ba8 1 Nov 1720 Stafford Co. VA d 1776 Fauquier Co VA
    Born: 31 OCT 1768 in Culpeper County, Virginia

    Married:  3 JAN 1793 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, Nancy Jennings b: 27 AUG 1769 in Fauquier, Va also granddaughter of James "Old Nigh" Withers (Wi8) and Catherine Barbee (Ba8)

    Died: 1837 in Garrard County, Kentucky

    This descent from Clan Duncan that still has to be pinned down more exactly togehter with that of Robert R. Duncan Du9 does increase the probability of inheritance of all except the Duncan Y chromosome in the Bland family. But clans are not a strictly common male descent matter; sometimes a man would marry a daughter of the clan and become a clan member, although he kept his family name as did his children. And there were certain feudal aspects of clans, meaning that a lot of tenant or associated family were under the protection from and obligation to the clan, but would more commonly not bear the clan family name, although this is also possible. Certain is that there is a common territorial orgin, which is a certain guarantee of some common maternal lines over a period of ten or more generations, that are often indeterminable except for DNA testing.

    However in this case, Robert R. Duncan was born in Scotland and also married in Culpeper Co., Va. and had 6 sons old enough to be William Withers Duncan's father. So if we find the one of the sons married the daughter of a William Withers the descent would seem rather certain.

    There was an immigrant James Withers with a son and grandson of this name who might be the maternal grandfather we are looking for. But there is a " Nancy Withers" who was a granddaughter by his son James "OldNigh" Withers and would fit in name and in age.

    William Withers Duncan and Nancy Jennings had children:
    Du5-1 Cynthia Duncan abt 1793 m. y Scott and had issue
    Du5-2 Lucy J. Duncan 1796 -1800, m Abraham Adams 
    Du5 Elizabeth Jennings Duncan b: 1796 in Virginia
    Du5-4 Nancy J. Duncan m Daniel Adams
    Du5-5 Sarah W. Duncan m. William Richardson
    Du5-6 William Withers Duncan (9 Jun 1802 - 16 Sept 1866) moved to Shelby Co. KY m 1st Elzina Turner, 2nd Elizabeth King and had issue
    Du5-7 Augustine Jennings Duncan b c 1804 in Garrard County, Kentucky d 4 Aug 1870) m Eliza Comely and had issue
    .Du5-7-1 John T Duncan
    .Du5-7-2 Sarah Jane Duncan b 1837 d 1901 m Van Buren Snook
    ..Du5-7-2-1 Florence Snook b 1858 d 1865
    ..Du5-7-2-3 Walter Berry Snook b 1860 d 1918 m Lucy Ann
    ...Du5-7-2-3-1 James Van Snook
    ...Du5-7-2-3-2 Walter Bryant Snook
    ...Du5-7-2-3-3 Robert Allen Snook
    ...Du5-7-2-3-4 Helen Lucille Bowman
    ...Du5-7-2-3-5 Harold Lee Snook Sr
    ..Du5-7-2-3 Winford B Snook b 1862 d 1891 m Fannie Belle x
    ..Du5-7-2-4 Jennie Snook b 1870 d 1930 m William Henry Rowland
    ..Du5-7-2-5 Frances Marion Snook
    ..Du5-7-2-6 Duncan L Snook
    ..Du5-7-2-7 Sidney Johnston Snook b 7 Mar 1868 d 23 Jun 1948 m Sudie Stone dau of William Johnson Stone and Cordella Woodyard b 1838 d 1906
    ...Du5-7-2-7-1 Cornelia Snook b 18 Dec 1895 d 8 Aug 1896
    ...Du5-7-2-7-2 Sidney Snook b 21 Oct 1897 d 22 Aug 1990 m MilesHaman
    ...Du5-7-2-7-3 Sarah Snook b b 17 Nov 1899 d 30 Jan 1990 m Ralph Otto Lundgren
    ...Du5-7-2-7-4 Suzanne Snook b 25 Nov 1904 d 13 Jul 1978
    ...Du5-7-2-7-5 William Johnston Stone Snook b 18 Nov 1906 d 20 Dec 1955 m Grace Kearns dau of Martin Kearns and Susan
    ....Du5-7-2-7-5-1 Sharon Joan Snook m y Gormly
    ....Du5-7-2-7-5-2 Martin Snook
    .Du5-7-3 Elizabeth Duncan b 1836 m Alexander Campbell Terrell b 1832 d 1912 son of y Terrell b c 1805 ?Chatham NC
    ..Du5-7-3-1 Sarah Frances Terrell m Hopper
    .Du5-7-4 James D Duncan
    Du5-8 Daniel Boone Duncan (26 Nov 1806 - 20 May 1884) m Eleanor Cook and had issue
    Du5-9 Narcissa Duncan (1812 - ) m John Thorpe and had issue

    The names Duncan, Jennings, Withers, Harris et. al. occur frequently among the marriages in Fauquier C. Va. 1763 to 1792:
    December 24, 1764, Wm. Jennings and Elizabeth Withers
    October 17, 1765, Minor Winn and Betty Withers
    March 3, 1766, James Winn and Hannah Withers
    February 18, 1766, Joseph Duncan and Sarah Fletcher
    March 16, 1769, William Withers and Hannah Rosser
    February 2, 1769, Joseph Barbee and Ann Withers
    January 28, 1771, Isaac McCoy and Bridget Withers
    August 21, 1771, Joseph Duncan and Hannah Freeman
    November 19, 1773, James Withers and Sarah Pickett
    June 16, 1774, George Harris and Catherine Harris
    November 4, 1775, James Withers and Cloe Jennings
    March 17, 1777, William Withers and Elizabeth Barber
    May 16, 1780, William Duncan and Lydia Duncan
    February 24, 1783, Benjamin Withers and Nanny Robinson
    December 22, 1785, William Embrey and Frankey Duncan
    February 19, 1785, Joshua Singleton and Nancy Withers Winn
    December 21, 1785, Benjamin Mahorney and Elizabeth Harriss
    November 27, 1786, Charles Duncan and Peggy Kish
    January 11, 1786, Nimrod Duncan and Hannah Martin
    December 23, 1786, Benj. Grigsby and Elizabeth Duncan
    January 31, 1786, George Glendenning and Milly Duncan
    May 13, 1786, Enoch Kim Withers and Jenny Chinn
    October 4, 1786, Lewis Jennings and Lucinda Bradford
    March 28, 1786, William Withers and Patty Ashby
    July 18, 1786, Daniel Marr and Susanna Jennings
    March 1, 1786, Jesse Duncan and Rose Duncan
    October 15, 1787, Henry Harriss and Joanna Williams
    December 1, 1788, John Bland and Hannah Randall
    March 16, 1789, Martin Porter and Aggy Withers
    June 29, 1789, Goring White and Leanna Duncan
    November 23, 1789, Samuel Harriss and Nancy Duncan

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    Probable relatives:

    DUNCAN, Joseph - Jas. DUNCAN vs. Joseph DUNCAN's heirs. Representatives of Matthew DUNCAN; Jas. DUNCAN, Joseph DUNCAN, John Smith DUNCAN, Polly M. DUNCAN and Thos. A. DUNCAN, infant heirs of Joseph DUNCAN, deceased, by Ann DUNCAN, their mother, sheweth that Mathew DUNCAN, grandfather, intermarried with their grandmother, Sarah DUNCAN, and had the following children: Seth DUNCAN, Sarah BELL, Jane WILSON, Jas. DUNCAN, Joseph DUNCAN, and the orators are children of Joseph DUNCAN, that said Mathew departed this life, leaving said Sarah, who departed this life intestate, leaving her property in the hands of Seth DUNCAN and Thos. DUNCAN (since deceased without issue), and said James DUNCAN, defendant to this bill took upon himself administration of her estate. Deposition of Sarah BELL taken at the house of Thos. DICKENSON at Glasgow, Barren Co, Ky. to be read as evidence in suit wherein Jas. DUNCAN and others are defendants and Labon SHIP and heirs of Joseph DUNCAN, deceased, by Ann MOORE, their guardian are plaintiffs, deposeth. Before she moved from Berkeley Co., Va., to Western country, her husband, Wm. BELL, gave a note to her mother, Sarah DUNCAN, that Wm. BELL died in Martinsburgh, Va., in year '94 (1794) and that she was supported by her step-son, Wm. BELL as long as she remained in Va. Deposition of Mary M. LAUGHLIN taken in Franklin Co. Pa. deposeth she went to the house of Capt. Seth DUNCAN in Pendleton County, Ky. about 6 days before death of Sarah DUNCAN. (Circuit Court Records, Box 312, May 1809)